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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Noses Might Be Kids' Secret Weapon Against COVID WebMD 6 hours ago
2 Taste sensors keep proteins in order in flies: New role for adult proteins in development Science Daily 20 days ago
3 The Pitfalls of Evolutionary Genomics SciTechDaily 1 day ago
4 How molecular motor proteins are involved in malaria transmission Science Daily 13 days ago
5 Anti-amyloid drugs and Alzheimer's disease EurekAlert 20 days ago
6 Sentences have their own timing in the brain Science Daily 27 days ago
7 Algae Agreement Offers an Ocean of Research Possibilities UConn Today 29 days ago
8 Early-career researchers need to be the change they want to see — University Affairs University Affairs 6 days ago
9 Brain encodes the structure of sentences and phrases into different neural firing patterns, study finds News-Medical.Net 26 days ago
10 Specialized brain regions recognize vocal cues that don't involve speech Science Daily 13 days ago
11 Associations between moderate alcohol consumption, brain iron, and cognition in UK Biobank participants: Observational and mendelian randomization analyses PLOS 27 days ago
12 More than half of data deficient species predicted to be threatened by extinction | Communications Biology 5 days ago
13 Research by PLOS PLOS 7 months ago
14 Published Peer Review History at PLOS: Observations from the past three years The Official PLOS Blog 2 months ago
15 The impact of a year of Open Code at PLOS Computational Biology The Official PLOS Blog 2 months ago
16 In conversation with PLOS Biology experimental psychology authors Jacqueline Scholl and Nils Kolling PLOS 4 months ago
17 Credit PLOS 7 months ago
18 Detection and molecular characterization of Avipoxvirus in Culex spp. (Culicidae) captured in domestic areas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
19 What does an editor actually do? The value of taking on an internship as a postdoc PLOS 3 months ago
20 Open Access Doesn't Need APCs Part 1: Charting a new course with Community Action Publishing The Official PLOS Blog 7 months ago
21 5 Recommended Articles from PLOS Biology Associate Editor Richard Hodge PLOS 1 year ago
22 Submit PLOS 2 years ago
23 Meet PLOS Biology Associate Editor Luke Smith PLOS 1 year ago
24 Vaccine available for children under five Michael West 7 days ago
25 Meet PLOS Biology Associate Editor, Paula Jauregui PLOS 1 year ago
26 PLOS and IReL Sign Three Year Open Access Publishing Agreement The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
27 Uphold the code: How complete, detailed and Open code can enhance understanding, improve reproducibility, and change the shape of the research article The Official PLOS Blog 3 months ago
28 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Gabriel Gasque PLOS 2 years ago
29 From Open Access to Open Science, PLOS Biology is Leading Change The Official PLOS Blog 2 years ago
30 Partnering with CRUK to improve quality and reproducibility in cancer research through preregistration The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
31 The potential butterfly effect of preregistered peer-reviewed research The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
32 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Liza Gross PLOS 2 years ago
33 Comparing preprints and their finalized publications during the pandemic EurekAlert 6 months ago
34 Mothers' sleep apnea may increase risk of autism-like changes in their male offspring: Study in rats links intermittent hypoxia in pregnancy to lifelong deficits Science Daily 6 months ago
35 Cryopreserved testis tissue viable even after 20 years: PLOS Biology study Medical Dialogues 3 months ago
36 New cell, shown to regulate heart rate, discovered at University of Notre Dame EurekAlert 9 months ago
37 Which solutions best support sharing and reuse of code? The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
38 Hunting for human obesity genes in fat fruit flies 9 months ago
39 A new hope for a therapy against retinitis pigmentosa Medical Xpress 2 months ago
40 Publication Fees PLOS 2 years ago
41 Behind the paper: hunting for herpesvirus — the search for a transmissible vaccine vector PLOS 2 months ago
42 Open sharing of biotechnology research – transparency versus security EurekAlert 4 months ago
43 PLOS expands footprint in Sweden with a new publishing agreement with the Bibsam consortium The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
44 New antibiotics could tackle drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria: Candidate drugs are safer and more effective than current therapies Science Daily 2 months ago
45 Publish with PLOS PLOS 2 years ago
46 One (more) small step for preprints, one giant leap for rapid and responsible sharing of health research at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 7 months ago
47 PLOS Publication Ethics: A frank discussion on handling difficult cases The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
48 Scientists Expand CRISPR-Cas9 Genetic Inheritance Control in Mammals University of California San Diego 7 months ago
