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1 Year in Review: Multiple Sclerosis | MedPage Today MedPage Today 3 hours ago
2 Outdoor PM2.5 concentration and rate of change in COVID-19 infection in provincial capital cities in China | Scientific Reports 2 days ago
3 Dose–response association between moderate to vigorous physical activity and incident morbidity and mortality for individuals with a different cardiovascular health status: A cohort study among 142,493 adults from the Netherlands PLoS Blogs 5 hours ago
4 Loneliness, sadness, and feelings of social disconnection in older adults during the COVID‐19 pandemic Wiley 2 days ago
5 Contextualizing cross-national patterns in household climate change adaptation 8 hours ago
6 Impact of Obesity on Heart Transplantation Outcomes DocWire News 18 hours ago
7 Effectiveness of Mobile Health Applications for 5% Body Weight Reduction in Obese and Overweight Adults DocWire News 18 hours ago
8 Skyrizi receives MHRA approval for psoriatic arthritis Hospital Healthcare EuropeHospital Healthcare Europe 11 hours ago
9 Do Academic Centers Affect Racial and Insurance-based Survival Disparities in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer? DocWire News 10 hours ago
10 Next-Gen MRD Testing Predicts Acute Leukemia Relapse After CAR-T MedPage Today 1 day ago
11 Convergence of undulatory swimming kinematics across a diversity of fishes 1 day ago
12 Tryptophan metabolism and bacterial commensals prevent fungal dysbiosis in Arabidopsis roots 1 day ago
13 Discrepancies in Work-Family Integration Between Female and Male Orthopaedic Surgeons DocWire News 2 days ago
14 NICE Recommends First Targeted Adjuvant Treatment for Lung Cancer Medscape 14 hours ago
15 Interleukin-1β promotes lung adenocarcinoma growth | JIR Dove Medical Press 15 hours ago
16 Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Dec 01, 2021 CIDRAP 1 day ago
17 Living alone or together during lockdown | PRBM Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
18 Temporal self-compression: Behavioral and neural evidence that past and future selves are compressed as they move away from the present 2 days ago
19 NT-proBNP as a marker for atrial fibrillation and heart failure in four observational outpatient trials DocWire News 2 days ago
20 Want Expectant Moms to Quit Smoking? Pay Them Physician's Weekly 14 hours ago
21 Significance and probable functions of HCG18 in NAFLD | DMSO Dove Medical Press 12 hours ago
22 Antibody responses to BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine: infection‐naïve individuals with abdominal obesity warrant attention Wiley 3 days ago
23 Obstetrical outcomes and maternal morbidities associated with COVID-19 in pregnant women in France: A national retrospective cohort study PLoS Blogs 2 days ago
24 Hormone-replacement therapy and breast cancer incidence. | IJWH Dove Medical Press 6 hours ago
25 Digital medical history implementation to triage orthopaedic patients during COVID‐19: Findings from a rapid cycle, semi‐randomised A/B testing quality improvement project Wiley 2 days ago
26 Motor Unit Integrity in Multifocal Motor Neuropathy: A Systematic Evaluation with CMAP Scans DocWire News 18 hours ago
27 Young women with T2DM at greater risk of mortality following AMI: Study Medical Dialogues 21 hours ago
28 BMI in patients with localized prostate cancer may predict likelihood of receiving treatment, quality of life Urology Times 1 day ago
29 Clinical Challenges: Huntington's Disease Affects Women and Men Differently MedPage Today 1 day ago
30 Akari Therapeutics Presents New Data Revealing Potential Mechanism of Action Driving Serious Exacerbations Across Lung Disorders Yahoo Finance 1 day ago
31 Novel AUA Risk Groups for Localized Renal Cancer Validated by Mayo Clinic Risk Model DocWire News 10 hours ago
32 FDA Grants Priority Review to Olaparib for Adjuvant Treatment BRCA-mutated HER2- High-Risk eBC Targeted Oncology 2 days ago
33 Post-vaccination survey for monitoring the side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines among healthcare professionals of Jazan province, Saudi Arabia DocWire News 18 hours ago
