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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Clegg steps away from Central boys' soccer after productive five seasons Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette 30 days ago
2 Nick Clegg, Facebook's defender, was once a political idealist Quartz 3 months ago
3 How Nick Clegg ended up putting out fires for Facebook CNN 3 months ago
4 Internet perverts ‘committed 8,000 child sex crimes as Facebook dithered to act against abuse’... The US Sun 24 hours ago
5 Nick Clegg Steers Facebook's Trump Decision The New York Times 9 months ago
6 Nick Clegg's Career Journey to Becoming One of Meta's Top Decision-Makers Business Insider 2 months ago
7 My trip into the metaverse with Facebook defender-in-chief Nick Clegg Financial Times 1 month ago
8 Britain's Liberals pitch for election centre ground The Peninsula Qatar 7 years ago
9 Dining across the divide: ‘She thinks people come to Britain for a free house’ The Guardian 3 days ago
10 Meet Nick Clegg, a British nerd who decides what Americans can read on Facebook New York Post 9 months ago
11 Nick Clegg doesn’t think Facebook increases polarization The Verge 10 months ago
12 Everyone’s Cringing At Nick Clegg’s Bizarre Appearance In A Weird Facebook Video HuffPost UK 3 months ago
13 Who is deputy Prime Minister in the UK and who will step in for Boris Johnson?... The US Sun 5 days ago
14 How to Regulate Facebook (with Nick Clegg) Harvard Business Review 7 months ago
15 Ethics Adviser Rebukes Boris Johnson Over Downing Street Decorations The New York Times 11 days ago
16 Op-ed: Facebook's Nick Clegg calls for bipartisan approach to break the deadlock on internet regulation CNBC 8 months ago
17 ‘We are building for the metaverse,’ says Meta VP Nick Clegg Cointelegraph 3 months ago
18 Nick Clegg should have no say whatsoever in deciding who is new Chair of Ofcom... The Sun 8 months ago
19 The inside story of Nick Clegg at Facebook — and how much power he really wields The Times 8 months ago
20 Deadlock in British election debate The Peninsula Qatar 7 years ago
21 Dana Bash presses Facebook exec: 'Is that acceptable?' CNN 3 months ago
22 Boris Johnson: Number 10 accused of a culture of drinking and impromptu socialising Sky News 3 days ago
23 When is the next general election? Who could replace Boris Johnson if he resigns as Prime Minister? The Scotsman 3 days ago
24 Crushed by Dom, watered by Freddie and misused by Boris, pity the No 10 garden The Times 2 days ago
25 Facebook is not the primary cause of polarisation Nick Clegg told staff before explosive whistleblower claims iNews 3 months ago
26 UK's Labour bids to boost economic credibility with manifesto The Peninsula Qatar 7 years ago
27 A Life in Politics and Advice for Aspiring Leaders: An Interview with Sir Vince Cable Global Risk Insights 2 days ago
28 POLITICO Playbook: Biden finds a new Manchin whisperer POLITICO 10 days ago
29 What the Wall Street Journal Got Wrong | Meta Investor Relations 4 months ago
30 Facebook unveils new controls for kids using its platforms Associated Press 3 months ago
31 Nick Clegg's first interview in the metaverse Financial Times 1 month ago
32 Calendrier du lundi 10 janvier au dimanche 16 janvier 2022 EU News 9 days ago
33 Meta Is Roping In Employees From Apple and Microsoft, Augmented Reality Experts in Focus: Report Gadgets 360 5 days ago
34 Analysis | The Technology 202: Nick Clegg says Facebook doesn't want to be 'a sort of truth police' Washington Post 7 months ago
35 MP's hilarious response after being named 'worst man in Britain' Nottinghamshire Live 6 days ago
36 Facebook Says Instagram Makes Teen Girls 'Feel Better' TheWrap 4 months ago
37 Facebook’s Nick Clegg defends the company’s algorithms against critics 10 months ago
38 ‘Nudge’ has no place in our democracy Spiked 2 days ago
39 Nick Clegg praises EU as Facebook announced 10000 'metaverse' jobs Evening Standard 3 months ago
40 How uber-Liberal Nick Clegg is living the Californian dream in Silicone Valley Daily Mail 11 months ago
41 Facebook executive defends 2-year ban for Trump ABC News 7 months ago
42 Harness: Profile of driver/trainer Nick Clegg Daily Racing Form 8 months ago
43 Nick Clegg is blasted for 'bizarre' rant about Facebook's war with Australia Daily Mail 11 months ago
44 Scoop: Facebook exec warns of "more bad headlines" Axios 3 months ago
45 It’s not Tony Blair’s knighthood we should be protesting, but how Prime Ministers can declare war iNews 5 days ago
46 Facebook exec: I can't give yes-or-no answer on Jan 6 amplification CNN 3 months ago
47 Facebook executive hints company is open to some regulation CNN 4 months ago
48 Denmark lifts COVID restrictions, opens many public venues newsconcerns 9 hours ago
49 'This Week' Transcript 6-6-21: Secretary Gina Raimondo & Nick Clegg ABC News 7 months ago
