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1 Sleep talking: Causes, side effects, and how to stop
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11 Sleep Talking: Causes, Symptoms, and How to Prevent It
12 Incredible Growth of Parasomnia Treatment Market – SWOT Analysis by Growth Factors from 2021-2028 |Anuja Healthcare Limited, Lupin Limited, Apotex Inc, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cadila Pharmaceuticals – The Manomet Current
13 How to stop talking in your sleep
14 Parasomnias: What Psychiatrists Need to Know
15 Male Sleepwalkers Have Greater Risk of Developing Parkinson's
16 Review: A Struggle In Two Realms In PARASOMNIA #1
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18 'People are looking for help,' says Sudbury mom as addiction wait lists grow
19 9 Types of Parasomnias That Might Explain That Weird Thing You Do When You Sleep
20 Snoozing and Losing? Here's How to Finally Stop Sleeping Through Your Alarm
21 Sleep expert: Reasons why children avoid sleep and adults can't get enough
22 7 Things to Know About Parasomnias
23 Sleep disorder: What it's like to sleep next to someone who becomes violent in their slumber
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25 Frightening parasomnias of childhood sleep
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27 Parasomnia #1 Review – But Why Tho? A Geek Community
28 Why do kids hate going to sleep, while adults usually love it?
29 What Is Parasomnia? 7 Behaviours You May Not Have Realised Are Sleep Disorders
30 Parasomnias May Be Common—But They're No Joke
31 Parasomnias and Criminal Activity | Psychiatric Annals
32 Parasomnias: The Science of Unsound Sleep
33 Parasomnia: A Beautiful, Twisted Tale
34 Sleepwalking: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
35 The Appropriate Diagnostic Category of Sleep-Related Dissociative Disorders
36 Sleep Texting: Disorder, Causes, Examples, and Prevention
37 Sleep Apnea Linked To Sleepwalking, Hallucinations And Other 'Parasomnias'
38 Do you sleep like an angel?
39 Iron Reduces Parasomnias in Children With Restless Legs
40 Parasomnia is a pain – but you can conquer your night terrors
41 Odd Things People Do in Their Sleep
42 Consider nocturnal seizures when evaluating a patient for parasomnias
43 What Substances Can Cause Sleep Behaviors?
44 What Causes Confusional Arousals or Sleep Drunkenness?
45 Misperception of Sleep Quality Is Common in Patients With Insomnia
46 Five Signs You Have a Parasomnia
47 Dysania: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More
48 Sleep Disorder Market In-Depth Analysis By Application, Types, Region And Business Growth Drivers : GlaxoSmithKline plc Becton Dickson and Company Cardinal Health Natus Medical Incorporated Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited – The Manomet
49 Why Do Some People Sleep With Their Eyes Open?
50 Sleep disorders occur frequently, in multiple brain networks, with autoimmune encephalitis
51 Surprising 'fight or flight' discovery provides unique insight into the mysterious inner workings of sleepwalking
52 Vaccines are magic bullets but we need to understand what it really does for Covid-19: Dr Pajanivel R
53 Catathrenia: Parasomnia or breathing disorder?
54 I Have Sexsomia, a Disorder That’s Like Sleepwalking…but for Sex Acts
55 Coach Gattuso Speaks on 8th Ranking in CAA Preseason Poll
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58 Causes of Somniloquy (Sleep Talking)
59 Masturbating and other weird things you may do while asleep
60 What Causes Sleep Violence?
61 5 strange sleep behaviors
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64 Is ‘Sexsomnia’ (Having Sex While Sleeping) Really a Thing?
65 Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia”
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67 Sleep Disorders: Types and Treatments
68 Sleepwalking Tied to Higher Odds for Parkinson's in Men
69 Nearly 1 in 3 Military Personnel Meet Criteria for Nightmare Disorder
70 Exploding head syndrome: Causes and treatment
71 Bullied children 'at higher risk of night terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking'
72 Bully victims more likely to suffer night terrors, nightmares by age 12
73 Sexsomnia: Clinical Analysis of an Underdiagnosed Parasomnia
74 Exploding Head Syndrome During Pregnancy, Explained By Experts
75 Sleep Texting: Can You Send Text Messages While Asleep?
76 Why do some people talk in their sleep?
77 Side Effects of Sleeping Pills: Common and Potentially Harmful Side Effects
78 Managing headaches in patients with sleep disorders
79 Sleep Inertia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and More
80 Can You Sleep With Your Eyes Open?
81 Vaccination key to control Covid-19: Zambian govt
82 Relearning to smell after COVID-19 | BCM
83 The phenomenon of sleep paralysis
84 Science News Releases
85 I went driving and motorbiking in my sleep
86 Sleepwalking Domestic Violence?
87 Mental Illness: Definition, Types, Diagnosis, Treatment
88 REM Sleep Disorder: Why Acting Out Your Dreams Can Turn Into a Nightmare
89 Sleepwalking explained: Here are the possible causes
90 What Explains Sleep Paralysis and Visions of a Demon on Your Chest?
91 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Gets a Textbook: Carlos H. Schenck, MD
92 Prescription for a Healthy Heart? Get a Better Night's Sleep!
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95 Veterans with PTSD or Brain Injury at Risk of Sleep Disorder That...
96 Does Alcohol Make You Sleepy? What We Know
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98 Sleep paralysis: Causes, symptoms, and tips
99 3 Melatonin Pills a Night Keep the Hallucinations at Bay
100 Swedish Man Acquitted of Rape Due to 'Sexomnia'