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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Piggybacking on big data 2 days ago
2 Light Stimulation Spurs Neural Stem Cells and Cognition in Mice Technology Networks 20 hours ago
3 Recommendations for repositories and scientific gateways from a neuroscience perspective | Scientific Data 2 days ago
4 Being In Nature: Good for Mind, Body and Nutrition Neuroscience News 23 days ago
5 An analysis of neuroscience and psychiatry papers published from 2009 and 2019 outlines opportunities for increasing discovery of sex differences 29 days ago
6 Pioneering Caltech Neuroscientist Explores “The Nature of the Beast: How Emotions Guide Us” Pasadena Now 1 day ago
7 Genetic analysis provides insights into the cause of hydrocephalus, or 'water on the brain': The condition is driven not by 'plumbing' defects but rather by problems with brain stem cells. Science Daily 30 days ago
8 Researchers find new function performed by almost half of brain cells Medical News Today 10 days ago
9 2022 Faculty Excellence 4 days ago
10 Integrated data deposition at submission 28 days ago
11 Postdoc / research scientist in bioinformatics and computational genomics 29 days ago
12 New Function Performed by Nearly Half of Brain Cells Discovered Neuroscience News 20 days ago
13 Sleep and Brain Health; Early Amyloid Vaccine Data; New ALS Trial Survival Analysis Medpage Today 7 days ago
14 Modulation of inhibitory communication coordinates looking and reaching 28 days ago
15 Nature Neuroscience 5 years ago
16 Mother's Day: How nature changes a woman's brain and body after pregnancy and childbirth, permanently for life Times Now 10 days ago
17 News Stanford University 4 days ago
18 Researchers identify a subtype of brain cells that die in Parkinson's patients Medical Xpress 12 days ago
19 The brain-reading devices helping paralysed people to move, talk and touch 28 days ago
20 A data-driven framework for mapping domains of human neurobiology 6 months ago
21 Concussion Symptoms in Children May Have Multiple Underlying Causes Neuroscience News 9 hours ago
22 2022 Bressler Prize Awarded to Dr. Sheila Nirenberg for Outstanding Accomplishments in Vision Science Newswise 16 hours ago
23 Gender and geographical disparity in editorial boards of journals in psychology and neuroscience 3 months ago
24 Designer Neurons Offer New Hope for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Neuroscience News 6 days ago
25 Relevance of sleep and associated structural changes in GBA1 mouse to human rapid eye movement behavior disorder | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
26 Help for Hokies after graduation Virginia Tech Daily 12 hours ago
27 Is it neuroscience? Chemistry? Art? Wulff Lecture shows versatility, diversity in materials science MIT News 5 days ago
28 Addressing racial and phenotypic bias in human neuroscience methods 1 month ago
29 Brain infusions from younger mice revive memory in older ones Freethink 4 days ago
30 Ask the Expert: Mental Health Awareness Month and how you can help | MSUToday | Michigan State University MSUToday 11 hours ago
31 Newsroom | Four Holy Cross Faculty Members Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure Holy Cross News 14 hours ago
32 Prevalence and risk factors for depression among training physicians in China and the United States | Scientific Reports 17 hours ago
33 A Little Pressure Helps the Brain's Precursor Form Technology Networks 20 hours ago
34 A British Philosopher Looks For a Way to Redefine Free Will Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence 4 days ago
35 ‘We cannot live without love’: when Dr Love met Dr Loneliness The Guardian 3 days ago
36 Racial equity and inclusion still lacking in neuroscience meetings 6 months ago
37 Multiple Diagnoses Are the Norm With Mental Illness and a New Genetic Study Explains Why Neuroscience News 7 days ago
38 The underlying neural basis of automatic action versus flexible movement exploration Medical Xpress 2 days ago
39 New tool to create hearing cells lost in aging: 'We have overcome a major hurdle' to restore hearing Science Daily 14 days ago
40 Camden library to host 'More than Meets the Eye' author Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel 8 days ago
41 Increased Mutations in Children Can Be Traced Back to Mistakes in Father's Sperm Neuroscience News 4 days ago
42 Direct RNA targeted in situ sequencing for transcriptomic profiling in tissue | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
43 Love of Nature Is Partially Heritable Neuroscience News 3 months ago
44 Researchers uncover how the human brain separates, stores, and retrieves memories: Study identifies brain cells that form boundaries between discrete events Science Daily 2 months ago
45 Capsida Biotherapeutics Announces Publication in Nature Neuroscience From Caltech Demonstrating Robust, Non-invasive IV Gene Delivery Targeted to the Brain While Avoiding Liver PR Newswire 5 months ago
46 May: Gambling Harms Research Centre | News and features University of Bristol 19 hours ago
47 Q&A with ALS researcher Deepti Lall, Ph.D. EurekAlert 3 hours ago
48 Researchers retract study of an immune effect on synapse development | Spectrum Spectrum 4 months ago
