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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Lawmakers Defying Public Opinion on Defense Spending National Defense Magazine 24 hours ago
2 Opinion | Death Changed My Life The New York Times 1 day ago
3 Opinion: Remembering the Wayne Barrett I Knew City Limits 5 hours ago
4 Opinion | Joe Biden Would Like to Know What Your Problem Is The New York Times 12 hours ago
5 The spectacular rise and fall of Aaron Rodgers CNN 19 hours ago
6 Opinion | Is the U.S. on the Verge of a Civil War? The New York Times 1 day ago
7 Putin confronts the mud of Ukraine CNN 1 day ago
8 Opinion | What Japan Got Right About How Covid-19 Spreads The New York Times 12 hours ago
9 Opinion | Biden has failed to defeat covid-19 as promised. Here's how he must shift his strategy. The Washington Post 9 hours ago
10 Opinion | Sorry, progressives. The criminal justice system is unlikely to save us from Trump. The Washington Post 6 hours ago
11 In Ukraine, one question looms: What will we do if Russia attacks? CNN 6 hours ago
12 Opinion: COVID is stressing Georgia children. How can adults help? Atlanta Journal Constitution 6 hours ago
13 Opinion | Biden should resist the calls for war with Russia The Washington Post 2 hours ago
14 Opinion | Fiona Hill: For Russia’s President Putin, It's Not Just About Ukraine The New York Times 16 hours ago
15 Opinion | Biden pivots away from BBB and voting rights The Washington Post 9 hours ago
16 Opinion | Behind the latest GOP restrictions on race teaching: A hidden, toxic goal The Washington Post 3 hours ago
17 Opinion: this is the most heartbreaking Bills’ playoff loss of my lifetime Buffalo Rumblings 6 hours ago
18 Opinion: My arrest and aborted prosecution underlined 3 lies Iowa is propagating about animal agriculture Yahoo News 21 hours ago
19 Talk of the County reader opinion: 'They were led there by a lying leader who couldn't accept an election loss like a grown-up' Chicago Tribune 7 hours ago
20 Opinion | How Do You Mourn a 250-Year-Old Giant? The New York Times 12 hours ago
21 Investors are feeling too giddy about the economy CNN 7 hours ago
22 Opinion | I never forget my gender as a woman in STEM: Academia The Stanford Daily 17 hours ago
23 Opinion | Why I Finally Broke Up With the Beatles The New York Times 12 hours ago
24 Guest Opinion | Tim Brick: It's Time to Reestablish the Pasadena Water Department – Pasadena Now Pasadena Now 9 hours ago
25 Opinion: Solving our persistent school funding crisis CT Post 17 hours ago
26 Opinion | Should Addiction Be Viewed as a Disease? The New York Times 5 hours ago
27 There is no 'commonwealth' in Kentucky without truth. Why we must teach the truth | Opinion Courier Journal 7 hours ago
28 Subways are Not Homeless Shelters | Opinion Newsweek 11 hours ago
29 Opinion | As long as journalists are killed with impunity, free societies everywhere will suffer The Washington Post 1 day ago
30 Opinion | Kristi Noem personifies the Republican Party's problem The Washington Post 21 hours ago
31 What Will We March for Next Year? | Opinion Newsweek 10 hours ago
32 #LetUsTalk: Stop Silencing Iranian Women | Opinion Newsweek 10 hours ago
33 Opinion | It's time for a drone strike reckoning Daily Illini 9 hours ago
34 Opinion: Solehi School Board Ignored Teachers, Students, Hospitals, Doctors Saucon Source 8 hours ago
35 Opinion | Here's how you grill Republicans on voting rights The Washington Post 7 hours ago
36 Opinion: Others could learn from LSU | Opinion | The Reveille, LSU's student newspaper 20 hours ago
37 Opinion | The Systemic Realities Created by Legal Abortion The New York Times 2 days ago
38 Opinion: Comedy is losing its charm with censorship Utahstatesman 7 hours ago
39 NFL World Reacts To Colin Cowherd’s Controversial Opinion The Spun 4 hours ago
40 Opinion | The legal walls are closing in around Trump The Washington Post 1 day ago
41 Opinion | What Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Reveal About Venture Capitalism The New York Times 12 hours ago
42 Where have all the workers gone? | Opinion 8 hours ago
43 Opinion | Cartoon by Tim Campbell The Washington Post 1 day ago
44 The Pennsylvania legislature needs to pass charter reform | Opinion 9 hours ago
45 Opinion: No, Modi-ji, We Did Not Get Independence In 2014 NDTV 13 hours ago
46 Retirees in the U.S. do not live on 'fixed incomes' MarketWatch 4 hours ago
47 Opinion: Crucial action on health care worker shortage is missing from ambitious legislative priorities Des Moines Register 7 hours ago
48 OIG Quietly Revises Bases for Rejecting Advisory Opinion Requests Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP 7 hours ago
49 Advice to grad students for managing burnout and stress (opinion) Inside Higher Ed 14 hours ago
50 Wavegarden, King's Landing projects should add to Fort Pierce's coolness factor | Opinion TCPalm 11 hours ago
