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1 Rare Pegasus screenshots depict NSO Group's spyware capabilities AppleInsider 2 days ago
2 L3Harris drops bid for NSO spyware following U.S. concerns The Washington Post 29 days ago
3 House hearing highlights U.S. concerns about Israeli NSO group spyware Jewish Insider 11 days ago
4 Defending NSO Group an easy fit for pro-Israel Democratic lobbyist Mondoweiss 3 days ago
5 Pegasus spyware used to hack dozens of activists in Thailand The Washington Post 22 days ago
6 Defense Firm Said U.S. Spies Backed Its Bid for Pegasus Spyware Maker The New York Times 29 days ago
7 And Now EU Commissioners Are Reporting Their Phones Were Infected With NSO Group Malware Techdirt 6 days ago
8 Lobbyists downplayed NSO connection to Israel – Mondoweiss Mondoweiss 13 days ago
9 US Defense Contractor L3Harris Drops Plan To Buy NSO Group Despite Allegedly Having The Defense Department's Backing Techdirt 17 days ago
10 A year on from the Pegasus project, governments still have access to surveillance technology The Guardian 20 days ago
11 US lobbyists accused of failing to disclose NSO Group's ties to Israeli government Middle East Eye 17 days ago
12 NSO Group Hacking Prompts Apple To Add A 'Lockdown Mode' To Its Devices Techdirt 25 days ago
13 Pegasus sold to 14 EU governments 17 days ago
14 Outside probe needed for police NSO spying allegations lawyer group 4 days ago
15 Nephew of jailed Hotel Rwanda dissident hacked by NSO spyware The Guardian 21 days ago
16 Biden's spyware conundrum on Mideast trip POLITICO 26 days ago
17 BRG to buy NSO counter-drone unit Convexum for $29m Globes 4 days ago
18 How to Use Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 to Make Your Phone More Secure WIRED 11 hours ago
19 The Battle for the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon The New York Times 6 months ago
20 U.S. Blacklists Israeli Firm NSO Group Over Spyware The New York Times 9 months ago
21 Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware Apple 9 months ago
22 Lessons for policymakers from the NSO Group saga Brookings Institution 7 months ago
23 Report: NSO Group's spyware is everywhere Axios 4 months ago
24 Here's Why the World's Most Infamous Spyware Maker Is Broke Gizmodo 2 months ago
25 NSO Group pushes back against scrutiny POLITICO 3 months ago
26 European company unmasked as cyber mercenary group with ties to Russia IT PRO 11 days ago
27 U.S. defense firm L3Harris in talks with NSO Group over spyware The Washington Post 2 months ago
28 FBI says it tested NSO’s Pegasus spyware The Washington Post 6 months ago
29 The US Emergency Alert System Has Dangerous Flaws WIRED 1 day ago
30 NSO may sell off its Pegasus spyware — and open the door to US police contracts Protocol 2 months ago
31 Cyber Week in Review: August 4, 2022 Council on Foreign Relations 3 days ago
32 Anonymous Source Leaks 4TB of Cellebrite Data Online After Cyberattack HackRead 2 days ago
33 US State Department phones were hacked with NSO Group spyware CNN 8 months ago
34 Apple and FBI grilled by lawmakers on spyware from Israeli NSO Group CNBC 5 months ago
35 Google Warns That NSO Hacking Is On Par With Elite Nation-State Spies WIRED 8 months ago
36 Ronan Farrow on investigating the world's most notorious spyware company: NSO Group NPR 4 months ago
37 Pegasus used by at least 5 EU countries, NSO Group tells lawmakers POLITICO Europe 2 months ago
38 Israel's NSO Group in sale talks with company run by ex-US soldiers Financial Times 6 months ago
39 SCOTUS To Biden: Is NSO Group a Foreign Agent? Gizmodo 2 months ago
40 Israel's Spyware Sector Will Survive the NSO Pegasus Scandal World Politics Review 3 months ago
41 This Could Be the End for Surveillance Giant NSO Group Gizmodo 8 months ago
42 Report: Israel pushing US to remove scandal-ridden NSO Group from blacklist The Times of Israel 2 months ago
43 Greek intel chief and top PM aide quit over Israeli spyware scandal Haaretz 15 hours ago
44 NSO Group Spied on European Union—on French Orders? Security Boulevard 4 months ago
45 Apple files lawsuit against NSO Group, saying U.S. citizens were targets Reuters 9 months ago
46 NSO Group confirms police have watered-down version of Pegasus spyware The Times of Israel 4 months ago
47 Polish officials found to be targeted with Israeli NSO group’s spyware The Times of Israel 1 month ago
48 NSO Group on shaky footing worldwide The Electronic Intifada 6 months ago
49 ‘Cybercrime threatens everything from smartphones to nuclear reactors and even national security’ Hindustan Times 4 hours ago
50 NSO Group keeping owners 'in the dark', manager says Financial Times 3 months ago
