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1 NASA's TESS Discovers Stellar Siblings Host 'Teenage' Exoplanets
2 Astronomers discover a quartet of teenage alien planets far, far away
3 Ground System for NASA's Roman Space Telescope Moves into Development
4 There are Probably Many More Earth-Sized Worlds Than Previously Believed
5 Earth-Sized Planets May Be Hiding in Space in 'Major' Exoplanet Finding
6 Earth-Sized Exoplanets May Be More Common than Previously Thought | Astronomy
7 TESS Discovers Planetary Systems around Two Young Co-Moving Stars | Astronomy
8 Unique Planet “With No Known Equivalent” Photobombs Exoplanet-Hunting Satellite
9 The search for alien life
10 NASA's TESS Completes Primary Mission
11 Curious Universe: Let's Go Planet-Hunting!
12 TESS Discovers New Worlds in a River of Stars
13 TESS needs your help finding new worlds
14 TESS Creates a Cosmic Vista of the Northern Sky
15 NASA's TESS spacecraft has already found 2,200 possible planets
16 TESS's exoplanet catalog grows to over 2200 worlds
17 Space Telescope Delivers the Goods: 2,200 Possible Planets – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
18 Research updates from TESS: Hunting for worlds beyond our solar system
19 How Artificial Intelligence is helping us understand more about the universe
20 NASA works with Basingstoke physicist to discover planets
21 Data reveals evidence of molecular absorption in the atmosphere of a hot Neptune
22 NASA's TESS planet hunter spied 2,200 candidate worlds in its first 2 years
23 NASA discovers 'weird' new exoplanet that may have conditions ripe for water clouds
24 TESS Discovers Two Small and Warm Exoplanets | Astronomy
25 TESS discovers four exoplanets orbiting a nearby sun-like star
26 Search for New Worlds at Home With NASA's Planet Patrol Project
27 Astronomers Are Studying the Atmospheres of Faraway Planets
28 NASA’s TESS Satellite Spots ‘Missing Link’ Exoplanets
29 Not just for finding planets: Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst
30 Six Stars, Six Eclipses: ‘The Fact That It Exists Blows My Mind’
31 Time Flies. NASA Releases a Mosaic of TESS’ View of the Northern Sky After Two Years of Operation
32 Many nearby Earth-size exoplanets could be hiding in plain sight
33 NASA's TESS Delivers New Insights Into an Ultrahot World
34 NASA's next exoplanet hunter will seek worlds close to home
35 Newly discovered 'teenage' planets could teach us about our solar system, say Loughborough academics
36 Discovery Alert: a 'Cool' Planet – with Plenty of Atmosphere?
37 NASA's TESS Exoplanet Hunter Goes Above and Beyond in Mission's 1st Year
38 NASA's TESS Presents Panorama of Southern Sky
39 NASA’s Planet Hunter TESS Creates a Cosmic Vista of the Northern Sky – Imaged 75% of the Sky So Far
40 Radio waves from Earth have reached dozens of stars
41 Newfound super-Earth has speedy orbit around red dwarf star
42 NASA's TESS Planet Hunter Finds Its First Earth-Size World in “Habitable Zone”
43 Pandora Mission Would Expand NASA Capabilities to Probe Alien Worlds
44 TESS Finds Massive Exoplanet around 10-Billion-Year-Old Dwarf Star | Astronomy
45 2,200 exoplanet candidates discovered in 2 years: TESS has been busy
46 Roman Telescope Predicted to Find 100,000 Transiting Planets – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
47 Planetary Sleuthing Finds Triple-Star World
48 NASA’s TESS Creates a Cosmic Vista of the Northern Sky [Video]
49 Exoplanet survey spacecraft discovers two new warm exoplanets
50 NASA’s TESS Mission discovers exoplanet in our galaxy older than Sun
51 Newfound super-Earth alien planet whips around its star every 0.67 days
52 NASA's Planet Patrol wants you to join the search for exoplanets
53 NASA's planet-hunting satellite TESS launches
54 NASA Missions Spy First Possible 'Survivor' Planet Hugging White Dwarf
55 High schoolers help discover 4 new alien planets
56 Exoplanets . NASA's TESS, Spitzer Missions Discover a World Orbiting a Unique Young Star
57 Satellite unexpectedly detects a unique exoplanet
58 As satellites proliferate, telescopes go dark
59 Just Some of the Planets That TESS Has Found Nearby
60 Three years on, TESS delivers on discoveries as extended mission continues
61 NASA's Roman Mission Predicted to Find 100,000 Transiting Planets
62 NASA: Binary Star Systems Could Be Hiding Earth-Like Worlds
63 NASA: TESS Space Telescope Completes Primary Planet-Hunting Mission
64 NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite arrives at Kennedy Space Center for launch
65 New discoveries from NASA's TESS mission include potentially habitable exoplanet – Spaceflight Now
66 NASA exoplanet hunter racks up bizarre worlds and exploding stars
67 NASA launches TESS exoplanet-hunting satellite into space
68 NASA's TESS satellite mission begins search for new planets
69 Weird Neptune-like exoplanet may have water clouds
70 NASA's latest exoplanet hunter spots dozens of potential new worlds
71 NASA's TESS Exoplanet Mission Finds Over…
72 NASA Missions Help Investigate an 'Old Faithful' Active Galaxy
73 NASA’s TESS Starts Collecting Planets
74 First Possible 'Survivor' Planet Orbiting White Dwarf Star Found By NASA's TESS and Spitzer Telescope | The Weather Channel
75 Exoplanets Are Hot, Weird And Dead. Not This One Say Scientists As They Reveal A Cool World With An Atmosphere
76 ‘Sextuply-eclipsing’ — Astronomers discover a six-star system that eclipses one another
77 Ultra-short-period super-Earth detected by TESS
78 How Will TESS Look for Exoplanets? – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
79 Meet TESS, Seeker of Alien Worlds
80 Citizen Scientists Discover Two Gaseous Planets around a Bright Sun-like Star
81 Astronomers Discover 10-Billion-Year-Old Multiplanet System | Astronomy
82 NASA's Search for Life: Astrobiology in the Solar System and Beyond
83 Confirmation of Toasty TESS Planet Leads to Surprising Find of Promising World
84 NASA’s TESS spacecraft has spotted 2,200 new worlds
85 Discovery Alert: First Six-star System Where All Six Stars Undergo Eclipses
86 NASA's TESS Enables Breakthrough Study of Perplexing Stellar Pulsations
87 How TESS hunts more than just exoplanets
88 Two new NASA missions will uncover the secrets of Venus
89 TESS team is awarded NASA's Silver Achievement Medal
90 Meet TESS, NASA's Next Step in the Quest for Alien Earths
91 NASA's Roman mission will probe galaxy's core for hot Jupiters, brown dwarfs
92 NASA's TESS Exoplanet-Hunting Mission in Pictures
93 TESS discovers its first Earth-sized planet
94 Two young planetary systems detected by TESS
95 NASA telescope designed to find exoplanets captures gamma-ray burst
96 NASA's TESS completes its two year primary mission; begins extended journey
97 The Hunt for Exoplanets Turns to Earth's Backyard
98 NASA's Next Planet Hunter Will Launch a 'New Era of Exoplanet Research'
99 With the launch of TESS, NASA will boost its search for exoplanets
100 NASA’s TESS discovers three hot planets orbiting a very young star