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1 Dolce & Gabbana Bids Farewell to Fur and Angora PETA 12 hours ago
2 Allamakee prosecutor declines to file charges in chicken deaths after PETA complaint Des Moines Register 6 hours ago
3 PETA's 'Cow' to Pass Out Free 'Jerky'? PETA 12 hours ago
4 PETA Sues for Its Free Speech Rights, Again Reason 15 hours ago
5 Jackass Keeps Animal Torment Scenes: PETA Says Stay Away PETA 1 day ago
6 TODAY (Video): PETA Supporters Arrested at HHS Over 'Monkey Fright' Lab PETA 1 day ago
7 Woman Exposed to Monkey Saliva at Crash Site Now on Antivirals, USDA Investigating: PETA Statement PETA 2 days ago
8 Sky-High Alerts Point to Surprising Victims of Fishing Industry: Seals PETA 11 hours ago
9 Massive PETA 'Spider' to Expose JHU's Web of Lies About Owl Experiments PETA 2 days ago
10 PETA Pitches Groundhog Day Prediction Proxy Using … Persimmons! PETA 2 days ago
11 Code Blue: Freezing Weather Prompts 'Take Your Dog Inside' PSA Blitz PETA 1 day ago
12 The Ice-Cold 8: 2022's Most Notorious Iditarod Mushers PETA 10 hours ago
13 Horse's Life Risked and Lost, Bone Broken on Frozen Ground at Local Track PETA 11 hours ago
14 Plea Goes Up on Main Street: Roadside Zoos Are the Pits—Stay Away! PETA 12 hours ago
15 Teen Under Investigation for Dog-Abuse Case Prompts PETA to Rush Kindness Curriculum Kits to Schools PETA 5 days ago
16 Jessica Alba's Puppy Purchases Slammed in PETA Street Art Blitz: You Buy, Pups in Shelters Die PETA 5 days ago
17 PETA adds $5K to reward for arrest after unknown woman seen beating dog on doorbell camera WXIA 3 days ago
18 Exotic-Animal Horror Show Must Close: Auction Handlers Shown Terrorizing and Abusing Wildlife PETA 2 days ago
19 Urgent Alert! PETA to Give Away Free Straw for Dogs Left Outside PETA 22 days ago
20 Video: Peaceful Protester Arrested Pleading for Sheriff to Rescue Mutilated, Freezing Dogs PETA 22 days ago
21 Build Back Kinder: PETA Ad Appeals to Biden to Ban Failed Animal Experiments PETA 21 days ago
22 Dog-Sled Team Hit by Truck; PETA Urges Musher to Drop Out PETA 6 days ago
23 First Heart Transplant From Genetically Altered Pig: PETA Statement PETA 17 days ago
24 PETA and PIZZANISTA! Launch Exclusive Pizza PETA 13 days ago
25 'NEWE Year. New Wear': PETA Sheep Seek Wool-Free Resolutions PETA 24 days ago
26 Free KFC—From PETA? PETA 15 days ago
27 Were You Misled by 'Humane-Washed' Labels? Let Us Know PETA 12 days ago
28 'Bloody' PETA 'Snakes' to Hang From Hooks Outside Louis Vuitton PETA 24 days ago
29 No Tiger Tent After PETA, CWI Pull Up the Pegs PETA 8 days ago
30 Reward: PETA Offers up to $5000 in Bodega Shooting Case PETA 23 days ago
31 Video of Olympic Show Jumper's Horse Being Struck Has PETA Pushing for Equestrian-Free Olympics PETA 13 days ago
32 LSU must give PETA documents about sparrow stress experiments, judge says The Advocate 16 days ago
33 Khaman seller from Surat gets PETA award for saving birds from kite string Economic Times 1 day ago
34 Science Consortium Donation to Help End Rabbit Eye Test PETA 22 days ago
35 Pig Shot 9 Times; PETA Seeks State Probe PETA 24 days ago
36 PETA Scientist Wins Society of Toxicology Award PETA 13 days ago
37 PETA accuses NIH of buying mistreated dogs from Virginia breeding facility | TheHill The Hill 29 days ago
38 Resolve to Go Vegan in 2022? Your Fave Celebs Have Your Back PETA 28 days ago
39 PETA Slams Ye & The Game’s Use of Skinned Monkey Photo to Promote Song: They ‘Do Not Belong to Us to Abuse’ Billboard 13 days ago
40 The PETA Awards 2021 results are in and here are the big fashion winners Marie Claire UK 19 hours ago
41 VIDEO: Trainer Chokes Dog, Slams Him to the Ground PETA 1 month ago
42 Chanel criticized for including horse in show at Paris Couture Week Insider 16 hours ago
43 PETA supporters protest Starbucks' upcharge on milk options at downtown Asheville location WLOS 11 days ago
44 Alia Bhatt is PETA India’s 2021 ‘Person of the Year’ The Indian Express 30 days ago
45 Dairy Farmer Thinks VR Goggles Make Abusing Cows OK PETA 13 days ago
46 Peta calls for Queen’s Guard bearskin cap ban The Argus 1 day ago
47 6 PETA approved vegan leather bags at discounted rates that will elevate your everyday style PINKVILLA 6 days ago
48 PETA Pans 'Monster Problem' of 'The Witcher' PETA 1 month ago
49 Seedy Austin Aquarium Crowding Animals Into Cramped Tanks and Cages—Speak Up! PETA 6 days ago
