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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Published Peer Review History at PLOS: Observations from the past three years The Official PLOS Blog 19 days ago
2 The impact of a year of Open Code at PLOS Computational Biology The Official PLOS Blog 26 days ago
3 Developmentally arrested IVF embryos can be coaxed to divide: New study finds genetic and metabolic markers of embryos that stop dividing Science Daily 3 days ago
4 Identifying bird species by sound, the BirdNET app opens new avenues for citizen science EurekAlert 5 days ago
5 Shedding light on reptilian health: Researchers investigate origins of snake fungal disease in US – The NAU Review NAU News 3 days ago
6 Study reveals how epilepsy and migraine drug causes birth defects: Valproic acid (VPA) keeps nervous system cells from growing and dividing correctly, researchers discovered Science Daily 19 days ago
7 'Ugly' reef fishes are most in need of conservation support EurekAlert 26 days ago
8 The Current State of Citizen Science Cosmos 20 hours ago
9 While the fetal clock develops, mom's behavior tells the time: Maternal rhythms support development in the suprachiasmatic nuclei's 'master clock' Science Daily 1 month ago
10 Dispatches – June 30, 2022 NEO.LIFE 3 days ago
11 Persistence of viral RNA following acute infection News-Medical.Net 27 days ago
12 A new hope for a therapy against retinitis pigmentosa EurekAlert 16 days ago
13 International collaboration, 3D printing stem PPE shortages in Nigeria ThePrint 6 days ago
14 Credit PLOS 5 months ago
15 Innovations in Single-Cell Proteomics Drive Advances in Disease Research Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine 15 hours ago
16 Research by PLOS PLOS 6 months ago
17 In conversation with PLOS Biology experimental psychology authors Jacqueline Scholl and Nils Kolling PLOS 3 months ago
18 Lessons from the past: How cold-water corals respond to global warming EurekAlert 26 days ago
19 The potential butterfly effect of preregistered peer-reviewed research The Official PLOS Blog 3 months ago
20 PLOS and IReL Sign Three Year Open Access Publishing Agreement The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
21 Open Access Doesn't Need APCs Part 1: Charting a new course with Community Action Publishing The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
22 Uphold the code: How complete, detailed and Open code can enhance understanding, improve reproducibility, and change the shape of the research article The Official PLOS Blog 1 month ago
23 Partnering with CRUK to improve quality and reproducibility in cancer research through preregistration The Official PLOS Blog 3 months ago
24 What does an editor actually do? The value of taking on an internship as a postdoc PLOS 2 months ago
25 Meet PLOS Biology Associate Editor Luke Smith PLOS 1 year ago
26 Submit PLOS 2 years ago
27 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Gabriel Gasque PLOS 1 year ago
28 From Open Access to Open Science, PLOS Biology is Leading Change The Official PLOS Blog 2 years ago
29 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Liza Gross PLOS 2 years ago
30 A closed Candidatus Odinarchaeum chromosome exposes Asgard archaeal viruses 6 days ago
31 The Lancet more than doubles its impact factor, eclipsing NEJM for the first time ever Retraction Watch 5 days ago
32 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Ines Alvarez-Garcia PLOS 2 years ago
33 PLOS launches new feature to promote data sharing and access The Official PLOS Blog 3 months ago
34 Mothers' sleep apnea may increase risk of autism-like changes in their male offspring: Study in rats links intermittent hypoxia in pregnancy to lifelong deficits Science Daily 5 months ago
35 Which solutions best support sharing and reuse of code? The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
36 Cryopreserved testis tissue viable even after 20 years: PLOS Biology study Medical Dialogues 2 months ago
37 New cell, shown to regulate heart rate, discovered at University of Notre Dame EurekAlert 8 months ago
38 Hunting for human obesity genes in fat fruit flies 8 months ago
39 PLOS expands footprint in Sweden with a new publishing agreement with the Bibsam consortium The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
40 Expanding Globally, Listening Locally: Open Science in Africa PLOS 1 month ago
41 PLOS Water publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
42 Meet PLOS Biology Associate Editor, Paula Jauregui PLOS 1 year ago
43 PLOS Climate publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
44 Open sharing of biotechnology research – transparency versus security EurekAlert 3 months ago
45 Publish with PLOS PLOS 2 years ago
46 Publication Fees PLOS 2 years ago
47 One (more) small step for preprints, one giant leap for rapid and responsible sharing of health research at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
48 PLOS Publication Ethics: A frank discussion on handling difficult cases The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
49 Meet PLOS Biology's New Editor-in-Chief, Nonia Pariente PLOS 2 years ago
50 5 Recommended Articles from PLOS Biology Associate Editor Richard Hodge PLOS 1 year ago
