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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Obamacare enrollment hits record high after Biden makes post-Trump tweaks to health insurance program CNBC 6 days ago
2 Obamacare Deadline Is Saturday, and Subsidies Boost Sign-ups The New York Times 10 days ago
3 Obamacare is proving popular in red states that didn't expand Medicaid CNN 11 days ago
4 OPINION: Texans turn to Obamacare without Medicaid expansion Beaumont Enterprise 18 hours ago
5 The White House COVID Test Website, Like Obamacare Website Before It, Not Smooth Launch. KABC 5 days ago
6 Bookman: Crank hypocrisy alarm up as Kemp takes credit for Obamacare insurance access Georgia Recorder 4 days ago
7 2021 produced good news?? Yes, a more muscular Obamacare | Moran 22 days ago
8 Lower premiums, more choices on Obamacare exchanges for 2022 as Democrats battle to extend generous subsidies CNN 3 months ago
9 Obamacare Enrollment Hits Record 13.6 Million With Another Sign-Up Month Go Forbes 1 month ago
10 Health insurers balk at Quinn Emanuel's 'astronomical' $185 million fee award Reuters 3 days ago
11 Opinion | How Being Sick Changed My Health Care Views The New York Times 5 days ago
12 The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas The New Republic 3 hours ago
13 Obamacare Is Here to Stay. Brace for New Health Care Battles. The New York Times 7 months ago
14 Are Mississippians getting fed up over the lack of Medicaid expansion? Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal 1 day ago
15 More than 2 million Americans sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage under Biden's special enrollment period CNN 6 months ago
16 After hitting an Obamacare record, Biden's top health administrator eyes further expansion CNN 5 months ago
17 Affordable Care Act exchanges seeing record interest in heavily subsidized 2022 coverage CNN 2 months ago
18 Obamacare enrollment deadline for 2021 coverage is Sunday CNN 5 months ago
19 Georgia Medicaid work requirement waiver lawsuit launched | WXIA 2 days ago
20 Obamacare sign-ups top 1 million during special enrollment period for COVID-19 USA TODAY 9 months ago
21 Record number of people signing up for Obamacare KKTV 11 News 1 month ago
22 Special Affordable Care Act subsidies available for unemployed Americans starting July 1 CNN 7 months ago
23 Biden made 'Obamacare' cheaper, now sign-up deadline is here ABC News 5 months ago
24 More than 500,000 people have signed up for Obamacare coverage during Biden's special enrollment period CNN 10 months ago
25 Obamacare Marketplaces to See More Choices, Competition in 2022, Analysts Say Morning Consult 4 months ago
26 Remember when Trump wanted to kill Obamacare? It’s growing like crazy now Tampa Bay Times 4 months ago
27 A call center helps Americans access Obamacare. They struggle to afford their own insurance. NBC News 2 months ago
28 Adam Laxalt runs as '51st Senate seat' to block Biden Washington Examiner 2 hours ago
29 How Biden wants to build Obamacare back better Politico 2 months ago
30 House Democrats propose making permanent expanded ObamaCare subsidies | TheHill The Hill 5 months ago
31 Thank Goodness for Phony Passion The Dispatch 3 hours ago
32 Record 31 million Americans have health-care coverage through Affordable Care Act, White House says The Washington Post 8 months ago
33 New Enrollees in Obamacare Exceed Half a Million The New York Times 10 months ago
34 Obamacare is on pace for record enrollment. Here's why CNN 1 month ago
35 Obamacare Helps Cigna Weather Pandemic Forbes 6 months ago
36 How Obamacare Helped Americans With Disabilities TIME 6 months ago
37 UnitedHealth Group To Expand Obamacare To Seven New States In 2022 Forbes 5 months ago
38 Obamacare Prices Continue to Fall The Pew Charitable Trusts 8 months ago
39 Opinion: Republicans should embrace Medicare-for-All The Connecticut Mirror 9 hours ago
40 Politicians use COVID-19 to raise cash. Is that healthy? The Pasadena Star-News 22 hours ago
41 Obamacare draws 200k new signups | TheHill The Hill 10 months ago
42 Biden’s Special Obamacare Sign-Up A Pandemic Boost To Health Insurers Forbes 6 months ago
43 Biden's special Obamacare enrollment period opens Monday. Here's what you need to know CNN 11 months ago
44 Why Democrats’ Medicare and health care bill ideas are shrinking — and drug prices may not 3 months ago
45 Could the coming 'red wave' election become a 'red tsunami'? | TheHill The Hill 6 days ago
46 Near Obamacare anniversary, Biden delivers significant change to health coverage NBC News 11 months ago
47 Did Obamacare Expand Access to Insurance for Minorities? In Some U.S. States, Hardly at All U.S. News & World Report 6 months ago
48 Pelosi pivoting to health care in a piecemeal approach to Biden's agenda Washington Times 4 days ago
49 Senate Democrats working on a Medicaid compromise to cover those in coverage gap through Obamacare plans CNN 3 months ago
