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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 ORNL targets electric grid security, EV battery charging Oak Ridger 1 day ago
2 Installation of newest supercomputer underway at ORNL Oak Ridger 2 days ago
3 Hubbard named ORNL deputy for science and tech Oak Ridger 28 days ago
4 ORNL: Updated Exascale Earth Simulation Model Delivers 2X Speed insideHPC 6 days ago
5 ORNL Publishes Overview of AMD-Powered ‘Crusher’ HPC System: 192 EPYC ‘Trento’ 64 Core CPUs, 1536 Instinct MI250X GPUs, 40 PFLOPs Horsepower Wccftech 11 days ago
6 USNC licenses ORNL method to 3D print reactor components Nuclear Engineering 15 days ago
7 ORNL researchers find way to keep vaccines cold for longer WATE 6 On Your Side 21 days ago
8 40 Under 40: Amy Elliott innovates in 3D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Knoxville News Sentinel 20 days ago
9 Polymer upcycling of common plastic adds toughness, recyclability to structural adhesives EurekAlert 5 days ago
10 Oak Ridge National Lab works on cooling vaccines Oak Ridger 5 days ago
11 Khaleel named associate lab director for national security sciences Oak Ridger 6 days ago
12 Supercomputing exposes potential pathways for inhibiting COVID-19 Newswise 16 hours ago
13 ORNL FCU accepting applicants for B.A. Candler and John McKittrick scholarships The Mountain Press 13 days ago
14 Taking on decarbonization in the ag sector: ORNL summit highlights focus areas EurekAlert 13 days ago
15 Scientists use Summit supercomputer, deep learning to predict protein functions at genome scale Newswise 13 days ago
16 Teaching next generation of nuclear engineers how to safeguard nuclear material Mirage News 5 days ago
17 Installation of Exascale Supercomputer 'Frontier' at Oak Ridge National Lab Now Underway Executive Gov 1 month ago
18 ORNL FCU distributes $5M special dividend, pays off auto loans CUNA News 3 months ago
19 Artificially altered material could accelerate neuromorphic device development Newswise 15 days ago
20 $200 Million Says Solid-State Batteries Will Soon Crack Gasmobile Death Grip CleanTechnica 5 days ago
21 Nobel Prize winner used Summit supercomputer at ORNL for research Oak Ridger 27 days ago
22 ORNL representative attends international climate conference Oak Ridger 2 months ago
23 Origin of Kairos Power's planned test reactor? ORNL Oak Ridger 3 months ago
24 Microscopy innovator receives ORNL’s top science honor Oak Ridger 1 month ago
25 Three researchers named ORNL Corporate Fellows Oak Ridger 2 months ago
26 ORNL employees on unpaid leave can return to work Monday, after vaccination policy suspended 2 months ago
27 Energy Secretary visits, praises ORNL research Oak Ridger 2 months ago
28 Seven ORNL technologies win R&D 100 research awards Oak Ridger 3 months ago
29 ORNL director wins award for diversity work Oak Ridger 4 months ago
30 ORNL licenses electric car charging tech to private company Oak Ridger 3 months ago
31 FORNL talk: Neutron measurement at ORNL could astonish physics world Oak Ridger 4 months ago
32 ORNL expertise supports latest IPCC report and efforts to understand, address climate change | ORNL 5 months ago
33 Lab on a chip: ORNL's top commercialization success Oak Ridger 2 months ago
34 ORNL, Y-12, MMC react to executive order on vaccines Oak Ridger 4 months ago
35 Energy Secretary virtually visits ORNL leaders, RMS students Oak Ridger 4 months ago
36 ORNL allows for researcher name changes; includes transgender researchers Oak Ridger 6 months ago
37 Microscopy innovator receives ORNL's top science honor EurekAlert 2 months ago
38 ORNL's AAIMS Group Wins Two Best Paper Awards HPCwire 2 months ago
39 Judge: ORNL employees won’t be able to work until lawsuit plays out WATE 6 On Your Side 3 months ago
40 New Filter Doubles Nuclear Fuel Extractable from Seawater IEEE Spectrum 9 days ago
41 ORNL names Innovation Crossroads cohort of entrepreneurs Oak Ridger 7 months ago
42 ORNL prints concrete wall that saves on air conditioning Oak Ridger 4 months ago
43 ORNL section head touts advantages, safety of nuclear energy Oak Ridger 6 months ago
44 Judge issues temporary restraining order after ORNL employees file lawsuit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate 4 months ago
45 Oak Ridge National Lab suspends vaccine requirement WATE 6 On Your Side 2 months ago
46 Teresa Mathews: Tackling mercury pollution for healthier aquatic ecosystems | ORNL 5 months ago
47 Meet Gina Tourassi, Director of the ORNL National Center for Computational Sciences HPCwire 2 months ago
48 Stable Isotopes Market Size, Growth, Opportunities And Forecast – The Oxford Spokesman The Oxford Spokesman 17 hours ago
49 ORNL team develops low-cost scalable method to join materials in solid-state batteries; electrochemical pulse Green Car Congress 3 months ago
50 Commercial tech successes predicted for OR, Knox Oak Ridger 1 month ago
