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1 Raid against Sumatran official uncovers use of slave labor on oil palm farm 1 day ago
2 Indonesia – Floods Displace Thousands in Sumatra, 1 Dead in Aceh – FloodList FloodList 25 days ago
3 Quake info: Light mag. 3.1 earthquake NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA, on Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022 10:16 pm (GMT +7) 4 days ago
4 Groups welcome decline in deforestation in Indonesia's Leuser Ecosystem 26 days ago
5 Two bear cuscuses released into Sulawesi national park: official ANTARA English 3 hours ago
6 Dallas Zoo's Sumatran tiger cubs named after conservationists The Dallas Morning News 24 days ago
7 Indonesia Lunar New Year | International | Lufkin Daily News 5 days ago
8 Indonesia braces for hydro-meteorological disasters ANTARA English 2 days ago
9 Explorers chomping at the bit in Asia Pacific as activity set to soar News for the Energy Sector 4 days ago
10 Benjamin L. Coale, a teacher and an artist who had an unbound enthusiasm for teaching, dies Baltimore Sun 1 day ago
11 Indonesia, Flooding in Asahan Regency, North Sumatra (16 Aug 2021) Indonesia 6 months ago
12 Dove Plans to Restore 20,000 Hectares of Forest in North Sumatra Treehugger 8 months ago
13 Indonesia plans to build container port near Singapore 4 days ago
14 Update on the Economic Mission to North Sumatra and Participation in KIM Expo 2021 The Netherlands and You 2 months ago
15 North Sumatra music hero and Suarasama leader Irwansyah Harahap passes away Jakarta Post 3 months ago
16 Indonesia – 5 Dead, 8 Missing After Landslide in South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra – FloodList FloodList 9 months ago
17 Indonesia – 5 Killed in North Sumatra Landslides and Mudflows – FloodList FloodList 5 months ago
18 Dutch Embassy Aims to Increase Trade With North Sumatra The Netherlands and You 8 months ago
19 Indonesia’s $6bn airport bid to rival Singapore raises eyebrows Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
20 Dutch Embassy Gears Up for Economic Mission to North Sumatra The Netherlands and You 3 months ago
21 Indonesia standing between great powers | The Interpreter The Interpreter 4 days ago
22 Jokowi promotes Pagar Alam to be Indonesia's first zero-emission city ANTARA English 5 days ago
23 Indonesia investigates alleged abuse of Sumatran tigers at city zoo 4 months ago
24 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.2 earthquake Indian Ocean, 99 km southwest of Padangsidempuan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021 7:50 am (GMT +7) 3 months ago
25 Afghan refugee sets himself on fire in North Sumatra Jakarta Post 2 months ago
26 Strengthening Dutch Connections in North Sumatra | News item | The Netherlands and You 10 months ago
27 BMKG Records 27 Earthquakes in Aceh-North Sumatra on December 17-23 English 1 month ago
28 Photo Showing Teacher Tape Mask To Student Concerning To Many 9 days ago
29 People walk through flood water in North Sumatra, Indonesia Xinhua | 9 months ago
30 North Sumatra Hit by Moderate Earthquake, BMKG Reports English 2 months ago
31 Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Shakes North Sumatra's Nias English 3 months ago
32 Indonesia – Floods Affect 25000 in Sumatra, 4 Dead in Java – FloodList FloodList 2 months ago
33 Why a Big Mining Project Could Wipe Out Rural Villages in Indonesia Yale Environment 360 10 months ago
34 For an Indigenous group in Sumatra, a forest regained is being lost once more 6 months ago
35 Fleeting Glimpses of Indonesia’s Endangered Orangutans The New York Times 6 months ago
36 Landslide Kills 4 People in North Sumatra English 3 months ago
37 Strong mag. 5.9 earthquake Indian Ocean, 160 km southwest of Nias Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021 12:04 am (GMT +7) 3 months ago
38 Indigenous group faces eviction for 'New Bali' tourism project in Sumatra 3 months ago
39 WATCH: Tik Tok Video Captures Colorado Bear High Fiving Driver New Country 99.1 1 day ago
40 Quake info: Light mag. 4.4 earthquake 34 km southwest of Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Sunday, Aug 29, 2021 8:05 pm (GMT +7) 5 months ago
41 Refugees in North Sumatra express relief as they receive COVID-19 vaccine Jakarta Post 2 months ago
42 Remnant mangrove tree sites show faster recovery post 2004 tsunami in the Nicobar Islands Mongabay-India 3 days ago
43 Indonesia – Thousands Hit by Flooding on Sumatra Island – FloodList FloodList 10 months ago
44 Magnitude 6.6 quake strikes off coast of Indonesia's Sumatra -GFZ Reuters 9 months ago
45 Hydroelectric project in Sumatra risks extinction of world's rarest orangutan Eco-Business 5 months ago
46 Restaurants add new glamor to chocolate desserts Nation's Restaurant News 22 hours ago
47 First smart office building in Medan, North Sumatra, starting from Rp 2.9 billion Jakarta Post 5 months ago
48 Sihayo builds gold picture at North Sumatra project The West Australian 7 months ago
49 The Sikh Community of Sumatra Jakarta Globe 3 months ago
50 OKC Zoo celebrates birth of male Asian elephant calf City-sentinel 4 days ago