49 A high level of APOE in neurons may predict neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's National Institute on Aging 9 months ago
50 How the world's biggest brain maps could transform neuroscience 7 months ago
51 Neuroscience saved my life and gave me a vocation 3 months ago
52 Brain charts for the human lifespan 1 month ago
53 SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank 2 months ago
54 Can brain scans reveal behaviour? Bombshell study says not yet 2 months ago
55 Ingenious tricks to boost your memory! Daily Mail 1 day ago
56 Brain waves reveal the active nature of engaging with art Science Daily 2 months ago
57 Life Time by Russell Foster review — the body clock plan for better health The Times 3 days ago
58 Using Sports Psychology To Succeed In Everyday Life Forbes India 10 hours ago
59 Statins may provide protection against depression EurekAlert 12 hours ago
60 New MRI probe can reveal more of the brain's inner workings: Tracing connections between neuron populations could help researchers map brain circuits that underlie behavior and perception. Science Daily 3 months ago
61 NeuroMechFly: a digital twin of Drosophila EurekAlert 6 days ago
62 Tracking the neurons that make us social Science Daily 6 months ago
63 Godale profiled in journal Nature | University Of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati 2 months ago
64 Mapping genomic loci implicates genes and synaptic biology in schizophrenia 1 month ago
65 High-resolution probe may help unlock secrets of brain function and neurological diseases: The probe records activity of neurons in the human brain with unprecedented clarity and precision. Science Daily 3 months ago
66 Teenagers and rebellions against Mothers: New medical research explains why kids stop listening to their moms Times Now 5 days ago
67 Keep Forgetting Things? Neuroscience Says It Might Be a Hidden Brain Advantage Inc. 3 months ago
68 New insights into the genetic etiology of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias 1 month ago
69 New Map of Meaning in the Brain Changes Ideas About Memory Quanta Magazine 3 months ago
70 An expanding molecular toolbox untangles neural circuits 6 months ago
71 New Technology is One Step Closer to Targeted Gene Therapy Caltech 5 months ago
72 Toroidal topology of population activity in grid cells 4 months ago
73 Study maps out genomic regions that may control levels of proteins linked to neurological disorders National Institute on Aging 4 months ago
74 Evolutionary enhancer expansion 6 months ago
75 Novartis launches novel treatment for adult patients with SPMS in Egypt Daily News Egypt 14 hours ago
76 Your gut senses the difference between real sugar and artificial sweetener EurekAlert 4 months ago
77 Newborn cells in the epileptic brain provide a potential target for treatment Science Daily 1 month ago
78 Forceful synapses reveal mechanical interactions in the brain 6 months ago
79 Breast self-examination as a route to early detection in a lower-middle-income country: assessing psychosocial determinants among women in Surabaya, Indonesia BMC Women's Health 8 hours ago
80 Has Eric Kandel rested on his laurels? No 5 months ago
81 PSAP gene found important for a neuron's survival National Institute on Aging 8 months ago
82 Common and rare variant association analyses in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis identify 15 risk loci with distinct genetic architectures and neuron-specific biology 5 months ago
83 The newborn brain is sensitive to the communicative function of language | Scientific Reports 4 months ago
84 UCI study reveals neurobiological processes occurring during puberty that trigger sex differences in learning and memory EurekAlert 3 months ago
85 Building communication neurotechnology for high stakes communications 9 months ago
86 Opportunities for neuromorphic computing algorithms and applications 4 months ago
87 Brain-inspired computing needs a master plan 1 month ago
88 Make Dogs Comfy, We Need Dogspot to Open Locations in East Texas 21 hours ago
89 Regulation of prefrontal patterning and connectivity by retinoic acid 8 months ago
90 Cracking consciousness: how do our minds really work? The Spectator 3 days ago
91 Largest-ever pre-adolescent brain activation study reveals cognitive function maps EurekAlert 11 months ago
92 Dopamine's many roles, explained Science Daily 7 months ago
93 Study identifies 579 genetic locations linked to anti-social behavior, alcohol use, opioid addiction and more VCU News 9 months ago
94 TDP-43 loss and ALS-risk SNPs drive mis-splicing and depletion of UNC13A 3 months ago
95 Meet James Coleman, Candidate For Peninsula Assembly Seat Patch 12 hours ago
96 Scientists Discover Specific Neurons Involved in Making Memories DISCOVER Magazine 2 months ago
97 Scientists develop brain organoids with complex neural activity UCLA Newsroom 9 months ago
98 Researchers reconstruct largest single-neuron projectome in mouse brain EurekAlert 1 month ago
99 The past, present, and future of the Positive Humanities | Penn Today Penn Today 8 days ago
100 Mutations in Noncoding DNA Are Found to Protect the Brain From ALS Neuroscience News 1 month ago