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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Ethiopia's Oromia Region Imposes Curfew Due to Tigray Conflict Bloomberg 16 days ago
2 News: Oromia State decides leadership, people to join the fight “to save country” 29 days ago
3 Ethiopia Is Breaking Up. It Doesn't Have to Be Violent. Foreign Policy 3 days ago
4 Oromia temporarily lifts curfew, detainees remain behind bars The Reporter Ethiopia 10 days ago
5 Ethiopia: Access Snapshot Southern Oromia, Guji and West Guji zones (as of 15 October 2021) Ethiopia 28 days ago
6 Separatists from Ethiopia's Oromia region plan to advance on Addis Ababa — media TASS 28 days ago
7 Ethiopia crisis deepens as nine groups form anti-government alliance CNN 25 days ago
8 Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), the other group fighting federal forces Africanews English 22 days ago
9 Compliance of retails & associated quality of Amoxicillin | DHPS Dove Medical Press 18 hours ago
10 How to Pull Ethiopia Back From the Brink: Washington Must Help End the War Foreign Affairs 6 days ago
11 Acid-fast bacilli positivity rate among leprosy cases | IDR Dove Medical Press 27 days ago
12 Ethiopia: Benishangul Gumuz Region (BGR) Access Snapshot (January October 2021) 5 days ago
13 Ethiopia: Boy Publicly Executed in Oromia Human Rights Watch 6 months ago
14 Analysis: Drought in Somali region hits hardest in Dawa zone, kills thousands of livestock, threaten a humanitarian crisis 18 hours ago
15 Ethiopian PM said to complain: War criminals among those brought to Israel The Times of Israel 22 days ago
16 OLF “Shane” reportedly attacking civilians in Wollega 16 days ago
17 Ethiopia's Oromia region is volatile ahead of elections Deutsche Welle 6 months ago
18 Kenya: Blinken Decries Military Escalation in Ethiopia in Phone Call With Kenyatta 3 days ago
19 Ethiopia “neutralizes” 170 suspected rebels: state media 29 days ago
20 News Alert: SoE Operation Command announces nationwide suspension of ID issuance as of today, firearm registration in a week 25 days ago
21 MONDA: Why democracy is dangerous concept in Ethiopia The Star, Kenya 3 days ago
22 WARIO MALICHA The Children of Orma 18 days ago
23 Ethiopian gov’t : Significant gains in the battle against TPLF forces in Afar, Amhara 20 days ago
24 General coordinator (M/F) Ethiopia 20 hours ago
25 Why young Ethiopians in Oromia and Sidama fought for change The Conversation CA 6 months ago
26 Breaking: Oromia re-elects Shimeles Abdisa as regional president, elects Sa’ada Abdulrahman new speaker, deputy speaker of Caffee 2 months ago
27 Ethiopia: Anti-government forces edge closer to Addis Ababa, amid international ceasefire calls Daily News Egypt 26 days ago
28 News: Days before the formation of a new regional government, Oromia says it is ready to pardon members of ‘Shanee’ 2 months ago
29 Ethiopia Declares Tigray, Oromia Groups Terrorist Organizations Bloomberg 7 months ago
30 An Ethiopian American Refugee Longs For Her Homeland NPR 8 months ago
31 Update On The Logic Behind Events In Ethiopia – OpEd Eurasia Review 8 days ago
32 Ethiopian federal government launches airstrikes against Tigray forces Egypttoday 21 days ago
33 France urges citizens to leave war-hit Ethiopia 'without delay' New Straits Times Online 7 days ago
34 Worsening violence in western Ethiopia forcing civilians to flee 9 months ago
35 More than 210 killed in violence in western Ethiopia: Commission 3 months ago
36 Ethiopia: Understanding Oromia’s mayhem after Hachalu’s murder The Africa Report 11 months ago
37 EIEP: Prosperity Party's win is a loss for Oromia—and Ethiopia Ethiopia Insight 3 months ago
38 News: Residents in Horo Guduru zone say Eritrean troops are persecuting civilians: Regional Government denies allegations; blames TPLF, ‘Shene’ 6 months ago
39 Oromia 11 creates new TV network for Oromo community in Minnesota—and beyond. Sahan Journal 10 months ago
40 News Analysis: Between accusations, denials, renewed violence along Oromia-Somali border area claims 4 lives, displaces hundreds 1 month ago
41 Ethiopia announces partial second round vote that includes Amhara, Oromia regions Africanews English 2 months ago
42 Analysis: Oromia region police declares victory in Southern Oromia; Residents, OLF claim fresh deployment of Eritrean Soldiers 6 months ago
43 News Analysis: Oromia regional gov’t claim voluntary youth recruitment, region’s Opposition dispute claim, depict process as conscription 4 months ago
44 Ethiopia to finance and build $200m agro-industrial park in Oromia GCR 9 months ago
45 News: Rights Commission expresses concern for civilians after killing of 29 people in east Wollega, Oromia state in two separate attacks 2 months ago
46 News Analysis: Borana Zone of Oromia region reports over 4000 cattle deaths due to shortage of rain 2 months ago
47 Feature: Conscription, forced contributions to army & aid obstruction aggravate starvation in Borana, Oromia; local admins blame “enemy propaganda” 2 months ago
48 News: Days after Rights Commission report of massive crackdown on civilians, security forces in Oromia execute a young man in public view ; Zonal, City admin officials justify the act 7 months ago
49 Olusegun Obasanjo meets TPLF chiefs as Ethiopia claims new war victory The East African 10 days ago
