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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Addiction Should Be Treated, not Penalized: An interview with Nora D. Volkow On Health 5 months ago
2 Offering buprenorphine medication to people with opioid use disorder in jail may reduce rearrest and reconviction EurekAlert 5 days ago
3 Teen Drug Usage Down Within The Last Year Addiction Center 26 days ago
4 Peoria Man Sentenced for Selling Methamphetamine Legal Reader 4 days ago
5 Top Federal Drug Official Says 'Train Has Left The Station' On Psychedelics As Reform Movement Spreads Marijuana Moment 6 days ago
6 Punishing drug use heightens the stigma of addiction STAT 6 months ago
7 To end the drug crisis, bring addiction out of the shadows AAMC 3 months ago
8 Drug Overdose Deaths in 2020 Were Horrifying Scientific American 5 months ago
9 Antidepressant Transparency; Intranasal Carbetocin Not OK'd; 2021: Year of Anxiety MedPage Today 4 days ago
10 Addiction Should Be Treated, Not Penalized Health Affairs 9 months ago
11 An Addiction Expert Faces a Formidable Foe: Prescription Drugs New York Times 11 years ago
12 Stigma and the Toll of Addiction | NEJM 2 years ago
13 NIH HEAL Initiative: Research Meets the Moment to Address the Opioid Public Health Crisis National Institutes of Health 5 months ago
14 Researchers identify brain circuitry in rodents that may be responsible for negative emotional aspects of pain Science Daily 3 months ago
15 Feds Announce Funds For Drug Harm Reduction Studies, Including On Decriminalization And Safe Consumption Sites Marijuana Moment 24 days ago
16 People with substance use disorders may be at higher risk for SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections National Institutes of Health 4 months ago
17 NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow to Discuss New Data Showing Similarities in the Processes Underlying Craving for Food and Drugs National Institutes of Health (press release) 15 years ago
18 A Tale of Two Crises: Fighting the Overdose Problem During the Pandemic Psychiatric Times 9 months ago
19 Medical records analysis links cannabis use disorder in pregnancy to infant health problems National Institutes of Health 9 months ago
20 Opioid overdose death rate increases 40% among Black individuals Healio 4 months ago
21 The psychiatrist at the centre of the opioid crisis 2 years ago
22 Addiction, overdose on the rise in the Black community Amsterdam News 4 months ago
23 Marijuana use at historic high among college-aged adults in 2020 National Institutes of Health 5 months ago
24 Personalizing the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders | American Journal of Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 2 years ago
25 Drug overdose deaths up nearly 30% in U.S. during pandemic-scarred 2020 UPI News 6 months ago
26 Methamphetamine-involved overdose deaths nearly tripled between 2015 to 2019, NIH study finds National Institutes of Health 4 months ago
27 Biden's cannabis record after a year in office (Newsletter: January 21, 2022) Marijuana Moment 2 days ago
28 Fighting Back against the Stigma of Addiction Scientific American 1 year ago
29 Harvard talk probes sleep-deprived brain – Harvard Gazette Harvard Gazette 4 years ago
30 Cannabis banking sponsor vows to 'get that darn thing passed' (Newsletter: January 18, 2022) Marijuana Moment 5 days ago
31 NIH-funded study tests “one-stop” mobile clinics to deliver HIV, substance use care National Institutes of Health 8 months ago
32 MS House approves medical cannabis bill (Newsletter: January 20, 2022) Marijuana Moment 3 days ago
33 Buprenorphine misuse decreased among U.S. adults with opioid use disorder from 2015-2019 National Institutes of Health 3 months ago
34 More than 1.5 million children lost a primary or secondary caregiver due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Addressing the impact of caregiver deaths critical for pediatric mental health, authors note Science Daily 6 months ago
35 Senate candidate smokes cannabis in campaign ad (Newsletter: January 19, 2022) Marijuana Moment 4 days ago
36 NIDA Director outlines potential risks to people who smoke and use drugs during COVID-19 pandemic National Institutes of Health 2 years ago
37 Patients with substance use disorder at higher risk for breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections Healio 3 months ago
38 Neuroscience of Addiction: Relevance to Prevention and Treatment | American Journal of Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 4 years ago
