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1 Germany: former Nazi guard, 101, jailed for aiding murder NPR 8 hours ago
2 Man, 101 convicted of being Nazi guard, sentenced to 4 years Spectrum News NY1 8 hours ago
3 Nazi-Looted Painting Returned to 101-Year-Old Dutch Woman Smithsonian Magazine 4 hours ago
4 Head of NATO pilot training in Texas under fire for showcasing Nazi ace's portrait 18 hours ago
5 BAYC Says 'Ape' came from the Crypto Community and Not Nazi Affiliation Analytics Insight 7 hours ago
6 Nazi past of top German business families is ‘hiding in plain sight,’ says author The Times of Israel 3 days ago
7 Soldier Admits Plotting With Satanic Neo-Nazi Group To Murder Fellow Service Members, Start New War Coffee or Die Magazine 21 hours ago
8 Germany: former Nazi guard, 101, sentenced for aiding concentration camp killings Arizona's Family 6 hours ago
9 Hunt for $1,000,000,000 of looted Nazi cash in mystery bank account 7 hours ago
10 Top US 'Nazi hunter' to lead Justice Department effort to uncover war crimes in Ukraine CNN 7 days ago
11 Germany abolishes Nazi-era abortion law 4 days ago
12 Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas ABC News 6 days ago
13 How a town on Spain's Costa Blanca became a Nazi retreat The Local Spain 7 hours ago
14 Officer Who Displayed Nazi Insignia Will Receive $1.5 Million to Resign The New York Times 14 days ago
15 We were genuinely not expecting the Nazi twist in this trailer for the Wonder spin-off The A.V. Club 4 days ago
16 Fact-checking viral image of Marjorie Taylor Greene giving Nazi salute Houston Chronicle 3 hours ago
17 British army chief evokes fight with Nazi Germany in mobilization call Al Arabiya English 6 hours ago
18 Opinion | Doug Mastriano's unhinged 'Nazi' claim signals deeper danger ahead The Washington Post 26 days ago
19 Opinion: History often has ignored the Nazis' persecution of these women CNN 26 days ago
20 Founder of British Neo-Nazi Group Jailed for 8 ½ Years Bloomberg 21 days ago
21 Will daughter's buzz cut make her look like neo-Nazi?: parenting advice from Care and Feeding. Slate 7 hours ago
22 Russia compared to Nazi Germany by Boris Johnson 'Price of freedom worth paying' Express 20 hours ago
24 The Satanist Neo-Nazi Plot to Murder U.S. Soldiers Rolling Stone 23 days ago
25 Germany: Police arrest suspect accused of spreading Nazi propaganda DW (English) 27 days ago
26 Who are the real Nazis? Milley told us Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 24 days ago
27 The truth about Ukrainian nationalism and claims it's tainted by Nazism Haaretz 27 days ago
28 Russian State Media War Reporter Defends Nazi Tattoos The Moscow Times 27 days ago
29 Was Charles Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer? Star Tribune 25 days ago
30 Before WWII, Jewish mobsters kept Nazis at bay in the US — with fists The Jerusalem Post 21 days ago
31 French police find weapons arsenal after arresting neo-Nazi suspects in Alsace The Guardian 24 days ago
32 Scholz under fire for alleged climate activist, Nazi comparison EURACTIV 29 days ago
33 Man Gives Nazi Salute, Draws Swastika On Mexican Restaurant In Incident Caught On Video Block Club Chicago 27 days ago
34 Germany tackles Nazi-era abortion law as women warn of growing obstacles POLITICO Europe 23 days ago
35 Inside the far-right, neo-Nazi festival scene in Europe Boing Boing 24 days ago
36 England football fans displaying Nazi salute arrested in Munich DW (English) 21 days ago
37 Melbourne-based online auction of Nazi memorabilia draws outrage The Age 24 days ago
38 Azov Battalion drops neo-Nazi symbol exploited by Russian propagandists The Times 29 days ago
39 New book examines the link between German business families and Nazi fortunes NPR 2 months ago
40 Russia's Nazi claims provoke outrage in Israel: Here's what you need to know CNBC 2 months ago
41 The Jewish Refugees Who Fled Nazi Germany—Then Returned to Fight History 1 month ago
42 Hitler's SS: How do ordinary people become sociopathic Nazis? Big Think 2 months ago
43 Nazi propaganda in Germany's taz newspaper World Socialist Web Site 2 months ago
44 Opinion | They Are the Heirs of Nazi Fortunes, and They Aren’t Apologizing The New York Times 2 months ago
45 The Holocaust-Era Comic That Brought Americans Into the Nazi Gas Chambers Smithsonian Magazine 1 month ago
46 Perspective | Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia's war in Ukraine for their own purposes The Washington Post 4 months ago
47 A 100-year-old former Nazi guard has gone on trial, facing charges for 3518 deaths NPR 9 months ago
48 Why Did the Nazis Use a Swastika? HistoryNet 3 months ago
49 Was the Holocaust a product of blind Nazi hatred? Emanuel Marx offers a new perspective Haaretz 4 months ago
50 Germany plans documentation center on Nazi occupation in Europe DW (English) 2 months ago
51 DeSantis aide deletes tweet suggesting Nazi protesters were Democratic operatives POLITICO 5 months ago
