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1 Science News Releases
2 Mountain growth influences greenhouse effect: Weathering of rocks can bind or release carbon dioxide -- in active mountain ranges, carbon-dioxide release strongly dominates
3 Seismological rockslide warnings in the Himalaya
4 A massive experiment in Taiwan aims to reveal landslides' surprising effect on the climate
5 Powerful typhoon changed seismic activity in Taiwan •
6 Scheingross Receives 2019 Luna B. Leopold Young Scientist Award
7 Typhoon Changed Earthquake Patterns
8 Coping with Planetary Wars
9 A typhoon changed earthquake patterns, study shows
10 Mountain erosion may add CO2 to the atmosphere
11 Glacial lake outburst floods as drivers of fluvial erosion in the Himalaya
12 Nepal: When Mountains Collapse
13 Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19
14 Erosion, landslides and monsoon across the Himalayas
15 Killer Landslides: The Lasting Legacy of Nepal's Quake
16 Self-healing landscape: Landslides after earthquakes
17 Earthquakes, heavy rain heighten landslide risk in the mountains
18 Rainforests On Mars
19 New mechanism of erosion revealed: Gorges are eradicated by downstream sweep erosion