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1 How Germany is prosecuting its final Nazis —now in their 90s or older New York Post 1 day ago
2 Photos That Helped to Document the Holocaust Were Taken by a Nazi The New York Times 10 days ago
3 Photos of Nazis near death camp inspired 'Here There Are Blueberries' The Washington Post 3 days ago
4 Nazi U-boat artefacts to go on display in Liverpool – in pictures The Guardian 3 days ago
5 Hitler's Watch Sells for $1.1 Million at Controversial Auction Smithsonian Magazine 2 days ago
6 'I mean you no harm': From troubled teen to neo-Nazi foot soldier POLITICO 23 days ago
7 Critical race theory has Nazi roots Washington Examiner 4 days ago
8 Schoolteacher Anna Essinger Saved Her Students From the Nazis During World War II | History Smithsonian Magazine 27 days ago
9 Neo-Nazi activity is increasing in Boston. Here’s a timeline of recent events. 3 days ago
10 Morpeth antique centre owner warns visitors he sells golliwogs and Nazi memorabilia with cheeky sign Daily Mail 1 day ago
11 Nazi Memorabilia: why did someone just buy Hitler's watch? Euronews 6 days ago
12 Germany's Stern magazine to probe founder's Nazi-era links DW (English) 6 days ago
13 Germany: Trial starts for neo-Nazi who wanted to start a 'race war' DW (English) 5 days ago
14 How prosecuting war crimes in Ukraine compares to hunting Nazis NPR 18 days ago
15 Blake Masters, Republican who once cited a Nazi official, wins in Arizona primaries The Times of Israel 4 days ago
16 Backlash after Georgia school’s new logo resembles Nazi symbol The Guardian US 19 days ago
17 Here’s the Only American Soldier to Defect to the Nazis in World War II 3 days ago
18 The Nazi influence in Egypt The Spectator 4 days ago
19 Alarm grows as Orban prepares to take ‘pure Nazi’ rhetoric to US The Guardian 9 days ago
20 Decrying Nazism – even when it's not there – has been Russia's 'Invade country for free' card The Conversation 25 days ago
21 Fried calls on DeSantis to condemn neo-Nazi rally in Tampa Fort Myers Beach Talk 6 days ago
22 Neo-Nazi Accelerationsts Urge Followers to Infiltrate and Attack Abortion Facilities HS Today 18 days ago
23 Local farmers, Jewish interest group 'disgusted' by Nazi flag in Stroe NL Times 14 hours ago
24 Nazi Litterbug(s) In Nassau | NY State Senate The New York State Senate 4 days ago
25 Dig into tales of treasure hunters of artwork stolen by the Nazis Abilene Reporter-News 4 hours ago
26 Nazi Billionaires — the murky origins of German industrialist wealth Financial Times 11 days ago
27 Trump Meets With Viktor Orban After Nazi Speech Ahead of CPAC in Texas Bloomberg 5 days ago
28 Neo-Nazi leader arrested in Boston after protesting LGBTQ event GBH News 16 days ago
29 ‘Resistance’ Review: Fighting Nazi Occupiers, Risking Everything The Wall Street Journal 2 days ago
30 Florida Holocaust Museum, Nikki Fried denounce group flying Nazi flags in downtown Tampa WFLA 16 days ago
31 Gay Right-Wing Troll Claims Affirming Care Is Like Nazi Experiments 3 days ago
32 Satellite firm bars Russia's NTV Mir over Ukraine Nazi slurs EURACTIV 5 days ago
33 Campaign Against Antisemitism Calls Upstate NY Nazi-Yoga March in Courtroom "Astonishing" Yonkers Times 2 days ago
34 Viktor Orban, Condemned for “Pure Nazi Speech” at Home, Is Still Set to Get an Audience at CPAC Texas Vanity Fair 10 days ago
35 Inside Australia’s ‘terrorgram’: How neo-Nazism spreads in our cities Sydney Morning Herald 4 days ago
36 Outrage after Hungary PM Viktor Orban’s ‘pure Nazi’ speech Al Jazeera English 12 days ago
37 Slowthai apologises for confusing fans with anti-fascist t-shirt that bears Nazi swastika NME 6 days ago
38 Germany: Neo-Nazi march blocked by opponents DW (English) 23 days ago
39 Nazi Soldau: Ashes of 8,000 victims found in mass grave in Poland BBC 25 days ago
40 Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Nationalist Speech as 'She Is a Nazi' Trends Newsweek 14 days ago
41 Car covered with Nazi symbols raises alarm in China, leads to arrest of local The Times of Israel 13 days ago
42 Marine Vet Who Was Allegedly Part of Neo-Nazi Group That Called for Mass Murder Arrested on Gun Charges 10 days ago
43 ‘Part of me wants to hide’: Dutch director traces great-grandfather’s Nazi war crimes The Guardian 21 days ago
44 Israelis outraged as Big Brother contestant performs Nazi salute The Jerusalem Post 9 days ago
45 Hundreds including children attend Neo-Nazi festival in Italy The Siasat Daily 27 days ago
46 Poles mark 1944 revolt against Nazis; compare it to Ukraine ABC News 6 days ago
47 Leader Of Scandinavian Neo-Nazi Group Discusses On Podcast Inspiring And Funding Neo-Nazi And Fascist Groups In U.S., Germany, Australia, Netherlands and Switzerland; Talks About Member Who Stabbed Person To Death, Jokes About 'Extermin Middle East Media Research Institute 5 days ago
48 Warsaw Ghetto's defiant Jewish doctors secretly documented the medical effects of Nazi starvation policies in a book recently rediscovered on a library shelf The Conversation 20 days ago
49 Ten tonnes of Nazi gold could be dug up by treasure hunters next month 6 days ago
50 'Resist, Wake Up, Stop Obeying': Holocaust Survivor Draws Parallels in Current Society to Nazi Germany The Epoch Times 7 days ago
