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1 NFT Marketplace OpenSea Offered $10 Billion Valuation — The Information
2 Christie's + Opensea collaborate on first-ever on-chain NFT auction.
3 What Every Crypto Buyer Should Know About OpenSea, The King Of The NFT Market
4 OpenSea extends NFT dominance with $10B cumulative volume
5 Presearch integrates OpenSea NFT search feature
6 Buju Banton Creates His First NFT Artwork on The First and Largest NFT Platform
7 French Luxury Fashion Brand Givenchy Drops 15 NFTs on OpenSea
8 Top Google Result for NFT Marketplace OpenSea Was a Phishing Site
9 Top 5 Most Traded Metaverse NFT Collections on OpenSea
10 AviTron Joins the NFTs craze; launches NFTs publishes 4 items on OpenSea marketplace – Hypergrid Business
11 DNA as NFT: Artist Rachel Rossin Logs Her Genome on the Blockchain
12 How to Create and Sell NFTs for Free
13 Pokémon NFTs are Now Available to Buy on OpenSea
14 OpenSea NFT Marketplace Dominates Ethereum Burn Rankings
15 Parcel Challenges OpenSea in Bid to Rule Virtual Property in the Metaverse
16 OpenSea causes 10% of all Ethereum burn as sales jump 100% in 24 hours
17 Spellfire Creates 100 Rare NFT Cards to Sell on OpenSea – Sponsored Bitcoin News
18 NFT Pirate Bay sees millions flock to prank site mocking digital assets
19 Spellfire NFT Collectibles on OpenSea — a Modern Twist to CCG By CoinQuora
20 Tupac NFTs Offered On Openseas: Rare Snaps From 2Pacalypse Now Show
21 SpaceApes is now OogaVerse and takes the NFT Market by storm
22 Rare ancient coins as NFT's listed on OpenSea
23 Oriental art ignites the global market
24 Fashion and Beauty Firm Vogue Singapore to Drop NFT Covers via Opensea – Blockchain Bitcoin News
25 Romanus Numerus Brings Historical NFTs To OpenSea Through A BitColors Collaboration By BTC Peers
26 Renowned Artist Red Hong Yi Announces the Launch of her Latest Memebank NFT for Sale on OpenSea marketplace
27 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says new NFT marketplace could be bigger than its cryptocurrency business
28 Cult favourite ‘Pulp Fiction’ is dropping seven Secret NFTs on OpenSea
29 Weekly World News Launches its First NFT Collection on OpenSea Monday, Nov. 29th at High Noon ET
30 A Curator Allegedly Minted Unauthorized NFTs of Art by Anish Kapoor and Others. Now, He May Get Slapped With Lawsuits
31 OpenSea, amid insider trading controversy, rolls out NFT marketplace app
32 Man Upset That Hackers Stole His Bored Ape NFTs
33 Top Ten Weekly NFTs By Weekly Sales: Bored Apes, Mutant Apes Continue Strong Sales, Wolf Game And Doodles
34 The US Government Made It Illegal to Buy These NFTs
35 A Metaverse Wolf? That'll Be $80000 in Ethereum, Please
36 OpenSea raises $100M at $1.5B valuation for NFT marketplace
37 Polka-dotted Crocs and the war over copyrights in NFT art
38 Ghostface Killah x Fake Rare Pepe NFT Drops for Black Friday
39 The Pontifex Carpet NFT OpenSea Morrow Collective Zuleya
40 Singer JJ Lin spends $123000 on virtual real estate, after a record $3.3m metaverse land was similarly sold
41 Why are poker players obsessed with CryptoPunk NFTs?
42 OpenOcean launched its Atlantic version to deliver superior DeFi trades and swaps
43 Dogs of Elon Price Up Over 800%, NFTs Minted & Listed on Opensea for Over $700000
44 OpenSea fixes vulnerabilities that could let hackers steal crypto with malicious NFTs
45 Justice for OpenSea
46 Coinbase NFT: Analyst claims this could hurt 'wildfire NFT adoption'
47 Blockchain-Powered Metaverse Hub “AlphaVerse” Set to Launch in 2022 — Inaugural Charity NFT Partnership with United at Home Launching November 18, 2021 on Opensea
