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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Strategy JRPG Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia is now on PC PC Gamer 13 hours ago
2 5 tools to remove pesky programs on your Windows PC Komando 15 hours ago
3 A Mario Kart 64 HD texture pack is out now on PC | VGC Video Games Chronicle 1 day ago
4 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' PC port can now be played at 60FPS NME 22 hours ago
5 Overwatch creators explain they didn't use King's 'creepy' diversity charts PC Gamer 1 day ago
6 Great moments in PC gaming: Beating an invader for the first time in Dark Souls PC Gamer 1 day ago
7 Micron: PC And Mobile Headwinds Could Cause More Pain Seeking Alpha 10 hours ago
8 Lady Eagles finish up 1-1 at PC tourney | News, Sports, Jobs Altoona Mirror 7 hours ago
9 Hulu partners with Xbox to bring PC Gamers free games in a bundle deal TechCrunch 3 days ago
10 PC and laptop displays are working toward 480 Hz Ars Technica 3 days ago
11 Pay it Forward: PC graduates ready to do just that Porterville Recorder 12 hours ago
12 This algae-powered computer probably can't run Crysis PC Gamer 15 hours ago
13 This mind-blowing mod finally brings true VR to the PC ports of Resident Evil 7 and Village 23 hours ago
14 Bag this all-AMD gaming PC deal with RX 6600XT and six-core Ryzen for just $1100 PC Gamer 3 days ago
15 Atlus survey asks about bringing 'Persona' series to Xbox, Switch and PC NME 23 hours ago
16 Five new Steam games you probably missed (May 16, 2022) PC Gamer 10 hours ago
17 Go adventuring with your favorite Elden Ring NPCs and Bosses with this mod PC Gamer 2 days ago
18 Demand for PC and smartphone chips drops 'like a rock' says CEO of China’s top chipmaker The Register 11 hours ago
19 Microsoft Announces New Accessibility Accessories For PC Screen Rant 1 day ago
20 Wordle May 15 (330) answer guide PC Gamer 1 day ago
21 fault StP 1 day ago
22 Silent Hill leak seems all-but-confirmed by Konami DMCA strike PC Gamer 3 days ago
23 AYA Neo 2 handheld gaming PC with Ryzen 7 6800U coming later this year Liliputing 2 days ago
24 Asus Warns PC Shipments Will Drop 10% in Q2 Tom's Hardware 4 days ago
25 Life's too short to give a crap about your PC's cable management PC Gamer 3 days ago
26 Ontario Liberals accuse PCs of favouring own party in government appointments Global News 19 hours ago
27 New Roblox trojan will land you with a nasty PC infection TechRadar 2 days ago
28 Eric Barone says he 'can't believe' Stardew Valley has sold 20 million copies PC Gamer 4 days ago
29 Konami just had its best-ever year, thanks to games you've never heard of PC Gamer 3 days ago
30 Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Global Launch – Mobile x PC Spiel Times 1 day ago
31 AMD's top next-gen GPU may not be a multi-chiplet compute monster but that's better for everyone PC Gamer 3 days ago
32 Lawsuit against videogame grading service Wata alleges manipulation of retro game prices PC Gamer 2 days ago
33 Phanteks Evolv Shift XT review PC Gamer 4 days ago
34 Wired2Fire Reaper gaming PC review PC Gamer 4 days ago
35 Nvidia's RTX 40 series is set to launch as soon as July PC Gamer 6 hours ago
36 Leak alleges Arma Reforger will be next game in series and a bridge to Arma 4 PC Gamer 2 days ago
37 Can I stop emails from downloading to a PC? | Q&A with Patrick Marshall The Seattle Times 2 days ago
38 Corning Stock Slips on Fears of Slowdown in TV, PC, and Smartphone Demand Barron's 5 days ago
39 Datamined content suggests Elden Ring almost had Covenants like Dark Souls PC Gamer 3 days ago
40 How to Connect and Use a PS5 Controller on Your PC MUO 2 days ago
41 Here's a demake of Portal... for the N64 PC Gamer 13 hours ago
42 Now Bandai Namco says it's 'actively working' on fixing the PC Souls games PC Gamer 6 days ago
43 AMD Gains CPU Share Amid Biggest Desktop PC Quarterly Decline In History Tom's Hardware 5 days ago
44 Master Chief had sex PC Gamer 4 days ago
45 Texas law allows users to sue Facebook and Twitter for 'censoring' their views PC Gamer 3 days ago
46 How much gaming PC storage do I really need in 2022? Gamesradar 3 days ago
47 The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented crash PC Gamer 4 days ago
48 Why Is a PC Called a PC? How-To Geek 28 days ago
49 How to Get Into the MultiVersus Closed Alpha on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Attack of the Fanboy 19 hours ago
50 Sci-Fi Horror Masterpiece Prey Currently Free On PC, Along With Other Great Games Kotaku 4 days ago
