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1 Paper on climate model's warming bias co-authored by Dr. Christy is top download
2 Royal Society of Chemistry launches new open access atmospheric chemistry journal
3 Hot and dry: SPIRou reveals the atmosphere of hot Jupiter Tau Boötis b
4 Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change
5 Science News Releases
6 The Week of July 26, 2021
7 Florida find: Baby shark nursery for hammerheads
8 Climate Change Will Make Lightnings More Frequent, Deadlier Over India
9 Realizing Machine Learning's Promise in Geoscience Remote Sensing
10 As coastal flooding worsens, some cities are retreating from the water
11 Baby shark? Turns out Miami’s Biscayne Bay is a nursery for young hammerheads
12 Call for Papers on Machine Learning and Earth System Modeling
13 Hindawi and Maverick announce open access publishing services collaboration
14 Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Australia and the US — hard sciences are under attack around the world
15 Addressing Racism Inside Climate Science
16 Focused on author choice & research quality, AAAS announces new OA policy
17 Moonfish in Oregon: Rare sighting of 100-pound opah
18 Exploiting radiative cooling for uninterrupted 24-hour water harvesting from the atmosphere
19 Air Pollution Is Harming People in the Global South at an Alarming Rate. A Climate School Project Wants to Help
20 BASC Spring 2021 Meeting
21 Atmospheric aging enhances the ice nucleation ability of biomass-burning aerosol
22 Wolters Kluwer to publish two open access journals in collaboration with Shandong University
23 New analysis discusses role of managed retreat as a climate change response
24 China's EarthLab begins trials as country's first facility exploring Earth system interactions
25 Biophysical Society announces new open access journal Biophysical Reports
26 US urged to invest in sun-dimming studies as climate warms News
27 Special Collection on Open Collaboration Across Geosciences
28 Disseminating Scientific Results in the Age of Rapid Communication
29 Toward practical stratospheric aerosol albedo modification: Solar-powered lofting
30 RIO Journal 5 years on: over 300 published outcomes from all around the research cycle
31 Wolters Kluwer and Chinese Medical Association to publish new open access journals Cardiology Discovery and Infectious Diseases & Immunity
32 NASA reboots its role in fighting climate change
33 The Future of Critical Zone Science: Call for Papers
34 Plastic waste in the sea mainly drifts near the coast
35 Transient HCl in the atmosphere of Mars
36 How to navigate authorship of scientific manuscripts
37 2020 was a record-breaking year for ocean heat | NCAR & UCAR News
38 Isotopic evidence for acidity-driven enhancement of sulfate formation after SO2 emission control
39 COVID-19 cut pollution in 2020, warming the atmosphere
40 Tiny particles that seed clouds can form from trace gases over open sea
41 Soot from heaters and traffic is not just a local problem
42 Robot Uses Pneumatic RAM to Play Piano
43 Paul J. Crutzen (1933–2021)
44 UW Researchers Find Wildfire Smoke is More Cooling on Climate Than Computer Models Assume | News
45 Arctic warming and diminishing sea ice are influencing the atmosphere
46 Wednesday, July 21, 2021
47 Ten computer codes that transformed science
48 Study helps to better understand the link between indoor and outdoor air quality
49 The Ocean Womxn program – supporting a new generation of black oceanographers
50 Fevers are plaguing the oceans — and climate change is making them worse
51 Why Contribute to a Scientific Book?
52 Alaska thunderstorms could triple if climate trends continue, scientists warn
53 Trace gases from ocean are source of particles accelerating Antarctic climate change
54 Global Effects of Disruptions to the Stratospheric Circulation
55 Redox state of Earth's magma ocean and its Venus-like early atmosphere
56 Precise multispecies agricultural gas flux determined using broadband open-path dual-comb spectroscopy
57 IOP Publishing and the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory launch open access journal
58 A 20-Year-Old Climate Mystery Has Finally Been Explained
59 Response of surface ozone concentration to emission reduction and meteorology during the COVID‐19 lockdown in Europe
60 Building a Better Model to View Earth's Interacting Processes
61 Effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on fine particulate matter concentrations
62 Flying a helicopter on Mars: NASA's Ingenuity
63 Most nitrogen in Gulf of Mexico comes from coastal waters
64 The Evolution of Water Resources Research
65 The Company of Biologists launches new journal websites
66 Remote and local drivers of Pleistocene South Asian summer monsoon precipitation: A test for future predictions
67 Quantifying the influence of short-term emission reductions on climate
68 Global Changes in Secondary Atmospheric Pollutants During the 2020 COVID‐19 Pandemic
69 The Hot Debate Over Solar Geoengineering and Its Impact on Climate
70 On calm days, sunlight warms the ocean surface and drives turbulence
71 Mystery gamma rays could help solve age-old lightning puzzle
72 Study predicts the oceans will start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs
73 Alaska thunderstorms may triple with climate change | NCAR & UCAR News
74 AAAS announces new Science Partner Journal, Ultrafast Science
75 Simple atmospheric dynamics foretell dangerously hot future for the tropics
76 Research scientists analyze possible connection between solar variability and La Nina
77 Researchers Are Uncovering a Plastic Cycle in the Atmosphere
78 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
79 Mars helicopter kicks up 'cool' dust clouds — and unexpected science News 16 JUN 21
80 Nonlinear modulation of COVID‐19 transmission by climate conditions
81 News at a glance
82 Harvesting drinking water from humid air around the clock
83 Exciting New Developments for AGU Books Program
84 Earth Science Is Ready for Preprints
85 Ice core data show why, despite lower sulfur emissions in US and Western Europe, air pollution is dropping more slowly
86 Huge Atmospheric Rivers Could Quicken Antarctic Ice Melt
87 Atmospheric CO2 levels from 2.7 billion years ago inferred from micrometeorite oxidation
88 Research brief: New insight on the impacts of Earth's biosphere on air quality
89 Introducing the New Editor in Chief of JAMES
90 Earth's atmosphere rings like a giant bell, say researchers – Physics World
91 New study shines light on hazards of Earth's largest volcano: Researchers find that a large earthquake could set off eruption of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano
92 Anthropogenic climate change is worsening North American pollen seasons
93 A Research Strategy for Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestration Meeting 4
94 Smoke from Australian fires turned up the heat in the southern sky
95 2020 Ties for Hottest Year on Record, NASA Says
96 'Space hurricane' in Earth's upper atmosphere discovered: Analysis reveals swirling mass of plasma above the North Pole
97 A large meteoritic event over Antarctica ca. 430 ka ago inferred from chondritic spherules from the Sør Rondane Mountains
98 High-resolution ocean model provides insight into sea turtles' lost years
99 Soot from Asia travels express on a highway to the high Arctic
100 The Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society revamped on ARPHA Platform