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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma JMU 2 days ago
2 Junior Alec Morlote Pursues a Love for Biology Via Fruit Flies Research Blog 15 days ago
3 IU student to head to Oxford University on Rhodes Scholarship The Herald-Times 2 days ago
4 Harnessing the brain's plasticity to acquire epilepsy resilience Science Daily 1 day ago
5 Trust your gut when it comes to sugar, study says New York Post 2 days ago
6 The 10 Most Compelling Research Stories of 2021 BioSpace 29 days ago
7 Research on How Stress Can Worsen Parkinson's Wins $1.2M DOD Grant Parkinson's News Today 1 day ago
8 19 UChicago faculty receive named, distinguished service professorships UChicago News 30 days ago
9 'It's awful to be a medical exception': the woman who cannot forget | Psychology newsconcerns 1 day ago
10 Bmal1 gene present in the striatum influences alcohol consumption in both male and female mice 8 days ago
11 Faculty Highlights: Recent Grants and Awards | Now Drexel Now 6 days ago
12 They wanted to cure heart disease. They discovered a way to grow a different kind of muscle Haaretz 4 days ago
13 MBL team succeeds in culturing the pygmy zebra octopus EurekAlert 1 month ago
14 OU student studies neuroscience at the Marine Biological Laboratory News at OU 4 months ago
15 Kay Tye; Using Neuroscience to Study How the Brain Gives Rise to the Mind The New York Academy of Sciences 3 months ago
16 A physicist in the neurobiology lab | symmetry magazine Symmetry magazine 8 years ago
17 Predicting Alzheimer's risk: How useful are cognitive tests? Medical News Today 5 days ago
18 Scientists can read the brain activity of tiny worm to predict smells News-Medical.Net 2 months ago
19 Neuroscience Ph.D. student Merridee Lefner '15 to become two-time UTSA alumna UTSA Today 2 months ago
20 A grant helps a new American pursue a career in neuroscience Yale School of Medicine 1 month ago
21 Scientists Drove Mice to Bond by Zapping Their Brains With Light The New York Times 8 months ago
22 Huffman Investigates Memory and Spatial Navigation Colby College 2 months ago
23 Ten McMaster researchers named Canada Research Chairs Brighter World 7 days ago
24 Who We Are: Grace Hala'ufia University of Arizona Athletics 2 months ago
25 Environmental Neuroscience Lab – ENL at the University of Chicago. Directed by Marc G. Berman, Ph.D. UChicago News 6 months ago
26 Lab Report: Motor and Brain Development Lab studies motor skills to understand autism UW Badger Herald 3 months ago
27 Behavioral neuroscience grad student wins Knowledge Mobilization Award for mentorship ASU Now 3 months ago
28 6 New Faculty Joining HMS | Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School 3 months ago
29 Study confirms mistaken identity may explain why sharks bite humans 3 months ago
30 Akiko Nishiyama Explains the Many Strengths of a Degree in Physiology and Neurobiology UConn Today 3 months ago
31 New Bionics Center Established at MIT with $24 Million Gift — MIT Media Lab MIT Media Lab 4 months ago
32 Salk neuroscientist Kay Tye selected as Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator EurekAlert 4 months ago
33 Brainiacs UC San Diego Health 8 months ago
34 News Stanford University News 8 months ago
35 Beyond the Bench: A conversation with Ofer Yizhar Spectrum 6 months ago
36 A high level of APOE in neurons may predict neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's National Institute on Aging 5 months ago
37 Chan Zuckerberg Commits $500 Million to Harvard Neuroscience and AI Institute Harvard Magazine 1 month ago
38 Postdoctoral Associate Magee Lab 8 months ago
39 Q&A: New Neuroscience Faculty Member Helping Students Discover Their Own 'Light Bulb Moments' Trinity College 1 month ago
40 Broncos head coach candidate: Nathaniel Hackett’s busy Saturday starts by meeting with Broncos The Denver Post 4 days ago
41 At Yale, new neuroscience institute to unravel the mysteries of cognition Yale News 11 months ago
42 Beyond dopamine: New reward circuitry discovered Science Daily 5 months ago
43 Remembering Ben Barres, the trailblazing trans neuroscientist and mentor, on his birthday Massive Science 4 months ago
44 The COVID pandemic has harmed researcher productivity – and mental health 2 months ago
45 The Power of Focus and Passion with Andrew Huberman C-Suite Quarterly 3 months ago
46 The Brain and Pain: Breakthroughs in Neuroscience, with Richard Ambron Columbia University Irving Medical Center 19 hours ago
47 5 Influential Neuroscientists, Past and Present Technology Networks 1 month ago
48 Neural Implant Monitors Multiple Brain Areas at Once, Provides New Neuroscience Insights UC San Diego Health 9 months ago
49 Israel's first Arab woman to become a neuroscience professor wants to erase your fear Haaretz 9 months ago
50 Research Areas and Facilities | Institute for Neuroscience Nevada Today 2 years ago
51 Salk neuroscientist Kay Tye selected as Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s investigator Del Mar Times 3 months ago
