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1 One coronavirus vaccine may protect against other coronaviruses
2 Northwestern receives $18.1M to study the most common type of heart failure
3 SuperAger study expands nationally with $20 million grant
4 New research will work to prevent gun violence
5 New hope for an antibody to treat muscular dystrophy
6 Northwestern's 'Super Ager' Research Receives $20 Million Grant | Chicago News | WTTW
7 $480M Gift From Insurance Leader Ryan, Wife Is Northwestern University’s Largest Ever
8 Ryans make $25 million gift to name and endow the Robert J. Havey, MD, Institute for Global Health
9 American Heart Association president Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones talks heart health
10 Cross-Protective COVID Immunity: One Coronavirus Vaccine Can Provide Broad Immunity Against Other Coronaviruses
11 Training at the VA: Care for those who served
12 Stunning images show how muscles heal themselves after a workout
13 What led to Bill Clinton's hospitalization? Warning signs of the common infection
14 A new, race-free approach to diagnosing kidney diseases
15 Feinberg Celebrates Founders' Day 2021
16 ‘When should my breastfeeding daughter get vaccinated?’ Dr. Murphy answers viewer COVID-19 questions 10/11
17 Winged Microchip is Smallest-ever Human-made Flying Structure
18 Many US adults worry about facial image data in healthcare settings
19 ‘Would you attend a Thanksgiving dinner in Atlanta?’ Dr. Murphy answers viewer questions 10/4
20 'Break up' with J&J? Some are ready to try Pfizer or Moderna as FDA panel considers boosters.
21 Another Study Suggests Too Much Fish Oil Could Trigger A-Fib
22 ‘How are children with diabetes handling COVID-19?’ Dr. Murphy answers viewer COVID-19 questions 9/27
23 COVID-19 and Vulnerable Communities with Mercedes Carnethon, PhD
24 New Covid cases surge in Minnesota, despite vaccination efforts
25 Northwestern University: John A. Rogers receives State of Illinois’ highest honor
26 AHA Survey: Despite Risks, 60% Of Americans Say They May Delay or Skip The Flu Shot This Year
27 Task force says most people should not take daily aspirin to prevent a heart attack
28 This One State Now Has Pre-Vaccine Levels of COVID | Eat This Not That
29 Survey: 60% of Americans Will Delay or Skip Flu Shot This Year
30 Epicore Biosystems Launches Discovery Patch® Sweat Collection System
31 Northwestern University: Physician-scientist named to National Cancer Advisory Board
32 Year in Review: How Feinberg Scientists Persevered in 2020 with Erin Spain, MS
33 Dr. Murphy discusses Pfizer vaccine for children, hospitalization gap between vaccines
34 Newborns impacted by moms' lack of health literacy
35 Changing recommendations for boosters lead to confusion for the vaccinated and their doctors
36 Local Churches Address Global Health Disparities in the African American Community
37 Etao International Group is Partnering Up with Chinese American Physicians to Deliver Better Healthcare Services to China with Improved Diagnosis, Clinical Experience, and Integrated Services
38 Northwestern University: Study finds discipline disparities in preschool driven by racial bias
39 More than Half of Chicago Parents Support COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
40 Scientists prepare for next coronavirus pandemic, maybe in 2028?
41 Stress of COVID-19 pandemic caused irregular menstrual cycles, study found
42 Chicago doctors critical of booster shot decision, process
43 Coles County reports additional COVID-19 cases | Local |
44 MCC lecture series welcomes Alzheimer's Disease Expert Oct. 13
45 Opinion: The Subtle Virtues of Routine Doctor's Visits
46 Is PCOS Genetic? Here's What We Know So Far, According to Experts |
47 Home: Northwestern Simulation : Feinberg School of Medicine: Northwestern University
48 Iron Status, FGF23 Tied to Cardiovascular Outcomes in CKD
49 New avenue for study of diseases like multiple sclerosis
50 Student athletes become the latest target for school vaccine mandates
51 Abbott recalls COVID PCR tests • Walgreens invests $5 billion in VillageMD • Illinois eyes Facebook for COVID disinformation
52 Hesitancy About COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Highest Among Black Parents
53 Neil Kelleher appointed director of Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
54 Feinberg researchers find COVID-19 strain from Brazil in Chicago
55 HPME faculty terminate program
56 Rural U.S. has more heart failure deaths than urban areas
57 Prenatal Study Shows New Avenue for Targeting Multiple Sclerosis-Like Diseases
58 Worried about the Delta variant?
59 Sossina Haile and Dimitri Krainc awarded Ver Steeg Fellowship
60 Feinberg Again Ranks Among Best Medical Schools in the Nation
61 New protein neutralizes COVID in tiny human kidney
62 Coffee and veggies may protect against COVID-19
63 Northwestern Opens Largest Biomedical Academic Research Building in US
64 Investigating the New Coronavirus with Karla Satchell, PhD
65 NU med school sees big increase in applications
66 'Put needles in arms as quickly as possible'
67 Gift Names Epigenetics Institute at Feinberg
68 Thinking about getting pregnant? First check your risks for heart disease
69 Three feet, not six: A new norm for physical distancing
70 Reducing Firearm Deaths in Children with Hooman Azad
71 Reduce obesity to prevent half of new Type 2 diabetes cases in U.S.
72 First P.1 variant from Brazil identified in Illinois by Northwestern scientists
73 Women and men are each underrepresented in clinical trials of different medical fields
74 Should you to a switch a low-carb diet to help your heart health?
75 The Covid vaccine doesn’t cause infertility, but the disease might
76 Lollapalooza is 'a recipe for disaster'
77 Vaccine playbook: what to expect and when
78 What Is the R.1 COVID-19 Variant? Here's What We Know So Far
79 Life amid the coronavirus
80 Removing masks 'is not a winning strategy' if goal is in-person school
81 COVID-19 vaccine does not damage the placenta in pregnancy
82 Northwestern accepting nominations for $200000 Nemmers Prize in Medical Science
83 Russell Brand Has Become a Powerful Voice for Anti-Vaxxers
84 SuperAger brains resist protein tangles that lead to Alzheimer's
85 No pain, no gain in exercise for peripheral artery disease
86 New Evidence on Eggs and Heart Health with Norrina Allen, PhD
87 Envisioning a new model for campus safety and security
88 In-person Thanksgiving? Don't do it.
89 Class of 2017 Celebrates Commencement
90 Fooling coronavirus with new decoy protein renders it impotent
91 Faculty recognized for diversity, inclusion, service at University
92 One in four doctors attacked, harassed on social media
93 A new wave of regenerative medicine born in movies
94 Black and Mexican American adults develop diabetes at a younger age
95 Northwestern to Advance Our Understanding of the Role of Environment on Genes
96 Feinberg Appoints Inaugural Chief Research Informatics Officer
97 Could birth control pills ease concussion symptoms in female athletes?
98 '2.0' of COVID-19 vaccine quickly kicks immune system into high gear
99 Neurons that respond to touch are less picky than expected
100 Clyde Yancy, MD, on the importance of research for students & residents