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1 National health survey coming to Erie County
2 Measuring the Potential Impact of New and Reformulated Bread and Breakfast Cereal Products on Nutrient Intakes
3 Most Americans Don't Follow Diets That Could Prevent Cancer | Health News | US News
4 U.S. House passes legislation written by Michigan lawmakers to control PFAS
5 Eating more mushrooms may lower risk of premature death
6 Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors by Race-Ethnicity: 2003-2006 NHANES
7 Understanding the Relationship Between Migraine, Hearing Loss, and Tinnitus
8 Skipping breakfast leads to clear nutritional gaps among adults, study finds
9 Simple Solutions for Curbing Teens' Unhealthy Snacking
10 Most Americans Are Not Eating a Cancer-Preventing Diet
11 Three little words that make a big difference in your health
12 Most US adults fall short of cancer-prevention dietary guidelines
13 Insulin Resistance, Serum Calcium and Hypertension: A Cross-Sectional | DMSO
14 Psoriasis One of the Most Common Immune-Mediated Diseases Affecting US Adults
15 Working Toward Eliminating PFAs | Editorials |
16 Add Whole Grains with Powerful Popcorn | Herald Community Newspapers
17 Birth control pills and risk of hypothyroidism: a cross-sectional study of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007-2012
18 Heart health: Reviewing alcohol, coffee, chocolate, and dairy
19 The Time of Day You Eat Certain Foods May Affect Your Heart HealthYour browser indicates if
20 Fewer US adults with diabetes achieving glycemic, BP targets since 2010
21 Risk for death higher in food insecure patients with NAFLD, advanced fibrosis
22 Drs. Oz and Roizen: Only 7% of you are getting enough fiber
23 Educational marketing focused on nutrition could help close micronutrient gaps in 'vulnerable' toddlers
24 Importance of Breakfast | Breakfast Essential Nutrients
25 Snacking On Chips Can Take Years Off Your Life, Study Says
26 Association between serum leptin levels & sarcopenic obesity | JIR
27 BLOG: Concussion with loss of consciousness linked to higher disability rates
28 Food Insecurity Tied to More Liver Disease Deaths
29 Estimating Prices for Foods in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: The Purchase to Plate Price Tool
30 FAQ: What are PFOAs?
31 Amylee Martin, BS, and Jashin Wu, MD, on the Association Between Psoriasis and RA
32 Meal and Snack Patterns Linked to Mortality Risks
33 Best Supplements for People Over 50, Say Nutrition Experts | Eat This Not That
34 Study: Eating Patterns Could Affect Risk of Heart Disease Mortality
35 Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Treatment Market CAGR of 42.7% By 2026 : Major Key Players Growth Analysis, Technology, Regional Opportunity, Demand, Rising Trends and Industry Outlook
36 Are you taking too much vitamin D? How to find the right supplement dosage for you
37 Predicting tooth loss: Machine-learning algorithms may help identify those at risk
38 Iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy and the role of intravenous iron
39 Study: Vitamin D deficiency exacerbates the cravings and effects of opioids
40 A concussion with loss of consciousness may increase the risk for disability later in life: study
41 Is Aspirin Overused in Older Patients With Diabetes?
42 First TTS Case After mRNA Shot; Fake Fellow Strikes Out; Disappearing Pacemaker
43 Childhood obesity rates hit all-time high, survey finds
44 COVID-19 Halts National Survey Capturing American Health
45 Association between obesity and blood pressure | VHRM
46 Estimating the Impact of the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model on Expenses for Insulin Users on Medicare
47 Are grapes good for diabetics?
48 Obesity Responsible for Up to Half of New Diabetes Cases in the US
49 The Big Number: Only 7 percent of adults are consuming the right amount of fiber
50 Starchy snacks may increase CVD risk; fruits and veggies at certain meals decreases risk
51 Why you should be eating more mushrooms
52 Those breakfast foods are fortified for a reason
53 Making the Grade
54 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey research shows drinking more than 2 cups of coffee daily leads to lower body fat
55 MT1A on different domains of Montreal Cognitive Assessment | NDT
56 Study: Higher Body Fat in Women May Protect Against Heart Disease Death
57 Medical group: Fix poor U.S. health for next pandemic
58 Examining diet trends in the United States
59 Unhealthy Lifestyle Only Explains Part of Health Disparities of Poor
60 People who eat a plant-based dinner could reduce their risk of heart disease by ten percent
61 Recent Decline Seen in Diabetes Control Among U.S. Adults
62 Study Finds People Who Skip Breakfast Miss Vital Nutrients, Snack More
63 Dunwoody selected as part of CDC study conducted in door-to-door surveys
64 Trends in obesity and adiposity measures by race or ethnicity among adults in the United States 2011-18: population based study
65 Most U.S. Adults Do Not Eat Enough Dietary Fiber
66 Most children and adults have low omega-3 levels, says recent study
67 Wichita County selected to participate in national health survey
68 The obesity research that blew up
69 Most American Children Are Deficient In These Four Major Nutrients, Says New Study | Eat This Not That
70 Analysis of Diabetes Trends Shows Decline in Rates of Glycemic Control for American Adults
71 Can eggs be a part of a healthy diet? Experts say yes, and also bust myths about eating raw yolks
72 Swapping animal protein for plant-based dinner may reduce CV risk by 10%
73 Obesity in America, in 4 charts
74 Eating This for Dinner Slashes Your Heart Disease Risk, New Study Say
75 40 years of federal nutrition research fatally flawed, study finds
76 Yes, the CDC is conducting health surveys in Davidson County
77 Plant-based dinners cut heart disease risk by 10%, study says
78 4 ways machine learning is fixing to finetune clinical nutrition AI in Healthcare
79 How to Increase Vitamin D Levels in Your Body
80 Flexible Consumer Behavior Survey
81 This One Eating Habit Raises Your Risk of Early Death by 50%, Says Study | Eat This Not That
82 Eating before 8:30 a.m. could reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes: Intermittent fasting study finds eating earlier was associated with lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance
83 Associations of healthy lifestyle and socioeconomic status with mortality and incident cardiovascular disease: two prospective cohort studies
84 Spanish-speaking children experience higher rate of obesity than English-speaking children
85 Dietary diversity and food insecurity in urban households | RMHP
86 Frequent consumption of meals prepared away from home linked to increased risk of early death
87 Preventive Aspirin Use Up for Seniors With Versus Without Diabetes
88 US adolescents consume up to 64% of added sugars, fats, grains through snacking
89 Latest available national data shows increase in blood lead levels for at least 2 million kids
90 Too much, too little sleep linked to elevated heart risks in people free from disease
91 Study shows health is declining in younger generations
92 Clinical Challenges: Pediatric ALL in Children With Obesity
93 Women in the US at higher risk for food insecurity
94 Association between body mass index and fragility fracture in postmenopausal women: a cross-sectional study using Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008–2009 (KNHANES IV)
95 The One Drink to Give Up For Better Heart Health, Says Dietitian
96 The Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease on Peripheral Artery Disease and | IJGM
97 Cancer survivors face elevated heart disease risk
98 ACC: Less Than Six Hours of Sleep Tied to Higher Cardiovascular Risk
99 Eating dried fruit may be linked with better diet quality and health markers
100 Americans Are Eating Less Healthily Everywhere, Except at School | Health News | US News