51 Facebook can pursue malware lawsuit against Israel's NSO Group -US appeals court Reuters 9 months ago
52 The hacking industry faces the end of an era MIT Technology Review 1 month ago
53 ‘Amoral 21st-century mercenaries’: problems mount for NSO Group The Guardian 8 months ago
54 How NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Scandal Is Playing Out In Israel NPR 12 months ago
55 Apple v. NSO Group: How will it affect security researchers? TechTarget 8 months ago
56 The NSO file: A complete (updating) list of individuals targeted with Pegasus spyware Tech News 4 months ago
57 Pegasus panel did not find snooping proof on devices? Hindustan Times 2 days ago
58 Second Israeli firm accused of undermining iPhones, like NSO Group Computerworld 6 months ago
59 NSO Group’s Problems Mount as Apple Brings Lawsuit Over Pegasus Spyware CPO Magazine 8 months ago
60 Spanish court calls CEO of Israel's NSO to testify in spying case Reuters 2 months ago
61 After Weeks Of Reports Of Misuse Of Its Exploits, NSO Group Considering Shutting Down Its Malware Service Techdirt 8 months ago
62 Analysis | Cyber ambassador could soon take on a world of challenges The Washington Post 5 days ago
63 'CatalanGate' Spyware Infections Tied to NSO Group Threatpost 4 months ago
64 NSO Group, Provider of the Controversial Pegasus Spyware, Now Blacklisted in the United States CPO Magazine 9 months ago
65 EY valued NSO Group at $2.3bn months before emergency bailout Financial Times 1 month ago
66 NSO Group deemed 'valueless' to private equity backers Financial Times 4 months ago
67 NSO Group Deemed 'Worthless' to Investors; No New Pegasus Bookings Since July 2021: FT The Wire 4 months ago
68 Support the NSO Group whistleblower, and others like him Freedom of the Press Foundation 6 months ago
69 NSO Group Taking Its Spyware Feud With Meta to Supreme Court Bloomberg Law 7 months ago
70 NSO Loses Latest Challenge to Meta Lawsuit Over WhatsApp Spyware Bloomberg Law 7 months ago
71 NSO Group's Spyware Breached a Journalist's iPhone After Apple Sued Gizmodo 4 months ago
72 Opinion | The spyware crisis is much bigger than NSO Group The Washington Post 7 months ago
73 Bitcoin Price Crashes to Half its Peak Value; NSO Group Accused of Stonewalling Enquiries ExchangeWire 3 months ago
74 Spyware made by Israel’s NSO Group found on phone of jailed Indian activist The Times of Israel 8 months ago
75 Credit Suisse pushed for spyware sales at NSO despite US blacklisting Financial Times 2 months ago
76 CEO-designate of spyware firm NSO quits after US blacklisting The Guardian 9 months ago
77 NSO says Israeli police got 'weaker' variant of Pegasus phone hacking tool Reuters 4 months ago
78 NSO files defamation lawsuit against Calcalist over reports on police use of spyware The Times of Israel 5 months ago
79 Time adds NSO Group to list of 100 most influential companies of 2022 The Jerusalem Post 4 months ago
80 NSO Group: What we know about the secretive company behind the Pegasus spy software. Slate 1 year ago
81 NSO Group faces court action after Pegasus spyware used against targets in UK 4 months ago
82 Spanish judge okays probe into Israeli NSO group over Catalan phone tapping The Times of Israel 1 month ago
83 NSO’s Pegasus spyware: here’s what we know The Verge 1 year ago
84 A Tech Firm Has Blocked Some Governments From Using Its Spyware Over Misuse Claims NPR 1 year ago
85 How NSO Group's iPhone-Hacking Exploit Works Gizmodo 8 months ago
86 NSO threatens legal action against Calcalist over ‘sensationalist’ spyware report The Times of Israel 6 months ago
87 King & Spalding Defends NSO Group in Apple Suit Over Alleged Spyware | The Recorder 7 months ago
88 CEO of notorious spyware firm NSO Group will reportedly step aside The Times of Israel 9 months ago
89 Apple's Lockdown Mode targets NSO Pegasus spyware Fast Company 1 month ago
90 01 August 2022 Techdirt 6 days ago
91 NSO tried to buy access to cell networks for “bags of cash,“ whistleblower says Ars Technica 6 months ago
92 Israel’s NSO Group has disabled its spyware from hacking UK phones — report The Times of Israel 10 months ago
93 FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild Citizen Lab 11 months ago
94 Israel begins investigation into NSO Group spyware abuse MIT Technology Review 1 year ago
95 Lenders brace for more problems at NSO after US blacklisting Financial Times 9 months ago
96 NSO spyware used to hack Polish politicians, Khashoggi's wife, others ZDNet 8 months ago
97 Battle over future of spytech firm NSO: Israel court papers FRANCE 24 English 5 months ago
98 Polish Leader Admits Country Uses NSO Group Spyware, Denies Targeting Government Critics Newsweek 7 months ago