39 High-dose buprenorphine in EDs may improve patient outcomes Yale News 6 months ago
40 People with substance use disorder are more vulnerable to COVID-19 NPR 3 months ago
41 Words matter: Language can reduce mental health and addiction stigma Science Daily 6 months ago
42 Combination treatment for methamphetamine use disorder shows promise in NIH study National Institutes of Health 1 year ago
43 Watch live: Fauci testifies before U.S. House on NIH budget CNBC 8 months ago
44 America's 50 Greatest Disruptors: Visionaries and Innovators Who Are Changing the World Newsweek 1 month ago
45 Cannabis Growers Make First Harvests for Research Purposes, Ending Federal Monopoly Ganjapreneur 16 days ago
46 Younger age of first cannabis use or prescription drug misuse is associated with faster development of substance use disorders National Institutes of Health 10 months ago
47 What Does It Mean When We Call Addiction a Brain Disorder? Scientific American 4 years ago
48 Opioid Overdose Death Rate Rose Faster for People of Color | Psychiatric News Psychiatric News 26 days ago
49 Is Provigil Addictive? WebMD 13 years ago
50 Former GOP Congressman Joins Psychedelics Advocacy Group To Push For Federal Reform Marijuana Moment 13 days ago
51 Over 120,000 U.S. Children Lost a Primary Caregiver to Covid-19, Study Says The New York Times 3 months ago
52 Marijuana users with depression more likely to think about suicide, study finds UPI News 7 months ago
53 Marijuana Decriminalization Reduces Arrests And Racial Disparities In Law Enforcement, Study Finds Marijuana Moment 23 days ago
54 Depot Buprenorphine a Shot in the Arm for Opioid Addiction? Medscape 8 months ago
55 Law enforcement seizures of methamphetamine and marijuana rose during pandemic National Institutes of Health 11 months ago
56 Top Federal Drug Official Says We Don't Need More Research To Show Criminalization's Racist Impact Marijuana Moment 5 months ago
57 US study finds social bias can influence access to PrEP Open Access Government 3 months ago
58 Two-Drug Combo May Help Fight Meth Addiction HealthDay News 1 year ago
59 NH House votes to legalize cannabis (Newsletter: January 7, 2022) Marijuana Moment 16 days ago
60 Recent Research Sheds New Light on Why Nicotine Is So Addictive Scientific American 3 years ago
61 Top Federal Drug Official Says There's 'No Evidence' That Occasional Marijuana Use Is Harmful For Adults Marijuana Moment 2 months ago
62 What 2021 Taught Us About Youth Cannabis Use Green Entrepreneur 17 days ago
63 Issues for DSM-V: Should Obesity Be Included as a Brain Disorder? | American Journal of Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry (subscription) 15 years ago
64 Head Of Top Federal Drug Agency Says It's Time To Consider Decriminalization Marijuana Moment 9 months ago
65 Scientists find molecular reason for creation of chronic pain Open Access Government 3 months ago
66 NIDA director: New pain meds are still years away Politico 2 years ago
67 Drug Overdose Deaths Up 30% in Pandemic Year, Government Data Show MedPage Today 8 months ago
68 COVID deaths leave estimated 175K children without caregiver Spectrum News 3 months ago
69 It's Time To End The 'Aura Of Illegality' For Drugs, Top Federal Health Official Says Marijuana Moment 2 months ago
70 Main Line man charged with trafficking crystal meth, prosecutors say 8 months ago
71 To end HIV epidemic, we must address health disparities National Institutes of Health 11 months ago
72 FDA Approves First Drug Derived from Marijuana Scientific American Blog Network 4 years ago
73 ‘It’s devastating’: how fentanyl is unfolding as one of America’s greatest tragedies The Guardian 2 months ago
74 High-Dose Withdrawal Drug in ER Can Help Battle Opioid Addiction U.S. News & World Report 6 months ago
75 National Institute On Drug Abuse Director On Biden's Opioid Treatment Guidelines NPR 9 months ago
76 FDA, NIDA call for marijuana legislation to advance public health Healio 2 years ago
77 PROP's Self-Serving Letter to the AMA Must Be Addressed. My Comments American Council on Science and Health 7 months ago
78 NIDA review summarizes research on marijuana's negative health effects National Institutes of Health 8 years ago
79 NIDA Director Honored By French Government With Top Science Award for Addiction Research National Institutes of Health (press release) 12 years ago
80 Meet the SDG3 researchers: Mora Claramita On Health 5 months ago