34 Gender differences in the microbial spectrum and antibiotic sensitivity of uropathogens isolated from patients with urinary stones DocWire News 10 hours ago
35 Survival trends of right- and left-sided colon cancer across four decades: a Norwegian population-based study DocWire News 18 hours ago
36 Correction for Kraus et al., Americans misperceive racial economic equality 9 days ago
37 Functional and structural phenotyping of cardiomyocytes in the 3D organization of embryoid bodies exposed to arsenic trioxide | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
38 Sleep quality of drug-naïve patients with Parkinson's | NDT Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
39 Study: Some Venous Catheters Safer Than Others MedPage Today 3 days ago
40 Long-term follow-up of a randomized clinical trial comparing glycemic excursion minimization (GEM) to weight loss (WL) in the management of type 2 diabetes DocWire News 3 days ago
41 Kyphosis Reduction using Cantilever Method in STb | ORR Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
42 Relievant Medsystems Announces Publication of New INTRACEPT Trial Data Demonstrating Long-Term Relief for Chronic Low Back Pain 24 Months Post-Procedure Yahoo Finance 2 days ago
43 Impact of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic on Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction DocWire News 18 hours ago
44 Early Systemic Immunomodulation Recommended for Treatment of Vitiligo MD Magazine 1 day ago
45 Rehabilitation goals described by patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases: content and attainment during the first year after rehabilitation DocWire News 18 hours ago
46 Is Weight Protective for NAFLD Patients Undergoing Transplant? MedPage Today 14 days ago
47 Topical asivatrep, a TRPVI antagonist, effective for adults with atopic eczema Hospital Healthcare Europe 2 days ago
48 Child restraint use in motor vehicles in Shanghai, China: a multiround cross-sectional observational study DocWire News 3 days ago
49 A comparison of the da Vinci Xi vs. da Vinci Si surgical systems for radical prostatectomy DocWire News 1 day ago
50 Association of serum amylase activity and the copy number va | DMSO Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
51 Gender stereotypes about interests start early and cause gender disparities in computer science and engineering 5 days ago
52 Increased Backward Wave Pressures Rather than Flow Explain Age-Dependent Heart Rate Effects on Central, But not Peripheral Arterial Pressure DocWire News 18 hours ago
53 Metformin use in pre-diabetics with a BMI > 35 reduced incident cardiovascular disease Hospital Healthcare Europe 4 days ago
54 Prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study among Palestinian students (10-18 years) DocWire News 2 days ago
55 Donafenib-Loaded Callispheres Beads Embolization in a VX2 Liver Tumor: | JHC Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
56 Differences in Clinical Nature and Outcome Among Young Patients Suffer | JBM Dove Medical Press 2 days ago
57 Impact of distinct therapies on antibody response to SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccine in systemic lupus erythematosus Wiley 11 days ago
58 Depressive symptoms among BPH patients | IJGM Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
59 Comparing Risk Factors for Atrial Fibrillation Between Young and Old Patients DocWire News 2 days ago
60 A systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between maternal polycystic ovary syndrome and neuropsychiatric disorders in children | Translational Psychiatry 25 days ago
61 Impact of Self-Construal on Individuals' Willingness to Disc | PRBM Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
62 Sensory computations in the cuneate nucleus of macaques 1 day ago
63 Role of inflammasomes in obesity-associated colon cancer | JIR Dove Medical Press 2 days ago
64 Predictors of relapse in MOG antibody associated disease: a cohort study DocWire News 2 days ago
65 Health-Related Quality of Life and Parental Depression in Children with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension DocWire News 4 days ago
66 Mitral annular calcification in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy DocWire News 2 days ago
