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1 PacBio Acquires Short-Read Sequencer Omniome for $800M
2 PacBio snaps up DNA sequencing startup Omniome in deal worth up to $800M
3 Pacific Biosciences Hopes Circulomics Tech Will Help Standardize HiFi Sequencing Yield
4 Global Supply Chain Issues Catch up to Illumina, Leading to Delayed NGS Projects
5 PacBio nets $900M from SoftBank to support its long-read sequencing goals
6 Pacific Biosciences Q1 Revenues Soar 86 Percent | Genomeweb
7 PacBio: Year of Expansion, Whole-Genome Clinical Goals
8 Pacific Biosciences Sees Opportunity in Kits for COVID-19, Pathogen Surveillance
9 The future of 'next generation' DNA sequencing | Business
10 DNA sequencing upstart Element Biosciences raises $276M ahead of its first product launch
11 ABRF Study Benchmarks NGS Platforms on Human, Microbial Samples, Provides Peek at Genapsys Data
12 Closing in on a complete human genome
13 Researchers claim they have sequenced the entirety of the human genome
14 The FTC moves to block DNA sequencer Illumina's acquisition of PacBio, calling company a 'monopolist'
15 Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation in Advanced Genomic Sequencing
16 Illumina Set to Acquire “Long-Read” DNA Sequencer PacBio for $1.2B
17 New method helps pocket-sized DNA sequencer achieve near-perfect accuracy
18 Global Agrigenomics Market (2021 to 2026)
19 Pacific Biosciences of California (PACB) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
20 BGI Genomics Purchases 10 PacBio Sequel Systems
21 Pacific Biosciences Q2 Revenues Grow 79 Percent | Genomeweb
22 Top Genetic Sequencing Stocks To Buy in 2021
23 Pacific Biosciences of California (PACB) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript
24 PacBio Sells Sequel System Sequencers to Annoroad
25 Delaware State University establishes new DNA Core Center
26 Pacific Biosciences of California (PACB) Q1 2021 Earnings Call Transcript
27 Towards complete and error-free genome assemblies of all vertebrate species
28 Pocket-Sized DNA Sequencer Achieves Near-Perfect Accuracy – Could Help Track COVID-19 Virus
29 Startup BugSeq Bioinformatics Achieves High SARS-CoV-2 Detection Rate With Nanopore Sequencing
30 PacBio Describes Circular Consensus Sequencing Protocol for Accurate Variant Calling and Assembly
31 Agrigenomics Market worth $5.3 billion by 2026
32 You Can Now Assemble Entire Genomes on Your Personal Computer in Minutes
33 Labcorp Adopts Molecular Loop SARS-CoV-2 Research Sequencing Panel for Large-Scale Viral Surveillance
34 Illumina calls it quits after FTC blocks its $1.2B offer for PacBio
35 Nanopore Sequencing Looks to the Long Haul
36 Genomics Analysis Moves to the Next Level
37 PacBio Is A DNA Sequencing Standout
38 Next Generation Sequencing Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030
39 International Barcode of Life Project to Expand, Switch From Sanger to PacBio Sequencing
40 New study stacks up Loop Genomics, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore long read sequencing
41 Illumina Adds Long-Read Capabilities with $1.2B PacBio Acquisition
42 Illumina Parries FTC Challenge to Grail Acquisition With Deals for Competing Customers
43 Somatic Variant Calling Is Added to OmniTier's CompStor Novos® Genomics Analysis Appliance
44 A chromosome-scale genome sequence of pitaya (Hylocereus undatus) provides novel insights into the genome evolution and regulation of betalain biosynthesis | Horticulture Research