51 Opinion: Avoid the rent control trap Worcester Business Journal 10 hours ago
52 Speak Out reader opinion: If Kinzinger and Cheney are heroes, so are Manchin and Sinema Chicago Tribune 6 hours ago
53 Opinion | Confederate heritage groups should not decide the fate of toppled monuments The Washington Post 1 day ago
54 Opinion | Distinguished pols of the week: Rising stars from Georgia The Washington Post 1 day ago
55 Opinion | Democrats should not give up on voting rights now The Washington Post 1 day ago
56 Opinion: With Tennessee Titans' window shrinking, faith in Ryan Tannehill weakens Yahoo Sports 1 day ago
57 NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics – Rental income: Opinion 21-98 The Daily Record (Rochester, N.Y.) 10 hours ago
58 Opinion | Pakistan’s Army Is Trying to Balance the U.S. and China The New York Times 1 day ago
59 Opinion | Republicans are embarrassed to tell us what they are for The Washington Post 5 hours ago
60 Opinion | UC's COVID-19 policies continue to fail our community The News Record 19 hours ago
61 Opinion | Tough Decisions About End-of-Life Care The New York Times 2 days ago
62 Legal trends for the games industry in 2022 | Opinion 8 hours ago
63 Talk of the County reader opinion: Republicans used to be 'hunky-dory' with filibuster, but now it's 'the end of the world' Chicago Tribune 5 hours ago
64 Putin is lying -- Western sanctions have been hurting Russia's economy MarketWatch 4 hours ago
65 Has the Palestinian 'apartheid assault' backfired? opinion 24 hours ago
66 The Real Price of 'Made in China' | Opinion Newsweek 9 hours ago
67 Israel must ready a preemptive strike against Hezbollah opinion 1 day ago
68 Opinion: A new GMO labeling rule takes effect, but food anxieties remain AGDAILY 9 hours ago
69 Opinion | Farewell, André Leon Talley The New York Times 2 days ago
70 Opinion | How Did We Fail So Badly? Emily Oster and Ashish Jha on America’s Covid Response. The New York Times 12 hours ago
71 Opinion: Apple should poach Peloton’s talent for Fitness+ without the bike business baggage 9to5Mac 3 hours ago
72 If you think that glass of wine is good for you, it's time to reconsider CNN 20 hours ago
73 Responsible investing is less important than you think --- but there's plenty you can do instead MarketWatch 6 hours ago
74 Opinion | What’s Happening on the Left Is No Excuse for What’s Happening on the Right The New York Times 5 days ago
75 Utah Lake Restoration Project welcomes constructive criticism |Opinion Deseret News 3 hours ago
76 History shows Mitch McConnell is not the civil rights champion he claims to be | Opinion Courier Journal 8 hours ago
77 Opinion: Buckhead City would be step backward for metro, state Atlanta Journal Constitution 17 hours ago
78 What Can Be Done About K-12's Looming Tech Nightmare? (Opinion) Education Week 11 hours ago
79 Opinion | Iowa Republicans need to focus on real issues rather than patriotism UI The Daily Iowan 21 hours ago
80 Opinion: Sea shanties written for the digital age NPR 2 days ago
81 Opinion | Can We Turn a Desert Into a Forest? The New York Times 1 day ago
82 Opinion | Twitter's First Year Without Trump Was a Lot Like Its Last With Him POLITICO 2 days ago
83 OPINION: Fall quarter should've been an extraordinary circumstances quarter, too Dailyuw 14 hours ago
84 Opinion | Youngkin's use of executive orders to appease the GOP base comes with many downsides The Washington Post 7 hours ago
85 Cryptocurrencies Won't Destroy Banks, They Will Modernize Them | Opinion Newsweek 9 hours ago
86 Joss Whedon just ruined 'Buffy' for me CNN 2 days ago
87 Opinion | Ann Coulter Is Rooting for a Trump-DeSantis Throw-Down. She’s Not Alone. The New York Times 1 day ago
88 Opinion | Sleep And Rest Are Important for Kids The New York Times 4 days ago
89 Opinion | How Being Sick Changed My Health Care Views The New York Times 6 days ago
90 Aaron Rodgers Made His Opinion On President Biden Very Clear The Spun 1 day ago
91 Opinion | The 'Havana syndrome' is still a mystery. It is too soon to stop investigating. The Washington Post 1 day ago
92 Opinion: To assess marine cloud brightening's technical feasibility, we need to know what to study—and when to stop 1 day ago
93 Opinion: California's misguided rooftop solar debate San Francisco Examiner 3 hours ago
94 Editorial: City decision could affect future | Opinion | Cody Enterprise 3 hours ago
95 Opinion | Ignore the hawks, Mr. President. You're right on Ukraine. The Washington Post 2 days ago
96 Opinion: Private schools are poised to help with teacher shortage Des Moines Register 8 hours ago
97 Opinion | Trump, DeSantis and the feud that isn't The Washington Post 2 days ago
98 Hiking with the hassidim opinion 2 days ago
99 Opinion | Why Trump Is Headed for the Ditch Once Again POLITICO 4 days ago
100 Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says his opinion on COVID-19 has 'changed immensely' The Cincinnati Enquirer 2 days ago