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1 AIMRC Seminar on Chronic Hepatitis B and HBV-Triggered Carcinogenesis Oct. 25
2 Trial set to begin for accused Chinese spy who prosecutors say recruited GE Aviation employee
3 Library Renovation in Nanjing Normal University / DUTS design
4 SEL-WLEDs: Full electroluminescent white light-emitting diodes based on a single emissive layer
5 China launches orbiting solar observatory – Spaceflight Now
6 US restrictions on Chinese students hurting bilateral exchanges
7 Inhibition of miR-448-3p attenuates cerebral ischemic injury | NDT
8 Chinese Architecture Evolved with Changes in Snowfall
9 Jidijiangyi Studio / FANAF
10 Versailles Bragging on Chinese Social Media | UW–Madison Events Calendar
11 International Team of Astronomers Reports on Largest-ever Observed Set of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts
12 Educator Tao Xingzhi's legacy lives on in Baoshan memorial
13 Meet the Newest Group of Tenured, Tenure-Track Faculty at UT Dallas
14 International Team of Astronomers Report on Largest-ever Observed Set of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts
15 Our people
16 CAR-T Pioneer Carl June Will Lend Wisdom to Bioheng Biotech
17 German scholar refuses to teach in Chinese classrooms due to fear of CCTV cams
18 China’s top leaders set date for key meeting next month
19 Diagnosis of Pulmonary MALT Lymphoma vs Lobar Pneumonia | CMAR
20 Offshore learning hubs keep overseas students engaged
21 Origin Unknown: Over a Thousand Powerful Cosmic Explosions Detected by FAST Telescope in 47 Days
22 Snap! Chinese team finds quick way to spot defects in solar panels
23 All-weather imaging tech to detect PV module faults
24 China Sends Its First Solar Observation Telescope to Space
25 Solar farms keep the neighbourhood cool, inspecting solar panels in broad daylight – Physics World
26 China faces severe talent shortage as its semiconductor ambitions grow
27 Explaining China's success from a primary-level perspective
28 New imaging system reveals solar panel defects even in bright sunlight: New approach could streamline inspection and keep solar panels operating efficiently
29 China's top leaders set date for key meeting
30 Spotting Solar Panel Defects Under Sunlight
31 IASO Bio Appoints Industry Veteran Dr. Alan Fu Chief Financial Officer
32 Professor Carl June, the "Pioneer of CAR-T", Joined Bioheng Scientific Advisory Board
33 PNPLA2 Methylation in Peripheral Blood and Lung Cancer | CMAR
34 New imaging system reveals solar panel defects even in bright sunlight
35 Trigger Warning: A Chinese Father Saved More Than 300 People at Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge
36 Panel: Current tensions across the Taiwan Straits
37 Quantum photonics based on metasurfaces
38 Higher studies in China: A new horizon for Bangladeshi students
39 Ground-Level Ozone Is a Creeping Threat to Biodiversity
40 Newly discovered gas giant moving closer to its star
41 Appointments and advancements for Oct. 19, 2021 | 2021-10-19
42 A wobbly and flared Milky Way disk revealed
43 Alumni Showcase to Feature International Affairs Majors and Modern Language Alumni
44 Chip shortage, uncertainty over Covid-19 cloud China's retail outlook
45 Zero tolerance approach to COVID delays semester start
46 CEPP on the edge
47 Nanjing University Sued 4 Murder in City's Most Gruesome Killing
48 University Called Out for Typecasting Women in 'Gaokao' Campaign
49 Top Chinese university under fire for using sex to sell school
50 University shuts down Confucius Institute – The GW Hatchet
51 Mergers U-turn after protests at 'inferior' qualification
52 Event held to raise awareness of importance of senior care
53 Family of murdered woman left in 2,000 pieces sue university over her death
54 Chinese students hit by US visa rejections amid tension
55 Live: Campus Crawl – Nanjing University
56 Trump-era policy still keeping Chinese students out of the US
57 Public participation in management of China's waterways improves water quality
58 The Chinese student protests putting ‘independent’ college merger plans on hold
59 Wind turbine icing characteristics and icing-induced power losses to utility-scale wind turbines
60 Chinese universities shutting campuses amid new Covid cases
61 Rare Protests Reflect Worries About China's Future
62 China's Top Universities Get Poor Grades For Party Propaganda
63 Can Chinese diners embrace potatoes? The answer could affect Earth's climate
64 Chinese university students set good example for idol industry by keeping calm when meeting stars
65 US Tech Firms Must Stop Helping China's Defense-Linked Organizations
66 Some Chinese Provinces Suspend College Mergers After Student Protests
67 The People's Waterways | The UCSB Current
68 Nanjing launches chip university in bid to fill China’s semiconductor talent gap
69 Krannert School of Management names first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow, will aid business connections
70 Independent college reform plan in E China hits roadblock as students worry their degrees may be 'downgraded'
71 China's top university faces criticism for using women to lure applicants
72 Engineering hydrogels with homogeneous mechanical properties for controlling stem cell lineage specification
73 We're Paying For Emissions We've Already Released
74 US blocking more Chinese students from its universities
75 Sexual harassment at China’s elite Nanjing University in survey spotlight
76 Partial Lockdown in China's Nanjing Amid Surge in Delta Cases
77 Nanjing Covid-19 cluster jumps to China’s highest daily total in months
78 Citizen monitoring of waterways decreases pollution in China by supporting government action and oversight
79 China chip school teaches ways of Huawei and talent-hungry peers
80 Chinese schools delay new semester, strengthen preventive measures to curb Delta strain spread
81 Study finds four circulating miRNAs which could effectively inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication
82 All-perovskite tandem solar cell with 24.9% efficiency via cross-linkable small molecules
83 Lab-grown cochlear organoids enable screening for hair cell–inducing drugs
84 Art Gallery Extension of Nanjing University of the Arts / Zhongsen Architectural & Engineering Designing
85 Purges, a plot and the real reason why Xi Jinping might be afraid to leave China
86 Not just sorcery: scientists build an invisible portal
87 ‘Too weak’: Chinese scholars warn of knowledge gap with American peers
88 China's nanny state: why Xi is cracking down on video gaming and private tutors
89 The Compound Pistil Pavilion / NanJing University Of The Arts
90 Physics
91 University strengthens partnership with China's leading Nanjing University
92 Over 1,000 Chinese students plan to sue US for visa restrictions, fear extension to arts, business
93 An End to Foreign Chips? Nanjing Integrated Circuit Uni Opens
94 Risk of severe illness of COVID‐19 patients with NAFLD and increased NAFLD fibrosis scores
95 Airport toilet a tourist spot after revelations it was built using fossils
96 Astronomers Detected a Huge New Structure in The Milky Way, And Don't Know What It Is
97 Public participation in the management of China's waterways improves their water quality
98 Chinese police squash rare campus protests after merger plan
99 News Scientists create the world's thinnest magnet
100 The flower clock: How a small protein helps flowers to develop right and on time