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1 Portland metro Friday traffic: Oregon wants your opinion on long-range transportation policies 2 days ago
2 Opinion: Oregonians deserve transparency in how Education Department spends funds KATU 19 hours ago
3 Opinion: We won’t surrender our city to People for Portland’s bleak vision 18 days ago
4 Guest Opinion: Oregon courts put public health and local democracy in danger The News Guard 1 day ago
5 Opinion: Portland’s Cleveland High School needs a name change 4 days ago
6 Opinion: Proposed measure would remove exemptions from Oregon’s animal cruelty laws 4 days ago
7 Opinion: Anti-hunting, ranching initiative would devastate Oregon’s family farms 18 days ago
8 Opinion: Oregon must capitalize on historic manufacturing opportunities, investments 14 days ago
9 Opinion: Let Measure 110 show its worth before rush to judgment 25 days ago
10 Judicial panel upholds Oregon Democrats’ new US congressional districts OPB News 11 days ago
11 OPINION: Diesel trucks are big polluters. Oregon can change that Pamplin Media Group 20 days ago
12 Opinion: Let’s not give up on the Class of 2024 28 days ago
13 Lack of Candor Dooms Man's Bid for Admission to Oregon State Bar Bloomberg Law 2 days ago
14 Oregon City resident: Let the people be heard on tolling Pamplin Media Group 2 days ago
15 Opinion: Lloyd Center was a mall for a different moment 21 days ago
16 Opinion: Grand Ronde’s ancestral hunting and fishing rights should be restored 7 days ago
17 Pac-12 Championship: How tough is beating same team twice | Opinion Deseret News 5 days ago
18 Utah football: Why Utes will sink No. 3-ranked Oregon Ducks | Opinion Deseret News 16 days ago
19 Letters: There but for the grace of God; Oregon needs a public health care option; Teachers, students depend on you; End steer roping; Column got it right The Bulletin 1 day ago
20 Opinion: Compassion for homeless means action, not neglect 14 days ago
21 Column: Oregon's Main Streets could still use help St. Helens Chronicle 12 days ago
22 Opinion: Invest in the community to stem gun violence 11 days ago
23 Editorial: Should Oregon divest from fossil fuels and other companies? The Bulletin 8 days ago
24 Opinion: Portland Thorns leadership must earn back fans’ trust 28 days ago
25 Opinion: From the CEO of Tofurky, Oregon businesses need Build Back Better Act to help tackle rising costs. Portland Business Journal 17 days ago
26 Letters to the Editor: Camping, health care and SB 844 Statesman Journal 2 days ago
27 The cutting edge of comics journalism: Steve Duin column 6 days ago
28 Editorial: Another chance to change how Oregon sells liquor The Bulletin 22 days ago
29 Pac-12 bowl projections: Utah’s headed to the Rose Bowl, but it (maybe-possibly) could turn murky from there The Mercury News 1 day ago
30 Editorial: PPS must hold firm against teachers union proposal to cut in-person school 2 days ago
31 Editorial: Portland Public Schools’ pullback on vaccine mandate is the right call 21 days ago
32 Readers respond: Let states decide abortion policies 3 days ago
33 Guest Column: Examine the data and findings about houselessness The Bulletin 5 days ago
34 BYU football: Kalani Sitake has Cougars where they belong | Opinion Deseret News 2 days ago
35 Opinion: A Frida-centric arts season isn’t real representation for Latinos 25 days ago
36 Editorial: Community-building is as important as ever in Season of Sharing 2021 7 days ago
37 Readers respond: Homeless money needs accountability 26 days ago
38 Editorial: Would higher car insurance rates be worth reducing possible discrimination? The Bulletin 5 days ago
39 Readers respond: Support for capital gains tax 2 days ago
40 Readers respond: Military experience is valuable 3 days ago
41 Legislative Opinion: Infrastructure: What's in it for you? Oregon Observer 14 days ago
42 Editorial: Police accountability initiatives need city’s attention 14 days ago
43 Editorial: Task force produces some progress on homelessness The Bulletin 3 days ago
44 Congress Should Look To Oregon In Addressing Jan. 6 Jamestown Post Journal 22 days ago
45 Editorial: Does Gov. Brown have the right answers to possible evictions? The Bulletin 3 days ago
46 Readers respond: Governor ignores crime victims 23 days ago
47 Unrest in Portland as Kyle Rittenhouse verdict divides US The Guardian 16 days ago
48 Washington’s moment to shine in offshore wind energy The Seattle Times 13 days ago
