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1 Indonesia's Gorontalo road runs into forest, swerves environmental checks
2 Brazil's Amazon is now a carbon source, unprecedented study reveals
3 Planned Brazil-Peru highway threatens one of Earth's most biodiverse places
4 Protected areas keep adjacent lands safe, but face losing their own protection
5 Better logging regulations 'last best hope' for Solomon Islands, study says
6 Podcast: Connecting kids and ourselves to nature
7 Huge wildlife corridor in Belize sees progress, boosting hope for jaguars and more (commentary)
8 Warming climate means scientists may have overcounted bonobos, study says
9 Environmental defenders in Ecuador aren't safe, new report shows
10 Record heat waves are a taste of what's to come under a changing climate
11 Building back Miami's Biscayne Bay: Do natural solutions hold hope?
12 Mongabay's What-To-Watch list for July 2021
13 Soy and cattle team up to drive deforestation in South America: Study
14 'Mismanaged to death': Mexico opens up sole vaquita habitat to fishing
15 'What's your real footprint on the animal world?': Q&A with author Henry Mance
16 The Brooklyn Bridge needs a makeover. Is rainforest lumber still in style?
17 Global restoration now has an online meeting point
18 Deforestation soars 40% in Xingu River Basin in Brazilian Amazon
19 Amazon and Cerrado deforestation, warming spark record drought in urban Brazil
20 Forest loss in mountains of Southeast Asia accelerates at 'shocking' pace
21 In the Brazilian Amazon, a road project drives the threat of deforestation
22 Betting big on bioacoustics: Q&A with philanthropist Lisa Yang
23 Overcoming community-conservation conflict: Q&A with Dominique Bikaba
24 Next stop, the sea: Sri Lanka's old buses are a new home for marine life
25 Brazil prosecutors seek ban on all gold mining in hard-hit Amazonian region
26 In DRC, community ownership of forests helps guard the Grauer's gorilla
27 Canadian miner looms large as Nauru expedites key deep-sea mining rules
28 'Stampede' of legislation threatens accelerated destruction of the Amazon
29 Activists take Indonesia's mining law to court, but don't expect much
30 Billions in fishing subsidies finance social, ecological harm, report finds
31 Monks and wildlife come under pressure from Malaysian cement company
32 Amid historic heat, a climate scientist's mountain love story (commentary)
33 There's still room to save Asia's hoolock gibbons, study says, but only just
34 Fire season intensifies in the Brazilian Amazon, feeding off deforestation
35 'I am Indigenous, not pardo': Push for self-declaration in Brazil's census
36 For an Indigenous group in Sumatra, a forest regained is being lost once more
37 Biofuel in Mexico: Uphill battle against bureaucracy, organized crime
38 Gabon becomes first African country to get paid for protecting its forests In 2019, Norway committed
39 Camera trap cameo for Buru Island babirusa last seen 26 years ago
40 For Norway salmon farms giving up deforestation-linked soy, Cargill proves a roadblock
41 Sri Lanka banks on the ocean to chart a green path toward a blue economy
42 'Technical problems' holding up enforcement of rulings in Indonesian fire and haze cases, official says
43 Without room to expand, mountain gorillas' population growth could backfire
44 'Abnormally high' turtle deaths after acid-laden ship sinks off Sri Lanka
45 Hotter and drier: Deforestation and wildfires take a toll on the Amazon
46 Lessons from the 2021 Amazon flood (commentary)
47 Great Barrier Reef in danger: Don't fight the diagnosis, fight the threats (commentary)
48 Nauru's intention to mine the seabed prompts alarm among conservationists
49 Mongabay Illegal deforestation intensifies along Brazilian highway as agribusiness hopes swell #deforestation
50 Our World Heritage is deeply tied to rivers and they need protection from dams (commentary)
51 Tiger habitat threatened by Malaysian royals' mining plans
52 As Arctic melt sets early July record, hard times lie ahead for ice: Studies
53 Former dam executive found guilty in the killing of Berta Cáceres
54 Playing the long game: ExxonMobil gambles on algae biofuel
55 Bigwigs of India's fossil-fuel industry could drive the country's green energy sector
56 Climate, biodiversity & farmers benefit from rubber agroforestry: report
57 As Arctic warms, scientists wrestle with its climate 'tipping point'
58 Philippine forest turtles stand a 'good chance' after first wild release
59 What is molecular ecology and how does it help in conservation?
60 Killings, invasions escalate in fight for land in Brazil's Maranhão state
61 Blind spot in palm policy raises deforestation risk in Malaysia, report says
62 Wildfires turn up the heat on farmers growing Indonesia's 'hottest' pepper
63 The science of forest biomass: Conflicting studies map the controversy
64 Study puts 2050 deadline on tipping point for Mekong Delta salinity
65 With growing pressures, can the Philippines sustain its marine reserves?
66 'We are intimately connected with nature': Q&A with oceanographer Kim McCoy
67 Indonesia eyes less severe fire season, but COVID-19 could turn it deadly
68 Neglect shrouds Behali Reserve Forest's biodiversity along Assam-Arunachal border
69 Israel-UAE pipeline deal 'invitation to disaster' for globally important corals
70 Cambodia's first giant muntjac sighting highlights key mountain habitat
71 Green peafowl flourish in Thailand's northern forests, but conflict looms
72 Top brands failing to spot rights abuses on Indonesian oil palm plantations
73 Mongabay Mining exposes Indigenous women in Latin America to high mercury levels A
74 Male tiger in Panna demonstrates rare behaviour by caring for cubs
75 For Africa's great apes, even 'best-case' climate change will decimate habitat
76 Geetanjali Gurlhosur Archives
77 Colombia brings landmark rulings of importance closer to Indigenous communities
78 'Red-carded' Australian miner signals intention to play on in Greenland
79 Harnessing the unrealised potential of agroforestry in curbing climate change in India
80 Sri Lanka seeks peace with pachyderms as human-elephant conflicts escalate
81 How a village in Maharashtra is helping vultures make a big comeback
82 With poor regulation of floodplains, India more vulnerable to flood damage
83 Indonesian fishers seize dredging boat in protest against offshore tin mining
84 The balance between jobs in the renewable energy and fossil fuel sectors could play on India's energy transition
85 Chinese cities are among biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, study finds
86 Palm oil cultivation in India can be expanded while sparing biodiversity, says study
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88 Mongabay's What-To-Watch list for June 2021
89 Mongabay's most popular stories in April 2021
90 Mongabay editor Philip Jacobson wins courage in journalism award
91 Illegal clearing for agriculture is driving tropical deforestation: Report
92 How settlers, scientists, and a women-led industry saved Brazil's rarest primate
93 Vaquita porpoise sacrificed for political gain; observers fear its extinction
94 Beef giant JBS vows to go deforestation-free — 14 years from now
95 How to pick a tree-planting project
96 Our 10 most popular conservation stories in May 2021
97 Podcast
98 Mongabay founder wins environmental journalism award
99 Mongabay's most popular conservation news posts in December 2020
100 Ending tropical deforestation is vital to public health, scientists say