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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 New Mexico killings of 4 Muslim men may be linked, police say The Washington Post 17 hours ago
2 Police break up Muslim gathering in Kashmir, dozens detained ABC News 13 hours ago
3 How Jordan Peterson Ruined His Image With Muslims New Lines Magazine 18 days ago
4 Kenya's Muslims: a divided community with little political clout The Conversation 19 hours ago
5 Community network survey results reveal Muslims in NYC dealing with racism, threats at early ages CBS New York 21 days ago
6 Photos: Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha 2022 as covid restrictions ease The Washington Post 29 days ago
7 In 'Ms. Marvel', Muslim fans see a reflection of their lives The Associated Press 27 days ago
8 "Ms. Marvel" is an important step forward for Muslim representation The Washington Post 24 days ago
9 India's top court grants bail to Muslim journalist accused of insulting Hindus CNN 19 days ago
10 Ukraine Muslims pray for victory, end of occupation The Associated Press 27 days ago
11 Disney's 'Ms. Marvel' features the 1st Muslim superhero PBS NewsHour 18 days ago
12 Don’t use the Udaipur killing to tar Indian Muslims The Hindu 26 days ago
13 Karnataka: Muslim Teenager Dies 2 Days After 'Brutal Assault' by Hindutva Group Members The Wire 16 days ago
14 Muslim nations slam India over insulting remarks about Islam NPR 2 months ago
15 On abortion, Muslim Americans say Islamic history is 'on the side of mercy' The Washington Post 1 month ago
16 'Ms. Marvel' treats being Muslim as ordinary — and that makes it extraordinary NPR 2 months ago
17 The Great Muslim American Road Trip PBS 2 months ago
18 Islamic call to prayer shows Muslims ‘belong’ in Minneapolis Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
19 Ramadan: What to say (or not say) to your Muslim friends NPR 3 months ago
20 For many Arab Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan, it's not Eid without ma'amoul NPR 3 months ago
21 THE GREAT MUSLIM AMERICAN ROAD TRIP (Series Finale this week) KPBS 1 month ago
22 Muslim pilgrims pray at Mount Arafat as hajj reaches apex NPR 1 month ago
23 Analysis | Muslim women in hijab get the brunt of discrimination. I asked them what that's like. The Washington Post 4 months ago
24 Muslims Prepare for Holy Month of Ramadan Voice of America 4 months ago
25 Russia Seeks Pathways for Disaffected Young Muslims Center for European Policy Analysis 3 months ago
26 ‘Dangerous times’: US Muslims mull implications after fall of Roe Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
27 What do Muslims believe and do? Understanding the 5 pillars of Islam The Conversation 11 months ago
28 Opinion: In the world's largest democracy, 'looking Muslim' could cost your life CNN 3 months ago
29 Yes, Muslims are portrayed negatively in American media — 2 political scientists reviewed over 250,000 articles to find conclusive evidence The Conversation 2 months ago
30 How Leaders Can Better Support Muslim Women at Work Daily 1 month ago
31 Muslim American speaks out on suing DHS, border officials over 'intrusive' religious questioning ABC News 4 months ago
32 A new test looks at the way Muslim women are portrayed onscreen NPR 5 months ago
33 State senator who once denigrated Islam as a 'cult of hate' seeks recognition for Muslim holidays POLITICO 6 months ago
34 Minneapolis makes inclusive changes for its Muslim population ahead of Ramadan NPR 4 months ago
35 Muslim and Jewish groups express concern over Musk takeover of Twitter The Washington Post 3 months ago
36 A Muslim teenager was killed at a protest in India. His family wants answers CNN 2 months ago
37 Over 20 killed in anti-Muslim attack in Ethiopia: Islamic group FRANCE 24 English 3 months ago
38 The Great Muslim American Road Trip | A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Tulsa to Albuquerque | Episode 2 PBS 27 days ago
39 Report: Mass. Muslims continue to face egregious discrimination at home, at school, even at the post office GBH News 3 months ago
40 Muslim voter turnout grew in 2020 POLITICO 3 months ago
41 How Muslim Americans meet their charitable obligations: 3 findings from new research The Conversation 4 months ago
42 Amnesty says India should stop ‘vicious’ Muslim protest crackdown Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
43 CAIR, a major Muslim-American group, and a mole revealed inside spies working with Steve Emerson The Washington Post 7 months ago
44 Islamic Outrage Against India Won't Protect Its Muslims TIME 2 months ago
45 American Muslims must break taboo of confronting suicide USA TODAY 7 months ago
46 India: Authorities must stop apparent unlawful demolitions of largely Muslim-owned property Amnesty International 4 months ago
47 There are more Muslims in interfaith relationships but not many imams willing to marry them The Washington Post 7 months ago
48 PBS show ‘The Great Muslim American Road Trip’ will explore Islam in the U.S. The Washington Post 6 months ago
49 There is no one Islamic interpretation on ethics of abortion, but the belief in God's mercy and compassion is a crucial part of any consideration The Conversation 1 month ago
