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1 Pax Romana, a Fascist Peace
2 F*scist is still a bad word. And your political enemy probably isn't one.
3 How the Democrats Fell For Mussolini
4 Fascism Come in All Shapes and Sizes But the 'Family Resemblances' Can No Longer Be Denied
5 Mussolini family feuds over reopened crypt of fascist Italian dictator
6 What's fueling the shocking rise of Italy's far right? | Opinion
7 The Americans Who Embraced Mussolini
8 World War II’s less-famous fascist
9 Opinion | If we're to ward off fascism, we must first recognize its warning signs
10 Violet Gibson
11 The woman who shot Benito Mussolini was forgotten for decades. Ireland wants to change that.
12 The Little-Known Story of Violet Gibson, the Irish Woman Who Shot Mussolini
13 Mussolini and the Eclipse of Italian Fascism: From Dictatorship to Populism
14 Violet Gibson: Plaque to be erected to Irish woman who shot Mussolini
15 Today in History: Today is Sunday, July 25, the 206th day of 2021.
16 Mussolini's great-grandson hopes to be judged on his game not his name
17 It's the Elite Sensibilities, Stupid! – Ricochet
18 Racist or responsive? Italy to exhume Mussolini's colonial museum collection in 'critical' new display
19 Great-grandson of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini signs for Lazio
20 Lazio sign Benito's great-grandson Romano Mussolini to bolster their right
21 Mussolini and the rise of fascism
22 The History of Democracy: Mussolini's Rise to Power in Italy
23 Richard E Grant is a constant delight in Write Around the World on BBC4
24 Holy cow! History: The woman who kissed Hitler at the Olympics
25 Greene calls Italian American House Democrat 'Rep. Mussolini' | TheHill
26 Trump Likened to Mussolini After Appearance on White House Balcony
27 Italy's anti-homophobia Zan bill backed by Mussolini's granddaughter
28 Giovanni Manfredi | Ninety-nine years ago in Rome, and one month ago in Washington, fascism rose
29 The World Is Tearing Down Racist Monuments but Not in Italy | Daily Beast
30 ‘The Perfect Fascist’ Review: Mussolini’s Man
31 Letter to the editor: No debate — fascism spawned by the right
32 Book Review: ‘Strongmen,’ by Ruth Ben-Ghiat
33 After 100 years, Mussolini's fascist party is a reminder of the fragility of freedom
34 What would Mussolini say?
35 Historian: Today’s Authoritarian Leaders Aren’t Fascists—But They Are Part of the Same Story
36 Historians, election experts warn Trump behaving like Mussolini
37 Vespa: The scooter with a sting
38 CNN's Jim Acosta Dubs Donald Trump the 'Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago'
39 Corruption, violence and toxic masculinity: What strongmen like Trump have in common
40 What The 'Strongmen' Of History Reveal About Modern Politics
41 Calls for Irishwoman who shot Italian dictator Mussolini to be finally honoured with plaque
42 Letter: What is fascism? | Letters |
43 Religion Bulletin: Mussolini recognizes Vatican City as independent state
44 When Americans loved Benito Mussolini — and what it tells us about Donald Trump’s rise
45 Mussolini’s Final Hours
46 Escaping the "Mussolini moment": Trump's enablers and the banality of evil
47 How Italy's Colonial War in Ethiopia Foreshadowed the Barbarism of World War II
48 What is fascism? And is Donald Trump a fascist?
49 Cautionary Lessons from Mussolini's March on Rome | The Brian Lehrer Show
50 A Once-Forgotten Port Of Italy Is Alive With A Diverse Cultural And Literary Legacy
51 Pessoa: An Experimental Life review – a portrait with bags of personality
52 9 Things You May Not Know About Mussolini
53 Jim Clyburn: Trump is Mussolini
54 Mussolini’s great-grandson runs for a seat in the European Parliament
55 Commentary George Pyle: 'Our Mussolini' looks to his Blackshirts
56 Mussolini message to future revealed under Rome obelisk
57 Trump is a warning that fascism didn’t die with Hitler and Mussolini
58 Property owner agrees to honour woman who shot Mussolini
59 Trump displays his inner Mussolini
60 Plaque for Irish woman who shot Mussolini agreed for Dublin
61 Why do Italian athletes wear blue?
62 Third Mussolini descendent enters Italian political arena
63 'Too little, too late': Dethroned Italian prince criticized over apology for King's role in rubber-stamping fascist laws
64 Mussolini's great-grandson signs first pro contract with Lazio
65 Trump’s ‘patriotic education’ report excuses Founding Fathers for owning slaves and likens progressives to Mussolini
66 Tiny Pinpoint Glimmers: On Marina Jarre's “Distant Fathers”
67 Irish woman who shot Mussolini to receive plaque in Dublin
68 What is fascism?
69 What Is Fascism? What to Know About Its Brutal Origins
70 Luzerne County bar’s ad puts Levine and Wolf on bodies of Mussolini and Hitler
71 Mussolini’s War: Fascist Italy from Triumph to Collapse — reckless adventures
72 How fascist is President Trump? There’s still a formula for that.
73 A Dallas Filmmaker Says He Holds the Secret to Mussolini's Death
74 'American Mussolini': Ex-Trump aide compares president to fascist dictator over balcony stunt
75 Mexican President Faces Backlash After Mussolini Reference
76 Columbus Statue's Turbulent History Included State Funds, Design Feuds, Mussolini Message
77 The fascist movement that has brought Mussolini back to the mainstream
78 A New Book About Mussolini Is Provoking a Debate Over His Legacy
79 Mussolini's beautiful architecture outlives the ugly face of fascism
80 Violet Gibson: The Irish Woman Who Shot Mussolini
81 Violet Gibson: Plaque to be erected in honour of Irish woman who shot Italian dictator Benito Mussolini
82 ‘I will sue anyone offending Mussolini’: Granddaughter of Italian fascist sparks online war
83 Biography of an island: multifaceted Sicily
84 How Political Strongmen Rise And What They Leave Behind
85 Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status'
86 Strongmen review: a chilling history for one nation no longer under Trump
87 Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy?
88 Mussolini’s Granddaughter Was Defending Her Nonno Long Before Taking on Jim Carrey
89 It's Already Happening Here
90 Councillors propose plaque for woman who shot Mussolini
91 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Cornyn spar over his tweet quoting Benito Mussolini
92 Anti-Pasta: When Italian Futurists Tried to Ban Pasta in Italy
93 This is American fascism
94 Film about the Irish woman who shot Mussolini debuts in Co Kerry
95 It’s easy to get a Mussolini souvenir in Italy, but its government now wants to ban them
96 Donald Trump and Benito Mussolini
97 Mussolini Never Met a War He Couldn't Lose
98 Italy's last Queen Marie-José who plotted against Mussolini and wanted to shoot Hitler
99 Violet Gibson: Irish woman who shot Italian dictator Mussolini to be honoured with plaque in Dublin
100 Coulter: Vaccine Karens are bullies | |