51 Sedalia Police Reports For January 28, 2022 23 hours ago
52 At least three killed in landslides on Indonesia’s Sumatra island Al Jazeera English 9 months ago
53 Very strong mag. 6.1 earthquake Indian Ocean, 165 km southwest of Nias Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on 20 Apr 5:58 am (GMT +6) 10 months ago
54 Nine terrorist suspects arrested by Indonesia's special squad Denso 88 in North Sumatra The Star Online 1 month ago
55 Land dispute turns violent as Sumatran Indigenous groups clash with pulpwood firm 8 months ago
56 Interview with Mr. Ony Hindra Kusuma, Dutch Honorary Consul in Medan The Netherlands and You 5 months ago
57 Major magnitude 6.7 earthquake Indian Ocean, 149 km southwest of Nias Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on 14 May 12:33 pm (GMT +6) 9 months ago
58 Tsunami-hit Tonga rekindles memories for University employees University of Miami 5 days ago
59 Quake info: Strong mag. 5.2 earthquake 16 km east of Padangsidempuan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021 12:19 pm (GMT +7) 6 months ago
60 Sorik Marapi geothermal plant reduces electricity cost in North Sumatra, Indonesia ThinkGeoEnergy 2 years ago
61 ‘Farms Are Failing’ as Fertilizer Prices Drive Up Cost of Food The Wall Street Journal 8 days ago
62 3 endangered Sumatran tigers found dead in Indonesia ABC News 5 months ago
63 Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts 6 months ago
64 Rare Sumatran tiger found dead in animal trap in Indonesia The Independent 3 months ago
65 Indonesia aims to rival Changi, Kuala Lumpur in $6bn airport deal Nikkei Asia 2 months ago
66 Tiger King Star Gets Reduction On Murder-For-Hire Plot Sentence New Country 99.1 19 hours ago
67 Photos: 2021—The Year in Volcanic Activity The Atlantic 1 month ago
68 The everyday ingredient that harms the climate BBC News 3 months ago
69 Prepping North Sumatra's Lake Toba as New Tourism Icon English 10 months ago
70 Indonesia's food estate program eyes new plantations in forest frontiers 1 year ago
71 Within a Week, 48 Earthquakes Hit North Sumatra, Aceh: BMKG English 8 months ago
72 Why Muslim-majority Indonesia moved its capital to Nusantara that’s steeped in Hindu heritage Times Now 3 days ago
73 Wildlife seen at Mount Leuser National Park in Indonesia Global Times 3 months ago
74 Covid: Reused nose swab scam busted in Indonesia airport BBC News 9 months ago
75 Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano unleashes new burst of hot ash ABC News 11 months ago
76 Palm Kernel Oil Market Report 2022 Market SWOT Analysis,Key Indicators,Forecast 2027 : Cargill, United Palm Oil Industry Public, Wilmar Internati – The Oxford Spokesman The Oxford Spokesman 16 hours ago
77 North Sumatra becomes major exporter of agricultural commodities Jakarta Post 2 years ago
78 Renewable energy in a rare ape’s habitat raises ethical dilemma The Christian Science Monitor 9 months ago
79 Indonesia’s Sinabung spews column of volcanic ash into sky New York Post 9 months ago
80 Gold mine expansion threatens habitat of world’s rarest great ape Financial Times 3 months ago
81 North Sumatra mother allegedly kills her three toddlers because of economic pressures Jakarta Post 1 year ago
82 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.2 earthquake 60 km south of Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Saturday, Mar 27, 2021 3:46 pm (GMT +7) 10 months ago
83 Indonesia lays out plan to rescue 15 lakes under pressure from human activity 5 months ago
84 How Can Indonesian SMEs Excel in the European Market? The Netherlands and You 7 months ago
85 Indonesia: Floods and Landslides Aug 2021 2 months ago
86 'Conservation litigation' tries to put a true price on wildlife crime 8 months ago
87 Indonesia – Deadly Landslide in West Sumatra – FloodList FloodList 9 months ago
88 North Sumatra travel | Indonesia, Asia Lonely Planet Travel News 9 years ago
89 Long-lost 'Island of Gold' resurfaces in Indonesian river 3 months ago
90 Decaf Coffee Market Size, Scope, Growth, And Forecast To 2029 – The Oxford Spokesman The Oxford Spokesman 4 days ago
91 Indonesian indigenous people fight on despite arrests UCA News 2 months ago
92 Terror groups use alms boxes to collect funds in N. Sumatra: Police Jakarta Post 10 months ago
93 Moderate earthquake hit North Sumatra, tremors felt in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor The Sun Daily 3 months ago
94 Flash flood decimates rows of villas in North Sumatra hamlet Jakarta Post 1 year ago
95 Deforestation spurred by road project creeps closer to Sumatra wildlife haven 1 year ago
96 In Sumatra, forest edge communities must be at the center of conservation efforts (commentary) 1 year ago
97 Indonesia: Death toll from N.Sumatra floods rises to 5 Anadolu Agency 1 year ago
98 The chosen one: Djarot's surprise bid to govern North Sumatra The Interpreter 4 years ago
99 Fisherman's body retrieved from crocodile's jaws in North Sumatra Jakarta Post 1 year ago
100 North Sumatra mining chief caught taking bribe in Indonesia 5 years ago