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1 The COVID lab-leak hypothesis: what scientists do and don't know
2 Second Nature by Nathaniel Rich; Under a White Sky by Elizabeth Kolbert review – Earth SOS
3 Audubon opens nature center and park in Buffalo Township
4 Quantum-enhanced nonlinear microscopy
5 Nature Conservancy
6 G7 leaders to back new 'Nature Compact' to halve carbon emissions by 2030
7 BNT162b2-elicited neutralization of B.1.617 and other SARS-CoV-2 variants
8 Immunogenicity of Ad26.COV2.S vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 variants in humans
9 Climate and nature crises: solve both or solve neither, say experts
10 CDTA launches "Nature Bus" program in Downtown Albany
11 Anisotropic satellite galaxy quenching modulated by black hole activity
12 AI system outperforms humans in designing floorplans for microchips
13 Cancel South Jersey light rail as detriment to nature | Letters
14 True to nature: Robert Macfarlane, Helen Macdonald and more on the children’s books that inspired them
15 Widespread deoxygenation of temperate lakes
16 Nature: Canadian Rockies
17 The four most urgent questions about long COVID
18 Toledo Magazine: Nature's majestic creatures are often closer than you think
19 Curious Nature: The perils of the pika
20 Embrace the WHO's new naming system for coronavirus variants
21 Gerald Winegrad: Nature's true Blue Angels are the Eastern bluebirds | COMMENTARY
22 J.B. and Johnelle Hunt Family Nature Center celebrates National Get Outdoors Day
23 Healing garden connects people with the mending power of nature
24 Rice Creek's Exploring Nature summer youth program to return for 2021
25 How a rampant coronavirus variant blunts our immune defences
26 Antibody-laden nasal spray could provide COVID protection — and treatment
27 China is vaccinating a staggering 20 million people a day
28 Divisive COVID 'lab leak' debate prompts dire warnings from researchers
29 This summer, respect nature and others who enjoy it
30 Electron's dual nature appears in a quantum spin liquid – Physics World
31 Sign installed at Minnesota preserve extols its natural treasures
32 Titans' Julio Jones already showing leadership, unselfish nature
33 Had COVID? You'll probably make antibodies for a lifetime People who recover from mild COVID
34 Mother Nature impacts Appalachian League’s Saturday Showdowns
35 Mix-and-match COVID vaccines trigger potent immune response news
36 SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans
37 Scientific image sleuth faces legal action for criticizing research papers News 27 MAY 21
38 Hueston Woods to offer Nature Programming beginning this month
39 Recovering and developing with nature
40 Family Nature Night to teach families about amphibians
41 Embracing the relational nature of existence
42 Nasal delivery of an IgM offers broad protection from SARS-CoV-2 variants
43 Spread of a SARS-CoV-2 variant through Europe in the summer of 2020
44 Government sets out commitments to biodiversity and sustainability in G7 Nature Compact
45 Apc-mutant cells act as supercompetitors in intestinal tumour initiation
46 Flurry of photos capture China's Zhurong rover on surface of Mars
47 Intrinsic toughening and stable crack propagation in hexagonal boron nitride
48 Sunday Reads: 5 books must read for nature lovers
49 A 10 per cent increase in global land evapotranspiration from 2003 to 2019
50 How COVID is changing the study of human behaviour news feature
51 The most detailed 3D map of the Universe ever made Cosmologists have unveiled a trove of
52 Northland Nature: Dragonflies emerge in June
53 Telecom-heralded entanglement between multimode solid-state quantum memories
54 Coronavirus variants get Greek names — but will scientists use them?
55 Delaying a COVID vaccine's second dose boosts immune response
56 Chattahoochee Nature Center to hold 43rd Possum Trot 10K
57 Evidence of hydrogen−helium immiscibility at Jupiter-interior conditions
59 First nuclear detonation created 'impossible' quasicrystals
60 Overwintering fires in boreal forests
61 The Nature Holdings invited as strategic investor of TaylorMade
62 End war on nature and ensure ocean health, UN chief says in message for World Oceans Day
63 Tracing oncogene-driven remodelling of the intestinal stem cell niche
64 Ultrahigh-energy photons up to 1.4 petaelectronvolts from 12 γ-ray Galactic sources
65 Syracuse Basketball: 4-star Donovan Clingan caring nature, elite skill-set
66 Asian investors have to prepare for nature-related risk reporting
67 First science adviser in US president's cabinet talks COVID, spying and more
68 Landmark Alzheimer's drug approval confounds research community
69 World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN
70 In vivo CRISPR base editing of PCSK9 durably lowers cholesterol in primates
71 Nature Chilliwack offers butterfly garden tips – Chilliwack Progress
72 WHO approval of Chinese CoronaVac COVID vaccine will be crucial to curbing pandemic
73 The case that the virus emerged from nature, not a lab, is falling apart
74 Cancer Milestone Video Published by Nature Spotlights PVM Researcher Sulma Mohammed
75 Swarm Learning for decentralized and confidential clinical machine learning
76 Feedback needed: take our salary and job-satisfaction survey career news
77 UW Professor Leads New Study of How Plant Roots Challenge the Nature of Ecological Trade-Offs | News
78 'Lab Leak' Probe Welcomed But Many Scientists Still Believe It's A Natural Virus : Goats and Soda
79 Iron and nickel atoms in cometary atmospheres even far from the Sun
80 A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps
81 Mysterious fast radio bursts come in two distinct flavours
82 The nature reserve with a 500-year plan
83 Massive science-funding bill passes US Senate — but China focus worries researchers
84 The Haunting Nature of Plastics
85 Land once proposed for Route 53 extension eyed as a potential nature trail
86 Stem-cell guidelines: why it was time for an update World View | 26 MAY 2021
87 Green light for 'net zero' equivalent for nature
88 Did the Pandemic Really Help Wildlife?
89 World leaders ‘ignoring’ role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics
90 Injection of light-sensitive proteins restores blind man's vision news
91 Rob Pelinka: Lakers Value Dennis Schroder’s ‘Competitive Nature’
92 Nature Can Save Humanity From Climate Doom—but Not On Its Own
93 Art Blooms Alongside Nature in Riverside Park
94 COVID vaccines can block variant hitting Asia, lab study finds news
95 'Miss, what's a duck?' Schools tackle nature-deprived kids
96 How did Neanderthals and other ancient humans learn to count?
97 Discovery, characterization and engineering of ligases for amide synthesis
98 China has landed its first rover on Mars — here's what happens next
99 Six months of COVID vaccines: what 1.7 billion doses have taught scientists
100 CMU Team Develops Machine Learning Platform That Mines Nature for New Drugs