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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 One in three people are infected with Toxoplasma parasite EastMojo 17 hours ago
2 Toxoplasmosis: Propagation of parasite in host cell stopped Science Daily 5 days ago
3 The Scientists Fighting for Parasite Conservation Scientific American 16 days ago
4 Malaria parasites form vortices Science Daily 3 days ago
5 'Parasite' and five other titles that shot in and around Jeonju Screen International 20 days ago
6 My family and other parasites: more worm species are named for loved ones 7 days ago
7 Insights into malaria parasites strengthen drug discovery pipeline 8 hours ago
8 From ‘Parasite’ to ‘All That Jazz,’ 11 Palme d’Or-Winning Films to Rewatch Now Vogue 4 days ago
9 Revising the lifecycle of an important human parasite Science Daily 28 days ago
10 Daily briefing: The case for parasite conservation 14 days ago
11 A friend, not foe: Parasite in gastrointestinal system found to promote health Science Daily 22 days ago
12 Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects The Source 7 days ago
13 Annoying Cat Parasite Has Again Been Linked to Psychotic Episodes, But Only in Men ScienceAlert 23 days ago
14 Robert Pattinson and Bong Joon-ho are making a sci-fi movie together i-D 10 hours ago
15 BWW Review: Experience BTS, PARASITE, and the Art of Korea in KOREA: CUBICALLY IMAGINED at Chelsea Industrial Broadway World 11 days ago
16 Special Delivery: Parasite star Park So-dam in Korea’s answer to Drive South China Morning Post 7 days ago
17 Drug-resistant sea lice an increasing problem for B.C. fish farms, new study finds KAKE 1 day ago
18 Anopheline mosquitoes are protected against parasite infection by tryptophan catabolism in gut microbiota 29 days ago
19 Immunomodulatory effects of parasitic dinoflagellate Hematodinium on crustacean hemocytes 3 days ago
20 Singapore researchers discover parasite that improves gut diversity NutraIngredients-Asia 5 days ago
21 A Brief Guide to the Tragic, Novelistic Cinema of Lee Chang-dong AnOther Magazine 7 hours ago
22 Intestinal worm study highlights role of microbiota Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences 13 hours ago
23 Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten Calls Harry, Meghan 'Parasites': 'Shut Your Mouth' Newsweek 3 days ago
24 Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics ASBMB Today 9 days ago
25 Ask the Vet: Spring brings tick, intestinal parasite season for pets Toledo Blade 30 days ago
26 Red band trailer for The Passenger unleashes an alien parasite Flickering Myth 5 days ago
27 "Parasite" & "Escape From Mogadishu" To Stream On Netflix This Month hellokpop 4 days ago
28 BTS's V named as one of 'The Most Popular Representatives of Korean Culture,' along with 'Squid Game,' 'Parasite,' 'Gangnam Style' and BTS allkpop 4 days ago
29 Apple snails causing problems in Louisiana KATC News 3 days ago
30 Calls to restart testing for parasitic disease at US CDC The Lancet 3 days ago
31 Is a Mother's Role in Pregnancy as Host or Hostess? Answers In Genesis 3 days ago
32 ‘Medical intuitives’ on Tiktok are claiming that ‘healing frequencies’ can cure people from parasites The Daily Dot 3 days ago
33 Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics and potentially spread through the sea, new research suggests The Conversation Indonesia 21 days ago
34 Did you have a cat when you were a kid? You may be at risk for this The Jerusalem Post 8 days ago
35 Tick check: How to keep the small, blood-sucking parasites at bay for humans and pets Orlando Sentinel 7 days ago
36 City schools respond to bed bug questions, but don't confirm discovery of parasite NNY360 7 days ago
37 Vet urges owners to check for fleas as warm weather is 'breeding ground' for parasites The Mirror 9 hours ago
38 Novel pfk13 polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum population in Ghana | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
39 Crystal Lake and Watershed Association Suspends Swimmer's Itch Control Due to Avian Flu 9 & 10 News 7 days ago
40 Letter to the editor: Parasitic politicians help only themselves Washington Times 3 days ago
41 8 Most Misunderstood Movie Villains, Ranked CBR 1 day ago
42 Neon, the Best Picture Oscar-winning Studio Behind #Parasite, Has Acquired Rights to the ... Latest Tweet 5 days ago
43 5 cost-saving ways to keep your pets healthy — and happy Elko Daily Free Press 2 days ago
44 You and your pets could be at higher risk for tickborne illnesses this month: What to know WDIV ClickOnDetroit 6 days ago
45 Whatever You Do, Don't Touch This Illinois Creepy-Crawly 6 hours ago
46 Types of human parasite: Worms, infections, and causes Medical News Today 2 months ago
47 Water Treatment Cuts Parasitic Ascaris Infections Affecting 800 Million People Infectious Disease Special Edition 7 days ago
48 Meet 37 adoptable dogs and cats looking for love in the Tulsa area Tulsa World 5 hours ago
49 UF study: Deadly rat lungworm parasite has spread to invasive Cuban treefrogs in Florida UF Health News 3 months ago
50 Department of Health warns public that "Bullfrog Shots" might contain parasites Thaiger ข่าวประเทศไทย 11 days ago
