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1 Why banning financing for fossil fuel projects in Africa isn't a climate solution
2 Why banning fossil fuel projects in Africa isn't a climate solution
3 To lead the green energy future, solar must clean up its supply chains
4 Government appoints four new members to the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) and approves first set of climate regulations
5 Solar-powered steel mill blazes trail for green energy transition
6 Government appoints new members to Climate Change Advisory Council
7 Beware the lure of unethical solar power
8 In a world fighting climate change, fossil fuels take revenge
9 Morgan Bazilian – The Conversation
10 Power trends: Solar leads Twitter mentions in Q2 2021
11 4 strategies for a global breakthrough on energy and climate change
12 A faster and fairer way to retire carbon-emitting assets
13 New US climate pledge: Cut emissions 50% this decade, but can Biden make it happen?
14 Biden’s Welcome Hypocrisy on Climate Policy
15 The case for US cooperation with India on a just transition away from coal
16 Mining is the Next Global Energy Security Threat
17 Biden called climate change an ‘existential threat.’ Can the U.N. Security Council help?
18 5 Ways to Boost Renewable Energy Investment in Developing Nations
19 The Texas electricity crisis and the energy transition
20 As the planet burns, a new Cold War over critical minerals | TheHill
21 The U.S. is worried about shortages of critical minerals for electric vehicles, military tech
22 Changing behaviour is the key to solving the climate challenge
23 The US is worried about its critical minerals supply chains – essential for electric vehicles, wind power and the nation's defense
24 Colonial Pipeline hack reveals critical infrastructure risks
25 How Biden and Kerry could rebuild America's global climate leadership
26 Labor's evolving support of a clean energy transition | TheHill
27 5 years after Paris: How countries’ climate policies match up to their promises, and who's aiming for net zero emissions
28 Why the US rejoining the Paris climate accord matters at home and abroad — 5 scholars explain
29 A ski company built a power plant fueled by methane. It’s a success, but can it be replicated?
30 Equilibrium/ Sustainability — Presented by NextEra Energy — Climate change threatens California's wine country | TheHill
31 Biden’s pro-car, pro-gasoline moves leave green allies fuming
32 We have to tackle climate change as a global security risk
33 150 years of spills: Philadelphia refinery cleanup highlights toxic legacy of fossil fuels
34 Analysis: EU forces pace on carbon cuts, challenges others to follow
35 It's time for states that grew rich from oil, gas and coal to figure out what's next
36 Daily briefing: Malaria vaccine shows early signs of promise
37 Cheniere Announces Collaboration with Natural Gas Suppliers and Academic Institutions to Quantify, Monitor, Report and Verify GHG Emissions
38 The private sector can help light the way for forcil
39 Power cuts in Texas and elsewhere could cost Colorado energy consumers
40 How the US can stimulate private investment in cutting carbon
41 Colorado oil and gas company aims to produce “cleanest molecules” anywhere
42 Climate Change Must Be Tackled as a Global Security Risk
43 COVID-19 is a reminder that interconnectivity is unavoidable
44 Big Oil lobby fought cybersecurity regulations for years, making pipeline attack easier
45 Navigating the renewable energy transition after a pandemic | World Economic Forum
46 California power outages underscore challenge of maintaining reliability during climate change, the energy transition
47 Blue hydrogen could produce more emissions than burning natural gas, academic study finds
48 Fall in US gas flaring gives cause for optimism
49 Federal Reserve survey finds economy rebounding, helped by stimulus, vaccines
50 We Need to Get Serious about “Critical Materials”
51 USA rejoins the Paris climate accord: Five scholars explain why it matters for the US, other countries
52 France fines Google $268 million for unfair treatment in online ads
53 Securitization a Useful Financing Tool for Transition From Coal
54 Carbon capture, utilization, and storage under the Paris Agreement | TheHill
55 Seven states, 3000 miles: a trip across the US energy divide
56 Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota face years of budget shortfalls as demand for fossil fuels declines
57 The Geostrategic Importance of Outer Space Resources
58 The Downside of Solar Energy
59 WATCH: Senate Appropriations Committee holds hearing on FEMA response to COVID-19
60 Biggest Oil Refinery Cleanup In US History Begins In Philadelphia
61 The Complex Policy Questions Raised by Nuclear Energy's Role in the Future of Warfare
62 150 Years of Spills: Philadelphia Refinery Cleanup Reveals Toxic Legacy of Fossil Fuels
63 Colorado School of Mines professor advocates in Congress for US rare earth minerals
64 COVID-19 — the Global South must not be forgotten | TheHill
65 How a Key Energy Technology Can Help Developing Countries
66 Power to the Poor: Provide Energy to Fight Poverty
67 Governments have identified commodities essential to economic and military security
68 3 MU Drillers Partner with Cheniere in Program to Monitor GHG Emissions
69 Soaring Gasoline Prices Could Cripple Biden's Energy Agenda
70 Project Canary Acquires Troposphere Monitoring
71 Biden's climate summit: Major polluters ramp up climate ambition
72 Can electric airplanes propel a 3rd revolution in aviation?
73 How do we design an inclusive energy transition?
74 Cheniere Collaborates with Natural Gas Suppliers, Academic Institutions on GHG Emissions Study
75 How Mini-Grids Can Power Disaster Recovery
76 Electricity as Coercion: Is There a Risk of Strategic Denial of Service?
77 Oil and Gas Climate Initiative to develop online gas-flaring tracking system
78 Reenvisioning The Role For Natural Gas In A Clean Energy Future
79 Who's right about climate change? Greta Thunberg or Bill Gates?
80 In the U.P., nation's only nickel mine models the tensions of electric vehicle future
81 As renewable energy grows, so does interest from Big Oil
82 Seven states, 5,000 kilometres: A trip across the U.S. energy divide
83 Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Mining Bill: Good For China, Bad For America
84 The Pentagon Could Lead the Green New Deal to Victory
85 Canada's latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies
86 The United States can take climate change seriously while leading the world in oil and gas production
87 Gielen: How Biden, Kerry could rebuild US global climate leadership
88 Study: new international agreements needed to ensure sustainable supply of minerals and metals for low-carbon energy tech
89 First human-monkey embryos created – a small step towards a huge ethical problem
90 Sustainable supply of minerals and metals key to a low-carbon energy future
91 Today's D Brief: Iranian nuke scientist killed; CIA agent KIA in Somalia; NATO & China; New COVID record; And a bit more.
92 The global demand for oil has fuelled the world’s most dangerous black market
93 Shell — yes, that Shell — just outlined a radical scenario for what it would take to halt climate change
94 Morgan Wallen Pulled From This Weekend's 'SNL' Due to 'COVID Protocols'
95 Reforming global fossil fuel subsidies: How the United States can restart international cooperation
96 Vol 8, Issue 3, September 2017
97 How can we get power to the poor without frying the planet?
98 The Activision Blizzard lawsuit shows gamer culture still has a long way to go: 5 essential reads about sexual harassment and discrimination in gaming and tech
99 Crestone Peak Resources Announces New Partnership for Real-Time Well Site Air Quality Monitoring
100 Genomic Surveillance Is a Key Weapon in the Fight against Malaria