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1 Schwab CEO Defends PFOF, Claims It Nets Investors Better Pricing AdvisorHub 28 days ago
2 Futures association warns against loopholes in European ban on payment for order flow The TRADE News 19 hours ago
3 The SEC May Soon Propose Changes to Equity Market Structure: What Traders Should Know Traders Magazine 25 days ago
4 The Debate on PFOF and the Best Path Forward for Retail Investors Nasdaq 11 days ago
5 Why Is Everyone Talking About Robinhood Stock? Motley Fool 14 days ago
6 FlatexDEGIRO would presumably benefit from an alleged EU ban on payment for order flow (PFOF) 20 days ago
7 FIA EPTA welcomes EC proposals on MiFIR and MiFID II reviews Securities Finance Times 16 hours ago
8 Explainer: Robinhood makes most of its money from PFOF. What is it? Reuters 4 months ago
9 SEC Considers Banning Payment for Order Flow Investopedia 3 months ago
10 Fintech Focus For November 30, 2021 Benzinga 6 hours ago
11 Cryptocurrency regulation will be a slow, measured process, Rosenblatt says Seeking Alpha 7 days ago
12 SEC Targets Payment for Order Flow: What Broker-Dealers and Wholesale Market Makers Should Know JD Supra 3 months ago
13 No such thing as a free trade: How Robinhood and others really profit from ‘PFOF’—and why it harms the markets Fortune 9 months ago
14 What to Watch in 2022 Investopedia 8 days ago
15 Payment for Order Flow (PFOF): Explaining the Controversial Trading Practice. Barron's 6 months ago
16 What Is 'Payment for Order Flow'? Robinhood CEO Talks 'PFOF' in GameStop Hearing Newsweek 10 months ago
17 Australian regulator weighs further payment for order flow restrictions CNBC 3 months ago
18 Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) and Gamification: Your Questions Answered JD Supra 2 months ago
19 How to See If Your Investing App Receives Payment for Order Flow Business Insider 8 months ago
20 Payment for order flow: Definition, types, effect on investors Business Insider 10 months ago
21 GameStop Stock: Major Catalysts In Sight Again TheStreet 7 days ago
22 Petition To Ban PFOF In The US Exceeds 54,000 Signatures The Tokenist 1 month ago
23 Stopping GameStop Games: Regulators Eye Payment for Order Flow JD Supra 2 months ago
24 What is Payment for Order Flow (PFOF)? • Benzinga Benzinga 9 months ago
25 Sell Robinhood Stock As Meme Stock Craze Fades? Trefis 29 days ago
26 Regulators Consider Payment for Order Flow and the Gamification of Trading After GameStop JD Supra 4 months ago
27 Robinhood May Lose 81% Of Its Revenue, Still Going Public Anyway Dealbreaker 5 months ago
28 Ban PFOF or push for real-time settlement? FinanceFeeds 10 months ago
29 ESMA Statement Warns on Payment for Order Flow JD Supra 5 months ago
30 IBKR Founder: If PFOF is Scrapped, Citadel Would Have to Buy Robinhood The Tokenist 13 days ago
31 PFOF can P OFF! Transparency is the only way ahead FinanceFeeds 10 months ago
32 SEC’s Upcoming Report on GameStop and Payment for Order Flow: What to Watch JD Supra 2 months ago
33 The SEC Wants to Axe Robinhood's PFOF Business. Here's Why r/WSB's Founder Isn't Worried. 2 months ago
34 Beefed up PFOF disclosure preferred over outright ban International Financial Law Review 3 months ago
35 Legendary VC investor Bill Gurley wants to ban the order-flow practice at the heart of the Robinhood saga and one platform is already abandoning it 10 months ago
36 75% of Robinhood's 2020 Revenue is From 'PFOF and Transaction Rebates' The Tokenist 12 days ago
37 Payment For Order Flow (PFOF) Definition Investopedia 5 years ago
38 Robinhood gets boost as Congress declines ban – for now – on sales tactic Fox Business 4 months ago
39 Sen. Toomey introduces bill to protect payment for order flow from SEC Markets Insider 1 month ago
40 Robinhood GameStop Saga Pressures Payment for Order Flow Bloomberg 10 months ago
41 4 Key Takeaways From The SEC's 'Meme Stock' Report: PFOF, Short Selling And More Benzinga 1 month ago
42 Investors brace for SEC Chair Gensler’s report on GameStop and how brokerages get paid CNBC 2 months ago
43 Trading app Public drops payment for order flow in favor of tips TechCrunch 10 months ago
44 U.S. govt to buy 10 mln courses of Pfizer's COVID-19 pill for $5.29 bln Nasdaq 12 days ago
45 Optiver Airs Concerns on Options Market Structure Traders Magazine 4 months ago
46 'Walmarts Of Wall Street' Cash In On Bitcoin, Here's What Investors Need To Know Forbes 4 months ago
47 EU Warned Clampdown On Brokers Risks Hurting Retail Investors Todayuknews 7 days ago
48 Robinhood's Payment for Order Flow Is Focus of Congressional Hearings Business Insider 10 months ago
49 Staking, PFOF and commissions: How Coinbase, Robinhood and other crypto platforms make money Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
