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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 New Mexico killings of 4 Muslim men may be linked, police say The Washington Post 17 hours ago
2 Kenya's Muslims: a divided community with little political clout The Conversation 19 hours ago
3 Police Break up Muslim Gathering in Kashmir, Dozens Detained Voice of America 12 hours ago
4 How Jordan Peterson Ruined His Image With Muslims New Lines Magazine 18 days ago
5 How do Muslims Observe Ashura Worldwide? | Ejaz Naqvi MD Patheos 7 hours ago
6 Islamic New Year 2022: When it is and why Muslims are marking it in summer Middle East Eye 10 days ago
7 The saviours of Muslims The Tribune India 20 hours ago
8 Muharram 2022: Know why Muslims fast on Ashura Day, check here News9 LIVE 14 hours ago
9 Reaching out to Pasmanda Muslims The Hindu 8 hours ago
10 Killings of Muslims in New Mexico Spark Alarm, Investigations The Wall Street Journal 10 hours ago
11 Mourning martyrdom of Imam Hussein, Muslims around world mark Tasu'a Press TV 19 hours ago
12 Comparing Muslim deaths to Holocaust, UAE royal suggests Jews are hung up on Shoah The Times of Israel 6 hours ago
13 Response To Jordan Peterson’s Message To Muslims MuslimMatters 24 days ago
14 Jews and Muslims are fasting next week. Let’s hold the interfaith activities another time. JTA News 2 days ago
15 How Bitcoin Can Help Muslims Follow The Teachings Of The Quran Bitcoin Magazine 11 days ago
16 Terrorists Kill 32000 Nigerian Muslims as MURIC counters US Lawmakers on Christian persecution Guardian Nigeria 23 hours ago
17 How Muslims Can Catch Up Middle East Forum 17 days ago
18 Millions of Muslims observe Eid al-Adha amid high prices PBS NewsHour 30 days ago
19 The Ukrainian Muslims fighting against Russia Al Jazeera English 4 days ago
20 Community network survey results reveal Muslims in NYC dealing with racism, threats at early ages CBS New York 21 days ago
21 New Saudi Rules on Pilgrimages Upend a Rite for New York Muslims The New York Times 27 days ago
22 Ukraine Muslims pray for victory, end of occupation The Associated Press 27 days ago
23 Karnataka: Muharram sans Muslims in village Times of India 3 hours ago
24 Muslims in India Say Their Homes Are Being Demolished After Protests, Clashes The Wall Street Journal 16 days ago
25 Poor labor market performance amongst Muslims in Britain is not due to cultural and religious habits, study finds 20 days ago
26 2024 polls: BJP plans to expand base among Yadavs, Pasmanda Muslims Business Standard 19 hours ago
27 Muslims Have Become A Persecuted Minority In India, Experts Warn Forbes 23 days ago
28 Imam Hussain's tragic story still attracts Britain's Muslim converts Press TV 1 day ago
29 Two Black Muslim men sue Alaska Airlines, allege they were kicked off plane for texting in Arabic Yahoo News 2 days ago
30 Sarawak premier: Non-Muslims must have state govt's protection to achieve complete unity Malay Mail 20 hours ago
31 After Roe, American Muslims know what comes next The New Arab 18 days ago
32 Role of Muslims in India’s Freedom Struggle NewsClick 20 hours ago
33 Shia Muslims in Pakistan mark international Ali Asghar's day Press TV 2 days ago
34 Saudi Arabia: No limit on number of Umrah trips for overseas Muslims The Siasat Daily 18 hours ago
35 Assam: 4 Muslims accused of ‘flood jihad’ as rains cause havoc The Siasat Daily 2 days ago
36 An actor’s campaign against anti-Arab and Muslim stereotypes in Hollywood Toronto Star 2 days ago
37 Hijrah: Gov Bello tasks Muslim faithful to preach peace, unity of Nigeria – The Sun Nigeria Daily Sun 8 hours ago
38 Utah joins few states recognizing Muslim American Heritage Month 16 days ago
39 Call to serve Muslim detainee halal food at detention center | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis 朝日新聞デジタル 18 hours ago
40 Uttar Pradesh BJP to hoist tricolour on madrassas, dargahs & 5 lakh Muslim households Times of India 11 hours ago
41 "All Indians Must Read," Says Muslim Student Who Won Ramayana Quiz NDTV 13 hours ago
42 Albuquerque police seek car in killings of 4 Muslim men Yahoo Sports 4 hours ago
43 Don’t use the Udaipur killing to tar Indian Muslims The Hindu 26 days ago
44 Indigenous tag splits ‘Assamese Muslims’ wide open The Hindu 17 days ago
45 Muslims Help Transport Idols To Hill Top Temple In Jammu And Kashmir NDTV 2 days ago
46 Country policy and information note: Muslims (including Uyghurs in Xinjiang), July 2022 (accessible) GOV.UK 27 days ago
47 Dozens of Shia Muslims arrested, amid heavy deployment of forces in parts of Srinagar to prevent Muharram procession United News of India 14 hours ago
48 Indonesia to host International Muslim Lifestyle Expo News Agency of Nigeria 12 hours ago
49 Can Lalong Douse Tension over APC’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket? THISDAY Newspapers 13 hours ago
50 Muslim-Muslim ticket: Don’t scuttle power rotation, Bilal warns Punch Newspapers 1 day ago
