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1 Science News Releases
2 Discovering energy saving technologies in the IT sector: Controlling ferrimagnets by voltage
3 Flash Memory's 2D Cousin is 5,000 Times Speedier
4 Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries | Penn State University
5 Nanotech-built armor could replace Kevlar, steel for soldier protection
6 New Grant, National Fellowship for UA Little Rock Nanotechnology Researcher
7 Developing lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes
8 New nanotech will enable a 'healthy' electric current production inside the human body, researchers report
9 Postdoc in Nanomedicine and Targeted Vaccine Delivery
10 Study Analyzes Mechanisms Behind Bacterial Resistance to Ag Nanoparticles
11 Engineers bend light to enhance wavelength conversion
12 Nanotechnology‐Assisted RNA Delivery: From Nucleic Acid Therapeutics to COVID‐19 Vaccines
13 Purdue physicist earns global recognition with Falling Walls Foundation honor – WBIW
14 NanoVeda Unveils Nature's Remedy: Rapid Dissolve Nutrition Strips are Available on Amazon
15 A new, inexpensive way to heal chronic wounds
16 Monsoon Care For Cars: 8 Picks To Take Care Of Your Vehicle During Rain
17 Taking graphene out of the laboratory and into the real world
18 A liquid retinal prosthesis
19 The Green Gardener Cool Relief Reviews
20 Nanoscale nutrients can protect plants from fungal diseases
21 Global Cleanroom Consumables Market Report 2021-2028
22 Single quantum emitters in monolayer semiconductors
23 How long does it take for an electron to cool down?
24 Nanotube resolution
25 Nanomagnonics around the corner
26 Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitride monolayers
27 Our choice from the recent literature
28 Driven by the environment
29 Nanotech and AI could hold key to unlocking global food security challenge
30 Adieu to photobleaching
31 A mechanical metamaterial made from a DNA hydrogel
32 Electrodes that flow to fit the body
33 New self-assembly method creates bioelectronics out of microscopic structures
34 A temporary change of hands
35 How nanotechnology helps mRNA Covid-19 vaccines work
36 Catalysis with two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures
37 Optically active quantum dots in monolayer WSe2
38 Optimized quantum sensing with a single electron spin using real-time adaptive measurements
39 Nature journals debut open-access models
40 Bright visible light emission from graphene
41 A graphene-based electrochemical device with thermoresponsive microneedles for diabetes monitoring and therapy
42 Artificial Neuron Device Could Shrink Energy Use and Size of Neural Network Hardware
43 Additive interfacial chiral interaction in multilayers for stabilization of small individual skyrmions at room temperature
44 Single-molecule diodes with high rectification ratios through environmental control
45 Nanostructures: Blind to blue
46 Topology in biology
47 Femtosecond control of electric currents in metallic ferromagnetic heterostructures
48 A quantum phase switch between a single solid-state spin and a photon
49 High-frequency nano-optomechanical disk resonators in liquids
50 Magnetic domain walls as reconfigurable spin-wave nanochannels
51 Adaptable kind
52 Remote coherent control
53 Nanopatterning reconfigurable magnetic landscapes via thermally assisted scanning probe lithography
54 Nature journals reveal terms of landmark open-access option
55 Fluorinated interphase bolsters water-based zinc battery
56 Deterministic photon–emitter coupling in chiral photonic circuits
57 Engineers' groundbreaking discovery points to a new route to create thermal superconductors
58 High-speed DNA-based rolling motors powered by RNase H
59 The Future of Cancer Treatment Using Nanotechnology
60 Real-time imaging of microparticles and living cells with CMOS nanocapacitor arrays
61 Epitaxial graphene quantum dots for high-performance terahertz bolometers
62 Tailoring high-temperature radiation and the resurrection of the incandescent source
63 Unlocking the Next Generation of Science with Nature-Inspired Materials and Biomimicry
64 Black silicon solar cells with interdigitated back-contacts achieve 22.1% efficiency
65 Unravelling the stealth effect
66 Dielectric metasurfaces for complete control of phase and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission
67 Solving a natural riddle of water filtration
68 A LiDAR device the size of a finger now available
69 Injection and unfolding
70 When the dots are joined
71 Nature's nanomachines | Opinion
72 Redefining tumour vascular barriers
73 How Nanotechnology Helped Create mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
74 Small-molecule therapeutics: Big data dreams for tiny technologies
75 Researchers construct molecular nanofibers that are stronger than steel
76 Caught on camera
77 Graphene nanodevices for DNA sequencing
78 Driven by theory
79 A spin–orbit torque switching scheme with collinear magnetic easy axis and current configuration
80 Néel meets Seebeck
81 Electrically switchable qubit can tune between storage and fast calculation modes: A tiny germanium; silicon nanowire takes a big step towards a scalable quantum computer
82 The NIH Somatic Cell Genome Editing program
83 Nanoplastics -- an underestimated problem?
84 A 20-year retrospective review of global aquaculture
85 Mix-and-match COVID vaccines trigger potent immune response news
86 Reaction–diffusion processes at the nano- and microscales
87 Aromatic dipeptides light up
88 Nanotechnology Breakthrough: A Material-Keyboard Made of Graphene
89 Solid-state synthesis
90 Catalysis by clusters with precise numbers of atoms
91 Scientists discover how to trick cancer cells to consume toxic drugs: Research could open the doors for a Trojan horse in cancer therapy
92 Sounds good
94 A weave of polymers
95 Made to order
96 Insights into new 'dials' for controlling a material's magnetism | Penn Today
97 Scientists observe directed energy transport between neighboring molecules in a nanomaterial
98 MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices
99 Electronic devices: Oxide interfaces under control
100 Protein adsorption is required for stealth effect of poly(ethylene glycol)- and poly(phosphoester)-coated nanocarriers