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1 Tenure struggle ends with Hannah-Jones charting new course
2 UNC emails show long debate over tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones, who took job at Howard University instead
3 UNC emails reveal extent of donor, trustee involvement in Hannah-Jones tenure case
4 Nikole Hannah-Jones Chose Howard Over UNC. HBCUs Hope It's The Start Of A New Era
5 What do Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Nikole Hannah-Jones have in common? Workplace boundaries.
6 ‘Disgraceful,’ ‘courageous,’ ‘highly partisan’ — UNC tenure emails run gamut of emotions
7 Nikole Hannah-Jones: The burden to change systems can't always be on the people excluded from those systems
8 Opinion | What’s Really Behind the 1619 Backlash? An Interview With Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates.
9 How Nikole Hannah-Jones’ work ignited the critical race theory war
10 How Howard-bound Nikole Hannah-Jones plans to help HBCUs
11 Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones​ on Ida B. Wells' impact and legacy
12 Perspective | 80 years before Nikole Hannah-Jones, another Howard professor ignited outrage
13 Nikole Hannah-Jones explains decision to reject UNC tenure offer
14 Trustees' handling of Nikole Hannah-Jones' tenure application shows how university boards often fail the accountability test
15 Nikole Hannah-Jones declines UNC's offer of tenured chair following controversy
16 The Pernicious Fantasy of the Nikole Hannah-Jones Saga
17 1619 Project's Nikole Hannah-Jones called 'hypocrite' for bashing 'inconvenient facts'
18 UNC students say Nikole Hannah-Jones' tenure shouldn't have been in question
19 Support pours in for journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones after decision to forgo tenure offer at UNC
20 Nikole Hannah-Jones once called Cuba 'most equal multi-racial country in our hemisphere'
21 How Art Pope's money shaped UNC's toxic debate over Nikole Hannah-Jones
22 On the Record: Controversy over Nikole Hannah-Jones' tenure
23 Howard University Professor Warns Professor Nikole Hannah-Jones About School's 'Poor Practices'
24 Trevy Mcdonald reaction to Hannah-Jones tenure
25 Nikole Hannah-Jones Has Chosen Howard, Not UNC-Chapel Hill, For Tenure – WAMU
26 Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates on joining Howard University faculty
27 Nikole Hannah-Jones declines to join UNC, opts to join Howard University instead
28 Nikole Hannah-Jones just proved the correctness of critical race theory
29 Anyone Who Wonders How We Got Here Is a Liar or a Fool
30 UNC student groups to talk expectations for campus police, moving on from Nikole Hannah-Jones ::
31 Philanthropies eagerly back journalist Hannah-Jones after UNC tenure dispute
32 Peniel E. Joseph: What Nikole Hannah-Jones' job decision reveals
33 Investigative journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tells CBS News she won't accept U. of North Carolina job after tenure fight
34 UNC board politics: Debate intensifies over power Republicans exert at flagship
35 UNC-CH Faculty Council affirms confidence in chancellor after Hannah-Jones controversy
36 Professors of questionable expertise: The Capitol breach and '1619' | TheHill
37 'It's a calling': Why Black academics choose HBCUs over other colleges
38 Opinion | Nikole Hannah-Jones, Gwen Berry and others who criticize America are living up to its ideals
39 1619 or 1776 — when was our nation founded?
