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1 NSCAI Final Report Prioritizes US Global Competition, Conflict Preparation, And Enhanced Protection Of Privacy And Civil Liberties
2 DoD seeks to develop new career paths to stay ahead of AI competition
3 Deputy Secretary General: international cooperation is essential to retain our technological edge
4 US and allies must set ‘democratic’ AI rules, Biden officials say
5 Billions in AI Investments and a New Deterrence Strategy Coming, SecDef Says
6 'Quad' nations agree to strengthen cooperation over advanced tech
7 Sullivan: Data Privacy Key To AI Race Against China
8 Global leaders seek new technology partnerships to counter threat posed by China
9 NSCAI Recommends $40 Billion Investment in Artificial Intelligence, R&D and Innovation
10 Biden competition adviser offers his take on the executive order
11 NSCAI Approves 71 Recommendations to Boost U.S. AI Strategy
12 NSCAI Report: US Can Gain Leading Edge on AI With This Plan
13 NSCAI Commissioners on the Importance of AI and Its Ability to Reshape the Future Fight
14 NSCAI Recommends AI Infrastructure Adoption by 2025 to Support C2 Programs
15 Supreme Court gives China a technology innovation advantage over U.S.
16 US Intellectual Property Is Critical to National Security | New York Law Journal
17 Blinken presents the foundations of U.S. cyber diplomacy
18 US proposes first in-person Quad Summit in September
19 Events to Feature NSCAI's Katrina McFarland as Keynote Speaker at AI: Innovation in National Security Forum on June 3rd
20 US invites UN's racism and human rights envoys to visit
21 NSCAI Final Report Prioritizes U.S. Global Competition, Conflict Preparation, and Enhanced Protection of Privacy and Civil Liberties
22 In final report, commission makes plea for DOD to field AI fast
23 NSCAI Final Report: United States Must Up Its IP Game to Win the AI Race
24 The U.S. in the AI Era: the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Releases Report Detailing Policy Recommendations
25 A national strategy for AI innovation
26 Stop the emerging AI cold war
27 Good News for Patentees: Bipartisan NSCAI Invokes National Security in Calling for Legislation to Clarify Patent Eligibility
28 Yll Bajraktari of AI Commission Underscores Need for US Companies to Develop AI Tech Responsibly
29 GovCon Wire Events' AI: Innovation in National Security Forum to Discuss Critical Challenges & Opportunities in AI Innovation TODAY; Featuring NSCAI's Katrina McFarland
30 U.S. doubles down on protecting university research from China
31 Bipartisan Senate Bills Seek to Implement Commission's National AI Strategy
32 Pentagon needs AI at every leadership level, panel recommends
33 UNITED STATES : Congress looks to set up White House disinformation unit
34 BAE's Peder Jungck to Introduce NSCAI's Katrina McFarland as Keynote Speaker During GovCon Wire Events' AI: Innovation in National Security Forum on June 3rd
