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1 Outriders’ 1,700 Word Essay On A Single Overpowered Perk Is Worth Reading
2 ‘Outriders’ Is Now Saying It’s Getting An Expansion Without Saying It’s Getting An Expansion
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7 Patch Notes and Servers Down For Outriders Update Today (September 2)
8 Outriders Upcoming Update Changes Previewed by People Can Fly
9 Outrider opens first-in-industry test site dedicated to distribution yard automation
10 Lorraine's Lowdown: It's a ruff job
11 ‘Outriders’ Devs: Future Content Would Be ‘Significant Expansions With Self-Contained Stories’
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13 Outriders review
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15 'Outriders' Is Finally Fixed, But At 2% Of Its Launch Playercount
16 Outriders (for PC) Review
17 Outriders May Be ‘Over,’ But It Still Deserves An Expansion
18 Square Enix calls Outriders its "next big franchise" as it reaches 3.5m unique players
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20 ‘Outriders’ Review (Xbox Series X): A Legendary Drop
21 Yes, It’s Time To Give ‘Outriders’ Another Chance After Its Legendary Patch
22 I’m Ditching 30 Hours Of PS5 ‘Outriders’ Demo Progress For Xbox Series X
23 Developer finally accepts that Outriders' grind is just too much
24 ‘Outriders’ Now Says It Will Be ‘Expanding In The Future’
25 One Month Later, Outriders Still Can’t Catch A Break
26 Review: ‘Outriders’ a surprising loot shooter that has darker moments
27 Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Outriders’
28 Outriders' next patch makes the grind for legendaries a lot easier
29 Outriders And When ‘Not A Live Service Game’ Is A Live Service Game
30 ‘Outriders’ Has Pulled A Rare Reverse-Anthem
31 ‘Outriders’ Dev Doesn’t Know Sales, Hasn’t Been Paid Royalties By Square Enix
32 ‘Outriders’ Is Now Teasing ‘New Horizon,’ A Possible Content Expansion
33 Yes, ‘Outriders’ Will Debut On Xbox Game Pass, But With A Catch
34 ‘Outriders’ Has Probably Run Its Course For Now, Barring Changes Or Additions
35 'Outriders' demo end date, platforms, file size, and how long it's available
36 ‘Outriders’ Is Maddening Because It’s Just So Close
37 Wait, Is ‘Outriders’ Launching On Xbox Game Pass?
38 13 hours in, I'm still waiting for Outriders to get good
39 Outriders' loot and crafting system is brilliant
40 The Next (Last?) Patch ‘Outriders’ Needs
41 Outriders Can’t Catch A Break
42 ‘Outriders’ Wants Players To Pick Between Two Legendary Anti-Duplication Systems
43 Outriders proves, once again, that online-only singleplayer sucks
44 People Can Fly details Outriders' expansive demo ahead of next week's launch
45 Outriders beginner’s guide, tips and tricks for dominating the campaign
46 ‘Outriders’ Delivering 26+ Borderlands-Style Mass Buffs For All Classes Next Patch
47 Square Enix Says ‘Outriders’ Is A Hit And Its ‘Next Big Franchise’
48 Outriders is weighed down by bugs: review
49 'Outriders' Is Grinning Through the Apocalypse
50 Why Outriders isn't just a Destiny knock-off
51 ‘Outriders’ Is Now Giving Out God Roll Legendaries Like Candy To Everyone
52 Outriders’ Next Big Patch Is Delayed, But For Good Reason
53 Here’s What The Next ‘Outriders’ Patches Are Buffing And Fixing
54 ‘Outriders’ Patch Brings Massive Player Buffs, Gifts Free Legendaries
55 ‘Outriders’ Endgame Advice: One Thing You Need To Know
56 ‘Outriders’ Is Finally Buffing Legendary Drop Rates In A Big Way
57 There’s A Weird Catch With Outriders’ Upcoming Legendary Drop Changes
58 10 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Outriders
59 Outriders’ Mega Buff Patch Notes Are Finally Here, Patch Live Now
60 ‘Outriders’ Is Better, Here’s What It Still Needs
61 Outriders' inventory wipe restoration is finally rolling out
62 ‘Outriders’ Patch Notes: Free Legendary, Technomancer And Trickster Nerfs
63 An ‘Outriders’ Firepower Trickster Build For Insane Tier 15 Damage
64 Metro Moves: Shea Homes targets RidgeGate
65 Outriders is a third-person cover shooter you really shouldn't play as a third-person cover shooter
66 The MCU Just Made Wakanda Feel Tiny Before Black Panther 2
67 Outriders offers interesting loot from the start
68 ‘Outriders’ Patch Notes: Stopping Loot Trolls, Legendary Drop Rate, Player Buffs In Testing
69 Get guaranteed legendary gear with this Outriders Legacy quest guide
70 The Growing Sense That Outriders Could Be ‘The One’
71 So How Is The ‘Outriders’ Endgame Looking?
72 ‘Outriders’ Shows Why Games Still Need Offline Modes
73 ‘Avengers’ But Not ‘Outriders’ Expansion Content Being Shown At Square Enix E3 2021
74 Outriders armour has been bugging out, but there's a simple solution
75 Outriders’ Playercount Is Dropping, But It’s Surprisingly Healthy Overall
76 30 Fast Changes For An ‘Outriders’ Dream Patch
77 Best Outriders classes: Choose the best path
78 ‘Outriders’ Has A Legendary Problem
79 Outriders is the anti-cover shooter
80 Someone has played the Outriders demo for 254 hours so far
81 ‘Outriders’ Nerfing Golem, But Also Snipers And Knockback Enemies
82 ‘Outriders’ Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Live Service, So Why Is It So Stingy?
83 Outriders Could Really Use A Self-Revive
84 ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Now Has More Players Than ‘Outriders’ On Steam
85 Outriders dev reveals new lore video, reacts to demo reception
86 ‘Outriders’ Patch Notes: Skill And Enemy Fixes, AFK Banishing
87 ‘Outriders’ Reveals Pre-Loading And Launch Times For Release On All Platforms
88 An ‘Outriders’ Warning So Your Damage And HP Isn’t Cut In Half
89 ‘Outriders’ has right ideas but wrong execution | Video Game Odyssey
90 Everything You Need to Know About Outriders Before Release
91 ‘Outriders’ Once Said It Didn’t Want To Be The ‘Grind 300 Hours For One Item’ Game
92 Outriders: The Outriders' Legacy Quarry Location
93 'Outriders' fixes two of the worst things about modern online games
94 ‘Outriders’ Patch Notes: Damage Mitigation Fix, But Not Much Else
95 Outriders' Xbox Game Pass Success was 'Pleasant Surprise' for Square Enix
96 Outriders griefers are kicking players out of endgame missions before they can get their loot
97 Outriders Should Have A Horde Mode (And Other Thoughts)
98 Deathloop: Beginner's Tips And Tricks
99 I’ve ‘Beaten’ The Outriders Endgame Now, And It Feels Great
100 ‘Outriders’ Details Its Extremely Complicated Inventory Wipe Restoration Plan