50 On ObamaCare, Democrats Defy the Supreme Court The Wall Street Journal 2 months ago
51 Biden pitches a new Obamacare enrollment plan Politico 7 months ago
52 Diagnosis for 1.23.21: Checking the pulse of Florida health care news and policy Florida Politics 13 hours ago
53 Obamacare keeps getting more expensive Quartz 10 months ago
54 Obamacare’s About to Get a Lot More Affordable. These Maps Show How. The New York Times 10 months ago
55 Billions in New Obamacare Subsidies Are Now Available on The New York Times 10 months ago
56 UnitedHealthcare returning to Illinois Obamacare exchange Chicago Tribune 3 months ago
57 Biden Stimulus Rescue Plan Makes Obamacare Free for Many : Planet Money : The Indicator from Planet Money NPR 9 months ago
58 Congressional Budget Office Confirms The Folly And Waste Of Expanded Obamacare Subsidies Forbes 3 months ago
59 Supreme Court: A new lawsuit attacking Obamacare is a serious threat to the law 10 months ago
60 The new Obamacare? Here’s what to know about Bidencare BenefitsPro 11 months ago
61 The new COVID relief bill has slashed Obamacare health-insurance premiums -- that's good news for early retirees MarketWatch 10 months ago
62 Fate of Obamacare in Limbo: Fight at Supreme Court Explained Bloomberg Law 8 months ago
63 ObamaCare still desperately needs fixing | TheHill The Hill 10 months ago
64 Why Biden’s 2021 Affordable Care Act special enrollment period is so important 10 months ago
65 Democrats Try to Push Through Biggest Healthcare Overhaul Since Obamacare Barron's 4 months ago
66 Uninsured or underinsured? Stimulus funding has boosted affordability of Affordable Care Act The Florida Times-Union 9 months ago
67 Sign-ups for Biden's Obamacare special enrollment period nearly triple CNN 11 months ago
68 Build Back Better? Fix Medicaid First The Wall Street Journal 15 hours ago
69 Broad Coalition of Health Industry Groups Calls for Obamacare Expansion The New York Times 11 months ago
70 Obamacare would get a big (and quiet) overhaul in the Covid relief bill NBC News 11 months ago
71 Analysis | How Obamacare Survived Trump and What Biden Is Doing Now Washington Post 10 months ago
72 Analysis | The Health 202: Boosted Obamacare subsidies could soon be available at Washington Post 11 months ago
73 Obamacare has survived over 2,000 attempts to kill it CNN 7 months ago
74 Manchin's offer to Biden included universal pre-kindergarten and Obamacare expansion, but no child tax credit CNN 1 month ago
75 At Last, Democrats Get Chance to Engineer Obamacare 2.0 The New York Times 11 months ago
76 Biden plans to reopen Obamacare enrollment CNN 12 months ago
77 Deaf Patient's Claim for Hospital's Lack of Interpreter Advances Bloomberg Law 6 days ago
78 66,000 Mainers enroll in first year of state health insurance marketplace Yahoo News 5 days ago
79 Opinion | Democrats' risky strategies show they never learned their lessons from Obamacare The Washington Post 3 months ago
80 Biden signs order to reopen Obamacare in 2 weeks—here’s what you need to know CNBC 12 months ago
81 Plugging Obamacare's biggest hole poses dilemma for Democrats POLITICO 7 months ago
82 Biden Expands 'Obamacare' by Cutting Health Insurance Costs U.S. News & World Report 10 months ago
83 Overnight Health Care — Judge pauses federal employee vaccine mandate The Hill 3 days ago
84 Remember the Debacle? Its Legacy Haunts the Biden Plan. The New York Times 10 months ago
85 'Whole different ballgame': Dems vow they've learned Obamacare lessons in messaging $1.7T megabill POLITICO 2 months ago
86 What Does The 'War' Over Obamacare Reveal About Our Governing Bodies? NPR 11 months ago
87 InnovationRx: 13.6 Million Obamacare Sign-Ups; Plus, FDA Authorizes Pfizer's Covid Pill Forbes 1 month ago
88 There may be hope yet Barriere Star Journal 2 days ago
89 Obamacare Subsidies: Six Reasons Congress Should Not Make Temporary Increases Permanent 8 months ago
90 Obamacare: Everything You Need to Know About the ACA Before Voting Healthline 1 year ago
91 Momentum builds for new COVID-19 relief for businesses | TheHill The Hill 3 hours ago
92 Oscar Health To Expand Obamacare To Three New States In 2022 Forbes 5 months ago
93 Column: Counterpoint Biden is doing more than you think 5 days ago
94 How Obamacare Has Lowered Out-of-Pocket Expenses Healthline 10 months ago
95 If the Supreme Court Ends Obamacare, Here’s What It Would Mean The New York Times 7 months ago
96 Obamacare, in Its First Big Test as Safety Net, Is Holding Up So Far The New York Times 7 months ago
97 Obamacare Enrollment Opens, With Costs Generally Lower The New York Times 1 year ago
98 Obamacare 2.0, a New Healthcare Shakeup, Is on Democrats' Agenda Newsweek 11 months ago
99 Quinn Emanuel Gets Full $185 Million Award in Obamacare Case Bloomberg Law 4 months ago
100 Biden's predecessors could have felt his first-year pain NPR 22 hours ago