35 JAIC, NSCAI Discuss the Power of AI
36 US Executive Branch Update – July 14, 2021
37 Final Report: National Security Commission on AI
38 Unlocking Value With Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
39 Artificial Intelligence Commission Pushes New Programs to Recruit Tech-Savvy Talent into DOD
40 Special Report: China's gene giant harvests data from millions of women
41 How to Keep US Competitive in AI for National Security
42 AI Commission Warns of Escalatory Dangers
43 US must face artificial intelligence competition from China, report says
44 Biden sets stage for national AI strategy
45 National Security Commission on AI needs to be more transparent, court rules
46 Key Commission on AI Recommends Privacy and Civil Liberties Protections in Domestic AI Uses
47 Lawmakers, Experts, Industry Highlight Need for Ethics After Defense Commission Releases Final AI Report
48 AI Advocates Seek Vast Expansion of New National Initiative
49 AI Commission Recommends Powerful CTOs to Prep for Great Power Competition
50 To ensure inclusivity, the Biden administration must double down on AI development initiatives
51 White House partners with NSF to stand up National AI Research Resource Task Force
52 Four Things the Pentagon Needs to Do to Advance Its AI
53 Lt. Gen. Michael Groen on JAIC's Efforts to Meet AI National Security Commission's Final Recommendations
54 Biden urged to back AI weapons to counter China and Russia threats
55 Eric Schmidt: US Needs More Assertive Role in AI, Military Tech Development
56 Sullivan: The key to data privacy in AI competition with China
57 Sens. Portman, Heinrich Introduce Bipartisan AI Bills
58 The future of AI is being shaped right now. How should policymakers respond?
59 Artificial Intelligence and Automated Systems Legal Update (1Q21)
60 US commission recommends against banning AI military weapons
61 Portman, Bennet Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Increase U.S. Small Business Participation in International Standards Setting
62 Google Billionaire Eric Schmidt Warns Of 'National Emergency' If China Overtakes U.S. In AI Tech
63 AI commission tells DOD to get AI infrastructure ready by 2025, or else
64 Tech execs urge Washington to accelerate AI adoption for national security
65 Adding AI to Autonomous Weapons Increases Risks to Civilians in Armed Conflict
66 Commission Criticizes Lack of Preparedness; U.S. Likely to Implement Sweeping Rule on Tech-Related Transactions
67 National Security Commission on AI recommends digital reserve corps and academy
68 US must explore artificial intelligence weapons: Report
69 Reorienting national security for the AI era
70 The transatlantic alliance needs to work together to gain technological edge
71 The AI arms race has us on the road to Armageddon
72 How Congress must reform its budget process to compete against China in AI
73 Ylli Bajraktari: DOD Must Take Action to Accelerate AI Adoption Ylli Bajraktari, executive director of the
74 National Security AI Commission Recommends Ramping Up a Military Tech Race with China
75 Advancing AI leadership in the NDAA
76 Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Discusses US Preparedness for 'AI Era'
77 JAIC 2.0 Needs to Move Faster on AI, Director Says
78 NSCAI Warns Biden to Step up AI Investment or Fall Behind China
79 JAIC director: With flat budgets, turn to AI to save money
80 The US National Security Commission issues its "Final Report on AI in Defense and Intelligence"
81 Robert Work, Vice Chairman of NSCAI, to Give Keynote Address at Potomac Officers Club's AI Summit 2020 on Feb. 13th
82 China's lead on some aspects of AI doesn't mean it's ahead 'overall,' NSCAI says
83 Human reasoning necessary in a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) weapons, rather than outright ban
84 Potomac Officers Club to Feature Yll Bajraktari as Keynote Speaker at 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit on March 30th
85 Human decisions still needed in artificial intelligence for war
86 Toward an AI-Ready Department of Defense: Building An Open Defense Ecosystem
87 Big Tech is fueling an AI "arms race": It could be terrifying — or just a giant scam
88 NSA's Morgan Adamski to Deliver Keynote on Cyber Defense
89 US bid to attract talent: Increase annual numbers of H-1Bs & employment-based green cards, says Stuart A
90 China Leads US In 3 Of 6 AI Areas: Bob Work
91 Specialized Teams Could Lift Combatant Commands' Use of AI
92 ASML extends sales deal with Chinese chipmaker SMIC to end of 2021
93 Tech leaders highlight military AI and 5G investments they call essential to U.S economy and national security
94 New Fed Spending Plans, Hybrid Cloud Accelerate AI Growth
95 What Policies Should India Emulate From The US's AI Playbook?
96 US is unprepared for coming AI threat, panel warns
97 The Week of March 8, 2021
98 RPT-SPECIAL REPORT-China's gene giant harvests data from millions of women
99 Feds to Smaller AI Vendors: Help Us Help You on AI
100 Amazon’s New CEO Is Shaping How the Military Uses Killer Robots