52 PhD/postdoc on the role of astrocytes in cortical plasticity 7 months ago
53 Research Technician Dept of Developmental Neurobiology job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON | 278332 Times Higher Education (THE) 11 hours ago
54 Karl Deisseroth shares Lasker Award for research on microbial molecules behind optogenetics Stanford Medical Center Report 4 months ago
55 Understanding the Neurobiology of Mental Illness The New York Academy of Sciences 5 months ago
56 Columbia Scientists and Team of International Experts Awarded $9M to Investigate Early Parkinson's Columbia University Irving Medical Center 3 months ago
57 Untangling mysteries of the brain—with the remarkable biology of squid National Geographic 6 months ago
58 Salk scientists find a way that neurons and astrocytes work together to form healthy synapses News-Medical.Net 3 months ago
59 UCLA study maps major circuit in the mouse brain | UCLA UCLA Newsroom 4 months ago
60 Researchers image an entire mouse brain for the first time UChicago News 7 months ago
61 Nathaniel Hackett Has What It Takes—and a Lot More Sports Illustrated 4 months ago
62 Swarup Lab research published in Nature Genetics UCI MIND 7 months ago
63 2 Applied Science doctoral students awarded SREB doctoral scholars fellowships William & Mary News 9 months ago
64 The Poetry of Science project highlights two Media Lab students — MIT Media Lab MIT Media Lab 5 months ago
65 Postdoctoral researcher in Stem Cell Research/Neurobiology 2 months ago
66 Susan Hockfield receives prestigious Charles L. Branch BrainHealth Award EurekAlert 2 months ago
67 Study of Human Brain Images Generates New Insights into the Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 11 months ago
68 In surprising twist, some Alzheimer's plaques may be protective, not destructive EurekAlert 9 months ago
69 Thomson Lab alumna gives back in new outreach project Morgridge Institute for Research 2 months ago
70 Salk team launches phase I clinical trial for Alzheimer's therapy EurekAlert 3 months ago
71 Kristy Townsend, PhD | Ohio State College of Medicine Wexner Medical Center 1 year ago
72 Nurturing an early interest in neuroscience UCI News 7 months ago
73 Mice licking could reveal mysteries of the human brain | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 8 months ago
74 Environmental Factor September 2021: NIEHS helps NIH take top honors in International Freezer Challenge 5 months ago
75 Cerebral cortex may actually be responsible for sleep control News-Medical.Net 6 months ago
76 Researchers uncover the journey of microglia in developing zebrafish 1 month ago
77 Research continues to rule out brain's immune system as key to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders URMC 3 months ago
78 Lin Lab | The Lin Lab | Stanford Medicine Stanford Medical Center Report 2 years ago
79 'Feel good' brain messenger can be willfully controlled, new study reveals EurekAlert 6 months ago
80 The pain switch MIT Technology Review 5 months ago
81 National PostDoc Appreciation week from Sept 20 to Sept 24 2021! < Yale School of Medicine Yale School of Medicine 4 months ago
82 Mammalian motivation circuits: Maybe they're born with it Science Daily 3 months ago
83 Researchers figure out how to build an artificial brain from the bottom up News-Medical.Net 7 months ago
84 Rats in VR Show Neural Basis of Learning Technology Networks 3 months ago
85 How headless hydra feel, react to prodding: Lab maps neural networks, responses in tiny, jellyfish-like creatures Science Daily 6 months ago
86 For the Brain, Context is Key to New Theory of Movement and Memory Columbia University Irving Medical Center 2 months ago
87 Biology Students + Crickets + High Performance Computers = Scientific Breakthrough Bowdoin News 10 months ago
88 Commitment to Service Translates to a Bright Medical Future | | SBU News Stony Brook News 9 months ago
89 LAURELS: CA&ES Lab Takes Top Safety Prize UC Davis 3 months ago
90 Neuroscientists explore differences in mitochondria of memory cells in the brain with new NIH funding Virginia Tech Daily 2 months ago
91 Recursion Enhances its Leadership Team and Deepens Focus on Neuroscience with Three Senior Appointments PRNewswire 2 months ago
92 Research assistant / Technician for the stem cell culture lab | 1 month ago
93 Brain's navigation center calls on mental state as well as physical environment, Stanford researchers find Stanford Medical Center Report 6 months ago
94 Lonnie Wollmuth Receives 2021 Lupus Innovation Award | | SBU News Stony Brook News 1 month ago
95 $25 million gift to Brown will fuel innovation in brain science Brown University 12 months ago
96 New cell, shown to regulate heart rate, discovered at University of Notre Dame ND Newswire 2 months ago
97 Beyond Dopamine: New Brain Reward Circuitry Discovered SciTechDaily 5 months ago
98 Why Is Sensitive Skin Overrepresented in the Brain? Technology Networks 3 months ago
99 Online Teaching: Neuroscience at Home Bowdoin News 1 year ago
100 Neurobiology | Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program UCSF News Services 5 years ago