51 ORNL spin-off's tech approved for use in U.S. nuclear plants Oak Ridger 4 months ago
52 Biden administration uses ORNL data as part of response to devastating tornadoes 1 month ago
53 ORNL at AGU: Making climate models smarter Newswise 2 months ago
54 Bipolar Plates (Fuel Cell Component) Market 2021 Insights & Forecast Research Report 2028 – The Oxford Spokesman The Oxford Spokesman 7 hours ago
55 Songs From the Road Band to Perform at ORNL FCU’s Next Summer Sessions Concert on Sept. 18 Oak Ridger 4 months ago
56 ORNL to partner with University of Oklahoma Newswise 3 months ago
57 Five ORNL scientists to receive DOE Early Career Research awards Oak Ridger 7 months ago
58 Adam Guss: Taming wild microbes for the bioeconomy | ORNL 6 months ago
59 Roane State grad at ORNL, researching thwarting vehicular cyberattacks Oak Ridger 5 months ago
60 Ten ORNL scientists among world’s most highly cited researchers Oak Ridger 2 months ago
61 ORNL, Google and Snowflake Formalize Novel Data Stream Processing Concept HPCwire 2 months ago
62 Lawsuit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate filed by 6 ORNL employees WATE 6 On Your Side 4 months ago
63 VW Working On Wireless Charging Breakthrough With ORNL, UT InsideEVs 3 months ago
64 ColdQuanta's Research as a Service Division Embarks on First Project with ORNL HPCwire 3 months ago
65 EVs dominate list of efficient cars in ORNL 2022 Fuel Economy Guide Green Car Congress 2 months ago
66 ORNL's Amy Elliott receives ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Award Newswise 3 months ago
67 COVID-19: ORNL’s unsung discovery of messenger RNA? Oak Ridger 8 months ago
68 ORNL partners on science kits for kids in rural East Tennessee schools Oak Ridger 8 months ago
69 FORNL lecture Tuesday to address manufacturing innovation at ORNL Oak Ridger 8 months ago
70 ORNL develops unique polymer binder that can be 3D printed into parts with “exceptional strength” 3D Printing Industry 2 months ago
71 How ORNL has boosted U.S. manufacturing Oak Ridger 7 months ago
72 Fusion power: How ORNL, U.S. support ITER project Oak Ridger 7 months ago
73 Oak Ridge National Laboratory builds mapping database with buildings for FEMA disaster aid 5 months ago
74 Agricultural decarbonization gets new emphasis at ORNL Newswise 4 months ago
75 Energy Secretary Granholm visits ORNL in virtual tour of world-class science facilities Newswise 4 months ago
76 Production of crude oil as a percentage of proved reserves: Recent worldwide and US trends Green Car Congress 2 days ago
77 DOE Funds $17.5M for 3 ORNL-led Quantum Research Projects insideHPC 4 months ago
78 ORNL, UT collaborate to make East Tennessee a technology corridor 6 months ago
79 Darwin on fast forward: ORNL study on COVID-19 earns Gordon Bell Special Prize nomination EurekAlert 2 months ago
80 Argonne, ORNL Award Codeplay Contract to Strengthen SYCL Support for AMD GPUs HPCwire 7 months ago
81 Summit at ORNL still No. 2 supercomputer Oak Ridge Today 2 months ago
82 ORNL researchers develop robotic disassembly system for spent EV batteries Green Car Congress 5 months ago
83 ORNL’s Mark Noakes receives Ray Goertz Award from ANS Newswise 2 months ago
84 Oak Ridge National Lab providing vaccines, requiring masks Oak Ridger 6 months ago
85 Scientists at ORNL employ digital esophagus to battle Barrett's Newswise 3 months ago
86 ORNL Researchers Use Stampede2 to Refine Drug Discovery Pipeline HPCwire 7 months ago
87 ORNL Researchers Reach Quantum Networking Milestone in Real-World Environment HPCwire 4 months ago
88 ORNL licenses high-power wireless vehicle charging technology to HEVO Green Car Congress 5 months ago
89 Living laboratory, biodiversity hub: The Oak Ridge National Environmental Research Park Newswise 4 months ago
90 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tuskegee University collaborate on advanced bioderived materials research EurekAlert 2 months ago
91 ORNL Partners on Science Kits for STEM Schools 8 months ago
92 Markforged Appoints Andrew Hally as Chief Marketing Officer to complete Leadership Team Manufactur3D 11 days ago
93 Josephine Isabelle Elliott Jones | Obituaries | The Albany Herald 1 day ago
94 ORNL Invites Student Scientists, Experts to Enter Smoky Mountains Data Challenge HPCwire 9 months ago
95 ORNL Using AI, Big Data Research Tools to Enable Materials Science Discoveries HPCwire 9 months ago
96 ORNL researchers develop way to recycle lithium-ion batteries safely 8 months ago
97 Judge limits unpaid leave for unvaccinated workers at ORNL WATE 6 On Your Side 3 months ago
98 Superheavy science: ORNL's actinide abilities enable the discovery of new elements EurekAlert 2 months ago
99 Roy Exum: ORNL 'One-Ups' Blue Cross The Chattanoogan 4 months ago
100 ORNL: Catalyst holds promise for ethanol-to-jet fuel conversion | Biomass Magazine 8 months ago