49 Love of nature is partially heritable, study of twins shows EurekAlert 6 months ago
50 Study reveals how epilepsy and migraine drug causes birth defects: Valproic acid (VPA) keeps nervous system cells from growing and dividing correctly, researchers discovered Science Daily 2 months ago
51 'Ugly' reef fishes are most in need of conservation support 2 months ago
52 PLOS Expands Footprint in the European Union with a Publishing Agreement in Germany The Official PLOS Blog 8 months ago
53 Meet PLOS Biology Senior Editor, Ines Alvarez-Garcia PLOS 2 years ago
54 Expanding Globally, Listening Locally: Open Science in Africa PLOS 3 months ago
55 Changing your mind based on information, or simply to conform? Brain activity differentiates between types of social influence EurekAlert 5 months ago
56 PLOS Announces New Publishing Agreements with CRL and NERL The Official PLOS Blog 10 months ago
57 PLOS Sustainability and Transformation celebrates World Biodiversity Day Latitude 3 months ago
58 2020 Financial Overview PLOS 2 years ago
59 PLOS launches new feature to promote data sharing and access The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
60 Spend less time looking for articles with accessible datasets The Official PLOS Blog 4 months ago
61 PLOS announces new publishing agreement with the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
62 Meet PLOS Biology's New Editor-in-Chief, Nonia Pariente PLOS 2 years ago
63 Our Commitment to Price Transparency The Official PLOS Blog 11 months ago
64 Making Strides in Research Reporting The Official PLOS Blog 12 months ago
65 Advancing Open Science in Africa three organizations collaborate to increase awareness and education 4 months ago
66 PLOS Climate publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
67 The state of preprints at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
68 The importance of being second PLOS-wide edition 2 years ago
69 Lipid profiling can predict risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease decades before onset: Early testing may allow targeted interventions before disease develops Science Daily 5 months ago
70 First animals developed complex ecosystems before the Cambrian explosion EurekAlert 3 months ago
71 PLOS Water publishes first papers The Official PLOS Blog 6 months ago
72 Shining a light on protein aggregation in Parkinson's disease EurekAlert 5 months ago
73 PLOS and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Extend Partnership to Accelerate Preprint Sharing in Medicine The Official PLOS Blog 7 months ago
74 More reptile species may be at risk of extinction than previously thought Newswise 3 months ago
75 Neurobiology: Our minds distinguish between various social influences Science Daily 5 months ago
76 Interviews with the lab protocol community insights from an Academic Editor and a reviewer 4 months ago
77 Preregistration PLOS 2 years ago
78 Study Confirms Site of Brain Region Responsible for Making Sure People Say Words as Intended NYU Langone Health 6 months ago
79 With 'brain-reading' research, a once-tarnished scientist seeks redemption STAT 5 months ago
80 Editorial Bias and Nepotism in Biomedical Journals Revealed by Massive Study SciTechDaily 8 months ago
81 New options for posting a medRxiv preprint at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
82 ICYMI The Official PLOS Blog 8 months ago
83 Author Q&A with John Humphrey PLOS 7 months ago
84 Scientists demonstrate self-awareness in fish 6 months ago
85 Libraries expands agreement, supports open access monographs Pennsylvania State University 7 months ago
86 Scientists identify promising transmission chain-breaker in the fight against malaria: Deleting a protein found in mosquitoes strongly protects the insects from malaria Science Daily 7 months ago
87 Death in darkness: a new type of cell death discovered in fly guts EurekAlert 4 months ago
88 New study points to potential strategy to reduce fatigue after COVID-19 vaccination EurekAlert 2 months ago
89 Why do we love the great outdoors? New research shows part of the answer is in our genes The Conversation 6 months ago
90 New technique transplants mitochondria from one living cell to another 5 months ago
91 Call for Papers: PLOS Medicine Special Issue 'Bacterial Antimicrobial Resistance: Surveillance and Prevention' Speaking of Medicine and Health 4 months ago
92 PLOS response to the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) statement on Open Access PLOS 6 months ago
93 Human microbiome research excludes developing world EurekAlert 6 months ago
94 An easier way to submit research at PLOS The Official PLOS Blog 1 year ago
95 Exploring the surprising role of motor system neurons Medical Xpress 4 months ago
96 Welcome to the PLOS Editor Center PLOS 1 year ago
97 Transparency versus security: Open science in the age of biotech advances 3 months ago
98 PLOS Cookie Policy PLOS 3 months ago
99 Open Access Doesn't Need APCs Part III: The Simplicity of Flat Fees The Official PLOS Blog 5 months ago
100 Publication timeframes at PLOS ONE and our plans to improve them 4 months ago