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1 CSIRO predicts more drought, drastic drop in Murray-Darling basin water
2 Murray Darling debate boils over as scientists feud
3 Irrigation wars in the Murray Darling
4 ‘Most expensive water in history’: Minister to push ahead with new Murray-Darling Basin dams
5 ‘Irrigation hunger games’: Battle over Australia’s food bowl soon to heat up
6 ‘Unclear’ legislation failing Murray-Darling Basin’s fragile wetlands
7 Murray Darling Basin water take: States either unpunished or unmetered
8 First Nations people campaign for more say in Murray-Darling water management
9 Murray Darling towns warned dams not the answer as river flows wane
10 Murray Darling Basin: Billion Dollar SA Water Fund Earmarked for Bridges and Water Storage in NSW
11 New role established to manage Murray-Darling Basin water compliance
12 New criminal penalties for basin water theft and insider trading flagged
13 Late frosts and erosion among the key climate risks facing the Murray-Darling Basin
14 Grim climate forecasts point to shrivelling rivers in northern NSW
15 South Australians get all their water
16 New South Wales told to go back and try again on Murray-Darling Basin plan submissions
17 Water metering in the basin is improving, but has a long way to go
18 Water markets are not perfect, but vital to the future of the Murray-Darling Basin
19 Murray-Darling Basin Plan review highlights progress in water recovery but lays out tough road ahead
20 Water from Murray-Darling Basin plan not being delivered to wetlands, Australian-first report finds
21 Murray-Darling Wetlands
22 No-one is 'hoarding' water in the southern Murray-Darling Basin, new study finds
23 Trillions of litres of water released into Murray-Darling fails to help threatened species, research finds
24 Birds thrive in the Murray-Darling
25 Murray-Darling Basin summit a laughable response to finding of gross negligence
26 First Nations people meet with Murray-Darling Basin Authority to discuss environmental flows
27 We looked at 35 years of rainfall and learnt how droughts start in the Murray-Darling Basin
28 Management of Australia's Murray–Darling basin deemed 'negligent'
29 ACCC proposes federal takeover of Murray-Darling Basin water markets
30 Murray Darling Basin Plan's on-farm Water Efficiency Program axed by government
31 Anti-irrigator bias perverts Murray Darling water-sharing policy
32 The mystery of the Murray-Darling's vanishing flows
33 Murray-Darling Basin councillors tour Menindee Lakes as part of conference
34 Up the river: Hope is running dry in the Murray–Darling Basin
35 First Nations knowledge ensuring sustainable management in Murray-Darling Basin
36 Water ministers at odds over best way to progress Murray-Darling Basin Plan
37 Murray-Darling Basin irrigation screens aim to stop millions of native fish deaths from water pumps
38 Study to enhance understanding of Murray-Darling Basin water cultures
39 ACCC calls for independent agency to oversee Murray-Darling water markets
40 20% less water in Murray-Darling rivers than expected under Basin Plan
41 Minister rules out farmer water buybacks, creates new Murray-Darling Basin compliance office
42 The long and winding road to return cultural flows to the Murray Darling Basin
43 ‘Step in right direction’: Indigenous leader appointed to Murray-Darling Basin board
44 ‘It was our economy, now we are dirt poor’: First Nations people dispossessed of water
45 Murray-Darling Basin fight still afloat
46 Water wars: will politics destroy the Murray-Darling Basin plan – and the river system itself?
47 Murray-Darling Basin Authority releases plan for water management for summer, flags difficulties
48 The Murray-Darling Basin scandal: economists have seen it coming for decades
49 "Scientifically Indefensible": how a $13 billion political fix is killing the Murray Darling Basin
50 No water, no leadership: new Murray Darling Basin report reveals states' climate gamble
51 Murray-Darling Water Efficiency Program to close
52 Murray-Darling water targets bring boom time for waterbirds in the Gayini wetlands
53 We looked at 35 years of rainfall and learned how droughts start in the Murray-Darling Basin
54 Threat of more mass fish-kills across Murray-Darling Basin
55 After the deluge: Australia's outback springs to life as mighty rivers flow again
56 Biloela, coal and climate change: How Barnaby Joyce could drastically shake-up the Coalition
57 'It's a funeral march': French artist JR's powerful eulogy for Australia's Murray-Darling
58 New Murray-Darling Basin water cops will have regional offices
59 The end of the Murray-Darling drought
60 Murray-Darling Basin's revamped compliance role to be headed by former NSW deputy premier Troy Grant
61 Recovering water for the environment in the Murray-Darling: farm upgrades increase water prices more than buybacks
62 Last pieces in Murray-Darling Basin Plan puzzle shows how NSW will manage its water resources
63 Fitzroy River: the push to prevent a repeat of the Murray-Darling basin 'disaster'
64 Australia's first feather map reveals Murray-Darling Basin crucial for nomadic waterbirds
65 Murray Darling Basin Plan all about SA, leaves NSW and Victoria to do heavy lifting
66 Australian-first report finds Murray-Darling Basin not delivering water to intended wetlands
67 5 ways the government can clean up the Murray-Darling Basin Plan
68 Turtles could solve the Murray-Darling's carp problem, research shows
69 Restoring a gem in the Murray-Darling Basin: the success story of the Winton Wetlands
70 Good news from the River Murray: these 2 fish species have bounced back from the Millennium Drought in record numbers
71 Murray-Darling Basin plan: threat of walkout averted with promise of review
72 Bruce Shapiro's America. The Murray Darling Basin. Antarctic fossils
73 Productivity Commission says new Australian water deal must recognise climate change
74 Is the Ramsar convention being interpreted correctly by Murray Darling Basin water managers?
75 Positive outlook for Murray-Darling Basin after water trifecta
76 First Nations call on government to end water rights drought
77 Budget makes way for Murray Darling Basin market reform
78 The single most important resource underpinning Australia’s food security is under threat
79 Labor and crossbenchers thwart NSW government’s flood plain water harvesting laws
80 Waters of Murray-Darling rivers join for first time in two years
81 Leadership is needed to achieve water recovery targets
82 Water markets aren't perfect, but they are vital to the future of the Murray-Darling
83 From desert to inland sea as 800 billion litres flows into Menindee Lakes
84 Murray-Darling: when the river runs dry | Environment
85 It's time to restore public trust in the governing of the Murray Darling Basin
86 'Black box' of rules hampers management of Murray-Darling Basin flows
87 'Disturbing' delay in recruiting Indigenous Murray Darling board member
88 Scrapping the Murray-Darling Basin Plan risks a worse outcome for farmers
89 The Murray Darling Basin Plan is not delivering – there's no more time to waste
90 Murray Darling Basin plan must address colonialism
91 Murray Darling Basin: More water savings targeted in Goulburn Murray
92 Spring rains and October inflows key for water prices in Murray Darling Basin
93 Darling River reaches River Murray for first time in two years, so what now?
94 Audit criticises Murray-Darling water purchases made without open tender
95 While towns run dry, cotton extracts 5 Sydney Harbours' worth of Murray Darling water a year. It's time to reset the balance
96 Murray-Darling Basin Authority should be broken up, 'damning' report finds
97 The Darling River is simply not supposed to dry out, even in drought
98 Fish kills and undrinkable water: here's what to expect for the Murray Darling this summer
99 Irrigators given subsidies under $4bn Murray-Darling scheme drew more water, study finds
100 Murray-Darling Basin Plan 'in action' after first major break in drought since deal was struck in 2012