51 Libertines' Gary Powell on "Nazi" Sex Pistols fans and "wazzock” Morrissey NME 3 days ago
52 House Republicans All Vote Against Neo-Nazi Probe of Military, Police Newsweek 25 days ago
53 Morning 4: Nazi memorabilia found after Warren man points laser at man’s chest, fires shots-- and other news WDIV ClickOnDetroit 9 days ago
54 Inside an international network of teenage neo-Nazi extremists Insider 23 days ago
55 Man in crowd of supporters doing Nazi salute at SONA 2022 gathering Interaksyon 13 days ago
56 The Trudeau administration has been secretly helping neo-nazi groups in Ukraine TFI Global News 2 days ago
57 Cache of weapons, Nazi memorabilia found after Warren man points laser at man’s chest, fires shots WDIV ClickOnDetroit 10 days ago
58 Alex Jones Sandy Hook Defamation Trial Goes Off the Rails Dallas Observer 3 days ago
59 Vryburger Nazi salute at school sparks outrage News24 8 days ago
60 Nearly Lost Book About Nazi Killing Of The Disabled Holds Truth For Today The Federalist 20 days ago
61 Suffolk DA candidates talk strategy amid mounting wave of hate crimes and neo-Nazi activity GBH News 11 days ago
62 HDP commemorates the Sinti and Roma murdered by Nazi Germany ANF English 6 days ago
63 Spinster Sisters Versus Nazis Tablet Magazine 7 days ago
64 Concert Square video arrest, Nazi artefacts and mum found son 'black and blue' Liverpool Echo 3 days ago
65 Mike Judge Would Get Nazi Hate Mail Because Of 'Beavis And Butt-head' UPROXX 4 days ago
66 Russian Military Historian Boltenkov: Like The Aborigine Cargo Cults And Nazis, The Ukrainians Are Fixated On Wonder Weapons That Will Prove Ineffective Against The Russian Army Middle East Media Research Institute 3 days ago
67 Nizam’s gift of aircrafts helped Britain defeat Nazi Germany in 1940 The Siasat Daily 7 days ago
68 A Nazi Symbol was drawn on the Mostar Gallery opened by Israeli Businessman Sarajevo Times 2 days ago
69 Fascism, Nazis, Fear and the death of decency Daily Kos 5 days ago
70 Police make five arrests after abortion activists harangued Catholics in New York City Daily Mail 22 hours ago
71 Fury in German Jewish Community over Work Depicting Israeli Forces as Nazis Israel Today 7 days ago
72 Germany: former Nazi guard, 101, jailed for aiding murder NPR 1 month ago
73 New book examines the link between German business families and Nazi fortunes NPR 3 months ago
74 Germany finds hundreds of Nazi-linked staff in security agencies Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
75 Would censorship have stopped the rise of the Nazis? Part 16 of answers to arguments against free speech from Nadine Strossen and Greg Lukianoff Foundation for Individual Rights in Education 3 months ago
76 Nazi propaganda in Germany's taz newspaper World Socialist Web Site 3 months ago
77 The Jewish Refugees Who Fled Nazi Germany—Then Returned to Fight History 2 months ago
78 Hitler's SS: How do ordinary people become sociopathic Nazis? Big Think 3 months ago
79 Perspective | Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia's war in Ukraine for their own purposes The Washington Post 5 months ago
80 The Holocaust-Era Comic That Brought Americans Into the Nazi Gas Chambers Smithsonian Magazine 3 months ago
81 Russia's Nazi claims provoke outrage in Israel: Here's what you need to know CNBC 3 months ago
82 Opinion | They Are the Heirs of Nazi Fortunes, and They Aren’t Apologizing The New York Times 4 months ago
83 Opinion: History often has ignored the Nazis' persecution of these women CNN 2 months ago
84 My Nazi grandfather wanted to cleanse his legacy. What his story tells me about this historical moment WBUR News 3 months ago
85 Assistant police chief gets $1.5 million settlement after displaying Nazi symbols The Washington Post 2 months ago
86 How Ukraine's Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia The Grayzone 5 months ago
87 DeSantis aide deletes tweet suggesting Nazi protesters were Democratic operatives POLITICO 6 months ago
88 ‘People should be more aware’: the business dynasties who benefited from Nazis The Guardian 3 months ago
89 The Nazi Roots of Islamist Hate Tablet Magazine 1 month ago
90 A New England neo-Nazi group is attracting members using Republican talking points NPR 2 months ago
91 Analysis | 'Needle Nazis,' 'medical brown shirts,' Mengele and Stars of David: How Nazi-coronavirus comparisons have proliferated on the right The Washington Post 8 months ago
92 The real story of how the Nazis have returned to Germany's parliament Opinion 5 years ago
93 Unrepentant Nazis, in their own words World News 3 months ago
94 Review of Michael Brenner’s In Hitler’s Munich — Jews, the Revolution and the Rise of Nazism: Lessons from Nazi Germany The Hindu 2 months ago
95 How Porsche's Jewish Cofounder Was Driven Out Of The Company By The Nazis Forbes 4 months ago
96 How the memory of Nazi atrocities has come to play a role in Russia's war NPR 5 months ago
97 The strange case of a Nazi who became an Israeli hitman Holocaust Remembrance Day 6 years ago
98 Germany plans documentation center on Nazi occupation in Europe DW (English) 3 months ago
99 Australia's Victoria state is first to ban Nazi symbols, swastika The Washington Post 2 months ago
100 A Jewish Refugee Escaped Nazi Germany to Return as an American GI 3 months ago