40 Nikole Hannah-Jones Denied Tenure at University of North Carolina
41 Cuban exile leader says 1619 Project founder's praise for socialism is 'abusive of Cubans' and their history
42 Nikole Hannah-Jones Receives Support in Tenure Dispute
43 Nikole Hannah-Jones Weighs Legal Action Against U.N.C.
44 Why Black women are saying no
45 Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones joins UNC faculty
46 Nikole Hannah-Jones' Tenure Rejection Rocks UNC Campus
47 Nikole Hannah-Jones Says She Won’t Join UNC Without Tenure
48 UNC Journalism School Tried To Give Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure. A Top Donor Objected
49 Pressure mounts on UNC in Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure dispute
50 What is the controversy behind Nikole Hannah-Jones' tenure dispute at UNC?
51 Author Discusses Standing In Solidarity With Nikole Hannah-Jones
52 With Harris and Hannah-Jones, Howard University is on a roll
53 UNC-Chapel Hill Trustees To Vote On Nikole Hannah-Jones' Tenure
54 The irony of complaints about Nikole Hannah-Jones’s advocacy journalism
55 Was Nikole Hannah-Jones Cancelled?
56 Black female professors voice solidarity with journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones in UNC tenure showdown
57 A 'potential resolution' to Hannah Jones tenure controversy may not heal damage done at UNC
58 '1619 Project' writer to join UNC journalism school faculty
59 Nikole Hannah-Jones to Keynote This July's Reimagining Education Institute | July | 2021 | Newsroom
60 The Conservative Disinformation Campaign Against Nikole Hannah-Jones
61 UNC is talking with Nikole Hannah-Jones legal team as potential suit over tenure looms
62 Next article UNC hire of acclaimed journalist sparks conservative ire
63 Nikole Hannah-Jones Talks About Slavery at American Library Association Conference
64 New York Times's 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones to serve as 2021 Preservation Week® Honorary Chair
65 In Fight Over 1619 Project and Nikole Hannah-Jones, White Ignorance Has Been Bliss—and Power
66 Nikole Hannah-Jones may have a First Amendment case
67 Donor's concerns voiced before Hannah-Jones' tenure stalled
68 Howard University in Spotlight with Recent Hires, VP Harris
69 Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones, NY Times writer, to join UNC faculty
70 Call Number Podcast: A Conversation with Nikole Hannah-Jones
71 UNC’s tenure controversy over Nikole Hannah-Jones points to the right’s conundrum over cancel culture
72 UNC Board of Trustees votes to grant tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones
73 Photos: UNC trustees vote for tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones
74 Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure approved after students forcibly removed from closed
75 Op-Ed: Denying Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Sets a Dangerous Precedent
76 Thomas Knapp: Yes, the Constitution was 'pro-slavery'
77 UNC Students Seek Equity, Safety After Years of Empty Promises
78 Column: UNC-Chapel Hill and the Debate Over Dissent
79 Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones to deliver annual lecture on race relations at ASU
80 Meet a famous Iowan: Nikole Hannah-Jones
81 'What the Hell Happened?' Inside the Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Case
82 UNC Professors Leaving the University in the Wake of Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Inaction
83 Behind Nikole Hannah-Jones's Tenure Case: A Decade of Political Interference in College Leadership
84 Nikole Hannah-Jones wasn't canceled
85 Award-winning Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones Leads 2021 Georgia Tech Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Discussion
86 The 1619 Project author shares thoughts on her acclaimed work
87 Nikole Hannah-Jones to Teach at UNC's Hussman School of Journalism and Media
88 Waterloo native, journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones calls on city to do more for Black residents
89 New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones participates in UO panel discussion
90 New York Times' Nikole Hannah-Jones sparks backlash for 'doxxing' Free Beacon reporter
91 Hannah-Jones' name removed from UNC-Chapel Hill course schedule ::
92 Educators say teaching about race could be at stake in governor’s race
93 Renewed Attention on Historically Black Colleges, Universities
94 New York Times' left-wing reporter Hannah-Jones joins UNC's journalism school
95 UNC approves tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones
96 Nikole Hannah-Jones granted tenure at UNC following contentious debate
97 Column: Denying Hannah-Jones tenure devalues Black student journalists' degrees, work
98 1619 Project Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones Considers Suing UNC for Tenure Snub
99 Matt's Picks: Panel with Nikole Hannah-Jones; 'A Critical Conversation'
100 Nikole Hannah-Jones responds to the GOP’s assault on American education