67 Socioeconomic inequality in mental well-being associated with COVID-19 containment measures in a low-incidence Asian globalized city DocWire News 2 days ago
68 Estradiol Levels are Associated with Sleep Apnea | NDT Dove Medical Press 2 days ago
69 CT Assessment of Vancomycin Paste | IJGM Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
70 Clinical characteristics, laboratory parameters and outcomes of COVID‐19 in cancer and non‐cancer patients from a tertiary Cancer Centre in India Wiley 17 days ago
71 Urinary tract infection in patients with chronic kidney disease under conservative treatment DocWire News 10 hours ago
72 Local circuit amplification of spatial selectivity in the hippocampus 1 day ago
73 The pandemic's impact on access to contraception and pregnancy intentions Contemporary Obgyn 15 days ago
74 AI could help with breast ultrasound workloads AuntMinnie 3 days ago
75 Relationship Between the Ratio of Acceleration Time/Ejection Time and Mortality in Patients With High-Gradient Severe Aortic Stenosis DocWire News 3 days ago
76 Effect of Sleep Disturbance on Efficacy of Esketamine | NDT Dove Medical Press 3 days ago
77 Yoga-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation: Current Perspectives from Randomize | VHRM Dove Medical Press 16 hours ago
78 Left atrial function in male veteran endurance athletes with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation DocWire News 2 days ago
79 Host genotype structures the microbiome of a globally dispersed marine phytoplankton 4 days ago
80 The effect of uncemented acetabular liner geometry and lip size on the risk of revision for instability or loosening : a study on 202,511 primary hip arthroplasties from the National Joint Registry DocWire News 2 days ago
81 Pectoralis major muscle quantification by cardiac MRI is a strong predictor of major events in HF DocWire News 3 days ago
82 Koebner Phenomenon Used to Predict Vitiligo Activity and Prognosis MD Magazine 29 days ago
83 COMPASS Pathways announces further positive results from groundbreaking phase IIb trial of investigational COMP360 psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression Yahoo Finance 2 days ago
84 A Novel Clinical Radiomics Nomogram to Identify Chrohn's | JIR Dove Medical Press 11 hours ago
85 Prevalence and Associated Factors of Diabetic Retinopathy | DMSO Dove Medical Press 12 hours ago
86 Mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic as revealed by helpline calls 16 days ago
87 Perioperative ctDNA-based Molecular Residual Disease Detection for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study (LUNGCA-1) DocWire News 3 days ago
88 Effects of dezocine and sufentanil in breast cancer patients | DDDT Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
89 Fecal biomarkers in inflammatory bowel diseases | JIR Dove Medical Press 3 days ago
90 Year in Review: Psoriatic Arthritis | MedPage Today MedPage Today 17 days ago
91 TMEM45A promoted progression of cell renal cell carcinoma | JIR Dove Medical Press 3 days ago
92 Sex-, Race- and Ethnicity-Based Differences in Thromboembolic Events Among Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19 DocWire News 3 days ago
93 Adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with diabetes-related microvascular disease and risks of disease progression in pregnancy: A systematic review and meta-analysis PLoS Blogs 10 days ago
94 Clinical efficacy and adverse events of baricitinib treatment for coronavirus disease‐2019 (COVID‐19): A systematic review and meta‐analysis Wiley 2 days ago
95 Association Between Charlson Comorbidity Index and Community-Acquired | CIA Dove Medical Press 2 days ago
96 Thermal conditions predict intraspecific variation in senescence rate in frogs and toads 3 days ago
97 Prognosis and New Predictors of Early Left-Ventricular Thrombus Follow | IJGM Dove Medical Press 3 days ago
98 Women face increased risk of stroke and readmission after carotid interventions Vascular News 14 days ago
99 Oral Impacts Experienced by Orthodontic Patients | PPA Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
100 Parathyroidectomy: The Best Way to Curb Fracture Risk in Older Adults? Physician's Weekly 3 days ago