51 Scientists Identify Key Regulator of Malaria Parasite Transmission Weill Cornell Medicine Newsroom 3 months ago
52 In Test Tubes, RNA Molecules Evolve Into a Tiny Ecosystem Quanta Magazine 12 days ago
53 20 Great Movies Like Parasite You Should See Next Looper 3 months ago
54 Ranveer Singh Weighs In On Ajay Devgn-Kiccha Sudeep's Language Debate; Cites Parasite, Money Heist News18 6 days ago
55 Malaria from hyperendemicity to elimination along international borders in Yunnan, China during 2003‒2020: a case study Infectious Diseases of Poverty 6 days ago
56 Cardiff transfer news as Chris Coleman gives verdict on Gareth Bale to Bluebirds Wales Online 1 day ago
57 Robert Pattinson set to star in Parasite director Bong Joon-ho’s new film The Guardian 4 months ago
58 A deadly parasite that burrows into the body through bare feet could be multiplying in this US community The Guardian US 6 months ago
59 Scientists release new, weed-resistant sorghum variety The Star, Kenya 1 day ago
60 Vaccine protects against 'tough cookie' parasite found in the Americas Science Daily 2 months ago
61 'Parasite' star Park So Dam diagnosed with thyroid cancer CNN 5 months ago
62 Parasites may gross us out, but they hold ecosystems together National Geographic 7 months ago
63 Testing reveals parasite in certain Ocean Mist romaine hearts Food Safety News 2 months ago
64 The company that produced ‘Parasite’ has bought Endeavor’s scripted content arm. The New York Times 6 months ago
65 Scientists breed honey bees to fight deadly parasite Science 1 month ago
66 The Producer of 'Parasite' Is Making a K-Pop Movie Papermag 9 months ago
67 Outdoor Pet Cats Are Spreading a Brain Parasite to Wildlife Smithsonian Magazine 6 months ago
68 Parasite star Choi Woo-shik reflects on a stressful return to K-drama South China Morning Post 3 months ago
69 Close-up with a parasite that can blind 4 months ago
70 The Safdie brothers explain the brilliance of Bong Joon-ho film 'Parasite' Far Out Magazine 8 months ago
71 What Five Hollywood Horror Sensations Have in Common With Real Parasites Smithsonian Magazine 7 months ago
72 Study details how some fish cope with parasites, with implications for human health: New research on how parasite resistance in threespine stickleback fish may lead to a better understanding of human diseases. Science Daily 3 months ago
73 Antech introduces veterinary medicine's most advanced parasite screening test PR Newswire 4 months ago
74 Unknown Parasite Latching onto Stripers, Other Fish Chesapeake Bay Magazine 7 months ago
75 The Power of the Dog to Parasite: the seven best films to watch on TV this week The Guardian 6 months ago
76 Debilitating Human Parasite Finds a New Detour into its Host Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 5 months ago
77 Txikispora philomaios, a parasite that will help to explain the origin of animal multicellularity: The parasite belongs to a lineage close to the evolutionary point at which unicellular organisms became differentiated to form animals and fungi Science Daily 4 months ago
78 A Behavior-Manipulating Parasite May Be Leading Wildlife to the Lion's Den DISCOVER Magazine 5 months ago
79 Man's seizure turned out to be tapeworm parasite in his brain TODAY 6 months ago
80 Parasite Ending, Explained by Bong Joon-ho Vulture 2 years ago
81 Parasite review – a gasp-inducing masterpiece | Parasite The Guardian 2 years ago
82 Making of ‘Parasite’: How Bong Joon Ho’s Real Life Inspired a Plot-Twisty Tale of Rich vs. Poor Hollywood Reporter 3 years ago
83 ‘Parasite’ Review: The Lower Depths Rise With a Vengeance The New York Times 2 years ago
84 Bong Joon Ho Hopes ‘Parasite’ Series Is ‘Great Genius,’ Eyes 2025 or Later for Animated Film IndieWire 10 months ago
85 Heat sensitivity of first host and cercariae may restrict parasite transmission in a warming sea | Scientific Reports 4 months ago
86 Parasitic worm forces tarantulas to tiptoe, then starves them to death 4 months ago
87 Malaria protection due to sickle haemoglobin depends on parasite genotype 5 months ago
88 Malaria parasite's survival linked to two proteins UC Riverside 2 months ago
89 'Parasite' star on his show 'Dr. Brain' and why America loves Korean drama New York Post 6 months ago
90 Horrifying Parasite Masquerading as Fish Tongue Found in Texan State Park ScienceAlert 7 months ago
91 Bong Joon Ho and Ryusuke Hamaguchi on Oscar Surprise ‘Drive My Car’ The New York Times 3 months ago
92 Parasite Cleanse: Is a Cleanse to Poop Out Worms Ever a Good Idea? Self 9 months ago
93 UTSW pharmacologists identify potential cure for tropical parasitic disease found in soil UT Southwestern 5 months ago
94 A Parasitic Wasp Unmasked: One Species Is Actually 16 Species The New York Times 3 months ago
95 How Bong Joon Ho Invented the Weird World of 'Parasite' The Atlantic 3 years ago
96 Tracking the earliest steps in parasite infection | Penn Today Penn Today 10 months ago
97 Parasite review: A chilling thrill ride about inequality 3 years ago
98 A commonly found parasite could treat certain types of cancer, say scientists Science Daily 7 months ago
99 A role of anterior cingulate cortex in the emergence of worker–parasite relationship 2 months ago
100 Parasite evolution is making it harder to detect and treat malaria New Scientist News 8 months ago