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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 You can no longer remove default search engines on Chromium and it's already causing havoc Neowin 14 hours ago
2 Save 98% off this 2022 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle Neowin 4 hours ago
3 Microsoft Weekly: Windows Server headaches, new builds, and retail enhancements Neowin 1 day ago
4 Apple loses another key chip designer as Microsoft reportedly snags Mike Filippo Neowin 4 days ago
5 Save 69% off The Media Mac Bundle, now only $19.99 Neowin 4 days ago
6 Windows 11 Patch Tuesday KB5009566 fixes Japanese IME error Neowin 5 days ago
7 Humble Bundle retires all Mac and Linux games from the Humble Trove starting February 1st Neowin 3 days ago
8 Google finally rolls out January 2022 update for Pixel 6 devices Neowin 1 day ago
9 Weekend PC Game Deals: Simulate PC builds and rule the galaxy Neowin 2 days ago
10 Portal 2 becomes the first Steam Deck Verified game Neowin 4 days ago
11 LibreWolf 96.0 Neowin 4 days ago
12 Google buys Central Saint Giles London offices for $1 billion Neowin 2 days ago
13 TWIRL 48: Atlas V rocket to carry U.S. Space Force mission Neowin 9 hours ago
14 Rebooted Hitman Trilogy coming to Xbox Game Pass on January 20 Neowin 3 days ago
15 Tixati 2.88 Neowin 3 hours ago
16 Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.53.3 patch to address crash issue with Run toy Neowin 4 days ago
17 Get the 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle for just $20 Neowin 7 days ago
18 Apple removes Wordle clones from App Store, including those charging a premium Neowin 5 days ago
19 Microsoft and CCleaner bury the hatchet apparently as the latter comes to Microsoft Store Neowin 7 days ago
20 Neabot NoMo N2 robot vacuum review: Premium on a budget Neowin 1 day ago
21 Microsoft is now adding a Games panel to its Edge browser Neowin 20 days ago
22 Puget data suggests Intel CPUs generally were more reliable than AMD's in 2019-21 Neowin 3 days ago
23 Price Dropped 2022 Premium CompTIA CyberSecurity & Security+ Bundle now $20 Neowin 10 days ago
24 80% of Steam's top 100 games now work on Linux Neowin 28 days ago
25 Microsoft Edge could get smoother scrolling on FreeSync panels thanks to a new feature Neowin 9 days ago
26 iPhone owners must choose between Content Filtering and iCloud Private Relay, suggests telcos Neowin 5 days ago
27 EzPC: Microsoft's attempt to enhance data security in AI model validation Neowin 3 days ago
28 Avatar: Reckoning is a Mobile MMORPG that will compete with two other games on Pandora Neowin 3 days ago
29 Samsung was a no-show at its own SoC launch party today Neowin 5 days ago
30 Visual Studio 2022 17.1 Preview 2 now live with Git, C++, and .NET enhancements Neowin 11 days ago
31 Chip shortage claims a latest unexpected victim, Canon printer toner cartridges Neowin 7 days ago
32 Microsoft issues warning about Active Directory privilege escalation attack Neowin 27 days ago
33 New year brings bad news for Linux as 2021 saw up to 10 times more malware samples Neowin 23 hours ago
34 Meta delays return to the office and will require booster shots Neowin 6 days ago
35 Samsung makes breakthrough in MRAM ‘brain-mimicking' technology Neowin 4 days ago
36 noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Black Edition review Neowin 4 days ago
37 LastPass risking a €20 million GDPR fine due to unresolved bugs Neowin 5 days ago
38 "Baby Shark Dance" becomes first video ever to cross 10 billion views on YouTube Neowin 3 days ago
39 Here's how Windows 11, Windows 10 21H2 can prevent PrintNightmare, ransomware attacks, more Neowin 27 days ago
40 Microsoft rolls out Teams Walkie Talkie experience to more devices Neowin 4 days ago
41 AMD suggests that DDR5 scalping might delay Ryzen 6000 desktop APU launch on AM5 Neowin 6 days ago
42 Dutch document say Google Analytics might be banned soon Neowin 2 days ago
43 Microsoft found a macOS TCC "powerdir" security flaw that leads to settings hack Neowin 5 days ago
44 Microsoft Weekly: Windows 11 goodies, Exchange Y2K22, and Pluton security Neowin 8 days ago
45 HandBrake 1.5.1 [Update] Neowin 7 days ago
46 Nvidia 511.17 WHQL driver adds support for the new GeForce RTX 3080 12GB GPU Neowin 5 days ago
47 TikTok beats Google to become the most popular website of 2021 Neowin 21 days ago
48 Elon Musk says Tesla shop now accepting Dogecoin for products Neowin 2 days ago
49 Cleaner One Pro Neowin 7 days ago
50 LG's new premium infotainment system will be in the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS EV sedan Neowin 5 days ago
51 ‘FaceBit' face mask sensor sits inside a N95 mask to detect leaks and wearer's health risks Neowin 23 hours ago
52 AMD Radeon 22.1.1 driver has God of War and Monster Hunter Rise improvements Neowin 4 days ago