50 Children, TDF soldiers among thousands detained in Oromia, Ethiopia Garowe Online 3 months ago
51 More Than 210 Killed in Violence in Western Ethiopia Voice of America 3 months ago
52 Ethiopia: Oromia Plants 2.2 Billion Seedlings AllAfrica 5 months ago
53 Ethiopia: Commission Envisions Oromia Preferred Tourist Destination 5 months ago
54 Ethiopian security forces kill 119 suspected rebels: local media Xinhua | 8 months ago
55 Tigray forces get boost as Oromia army pledges support Garowe Online 4 months ago
56 News: Debre Birhan prohibits movement without resident ID as of today 5 days ago
57 News: Oromia Special Forces in East Wollega kill a high-school student days before he sits for school leaving exam 9 months ago
58 People Rally in Different Cities in Oromia to Denounce OLA's Alliance with TPLF - Walta Information Center 3 months ago
59 News: Amhara & Oromia PP engage in war of words as relative peace returns to violence hit areas 8 months ago
60 Nurse autonomy in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. | NRR Dove Medical Press 6 months ago
61 EHRC expresses concern over treatment of detainees in Oromia The Reporter Ethiopia 7 months ago
62 Ethiopia: News Update Thousands of Children, Women & Elderly Face Malnutrition in Borana, Oromia 2 months ago
63 Gunmen kill 30 people in western Ethiopia, witnesses say 8 months ago
64 OLF condemns OLA “violence” in Oromia, Ethiopia 3 months ago
65 Why is ethnic violence surging in Ethiopia? 8 months ago
66 News: More than 40 civilians killed in western Oromia; regional gov’t, OLA rebels trade blame 9 months ago
67 ETHIOPIA: KRCC finances the irrigation of 5,000 hectares of farmland in Oromia AFRIK 21 5 months ago
68 South Africa, Kenya urge ‘immediate’ Ethiopia ceasefire Citizen 6 days ago
69 Ethiopia: The Oromo Liberation Army is not a terrorist organisation The Africa Report 4 months ago
70 Ethiopia regions send troops to back fight with Tigray rebels 5 months ago
71 Esophageal cancer in Arsi Zone, Oromia, Central Ethiopia | CMAR Dove Medical Press 8 months ago
72 Ethiopia: News Analysis Weeks After Rights Commission Expressed Concerns Over the Security Situation of Civilians in East Wollega, Communal Violence Breaks Out in Kiramu Woreda 2 months ago
73 News: As Jawar continue hunger strike Oromia region sees multiple protests demanding their release, justice for slain artist Hachalu 10 months ago
74 Opposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia The Reporter Ethiopia 9 months ago
75 News: Nearly 540,000 displaced in Benishangul Gumuz; 1.4 m people in SNNPR need assistance; & 51,000 secondary displacement in Wellega, Oromia: UN 3 months ago
76 Ethiopia: Who and what is behind the Oromia crisis – a view from Abiy’s camp The Africa Report 1 year ago
77 News: Oromia Police rearrests OLF members again after Oromia Supreme Court dismisses charges and order their release 8 months ago
78 A hidden war threatens Ethiopia's transition to democracy The Economist 2 years ago
79 With a new mandate, Abiy can usher a new era of hope in Ethiopia 4 months ago
80 In Abiy's Ethiopia, press freedom flourished then fear returned Reuters 6 months ago
81 UNPO: Oromo: OLF Denounces the Killings in Western Oromia UNPO 1 year ago
82 News: OLF accuses gov’t of fresh crackdown on its members; Oromia region says measures taken on several dozen rebel members, thousands arrested across region 11 months ago
83 News: Oromia police arrest OLF’s PR bureau head, his driver. Both didn’t appear in court 8 months ago
84 Ethiopia: Communications Shutdown Takes Heavy Toll Human Rights Watch 2 years ago
85 In depth analysis: Three years of broken promises, anger compound Oromo IDPS displaced after violence ravaged Oromia-Somali regions. 9 months ago
86 News: Humanitarian access in Guji, Oromia deteriorating, armed groups occupy number of health centers: UN 6 months ago
87 Ethiopia Needs a Constitutional Convention to End Ethnic Divisions Foreign Policy 8 months ago
88 Ethiopia: The wider battle of which the Tigray war is just a part African Arguments 8 months ago
89 PM thanks his supporters for solidarity rallies staged in Oromia - Walta Information Center 10 months ago
90 Ethiopia: Concern grows over health of jailed political leaders 10 months ago
91 Call the Crime in Oromia Region by its Name: Ongoing Genocide! 1 year ago
92 Care providers' Perspectives on Abuse of Women During Birth | IJWH Dove Medical Press 17 hours ago
93 "The blood flowing in Oromia is our blood too": Why Oromo-Amhara solidarity is the greatest threat to the Ethiopian government African Arguments 5 years ago
94 Pushing boundaries in Ethiopia's contested capital Ethiopia Insight 5 months ago
95 Ethiopia: Victory for the Oromo will come from winning hearts and minds, not terrorising people The Africa Report 6 months ago
96 Ethiopia: Rape, extrajudicial executions, homes set alight in security operations in Amhara and Oromia Amnesty International 2 years ago
97 Who killed Ethiopian opposition leader in Oromia? 10 months ago
98 Human Immunodeficiency Virus and syphilis | JBM Dove Medical Press 4 months ago
99 US Embassy Team Visits Geothermal Operations Site in Oromia Region - Walta Information Center 9 months ago
100 Ethiopia’s Oromo protest, demand freedom for jailed leaders WTOP 2 months ago