50 Mother of two ordered off road for four years by Toowoomba judge Chronicle 11 hours ago
51 Dolphin Interactions Santa Barbara Edhat 5 days ago
52 Once Awash in Controversy, SeaQuest Littleton on a Steadier Course | Westword Westword 15 hours ago
53 Stop Plans for a New Greyhound Racetrack in Queensland PETA Australia 22 hours ago
54 PETA's 'human' leather campaign is horrifying, but is it effective? USA TODAY 2 months ago
55 PETA holds fourth protest against Hopkins owl lab, urges state and federal officials to ban lab Johns Hopkins News-Letter 3 months ago
56 PETA doesn’t think this woman deserves to see Speaking of Research 3 months ago
57 Billie Eilish Is PETA's 2021 'Person of the Year' PETA 2 months ago
58 PETA's Call to the 'Bullpen': Rename Outdated Term 'Arm Barn' PETA 3 months ago
59 Missaukee County Dog Breeder Charged With Felony 9 & 10 News 2 days ago
60 'How to' Video: Pro Tips for Helping 'Backyard Dogs' PETA 6 months ago
61 PETA Statement: Self-Centered Humans Should Fix Organ Shortage, Not Use Pigs PETA 3 months ago
62 'Tiger King' Is Back: How PETA Dethroned the Series' Villains PETA 3 months ago
63 PETA calls on state to audit Rutgers following mass euthanization of research mice RU Daily Targum 2 months ago
64 Video: Chained Dog Abandoned After Owner's COVID-19 Death Is Unrecognizable After Rescue PETA 2 months ago
65 PETA Sues NIH Over First Amendment Violations PETA 5 months ago
66 PETA Calls for Criminal Probe Into 'Jackass Forever' for Cruelty to Animals PETA 5 months ago
67 It's OFISHal: PETA's 2021 Company of the Year Is … PETA 1 month ago
68 An NIH-Supplying Beagle Factory Is Just the Beginning PETA 3 months ago
69 No More Cages for This Rescued Beagle: Samson's Free! (Video) PETA 3 months ago
70 PETA Statement on Elon Musk Being Named Time's '2021 Person of the Year' PETA 1 month ago
71 Vegan Quarterback Justin Fields Wins PETA Athlete Award PETA 2 months ago
72 PETA Statement: Critical Violation at Yerkes National Primate Research Center PETA 3 months ago
73 Photos: Students Launch Nationwide Push to End Human Supremacy PETA 4 months ago
74 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' in the Doghouse With PETA PETA 3 months ago
75 From Dirt Patch to Cuddle Stack: Pancake's Sweet New Life PETA 2 months ago
76 Puppy Rescued by PETA Gets a New Home for Christmas PETA 2 months ago
77 PETA Presses Petco to End Live Animal Sales PETA 6 months ago
78 PETA stages protest against Hopkins owl lab at Orientation Johns Hopkins News-Letter 5 months ago
79 VIDEO: Fieldworkers Rescue THREE LITTLE PIGS PETA 3 months ago
80 USDA Cites NIH-Contracted Int'l Breeding Facility for Dozens of Violations of the Animal Welfare Act PETA 2 months ago
81 PETA Pushes for Bird-Slaughter Probe at lululemon PETA 1 month ago
82 Giant PETA 'Pig' Makes Holiday Plea: Don't Eat Me! PETA 1 month ago
83 PETA Celebrates Fur-Free 'Elle'—Will 'Vogue' Be Next? PETA 2 months ago
84 PETA Statement: Animal Welfare Violations at Legacy Health PETA 3 months ago
85 Liberty Broadband's Ties to Deadly Dog-Sled Race Draw PETA Stock Purchase PETA 2 months ago
86 WENN Shutters After 33 Years, Will Re-Emerge as Meta Images PetaPixel 9 hours ago
87 It's a Wrap! PETA to Cloak Bus With 'Wear Vegan' Message PETA 1 month ago
88 Feds Investigating UW Primate Center After PETA Complaints PETA 1 month ago
89 PETA files lawsuit against USDA for Hopkins barn owl lab Johns Hopkins News-Letter 9 months ago
90 Undercover PETA Video: Turkeys Kicked, Punched at 'Humane-Certified' Whole Foods Supplier PETA 6 months ago
91 PETA Remembers Desmond Tutu's Inspiring Stance on Animal Rights PETA 1 month ago
92 PETA Latino Statement: Cockfighting in 'Far Cry 6' PETA 4 months ago
93 Wedding Photographer Shares the Sexist Things Men Do to Her PetaPixel 13 hours ago
94 Rev. Turner Gives Away Free Food With PETA in Baltimore PETA 3 months ago
95 PETA Statement: Dogs Left in Afghanistan PETA 5 months ago
96 PETA Fieldworkers Shocked to Find Kitten Abandoned Like Trash PETA 3 months ago
97 PETA to Hijack Starbucks Customers by Giving Away Free Vegan Cold Brew in Surcharge War PETA 3 months ago
98 PETA Pitches Veggie Dog Mascot to Soon-to-Be Cleveland Guardians PETA 6 months ago
99 Pig Killed for Scene in 'Drive' Director's New Netflix Series: PETA Says 'Cut!' PETA 2 months ago