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1 You may enter: automated ID checks face scrutiny
2 Tokyo Olympics 2021: A 5G tragedy?
3 Oracle files $7m copyright claim against NEC's US limb over 'unreported royalties' from database distribution
4 Biometrics Leadership Profile: NEC
5 This is how organisations can be productive and protect people’s wellbeing during the pandemic
6 Tokyo Olympics 2020: How technology is enhancing this year's sports showpiece
7 UK, the world's most surveilled state, begins using automated face recognition to catch criminals
8 Facial Recognition Technology Tested By LPGA, Is The NHL Up Next?
9 Biometrics and body temperature scanning technologies support COVID-19 recovery efforts
10 Georgia rolls out NEC's facial recognition technology across major cities
11 Police use of facial recognition found ‘unlawful’ in court
12 2017 NEC Introduces Facial Recognition Software at ANA Inspiration
13 London to deploy live facial recognition to find wanted faces in a crowd
14 Global facial recognition company working closely with NZ govt
15 Do you want to improve productivity and motivation during COVID-19?
16 Police setting up $9m facial recognition system which can identify people from CCTV feed
17 NEC facial recognition border tech for Kenya as airport biometrics rollouts continue
18 Facial recognition tech moves from smartphones to the boardroom
19 How UK police are using facial recognition software
20 In China, facial recognition is sharp end of a drive for total surveillance
21 Citizen CZ Smart Review: Nearly a Great Citizen Smartwatch
22 Facial recognition's ominous rise: are we going too far too fast?
23 NEC and E.Sun create ATM with facial recognition
24 What is facial recognition
25 Iris market predictions, Brazilian airports deploying face recognition
26 Facial recognition identifies mystery Diggers
27 Pre-crime arrives in the UK with a crowdsourced watch list
28 NEC outs cloud computing facial recognition service for merchants
29 London Police Facial Recognition ‘Fails 80% Of The Time And Must Stop Now’
30 Government facial recognition tech deal offers wide access
31 'We are hurtling towards a surveillance state’: the rise of facial recognition technology
32 Snapshot Paper
33 Leicestershire Police trial facial recognition software
34 Are you a VIP? This facial recognition tech knows it
35 Facial recognition: essential for security or bordering on Big Brother?
36 Herotel upgrades fibre customers to segment routing network
37 RCMP denied using facial recognition technology
38 Groundbreaking face recognition technology could revolutionise Britain’s policing and catch suspects in S...
39 Facial recognition deal too weak to protect Māori data sovereignty
40 UK’s controversial use of face recognition to be challenged in court
41 OPS tested facial recognition software, but doesn't use it
42 Scotland Yard introduces facial recognition cameras to hunt 'watchlist' of 2,500 suspects
43 Auckland Council pulls plug on costly combined CCTV camera network
44 Facial Recognition Tech Backlash Won't Stop Its Progress
45 One Year Countdown: Readying AI Security for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
46 Facial recognition software to aid Calgary police in future investigations
47 Batelco completes structural separation
48 Facial Recognition: The Reality
49 Facewatch 'thief recognition' CCTV on trial in UK stores
50 A HALL OF AN INNOVATION: National Soccer Hall of Fame to use facial recognition for fan experience
51 Mega SA data centre investments to continue
52 Inside the urgent battle to stop UK police using facial recognition
53 NEC Australia reports AU$44.4m full-year loss for 2017
54 Facial recognition system set to be used in Olympic security
55 Is facial recognition keeping us safe… or turning us into Big Brother Britain?
56 Watch Dogs: Invasion_
57 10 Things about the new National Soccer Hall of Fame |
58 NEC Technology identifies people based on partial images | Security News
59 Home Office to Host Controversial Surveillance Companies
60 Facial Recognition Technology Is Facing A Huge Backlash In The US. But Some Of The World’s Biggest Tech Companies Are Trying To Sell It In The Gulf.
61 Nec to Deploy Advanced Surveillance and Traffic Management System in Gurugram and Manesar
62 Ontario watchdog would be ‘very concerned’ about police using tools like Clearview AI
63 Emerging face of facial recognition technology
64 New Legislation Needed to Regulate Police Facial Recognition Technology
65 Tokyo to use facial recognition technology for 2020 Olympics
66 Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns
67 Facial recognition's arrival at DFW Airport ushers in the biometric era
68 What is facial recognition technology and why is it controversial?
69 Intel Artificial Intelligence Tokyo Olympics Improve Viewer Experience
70 Chief says facial recognition software test drew on police mug shot database
71 The Big Eye: The tech is all ready for mass surveillance in India
72 How biometric services are shaping the airport of the future according to NEC
73 Do the benefits of using facial recognition in retail outweigh the risks? – RetailWire
74 Get Ready to Order Burgers With Your Face
75 NEC to Provide Facial Recognition for National Soccer Hall of Fame (Videos)
76 NEC XON creates KYC solution for mobile networks and financial services
77 Every Matrix Fight Ranked Worst To Best
78 RCMP's use of Clearview AI facial recognition technology under investigation
79 North Texas Angel Network Names Executive Director to Enhance the Deal Flow Experience
80 Ikhwezi Bus Service deploys Africa’s first AI-driven wireless network
81 Let police use facial recognition to fight knife crime, urges Met chief Cressida Dick
82 Samsung Gear 2 Neo Review
83 Trump to protesters: All lives matter | TheHill
84 Knives out: tech tackles violent crime | E&T Magazine
85 NEC XON signs co-operation agreement for Sub-Saharan Africa with INCELL International
86 How AT&T and Verizon Developments Are Reshaping North Texas » Dallas Innovates
87 How Companies Are Augmenting Human Intelligence With AI
88 NEC technology recognizes people based on partial images
89 Police fine pedestrian £90 over facial recognition camera row
90 BBNaija Nengi Once Again Talks About Undergoing Liposuction Surgery
91 NEC XON deploys ADVA fibre solution at SANReN
92 Cinema’s 25 biggest CGI disasters, from Cats to Harry Potter
93 Met Police make first arrest using facial recognition technology
94 Does Sport Have Its Finger On The Pulse Of Biometrics?
95 Hey, Looters! Smile: The Cops Can Now Track You Down Anywhere, Anytime
96 NEC Video Face Recognition Tech Ranks First with NIST (See in Action)
97 Innovation Lab: Internet Chickens, AR Stormtroopers and Laser Shoes
98 Expected Technology at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo
99 Facial recognition tech is creepy, convenient, and here to stay
100 What you need to know about police facial recognition technology