51 Muslim-Muslim ticket a promoting of religion over competence – Kaduna cleric, Udeh Daily Post Nigeria 15 hours ago
52 Indias Muslim correction Business Standard 23 days ago
53 On abortion, Muslim Americans say Islamic history is 'on the side of mercy' The Washington Post 1 month ago
54 Muslim nations slam India over insulting remarks about Islam NPR 2 months ago
55 Islamic call to prayer shows Muslims ‘belong’ in Minneapolis Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
56 Yes, Muslims are portrayed negatively in American media — 2 political scientists reviewed over 250,000 articles to find conclusive evidence The Conversation 2 months ago
57 Russia Seeks Pathways for Disaffected Young Muslims Center for European Policy Analysis 3 months ago
58 For many Arab Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan, it's not Eid without ma'amoul NPR 3 months ago
59 Muslims Prepare for Holy Month of Ramadan Voice of America 4 months ago
60 What do Muslims believe and do? Understanding the 5 pillars of Islam The Conversation 11 months ago
61 ‘Dangerous times’: US Muslims mull implications after fall of Roe Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
62 During this year's Ramadan, many Muslims can finally gather in person The Washington Post 3 months ago
63 Opinion: In the world's largest democracy, 'looking Muslim' could cost your life CNN 3 months ago
64 Muslims are finding their place in America’s abortion debate WTOP 2 months ago
65 Ramadan: What to say (or not say) to your Muslim friends NPR 3 months ago
66 The failure of Muslims | Mohammed Wani | AW The Arab Weekly 4 months ago
67 Faith: Islamophobia, ISIS made American Muslims adapt, integrate The Columbus Dispatch 8 months ago
68 Report: Mass. Muslims continue to face egregious discrimination at home, at school, even at the post office GBH News 3 months ago
69 'Ms. Marvel' treats being Muslim as ordinary — and that makes it extraordinary NPR 2 months ago
70 American Muslims must break taboo of confronting suicide USA TODAY 7 months ago
71 Analysis | Muslim women in hijab get the brunt of discrimination. I asked them what that's like. The Washington Post 4 months ago
72 Islamophobia: Muslims describe abuse suffered at work BBC 1 month ago
73 Views of Muslims in the U.S., 20 years after 9/11 Pew Research Center 11 months ago
74 Islamic Outrage Against India Won't Protect Its Muslims TIME 2 months ago
75 Ukraine Muslims decry Russian invasion The Washington Post 3 months ago
76 Muslims across Ohio celebrate their last days of Ramadan News 5 Cleveland WEWS 3 months ago
77 Millions fundraised by Muslim man once embarrassed of his faith IndyStar 3 months ago
78 Read the New Pamphlet, “Muslims and Latter-day Saints” Church Newsroom 7 months ago
79 Where The Rainbow Ends: American Muslims And LGBT Activism MuslimMatters 7 months ago
80 There are more Muslims in interfaith relationships but not many imams willing to marry them The Washington Post 7 months ago
81 Why do Latinos convert to Islam? Are Hispanics fastest growing Muslim group? Deseret News 3 months ago
82 The Great Muslim American Road Trip PBS 2 months ago
83 3 U.S. Muslims sue over religious questioning by border officers PBS NewsHour 5 months ago
84 US Muslims See Rise in Islamophobia Voice of America 3 months ago
85 How Leaders Can Better Support Muslim Women at Work Daily 1 month ago
86 For Indian Muslims the end times have arrived Middle East Eye 4 months ago
87 A vitriolic election campaign marked by anti-Islam narratives has left many French Muslims feeling marginalized CNN 4 months ago
88 Picking out American Muslims at border, to question about religion, is unconstitutional The San Diego Union-Tribune 4 months ago
89 9 tropes about Muslims that are a product of Islamophobia CNN 11 months ago
90 US Muslims gave more to charity than other Americans in 2020 The Conversation 9 months ago
91 As bombs fall, Muslims in Ukraine face difficult Ramadan Al Jazeera English 4 months ago
92 A new test looks at the way Muslim women are portrayed onscreen NPR 5 months ago
93 China: Uyghur student facing trial highlights government push to jail Muslims Amnesty International 1 month ago
94 The truth behind Indian extremists’ anti-Muslim ‘great replacement theory’ The Guardian 2 months ago
95 France's Muslims face another five years of hostility under Macron Middle East Eye 4 months ago
96 A Muslim teenager was killed at a protest in India. His family wants answers CNN 2 months ago
97 Centro Islámico, a hub for Latino Muslims near and far, breaks ground on expansion during Ramadan Religion News Service 4 months ago
98 What is Sharia? Islamic law shows Muslims how to live, and can be a force for progress as well as a tool of fundamentalists > News > USC Dornsife USC News 11 months ago
99 Islam, Muslims, and the Secular State in Singapore The Diplomat 5 months ago