50 Payment For Order Flow Explained: Why Zero-Commission Trades Aren't Really Free Benzinga 8 months ago
51 Taming the force behind the US retail trading frenzy The Australian Financial Review 3 months ago
52 Robinhood Tripled Prior Year's Lobbying Spend in First Half of 2021 AdvisorHub 4 months ago
53 A fraction of Robinhood's users are driving its runaway growth TechCrunch 9 months ago
54 What to watch for in the U.S. SEC's GameStop report Reuters 2 months ago
55 Robinhood made more than $600 million from payment for order flow revenue in 2020 The Block Crypto 10 months ago
56 It's Not Payments For Order Flow, It's RegNMS Seeking Alpha 7 months ago
57 High-frequency traders are in the spotlight The Economist 10 months ago
58 EFAMA supports proposal on affordable consolidated tape Institutional Asset Manager 4 days ago
59 The SEC could cripple Robinhood's business model by enforcing existing rules, experts say MarketWatch 10 months ago
60 U.S. House of Representatives Committee Advances Payment For Order Flow Bill – A Short-Term Positive for Robinhood The Deep Dive 3 months ago
61 Robinhood Pays Settlement, but Gamification Remains a Concern Investopedia 11 months ago
62 Robinhood makes millions selling your stock trades … is that so wrong? Fortune 1 year ago
63 Robinhood's Lead Lawyer on SPACs, Payment of Order Flow, and Crypto Business Insider 9 months ago
64 Retail investor access to top SEC's agenda at White House meeting: report Markets Insider 3 months ago
65 NYSE President: Stocks Favored by Retail Lack Accurate Price Action The Tokenist 12 days ago
66 SEC Staff Issues Report on “Meme” Stock Events and Market Structure Considerations JD Supra 1 month ago
67 Charlie Munger: "No one should believe Robinhood trades are free" FinanceFeeds 9 months ago
68 Alpaca raises $50M to rapidly scale its API-delivered equities trading business TechCrunch 3 months ago
69 Robinhood calls potential payment for order flow ban ‘draconian’ as it fires back at SEC’s Gary Gensler Business Insider Australia 3 months ago
70 Payment for order flow models "undermine the relationship between the broker and their client," Duke Law pr... Markets Insider 9 months ago
71 Not just Robinhood: These three brokers combined made more than $300 million from big trading firms in Q1 The Block Crypto 1 year ago
72 House Panel Passes Bills on Family Offices, Payment for Order Flow ThinkAdvisor 4 months ago
73 Michael Bolton Wants You to Dump Robinhood in New Ad Billboard 9 months ago
74 PayPal (PYPL) May Offer Stock Trading Investopedia 3 months ago
75 Senators Talk GameStop, Meme Stocks, Payment for Order Flow and More 9 months ago
76 Play the Retail Investing Boom With Virtu Financial Stock Barron's 7 months ago
77 Why Crypto Markets Aren't 'All-to-All' Either (and How They Can Be) Coindesk 10 months ago
78 Robinhood IPO: HOOD will be listed on the Nasdaq Investopedia 6 months ago
79 10 things before the opening bell | Markets Insider Business Insider 1 month ago
80 SEC chair Gensler is wary of Citadel Securities' market power Quartz 7 months ago
81 Exclusive Interview: Natallia Hunik – ‘Mission Accomplished’ Finance Magnates 5 days ago
82 Incentivizing a Competitive NBBO For All Traders Magazine 2 months ago
83 Robinhood And Free Trade Pals Push Equities Trading To Dark Venues Forbes 9 months ago
84 Robinhood or Sheriff of Nottingham? Conflicts of interest in the GameStop affair | TheHill The Hill 10 months ago
85 Jump Trading Group to execute stock trades for individuals, adding to crypto Markets Insider 4 months ago
86 Robinhood's epic Q1 growth explains its fundraising boom TechCrunch 6 months ago
87 Robinhood's Q4 2020 revenue shows a return to growth TechCrunch 10 months ago
88 Robinhood files confidentially to go public TechCrunch 8 months ago
89 Robinhood Sued for Breaching Duty of Best Execution and Other Practices Law Street Media 8 months ago
90 Someone Is Going to Drill the Oil Bloomberg 5 months ago
91 GameStop and the Rise of Retail Trading Cato Institute 2 months ago
92 Zero-fee trading helps Citadel Securities cash in on retail boom Financial Times 1 year ago
93 Virtu CEO Defends Payment For Order Flow Markets Media 9 months ago
94 Second GameStop Hearing Focuses On Experts Over Usual Suspects 9 months ago
95 Changing The Shape Of Equities Markets Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
96 The Hidden Costs of Robinhood Traders Magazine 1 year ago
97 The great Gatsby raises millions to take on Robinhood TechCrunch 9 months ago
98 Who Counts as a Retail Investor? Traders Magazine 12 months ago
99 The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has some thoughts about the stock market—and Bitcoin Fortune 8 months ago
100 Robinhood Tiptoes into Wealth Management with “Recommendations” Engine AdvisorHub 1 month ago