51 AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 really looks better than native 4K in Deathloop PC Gamer 4 days ago
52 Robocop—the original, good one—comes to Fortnite PC Gamer 2 days ago
53 Best co-op games for PC 2022: The best co-operatives titles on PC Pocket-lint 3 days ago
54 El Salvador's bitcoin experiment is looking like a disaster PC Gamer 4 days ago
55 Apex Legends just ego-checked its most competitive players PC Gamer 3 days ago
56 Core Keeper gets dedicated servers, teases first big content update PC Gamer 5 days ago
57 Elden Ring sold over 13M copies in its first month PC Gamer 5 days ago
58 Rockstar is remaking Max Payne 3's soundtrack PC Gamer 3 days ago
59 Silt is an Eerie Underwater Puzzle Adventure Coming to PC and Consoles Next Month – GameSpew GameSpew 3 hours ago
60 16 years before the Steam Deck, Sony's Vaio UX was the coolest portable PC ever PC Gamer 3 days ago
61 So am I the only one surprised Starfield is delayed? PC Gamer 4 days ago
62 The unthinkable has happened: Nvidia has finally embraced open-source GPU drivers PC Gamer 4 days ago
63 ASUS ROG Z11 Pre-built PC Review – Designed to be Cool Fortress of Solitude 3 hours ago
64 John Romero will publish a memoir next year PC Gamer 4 days ago
65 I bought this gaming PC instead of building my own — and it's the best decision I've ever made Tom's Guide 5 days ago
66 MSI is the latest company to bless our wretched Earth with Neon Genesis Evangelion PC components PC Gamer 10 days ago
67 iPods are officially dead PC Gamer 5 days ago
68 Apex PC cheaters are somehow getting into console lobbies and wrecking face PC Gamer 7 days ago
69 PC Party's apostrophe problem prompts satirical fundraiser 2 days ago
70 Scientists add mouth haptics to VR, complete with spiders PC Gamer 7 days ago
71 How to Slide Cancel in Warzone Pacific on PS4, Xbox, and PC Attack of the Fanboy 2 days ago
72 P.C. Girls Tennis Advances in Regional Team Playoffs KNIA KRLS Radio 20 hours ago
73 Which horror movie would make a great videogame? PC Gamer 2 days ago
74 Costa Rica declared national emergency after massive hack PC Gamer 6 days ago
75 Evangelion MSI PC Set Global Sweepstake Is Open Siliconera 4 days ago
76 Alan Wake 2 is 'going well' but Remedy won't be showing it off this summer PC Gamer 4 days ago
77 Why you should wait to build a new PC PCWorld 26 days ago
78 Brambles helps ASX gain 0.2 pc as China disappoints The Australian Financial Review 5 hours ago
79 Soulstice Announced For Release This Fall On PC & Consoles Bleeding Cool News 2 days ago
80 Intel Arc desktop cards face more delays PC Gamer 7 days ago
81 Ex West Mercia PC admits racist posts mocking George Floyd BBC 3 days ago
82 Tested: Arc A370M, Intel's first discrete GPU to seriously battle Nvidia and AMD PCWorld 7 days ago
83 Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her will livestream 1000th Malenia victory tomorrow PC Gamer 7 days ago
84 Asus is set to enter the high performance SSD market PC Gamer 7 days ago
85 Made-in-China PC Rule Won't Advance Nation's Tech Prowess Bloomberg 6 days ago
86 Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters giving Twitch drops to everyone after players threw a tantrum PC Gamer 7 days ago
87 Build broken combos to gun down cosmic horrors in 20 Minutes Till Dawn PC Gamer 14 hours ago
88 Industrial PC Market to Register 6% CAGR, Surpassing US$ 9.4 billion by 2032: Future Market Insights, Inc. USA English 5 days ago
89 Mass Effect store listing that mentioned Shepard was a mistake, apparently PC Gamer 5 days ago
90 WWE is working on something 'in the roleplaying game space' PC Gamer 10 days ago
91 The leaked 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever is actually real PC Gamer 7 days ago
92 Sony is hiring a 'senior director for PC planning and strategy' PC Gamer 22 days ago
93 Ubisoft CEO on buyout rumors: "We have everything we need to remain independent" PC Gamer 5 days ago
94 Best Mini PC 2022 IGN 7 days ago
95 I cannot stress enough that Overwatch 2 isn't 'Overwatch 2' PC Gamer 3 days ago
96 Gabe Newell once wondered if Left 4 Dead really needed zombies PC Gamer 6 days ago
97 Battlefield 2042 is using the 'Vince Zampella-slash-Respawn model' now, EA CEO says PC Gamer 6 days ago
98 Indie dev is releasing an official pirate version of his upcoming game, 'no strings attached' PC Gamer 7 days ago
99 There was only one person in the world playing Babylon's Fall on PC earlier this week PC Gamer 9 days ago