45 What is Long-Read Sequencing?
46 12 Best Genomic Stocks to Buy Now
47 Praxis Genomics Bets on Bionano Optical Maps, Sequencing to Solve Complex Rare Disease Cases
48 Top 10 Sequencing Companies
49 What's next for PacBio and Illumina?
50 Roche Acquires Stratos Genomics to Expand Nanopore Sequencing Technology
51 Sequence data for Clostridium autoethanogenum using three generations of sequencing technologies | Scientific Data
52 Evolution of the MLO gene families in octoploid strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa) and progenitor diploid species identified potential genes for strawberry powdery mildew resistance | Horticulture Research
53 Bionano Genomics: Saphyr System May Be Coming Of Age, But Peak Sales Look Years Away
54 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes First Next Generation Sequence Test for Diagnosing COVID-19
55 Researchers Use Nanopore Sequencing Technology to Complete First Gapless End-to-End Assembly of Human X Chromosome
56 The power of single molecule real-time sequencing technology in the de novo assembly of a eukaryotic genome | Scientific Reports
57 Scaffolding of a bacterial genome using MinION nanopore sequencing | Scientific Reports
58 Pacific Biosciences Announces Retirement of Michael Phillips, SVP of Research and Development
59 What is Single-Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing?
60 To build a goldfish, start with a blueprint
61 Top 10 Gene Sequencing Companies by Revenue
62 Illumina, inc (ILMN) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript
63 Telomere-to-telomere assembly of a complete human X chromosome
64 Acacia Research: Next Generation Genomic Sequencing At A Bargain Price
65 Bionano Genomics: Better Detection, Cost Metrics And Saphyr-As-A-Service
66 DNA Sequenced for Parrots' Ability to Parrot
67 Pacific Biosciences of California Inc (PACB) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript
68 3 Things We Might Hear From Illumina Next Week
69 All Aboard the Genome Express
70 DNA Sequencing: Zero-Mode Waveguides Turn 10
71 Illumina CEO Talks $100 Genome, Tariffs, and NovaSeq at JP Morgan
72 Oxford Nanopore raises $140M to set up sequencing showdown with Illumina
73 Genome Sequencing Roundup
74 Launch of PacBio RS Platform Drives Pacific Biosciences' Q2 Revenues to $10.6M
75 New, improved human genome reference in the works
76 Illumina Remains NGS Leader But Competitors Expected to Gain, Survey Finds
77 Genomics Resource Laboratory : Core Facilities
78 How DNA Sequencing In Sewers Could Detect Disease Outbreaks
79 How DNA Sequencing Started the Microbiome Revolution | by Carly Anderson | Prime Movers Lab
80 In Sequence 2013 Survey: Illumina Pulls Further Ahead, Interest in Oxford Nanopore Remains High
81 DNA sequenced for parrot's ability to parrot
82 SageELF Automates Multiple Size Fractionation of DNA, Proteins; PacBio Among Early Access Users
83 DNA Extraction Remains Bottleneck for Long-Read Techs But Solutions Begin to Emerge
84 Genia Sold: Roche To Incubate Another Novel DNA Sequencing System
85 Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) CEO Francis deSouza Presents at J.P. Morgan 39th Annual Healthcare Conference (Transcript)
86 Evonetix, Imec Collaborate on Silicon Chip Manufacturing for DNA Synthesis
87 Illumina: Cheap With Further Upside From Grail
88 Roche Shutting Down 454 Sequencing Business | Genomeweb
89 Roche Acquires Nanopore Sequencing Firm Genia Technologies for up to $350M
90 A Genomics Event: Missing the Sunshine but Basking in Science
91 UK 'unicorn' Oxford Nanopore bags $65m backing from Amgen
92 Real-Time Sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Are We There Yet? | Journal of Clinical Microbiology
93 Global Agrigenomics market With 7.3% Average Growth Rate In Last Several Years
94 Six Years After Acquisition, Roche Quietly Shutters 454
95 PacBio Partners with Imec to Develop Microchips for SMRT Technology
96 Blog
97 A Set Up to Sequence 280,000 Human Genomes Per Year
98 Global Nanopore Sequencing Market 2021 Overview by Industry Size, Top Trends, Drivers, Growth and Forecast to 2026
99 DNA sequencing for 1/10 the price: Ion Torrent's sequencer arrives
100 Co-Occurrence of the mcr-1.1 and mcr-3.7 Genes in a Multidrug-Resistan | IDR