53 KeePass Password Safe 2.50 Neowin 7 days ago
54 LibreOffice 7.3 will ship with support for two made-up languages; Klingon and Interslavic Neowin 7 days ago
55 Xiaomi 12 Series unveiled with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor Neowin 20 days ago
56 Chainalysis: Cryptocurrency crime hit an all-time high last year Neowin 11 days ago
57 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 delayed, now coming December 8 to Xbox and PC Neowin 4 days ago
58 LG joins the IBM Quantum Network to improve its quantum computing competency Neowin 7 days ago
59 Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer originally wanted to name Cortana as 'Bingo' Neowin 28 days ago
60 Thank you Microsoft for the new volume flyout, but minor updates shouldn't take this long Neowin 2 days ago
61 Games with Gold: Aground and Space Invaders Infinity Gene are now free Neowin 1 day ago
62 The MateView GT review, Huawei's first ultra-wide gaming monitor Neowin 5 days ago
63 DDR5 is too expensive so ASUS makes a DDR5 to DDR4 adapter for Intel Alder Lake Neowin 18 days ago
64 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2021.011.20039 Neowin 5 days ago
65 Raspberry Pi can detect malware attack using electromagnetic waves with astonishing accuracy Neowin 7 days ago
66 Samsung's alliance with HCA to improve the compatibility of smart appliances across brands Neowin 12 days ago
67 Research suggests quite a number of people would like to be paid in bitcoin Neowin 5 days ago
68 FedEx cargo Airbus A321-200 planes could get anti-missile lasers for self-defense if FAA approves Neowin 23 hours ago
69 Opera plans to introduce Polygon to boost Web3 integration Neowin 26 days ago
70 Facebook/Meta earns the worst company of the year title Neowin 29 days ago
71 Samsung may hold its Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event in February Neowin 6 days ago
72 Have I Been Pwned gets a password boost from law enforcement agencies [Update] Neowin 28 days ago
73 The 27" LG UltraGear 240Hz FreeSync Premium IPS gaming monitor is $123 off Neowin 3 days ago
74 Black Surface Go 3 around the corner as Microsoft prepares for 10-year product anniversary Neowin 6 days ago
75 Microsoft Edge v99 hits Dev Channel with multiple new features focusing on security Neowin 3 days ago
76 Start11 v1.1 adds icon lock, App folders, Fences support, and more to Windows 10 and 11 Neowin 4 days ago
77 Nvidia 511.23 driver adds support for God of War, R6 Extraction, DLDSR, and more Neowin 2 days ago
78 Apple's upcoming AR/VR headset may use the same 96W power adapter as the 14-inch MacBook Pro Neowin 5 days ago
79 Review of the ASUSTOR AS3304T NAS device, cutting corners to save you money Neowin 8 days ago
80 Intel ATX12VO finally hits the budget segment with MSI's PRO H610M 12VO motherboard Neowin 3 days ago
81 O2 and Virgin Mobile will not be reintroducing Europe roaming charges Neowin 6 days ago
82 Future Intel Xeons to be cooled using next-gen Immersion Liquid Cooling tech Neowin 2 days ago
83 EFF takes on DMCA provision criminalizing open speech, indirectly forwarding ‘Right to Repair' Neowin 3 days ago
84 In a bizarre tale, stolen EVGA RTX GPUs were being sold by major Vietnam shop NCPC Neowin 6 days ago
85 Honor's first foldable flagship, the Magic V, will retail on January 18 Neowin 6 days ago
86 Up to 58% off Arris networking products with Amazon's Deal of the Day Neowin 5 days ago
87 Garmin report finds users logged a record-breaking number of activities last year Neowin 6 days ago
88 First Humankind DLC pack has six cultures from Africa, new wonders, and more Neowin 5 days ago
89 Tesla ‘Full Self Driving' price jumps 20% as Elon Musk indicates even more hikes Neowin 8 days ago
90 NVIDIA Shield TV Android 11 Upgrade 9.0 soft bricks Plex with no access to files [Update] Neowin 4 days ago
91 Gotta catch 'em all, LAPD cops fired for ignoring robbery call to hunt Snorlax instead Neowin 6 days ago
92 The Settlers reboot from Ubisoft launches in March, gameplay showcase is here Neowin 3 days ago
93 AMD seems serious about supporting Ryzen 5000 CPUs on its 1st gen 300 series motherboards Neowin 9 days ago
94 Write tech news for Neowin? Apply today! Neowin 2 months ago
95 Nvidia reportedly halts RTX 3090 Ti production even before it is out Neowin 2 days ago
96 Microsoft says its own Edge browser is more trustworthy than "so 2008" Google Chrome Neowin 2 months ago
97 Google Play games are coming to Windows 10 and 11 next year as hell freezes over Neowin 1 month ago
98 Windows 11 review: Aesthetics over functionality Neowin 3 months ago
99 Microsoft has blocked third parties from changing the default browser in Windows 11 again Neowin 2 months ago
100 Stock awards give Tim Cook a huge income boost compared to 2020 Neowin 9 days ago