51 PLOS Announces New Publishing Agreements with CRL and NERL The Official PLOS Blog 8 months ago
52 Love of nature is partially heritable, study of twins shows EurekAlert 5 months ago
53 PLOS Sustainability and Transformation celebrates World Biodiversity Day Latitude 1 month ago
54 Author Q&A with John Humphrey PLOS 6 months ago
55 Making Strides in Research Reporting The Official PLOS Blog 10 months ago
56 Scientists Expand CRISPR-Cas9 Genetic Inheritance Control in Mammals University of California San Diego 6 months ago
57 PLOS partners with Einstein Foundation Berlin on Award for Promoting Quality in Research PLOS 5 months ago
58 PLOS announces new publishing agreement with the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
59 PLOS response to the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) statement on Open Access PLOS 5 months ago
60 Spend less time looking for articles with accessible datasets The Official PLOS Blog 3 months ago
61 Our Commitment to Price Transparency The Official PLOS Blog 10 months ago
62 'Happy' And 'Sad' Music Might Not Be Nearly as Universal as We Thought ScienceAlert 2 days ago
63 Changing your mind based on information, or simply to conform? Brain activity differentiates between types of social influence EurekAlert 4 months ago
64 Sharp decline in reported severity of ocean acidification impacts on fish behavior EurekAlert 5 months ago
65 Preregistration PLOS 2 years ago
66 The state of preprints at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
67 The importance of being second PLOS-wide edition 2 years ago
68 PLOS Sustainability and Transformation publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
69 Scientists persevere to show self-awareness is also for some fish EurekAlert 5 months ago
70 Advancing Open Science in Africa three organizations collaborate to increase awareness and education 3 months ago
71 New options for posting a medRxiv preprint at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
72 More reptile species may be at risk of extinction than previously thought Newswise 1 month ago
73 First animals developed complex ecosystems before the Cambrian explosion EurekAlert 2 months ago
74 Lipid profiling can predict risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease decades before onset: Early testing may allow targeted interventions before disease develops Science Daily 4 months ago
75 Shining a light on protein aggregation in Parkinson's disease EurekAlert 3 months ago
76 Meet the PLOS Water Co-Editors-in-Chief PLOS 6 months ago
77 Libraries expands agreement, supports open access monographs Pennsylvania State University 5 months ago
78 ICYMI The Official PLOS Blog 7 months ago
79 PLOS Cookie Policy PLOS 2 months ago
80 An easier way to submit research at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 1 year ago
81 Underwater jars, pollen, and charcoal could show us how the Romans made wine ZME Science 4 days ago
82 Author Q&A with Dr Alice Wang The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
83 Distant regions of the human brain are wired together by surprisingly few connections Science Daily 3 months ago
84 Exploring the surprising role of motor system neurons Medical Xpress 3 months ago
85 Meet your PLOS Sustainability and Transformation Editor-in-Chief PLOS 7 months ago
86 Lighting the way to healthier daily rhythms EurekAlert 4 months ago
87 Scientists identify promising transmission chain-breaker in the fight against malaria: Deleting a protein found in mosquitoes strongly protects the insects from malaria Science Daily 5 months ago
88 PLOS Digital Health publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
89 Free your data: For PLOS Pathogens authors, effective data sharing is easier than ever The Official PLOS Blog 9 months ago
90 Death in darkness: a new type of cell death discovered in fly guts EurekAlert 2 months ago
91 Extending support for preprint sharing The Official PLOS Blog 11 months ago
92 Open Access Doesn't Need APCs Part III: The Simplicity of Flat Fees The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
93 New study points to potential strategy to reduce fatigue after COVID-19 vaccination EurekAlert 1 month ago
94 More evidence suggests self-awareness is also for some fish Science Daily 5 months ago
95 Study Confirms Site of Brain Region Responsible for Making Sure People Say Words as Intended NYU Langone Health 5 months ago
96 Open Access Doesn't Need APCs Part II: Making inclusion our foundation with Global Equity The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
97 Magnetic stimulation of the brain can improve episodic memory, study finds: Inhibitory brain stimulation allows better memorization by reducing the power of beta-waves in the brain Science Daily 9 months ago
98 Interviews with the lab protocol community insights from an Academic Editor and a reviewer 2 months ago
99 New insights on the evolutionary relationships between the major lineages of Amoebozoa | Scientific Reports 2 days ago
100 Call for Papers: PLOS Medicine Special Issue 'Bacterial Antimicrobial Resistance: Surveillance and Prevention' Speaking of Medicine and Health 3 months ago