50 Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs The Guardian 3 years ago
51 Instagram vs reality: The perils of social media on body image – National Verve Times 9 hours ago
52 Sir Nick Clegg makes unprecedented donation to Scottish Liberal Democrats | HeraldScotland HeraldScotland 8 months ago
53 If Boris Johnson is finished Labour needs to flex some muscle The Times 4 days ago
54 On the anniversary of January 6, social media platforms are on high alert CNN 11 days ago
55 The next two years will define the next 20 for Europe's internet economy Medium 8 months ago
56 Nick Clegg says Facebook is 'pleased' with historic tax deal, even if it means paying more City A.M. 3 months ago
57 Janet Yellen & Nick Clegg Sunday on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos" ABC News 3 months ago
58 Nick Clegg betrayed the public – and now he’s failing upwards at Facebook The Guardian 3 years ago
59 Facebook's Nick Clegg on data privacy, European Union, Dopfner open letter Business Insider 12 months ago
60 Nick Clegg Isn’t Leaving the World of Politics, He’s Reentering It New York Magazine 3 years ago
61 Facebook enlists Nick Clegg as head of global affairs CNN 3 years ago
62 Facebook hires Nick Clegg, Britain's former deputy prime minister, to lead global affairs Washington Post 3 years ago
63 Nick Clegg joins calls for countries to shift towards decriminalising drugs and regulated sale of cannabis iNews 1 month ago
64 Brussels Playbook: NATO meeting — Paris’ priority: power — Standing up to China 10 days ago
65 Prisoners' Votes: Axe Killer Celebrates With Spliff And Champagne TNT Magazine 18 hours ago
66 Who is former LBC radio presenter Maajid Nawaz?... The Sun 8 days ago
67 Nick Clegg: the Facebook fixer New Statesman 3 years ago
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69 Sir Nick Clegg, the pampered prince of PR The Times 11 months ago
70 Facebook hires former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to run global affairs The Verge 3 years ago
71 Why Sir Nick Clegg is taking a global position at Facebook BBC News 3 years ago
72 Nick Clegg 'was involved in Facebook's decision to hush-up story about Joe Biden's son' Daily Mail 1 year ago
73 Nick Clegg: It’s time to write the rules for Facebook 3 years ago
74 Nick Clegg faces call to RESIGN over Facebook’s Aussie news ban as MPs blast site’s ‘staggering lack of res... The Sun 11 months ago
75 UK 2010 General Election The Results Explained 24 days ago
76 Unknown in America, disliked in the UK: Nick Clegg is right for Facebook Columbia Journalism Review 3 years ago
77 Quentin Letts: So Dom, how does it feel to be the new Nick Clegg? The Times 4 months ago
78 Facebook's Nick Clegg: We know we have problems but breaking us up won't solve them CNN 3 years ago
79 Facebook's New Comms Chief Nick Clegg Protested 'Crazed' Donald Trump INSIDER 3 years ago
80 Poor Parenting To Blame For London Riots Claims Report TNT Magazine 9 days ago
81 Why Facebook hired Nick Clegg | WIRED UK 3 years ago
82 Nick Clegg denies misuse of Facebook influenced Brexit vote The Guardian 3 years ago
83 Who Is Nick Clegg, Facebook’s New Head of Global Affairs? Fortune 3 years ago
84 Facebook's Nick Clegg: Calling Facebook's new rules not ambitious or piecemeal is unfair CNBC 1 year ago
85 Nick Clegg Doesn’t Sound Too Happy to Be Joining Facebook Vanity Fair 3 years ago
86 In bad news for US cloud services, Austrian website’s use of Google Analytics found to breach GDPR – Te... Swift Digital news agency 4 days ago
87 Nick Clegg wrote Mark Zuckerberg letter about Facebook sullying trust Business Insider 3 years ago
88 Leader: Nick Cleggâ?Ts second coming New Statesman 2 years ago
89 Nick Clegg interview: My critics are 'free to whinge' about my knighthood Business Insider 4 years ago
90 Facebook's Nick Clegg: Biden must unite global powers to shape internet amid China threat CNET 1 year ago
91 Facebook exec Nick Clegg responds to ad boycott campaign CNN 2 years ago
92 ‘Sir’ Nick Clegg? A true sign of how Britain’s elite rewards failure The Guardian 4 years ago
93 Nick Clegg rejects Facebook break-up calls backed by Kamala Harris The Guardian 3 years ago
94 London Playbook: A hard day’s Geidt — High tax Tories — Mo’ Mone, mo’ problems 10 days ago
95 Knighthood for Nick Clegg in New Year Honours list BBC News 4 years ago
96 Nick Clegg's Facebook job shows he loves power more than progress | British GQ British GQ 3 years ago
97 We told you so! Nick Clegg humiliated as 'fantasy' EU army nears reality 'Scary times' 8 months ago
98 Labour MP who beat Nick Clegg faces criminal charges over fraudulent invoices City A.M. 5 months ago
99 Amazon CTO confronts Facebook head of comms Nick Clegg on user data Business Insider 2 years ago
100 Nick Clegg, Europe’s man in Silicon Valley 3 years ago