48 Origami Rhino NFT Drop #2
49 Studio behind ‘early access’ crypto game Blankos Block Party banks monster $1.25B valuation from a16z
50 Crypto marketplace OpenSea raises $23 million to be the ‘Amazon of NFTs’
51 Moon Landing initiative brings neurodiversity to NFTs and supports art nonprofits
52 OpenSea Marketplace Review: What's in It for You?
53 How to buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea
54 Snoop Dogg Debuts NFT on SuperRare on view During Miami Art Week
55 From Stable to the Open Sea
56 OpenSea Active Users Surging Again as More Flock to NFTs
57 OpenSea CEO Says Era of 'Pure Collectible NFTs' Is Over
58 The NFT scammers are here
59 NFTs: OpenSea Founder Shares How to Value Tokens, Next Big Trends
60 OpenSea, world’s largest NFT marketplace, sells artwork praising Hitler
61 FTX teases potential Ethereum ‘blue-chip’ NFT listings on native marketplace
62 OpenSea To Expand Beyond Ethereum, Eyes 'Broadening' of Marketplace – CEO
63 Game Asset Trading Platform Market 2021-2026: Dmarket, OpenSea, Enjin, CoinDesk, Bakkt, BitMax, Bittrex, Interdax, Devexperts, ErisX, Bit Mon Ex, Ledger Vault, Kraken, MMOGA, GAEX, Bryllite Platform, – Energy Siren
64 Ethereum Layer 2 Project Boba Network Hits $1B Locked
65 OpenSea now has a free NFT app available for download
66 Scammers Impersonate OpenSea Customer Support
67 OpenSea’s daily volume is exceeding its 2020 total
68 Adobe partners with OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces to display content credentials
69 NFT Marketplace OpenSea to Add Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol for Gas-Free Trading
70 Collins Dictionary has announced its word of the year 2021, and it’s NFT
71 Introducing Artrade, the Gasless NFT Social Media & Marketplace Platform
72 Gannett Launches Non-Fungible Tokens in Collaboration With American Artist Peter Tunney
73 South Korea’s leading blockchain facing greater competition in NFT market
74 OpenSea delists DAO Turtles project citing financialization concerns
75 Secret Network Partners with OpenSea to Launch Secret NFTs
76 NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review
77 NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club: How To Make Billions In NFT Art
78 CryptoPunks clone PolygonPunks booted from OpenSea marketplace
79 OpenSea Review & Beginner's guide 2021
80 Crypto payments startup MoonPay raises $555M at a $3.4B valuation
81 Illuvium Price Up 40% Amid $2 Million Investment From Polemos
82 With Coinbase Earnings, We've Got an OpenSea of Opportunity
83 OpenSea Halts Trading On NFT Project, Leaving Worries Of Regulation
84 NFT Marketplace CEO Explains Why The Industry Is Moving Beyond Ideological Purists
85 OpenSea Investigating Exec Over Potential Trading Scandal
86 Would-Be NFT Millionaires Throw Darts and Hit Duds
87 Klaytn NFTs Are Now Coming to OpenSea
88 The marketplaces people are using to buy and sell NFTs
89 Cloned CryptoPunks are back on OpenSea marketplace after DMCA counter notice
90 OpenSea Raises $23M in Funding
91 P2P NFT Marketplace OpenSea Reaches Record $3.4B in Gross Merchandise Volume, More than Most Publicly-Traded
92 UX of selling NFTs on OpenSea could be optimised, claims Built for Mars
93 Will sell tomorrow?
94 Visa buys a $150k NFT as Opensea passes $1bn turnover for August
95 Flow Announces Its OpenSea-like Marketplace Called BloctoBay
96 Valid Points: OpenSea, Arbitrum and Layer 1 Wars
97 [WATCH] Introducing the OpenSea Mobile Application to Discover and View NFTs Collections on Demand
98 Flow NFTs Are Coming to OpenSea – Press release Bitcoin News
99 OpenSea Dumps Pepe The Frog NFT Series
100 Adventure Gold Price Up 29%, Shows Strong Support at $3