52 German police raid neo-Nazi cells across country The Guardian 3 months ago
53 One Woman’s Mission to Rewrite Nazi History on Wikipedia WIRED 10 months ago
54 New Sources Reveal Why Germans Joined Hitler's Nazi Party The National Interest Online 5 months ago
55 At a Former Concentration Camp, Holocaust Survivors Draw Parallels Between Nazi and Russian Rhetoric Smithsonian Magazine 2 months ago
56 Germany finds hundreds of Nazi-linked staff in security agencies Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
57 Controversy erupts in Mexico over a Nazi-themed wedding EL PAÍS in English 2 months ago
58 My Berlin meeting with an ex Nazi The Guardian 5 months ago
59 German prosecutors seek five-year jail term for Nazi guard aged 101 The Guardian 1 month ago
60 ‘People should be more aware’: the business dynasties who benefited from Nazis The Guardian 1 month ago
61 Unrepentant Nazis, in their own words World News 1 month ago
62 How the memory of Nazi atrocities has come to play a role in Russia's war NPR 4 months ago
63 They profited from Nazi war crimes; their reckoning is far from over Forward 2 months ago
64 It is happening here: Massachusetts has a growing neo-Nazi movement GBH News 1 month ago
65 A brief history of Nazism to better understand Monroe Evening News 4 months ago
66 My Nazi grandfather wanted to cleanse his legacy. What his story tells me about this historical moment WBUR News 1 month ago
67 How Porsche's Jewish Cofounder Was Driven Out Of The Company By The Nazis Forbes 3 months ago
68 Dutch tourist arrested for making Nazi salute at Auschwitz death camp while posing for photo USA TODAY 5 months ago
69 Encore: A toy monkey that escaped Nazi Germany and reunited a family NPR 6 months ago
70 The 'Nazi War Machine' Wasn't Actually That Mechanized HistoryNet 2 months ago
71 Coco Chanel: Fashion Designer, Nazi Informant | Antiques Roadshow PBS 6 months ago
72 Stepan Bandera: Ukrainian hero or Nazi collaborator? DW (English) 1 month ago
73 Would censorship have stopped the rise of the Nazis? Part 16 of answers to arguments against free speech from Nadine Strossen and Greg Lukianoff Foundation for Individual Rights in Education 2 months ago
74 Colombia president condemns Nazi-themed police event BBC 7 months ago
75 Nazi terminology is being rebranded as 'human rights' opinion 4 months ago
76 The giant San Francisco mansion that was once a Nazi enclave SFGATE 1 month ago
77 How Nazi Germany’s ‘most diabolical’ SS officer evaded postwar justice The Times of Israel 5 months ago
78 A Nazi officer's housekeeper hid 12 Jews in the basement. All of them made it out alive. NBC News 5 months ago
79 Lessons from Nazi Holocaust that can help guide a world in turmoil Al Arabiya English 2 months ago
80 Patriot Joined U.S. Army After Fleeing Nazi Germany Department of Defense 8 months ago
81 Putin claims 'denazification' to justify Russia's attack on Ukraine, experts say NBC News 4 months ago
82 ‘Babi Yar: Context’ Review: Unearthing Footage of a Nazi Massacre The New York Times 3 months ago
83 WWII diary of a Dutch teenager gives insight into Nazi forced labor DW (English) 4 months ago
84 A Jewish Refugee Escaped Nazi Germany to Return as an American GI 2 months ago
85 Chile presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kast's father was member of Hitler's Nazi Party: Report The Washington Post 7 months ago
86 A 'Nazi Collaborator's' Former Home Raises Uncomfortable Questions In Kosovo Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 5 months ago
87 Russia proved to succeed Nazi Germany Robert Lansing Institute 3 months ago
88 Nazi billionaire dynasties built on Jewish blood explored in new book The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
89 Ukraine and the shadow of the Nazis Financial Times 2 months ago
90 Group Carrying Nazi Flag Interrupts Reading in Rhode Island The New York Times 4 months ago
91 What Nazi Germany Physicists Taught Me About Human Nature History of Yesterday 4 months ago
92 How Neo-Nazi movements thrive in the Digital Age The Jerusalem Post 5 months ago
93 The Lessons of the Nazis' Wannsee Conference Should Still Haunt Us The National Interest Online 5 months ago
94 Neutral on Nazism: Indiana lawmaker walks back remark that teachers must be impartial IndyStar 6 months ago
95 The German Fortunes Built on Nazi Plunder: A Review of “Nazi Billionaires” by David De Jong The New Republic 1 month ago
96 Russian driver, 15, under investigation, apologizes but denies making Nazi salute atop podium CNN 3 months ago
97 Kent assistant police chief disciplined for posting Nazi insignia, joking about Holocaust The Seattle Times 6 months ago
98 Germany takes Italy to court over Nazi reparations DW (English) 2 months ago
99 Who's the Nazi? by Sławomir Sierakowski Project Syndicate 4 months ago
100 Opinion | How China followed Nazi Germany's Hollywood playbook The Washington Post 5 months ago