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1 This 830-million-year-old crystal might contain life. And we're about to open it NPR 7 hours ago
2 Parachutes for spacecraft are challenging to design and worrisome to engineers NPR 7 hours ago
3 Families reunite at a Uvalde community center after elementary school shooting NPR 4 hours ago
4 Head of 'San Antonio Express-News' on what we know about the Uvalde shooting NPR 5 hours ago
5 What to watch when there are too many options NPR 18 hours ago
6 Uvalde, hometown of actor Matthew McConaughey, is reeling from tragedy NPR 4 hours ago
7 Songs of Remembrance: Dolly Parton's 'Dumb Blonde' was her grandmother's favorite NPR 16 hours ago
8 Sarah Silverman revisits her childhood in 'The Bedwetter' musical NPR 11 hours ago
9 Forecasters expect more hurricanes than usual this year NPR 8 hours ago
10 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America get a donation of $122.6 million NPR 13 hours ago
11 Monkeypox and COVID-19 are different — in a good way NPR 6 hours ago
12 Long COVID's underlying causes still elusive in new study : Shots Health News 7 hours ago
13 A school seeks to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Michelle Obama's brother and his wife NPR 18 hours ago
14 DOJ's new policy requires officers to stop others from using excessive force NPR 13 hours ago
15 San Antonio journalist shares the latest shooting news out of Uvalde, Texas NPR 4 hours ago
16 Last call: New York City bids an official farewell to its last public pay phone NPR 11 hours ago
17 Results: Kemp wins Georgia primary for governor over Perdue NPR 3 hours ago
18 A burn-proof edition of 'The Handmaid's Tale' goes up for auction NPR 22 hours ago
19 Remembering 'New Yorker' editor and renowned baseball writer Roger Angell NPR 10 hours ago
20 What to watch, read and listen to this weekend NPR 4 days ago
21 A startup is profiting off homelessness with tiny homes NPR 1 day ago
22 After Taliban orders female anchors to mask on TV, male journalists show support NPR 9 hours ago
23 Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was legally drunk when he was fatally struck NPR 11 hours ago
24 News brief: Georgia primaries, Biden in Japan, Russia-Ukraine war NPR 18 hours ago
25 3 months into the Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (May 24) NPR 6 hours ago
26 On 'Harry's House,' Styles faces the perils of pastiche NPR 12 hours ago
27 Madison Cawthorn is under a House Ethics Committee investigation NPR 1 day ago
28 Monkeypox likely isn't much of a threat to the public, a White House official says NPR 2 days ago
29 Buffalo plagued by economic neglect, segregation long before shooting, residents say NPR 1 day ago
30 Ben Bernanke's Lessons From 'The Great Inflation' : Planet Money NPR 17 hours ago
31 A pastor quits over 'adultery,' but a woman says she was 16 when he abused her NPR 8 hours ago
32 Georgia US Senate: Herschel Walker will face Raphael Warnock NPR 3 hours ago
33 Hyundai is recalling 239000 cars for exploding seat belt parts NPR 8 hours ago
34 A new federal study is trying to solve some of the mysterious about long-COVID NPR 1 day ago
35 After forming a union, negotiating a contract can be an uphill battle NPR 16 hours ago
36 Journalist who wrote about gun violence was killed in mass shooting in Buffalo NPR 18 hours ago
37 In the fight against white nationalism, white people are key NPR 1 day ago
38 Ada Lea: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert NPR 18 hours ago
39 Advice on your tricky family conflict NPR 3 days ago
40 Hot weather could be getting in the way of good sleep, a new study finds NPR 1 day ago
41 A Texas woman is wanted in the murder of cyclist Anna Moriah 'Mo' Wilson NPR 1 day ago
42 A record 100 million people have been forced from their homes NPR 2 days ago
43 Design changes pitched for Texas mail ballot envelopes NPR 18 hours ago
44 Supreme Court hobbles challenges by inmates based on poor legal representation NPR 1 day ago
45 'Top Gun: Maverick' review: Tom Cruise stars in this high-flying sequel NPR 2 days ago
46 Atlanta officers won't face charges from 2020 arrest of 2 college students NPR 18 hours ago
47 Southern Baptist leaders plan to release a secret list of accused sex abusers NPR 8 hours ago
48 In major video game company first, Activision Blizzard employees are joining a union NPR 1 day ago
49 Biden says the U.S. would be willing to intervene militarily to defend Taiwan NPR 2 days ago