50 How Kyrie Irving and other Muslim athletes compete during Ramadan NPR 3 months ago
51 Between two communities: Being queer and Muslim at Princeton The Daily Princetonian 4 months ago
52 Violent Hindu-Muslim clashes break out in several Indian states The Washington Post 4 months ago
53 An Interview with the Stars of 'The Great Muslim American Road Trip' WTTW 2 months ago
54 Views of Muslims in the U.S., 20 years after 9/11 Pew Research Center 11 months ago
55 A visit to this market turns up Ramadan decorations and growing Muslim visibility in Michigan PBS NewsHour 3 months ago
56 Customs and Border Protection is Singling Out Muslim Travelers for Invasive Religious Questioning | News & Commentary | American Civil Liberties Union ACLU 5 months ago
57 Why Muslim countries are quick at condemning defamation – but often ignore rights violations against Muslim minorities The Conversation 2 months ago
58 Muslim call to prayer arrives to Minneapolis soundscape The Associated Press 2 months ago
59 Communal Tensions Rise in India After Muslims Arrested in Hindu Man’s Killing Voice of America 1 month ago
60 Islamophobia: Muslims describe abuse suffered at work BBC 1 month ago
61 Hijab bans deepen Hindu-Muslim fault lines in Indian state The Associated Press 5 months ago
62 US Muslims See Rise in Islamophobia Voice of America 3 months ago
63 Last Muslim lawmaker leaves India's ruling party CNN 1 month ago
64 Ukraine Muslims decry Russian invasion The Washington Post 3 months ago
65 Wajahat Ali on the 'American Nightmare' and the 'American Dream' of being a Muslim son of immigrants The Washington Post 6 months ago
66 American Muslim women are finding a unique religious space at a women-only mosque in Los Angeles The Conversation 3 months ago
67 Imam Omar Suleiman to present on pros, cons of being Muslim in America News at OU 6 months ago
68 Read the New Pamphlet, “Muslims and Latter-day Saints” Church Newsroom 7 months ago
69 Op-Ed: As a Muslim filmmaker, I want to tell my own story Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
70 Michigan city gets ready to inaugurate all-Muslim government CNN 8 months ago
71 His house was demolished because he is Muslim, he says CNN 4 months ago
72 These young Muslim Americans hit significant turning points in their lives this Ramadan. Here's how they observed the holy month CNN 3 months ago
73 A vitriolic election campaign marked by anti-Islam narratives has left many French Muslims feeling marginalized CNN 4 months ago
74 Muslim New Yorkers Lead the Way through Climate Change | THIRTEEN New York Public Media 3 months ago
75 Macron attacks Le Pen on Russia, Muslim headscarf ban pledge NPR 4 months ago
76 Hajj-Muslim pilgrims face losing out from online booking to Mecca BBC 2 months ago
77 Why Ramadan Generates Millions in Charitable Giving Every Year The New York Times 3 months ago
78 Supporting Muslim Employees During Ramadan SHRM 5 months ago
79 Muslim Americans reflect on the impact of 9/11 Harvard Gazette 11 months ago
80 India tightens security after militants threaten attacks over anti-Muslim remarks Reuters India 2 months ago
81 Muslim women in India protest hijab ban NBC News 6 months ago
82 The Great Muslim American Road Trip | Life is a Highway: Chicago to Joplin, Missouri | Episode 1 PBS 1 month ago
83 Supreme Court sides with FBI in suit brought by Muslim Americans on spying ABC News 5 months ago
84 Patriotism, optimism and striding ahead: the often overlooked story of Muslim Britain The Guardian 2 months ago
85 ‘I Just Wanted to Fit In': A Muslim Lawyer on Finally Embracing Her Faith at Work International 4 months ago
86 9 tropes about Muslims that are a product of Islamophobia CNN 11 months ago
87 'A nightmare': Mom outraged by alleged attack on Muslim daughters wearing hijabs NBC News 2 months ago
88 The Uighurs and the Question of Muslim Solidarity Council on Foreign Relations 8 months ago
89 India's Supreme Court will soon rule on Muslim headscarves in public schools NPR 3 months ago
90 What does Ms. Marvel mean to the Muslim community? Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
91 Indian police arrest Muslim journalist accused of insulting Hindus CNN 1 month ago
92 US Muslims gave more to charity than other Americans in 2020 The Conversation 9 months ago
93 Crypto and Islam: Muslims debate whether bitcoin, dogecoin are allowed The Washington Post 5 months ago
94 Why Ms. Marvel matters so much to Muslim, South Asian fans The Conversation 1 month ago
95 Muslim Women and the Politics of the Headscarf JSTOR Daily 4 months ago
96 What to watch on Tuesday: 'The Great Muslim American Road Trip' airs on PBS The Washington Post 1 month ago
97 Bulldozer Justice in India: Anti-Muslim Hate Demolished My Home TIME 1 month ago
98 How the world's biggest Islamic organization drives religious reform in Indonesia – and seeks to influence the Muslim world The Conversation 11 months ago
99 ‘Empty promises’: The US’s ‘Muslim ban’ still reverberates Al Jazeera English 6 months ago
100 As bombs fall, Muslims in Ukraine face difficult Ramadan Al Jazeera English 4 months ago