49 Opinion: Portland needs your help now 4 months ago
50 Opinion: Another broken promise to tribes 2 months ago
51 Tentative opinion suggests Oregon’s new congressional map could be upheld OPB News 1 month ago
52 Opinion: Mask culture should become part of Oregon culture 4 months ago
53 Opinion: Shifting Oregon-Idaho border can help us all live in peace 5 months ago
54 Opinion: Oregon gives a cold shoulder to love letters 3 months ago
55 Editorial: Stay the course, Oregon 4 months ago
56 Opinion: Oregon isn’t immune to reproductive oppression 1 month ago
57 Opinion: The high cost of policing – on those who do the job 4 months ago
58 Opinion: The critical decision looming before the PERS Board 5 months ago
59 Editorial: A tale of two Oregons 4 months ago
60 Opinion: More police, expanded alternatives must be part of gun violence response 3 months ago
61 Opinion: Death penalty ruling doesn’t diminish Oregon voters’ role 2 months ago
62 Opinion: Knocked down, but let’s get back up, Portland 1 month ago
63 Opinion: ‘Cover All People’ is Oregon’s next step toward health equity 6 months ago
64 Opinion: Governor must take stronger measures on COVID 4 months ago
65 Who's in the College Football Playoff? Michigan, Alabama, Georgia and Cincinnati USA TODAY College 7 hours ago
66 Opinion: Faster action needed on homelessness crisis, starting with 5 critical steps 3 months ago
67 Opinion: It’s time to address Newberg schools’ tradition of trauma 2 months ago
68 Editorial: Portland City Council’s pointless preening 3 months ago
69 Opinion: State’s overcautious COVID stance hurts students and their education 5 months ago
70 Opinion: Community and collaboration in restoring Portland’s downtown 2 months ago
71 Opinion: Equity initiatives at stake as conservatives take school board seats 4 months ago
72 Opinion: Oregon’s beavers our ‘ecological engineers' 5 months ago
73 Opinion: A year after Portland’s 100 days of protest, time to recommit to action 2 months ago
74 Opinion: A police force sized for a Portland of 50 years ago 2 months ago
75 Our opinion: Post-pandemic, let's keep virtual testimony before Oregon's lawmakers Pamplin Media Group 4 months ago
76 Opinion: Reconciling Oregon’s lynching history calls for abolishing death penalty 1 month ago
77 Opinion: Clemency would help correct Oregon’s mistreatment of young people 2 months ago
78 Dumbing Oregon Down The Wall Street Journal 4 months ago
79 Opinion: Portlanders should welcome small-scale shelters – starting in their own neighborhoods 4 months ago
80 Opinion: What’s really driving the Oregon State Hospital crisis 6 months ago
81 Editorial: The blunder limiting Portland Street Response 4 months ago
82 Opinion: Let’s keep Oregon moving forward and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill 2 months ago
83 Opinion: The kicker will be bigger than ever. Let’s use it for good. 3 months ago
84 Opinion: Governor, Legislature must act to stem eviction crisis amid rent assistance backlog 1 month ago
85 Opinion: Remembrance as a step toward reconciliation of an Oregon lynching 6 months ago
86 Opinion: Fostering community, connection and safety for the school year ahead 4 months ago
87 Opinion: Public involvement can help prevent gerrymandering in Oregon 3 months ago
88 Opinion: Busting a few myths about homeless people by someone who is homeless 5 months ago
89 Opinion: A social media uproar, a book challenge in Roseburg 1 month ago
90 Opinion: Report on federal response to Portland protests first step in needed overhaul 2 months ago
91 Opinion: A changing, better Oregon Way includes diversity KATU 4 months ago
92 Opinion | The West Is on Fire. It’s Past Time to Act on Climate Change. The New York Times 4 months ago
93 Opinion: Lasting solutions – not quick fixes – needed for homelessness crisis 3 months ago
94 Opinion: Expedite ‘test-to-stay’ and stop quarantining healthy students 1 month ago
95 Opinion: Exodus of mental health workers needs state response 2 months ago
96 Opinion: Building a city government that Portlanders can trust 1 month ago
97 Opinion: A united front from Portland and Seattle business groups to ‘build back better’ 3 months ago
98 Opinion: Wear a mask to protect kids and community 7 months ago
99 Trump-Loving Oregon County Wants to Emulate Portland Bloomberg 5 months ago
100 Editorial: The death penalty debate Oregonians didn’t get to have 2 months ago