50 How the U.S.'s goals in Ukraine compare to Europe's goals NPR 1 day ago
51 Abortion debate surrounds new clinic planning to open in Wyoming : Shots Health News 18 hours ago
52 Kim and other N. Koreans attend large funeral amid COVID worry NPR 2 days ago
53 1 was killed and others injured after 4 people fell off a cliff in California NPR 1 day ago
54 Sacramento 'Gas for Guns' buyback program runs out of gift cards in under 1 hour NPR 1 day ago
55 With food prices climbing, the U.N. is warning of crippling global shortages NPR 1 day ago
56 Starbucks exits Russia, shutting 130 coffee shops NPR 2 days ago
57 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: when could little kids get the vaccine? NPR 2 days ago
58 An appeals court finds Florida's social media law unconstitutional NPR 1 day ago
59 Ukraine war strains space station ties between Russia and US NPR 2 days ago
60 Ukraine war crimes trial: Vadim Shishimarin, Russian soldier, gets life sentence NPR 2 days ago
61 Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (May 23) NPR 1 day ago
62 California debates opening safe injection sites to prevent overdose deaths : Shots Health News 2 days ago
63 Gay Gordon-Byrne: Why do big manufacturers prevent you from repairing your own stuff? NPR 5 days ago
64 NPR, NAB Denied Deadline Extension on Geo-Targeted FM Booster NPRM Radio & Television Business Report 13 hours ago
65 A superstar investor with the Midas touch or just lucky? The puzzle of Cathie Wood NPR 3 days ago
66 The election system shuddered in 2020. Now, there are fears of an attack within NPR 18 hours ago
67 Aid groups plan for the next phase as the flow of refugees leaving Ukraine slows NPR 1 day ago
68 A surge in Navy deserters could be a sign of a bigger problem for the military NPR 3 days ago
69 On social media, Johnny Depp is winning public sympathy over Amber Heard NPR 1 day ago
70 Sunday Puzzle: Sandwich the letters NPR 10 days ago
71 Fontaines DC: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert NPR 8 days ago
72 Student podcast contest winners take on fake news and misinformation NPR 9 days ago
73 Abbott CEO apologizes for the formula shortage as the first overseas shipment arrives NPR 2 days ago
74 Why the ancient Stoic philosophy is making a comeback NPR Illinois 10 hours ago
75 These are some of our favorite stories from NPR's Student Podcast Challenge NPR 17 days ago
76 What to watch and listen to this weekend NPR 12 days ago
77 Jif peanut butter is being recalled for potential salmonella contamination NPR 3 days ago
78 Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant and Kyle Mooney bid farewell to 'SNL' NPR 2 days ago
79 Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire music, dead at 79 NPR 5 days ago
80 The case for revolutionizing child care in America NPR 8 days ago
81 Brooke Shields is getting older in the public eye — and she wants to talk about it NPR 19 days ago
82 Many know how George Floyd died. A new biography reveals how he lived NPR 7 days ago
83 NY bird-watcher Christian Cooper gets National Geographic TV show NPR 5 days ago
84 How climate change is being fought by assisted migration and foresters NPR 6 days ago
85 Ukraine's new law will let it fund the war effort by selling Russian assets NPR 1 day ago
86 Can I Just Tell You: We can't 'opt out' of our pain NPR 17 days ago
87 Tiger Woods withdraws from the PGA Championship NPR 3 days ago
88 Sunday Puzzle: Bearing arms NPR 17 days ago
89 Bourdeaux-McBath primary outside Atlanta shows decline of swing districts NPR 2 days ago
90 2020 census undercounts by state are released by the Census Bureau NPR 6 days ago
91 Congress UFO hearing: Military database now includes 400 reported incidents NPR 7 days ago
92 Republican-leaning areas continue to face more COVID deaths NPR 6 days ago
93 Winner praises the Pulitzer board's commitment to the 'heart' in journalism NPR 15 days ago
94 Rare monkeypox outbreak in U.K., Europe and U.S.: What is it and should we worry? NPR 6 days ago
95 Why Are Masks Such A Big Deal For So Many? Psychologists Have Thoughts : 1A NPR 28 days ago
96 Iranian-American playwright is set on breaking expectations NPR 12 days ago
97 Stocks sink as retailers earnings reinforce inflation fears NPR 6 days ago
98 Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in China NPR 4 days ago
99 The Work-From-Home climate challenge : Planet Money NPR 15 days ago
100 Canada bans China's Huawei Technologies from 5G networks NPR 5 days ago