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1 New study will track moms and babies from birth to aid future generations, researchers hope
2 'We fight back': Tennessee Baby Doe case reaches $35M settlement with drugmaker Endo
3 COVID-19 highlights benefits of breastfeeding
4 Stevenage new town 75: Welch family tree
5 Our view: Aiding our Afghan allies | Editorials |
6 The Complete Guide To Generation Alpha, The Children Of Millennials
7 FACT SHEET: How the Biden-Harris Administration Is Advancing Educational Equity
8 Raven Story stamp, Willie Nelson, Hells Angels: News from around our 50 states
9 Baby Boomer Definition: Years & Date Range
10 Increasing Propaganda Raises Serious Concerns for the Human Rights of Baha'i's in Iran
11 Opinion | Learning to Be a Mother Can Take Generations — and Sometimes, Distance
12 Protecting the Next Generation | Harvard Medical School
13 Best Etsy Baby Gifts: 22 Top-Rated Baby Items
14 Why should one follow a vaccine schedule?
15 Hobson's Choice: Theatre on the go for the summer
16 Does seeing adults in masks impact young children's development?
17 What's Happening: Your 10-day forecast for July 30-Aug. 11, 2021
18 The COVID-19 pandemic has already created a disadvantaged generation
19 DNR Kicks Off Water Quality Month With Safe Water For All Campaign; Announces Panel Series
20 This woman has fostered 81 infants over three decades: ‘I remember them all’
21 9 Standout Artists at L.A.’s Felix Art Fair
22 Childhood neglect leaves generational imprint: Distinct neural connectivity found in the babies of mothers who experienced neglect as children
23 Young adults worry it's 'morally wrong' to have children, Earth Day study finds
24 Will babies born during the pandemic live with long-term trauma?
25 Teaching Parents to Be Responsive: A Network Meta-analysis
26 Letters to the Editor: It takes courage to speak up about mental health
27 Why women are owning the podium for Canada at the Tokyo Olympics
28 High levels of toxic heavy metals found in some baby food: U.S. report
29 Genetic Counselling, A Future Prescription
30 Two COVID-19 Vaccines Show Safety, Strong Immunity in Infant Model
31 The demographic case for investing in America’s children
32 A new age of genetic screening is coming — and we don’t have any rules for it
33 Study: Childhood neglect leaves generational imprint
34 It’s time to recognize the damage of childbirth, doctors and mothers say
35 The 'smart' baby technology raising today's children
36 Wrexham Music Studio Focused on Inspiring Disadvantaged Children
37 Generational trauma can change the brain circuitry of an unborn baby an unborn baby, generational trauma
38 The COVID-19 war on children
39 Why the 2020 election is the Boomers' last stand
40 How safe is your baby food?
41 Childhood neglect affects brain development over generations
42 Generation Alpha: The Children of the Millennial
43 Mother-and-baby homes: Questions raised over deleted recordings
44 Industry Ag News 7/30
45 First Nations families need support to stay together, before we create another Stolen Generation
46 From baby boomers to millennials: Which generation speaks to you?
47 What Does it Mean to Be a Millennial Parent?
48 Baby sleep aids are big business. But companies are peddling a fantasy.
49 Building Resilience for Generations: The Tip of the Chromosome | American Journal of Psychiatry
50 3 generations of adoptions and counting in this Western New York family
51 Racial Disparities Have Been Found in Screening for Postpartum Mood Disorders
52 Chimpanzee moms are like us: They mourn, dote, and take 'me' time.
53 Office of the Governor | Key Stakeholders and Advocates Come Out in Support of First Lady Tammy Murphy's Nurture NJ Maternal and Infant Health Strategic Plan
54 USC researchers: in-utero exposure to the coronavirus could affect aging
55 How baby boomers ruined parenting forever
56 South Africa needs to change direction on maternal health to solve child malnutrition
57 Baby born at Sanford Health with COVID-19 antibodies
58 Minnesota is first state to stop separating moms in prison and babies
59 Opinion | What Are Sperm Telling Us?
60 To fight poverty, we need a two-generation strategy | TheHill
61 New report finds many states fail infants and toddlers
62 The Coronavirus Generation
63 First baby born with COVID-19 antibodies to a woman partially-vaccinated with Moderna vaccine
64 Why We Expect Our Children To Live
65 Oh Baby! The Influence of Millennial Moms
66 Neuroscientists Discover Why Moms Take Risks to Protect Their Infants
67 Air pollution exposure during pregnancy may boost babies' obesity risk
68 Parents Erupt Over FDA Failure To Regulate Toxic Metals in Food
69 Midday Edition Special: Racism Fuels Black Maternal And Infant Health Crisis
70 Fisher-Price baby soothers and gliders recalled after four infant deaths
71 Pediatric research: The solution to the overuse of antibiotics might start with newborns
72 A History of Cribs and Other Brilliant and Bizarre Inventions for Getting Babies to Sleep
73 WHO stresses improved coverage of Hepatitis B birth dose vaccination
74 Covid-19 News: Supplies of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Will Be Limited at First, Officials Warn
75 Police warn about infant deaths from unsafe sleeping conditions
76 Groundbreaking program 'Baby Court' helps reunify families
77 Sleep Hygiene vs Summer Weather on Today with Claire Byrne
78 Babies like baby talk. That’s from a UCLA study. Now you know.
79 Combining data from several studies shows increase in BMI in children over generations
80 Our Ongoing Health Crisis: Fossil Fuels
81 Next Post: A Proclamation on National Agriculture Day, 2021
82 Eviction During a Pregnancy Is Dangerous for Women and Newborns
83 Senate Democrats call for FDA action on high levels of heavy metals in some baby food | TheHill
84 Kajal for Babies: Safety, Alternatives, Risks for Newborns
85 Black Infant Health Program
86 The Apology: from Baby Boomers to the Handicapped Generations
87 The Basic Facts About Children in Poverty
88 Infant and child health status ahead of implementation of an integrated intervention to improve nutrition and survival: a cross-sectional baseline assessment
89 Part 2: Evidence shows major baby food makers ignored warnings about toxic contamination
90 What America’s declining fertility rate means for the economy, family
91 Is Height Genetic? Why and Why Not?
92 The Best Montessori And Child Development Toys For Babies, Toddlers And Kids 2021
93 The Bread of Life and the Grace Elevator
94 Report skewers industry, FDA over heavy metal levels in baby food
95 Why Having Babies Is Controversial in 2021
96 Did Home Economics Empower Women?
97 How the ‘Crack Baby’ Myth Criminalized Black Women and Destroyed Families
98 Maternal Stress During Pregnancy Linked to Infant Illness
99 Unmarked Graves at Residential Schools in Canada: What to Know
100 Oman sees 55% fall in hepatitis patients