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1 Paul Bettany To Star In ‘Harvest Moon’ For Miramax; Carmen Ejogo, Candice Bergen And Cary Elwes Also On Board
2 WandaVision's Paul Bettany To Star In New Drama Movie About Lockdown
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5 What If...? EPs Explain Why Paul Bettany Didn't Voice Infinity Ultron
6 What If Art Sees Paul Bettany As Live-Action Ultron With Infinity Stones
7 Paul Bettany to star in comedy Harvest Moon
8 Paul Bettany heads Harvest Moon cast | Entertainment |
9 Here's Why What If ...? Didn't Bring Back James Spader or Paul Bettany for Ultron Role
10 Captain Marvel 2 director thinks Thanos' snap is Captain America's fault
11 Time Travel With Wanda in These WandaVision-Inspired Halloween Costumes
12 Thanos Was Right
13 MCU: 8 Reasons Why Age Of Ultron Is Better Than Fans Remember
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15 Marvel Addresses Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter's Place in the MCU Canon
16 Wanda and Vision celebrate Halloween with Iron Studios' Marvel collectible statues
17 The Return of Vision Is Still Uncertain, According to Paul Bettany
18 Paul Bettany on ‘WandaVision’ Stakes: “It Can’t Stay That Way Forever”
19 Paul Bettany Trolled ‘WandaVision’ Fans, Admits ‘Surprise Actor’ He Touted Is Himself
20 WandaVision’s Paul Bettany Reveals What ‘Concerned’ Him About Playing Vision Again In The Disney+ Show
21 Paul Bettany Answers Every Question We Have About A Knight’s Tale
22 Paul Bettany Reveals What It's Really Like To Suit Up As The Vision
23 Paul Bettany Says He's 'Already In' for 'WandaVision' Season 2 (Exclusive)
24 Paul Bettany On Marvel And 'WandaVision', Plus An Emmy Nomination For Re-Creating A Classic Emmy Winner – The Actor's Side
25 The Ending Of Iron Man Was A Last Minute Fix That Wasn't Completed Until Three Weeks Before Release
26 Paul Bettany: ‘I have thoughts about what would be great for White Vision…’
27 Paul Bettany’s Own Loss Helped Him Connect to WandaVision
28 Paul Bettany's 10 Best Movie & TV Roles, According To Rotten Tomatoes
29 Paul Bettany Says There's a 'WandaVision' Cameo No One Has Guessed Yet
30 Paul Bettany Was Trolling Us With Teased ‘WandaVision’ Actor Cameo
31 ‘Uncle Frank’ Star Paul Bettany On The Experiences Of “Loss And Damage” That Informed His Turn In Alan Ball Drama – Contenders TV: The Nominees
32 Florence Pugh Goes on Comical “Rant” About 'Black Widow' Halloween Display
33 Oscar Experts Typing: Will ‘King Richard’ serve up a Best Actor win for Will Smith?
34 Paul Bettany Hasn’t Given Up Hope on Returning as Vision in the MCU
35 13 Couples Halloween Costumes for 2021: From Kravis to Bridgerton
36 Paul Bettany Reveals Time He "Flipped Out" On Set to Get out of Vision Make-up
37 How Paul Bettany Rediscovered His Love of Comedy With 'WandaVision' (Exclusive)
38 Here Are All the Marvel Shows on Disney Plus Right Now (and the Ones That Are Coming Out)
39 Paul Bettany Would Be Up For WandaVision Season 2 If It Happens
40 WandaVision star Paul Bettany addresses future of Vision in the MCU
41 Paul Bettany Has Ideas For White Vision's MCU Future
42 'WandaVision' Star Paul Bettany Reveals He Wore a Fake Butt
43 ‘Uncle Frank’ Star Paul Bettany and Writer-Director Alan Ball on the Personal Connections They Found With Film’s Story and Themes
44 Paul Bettany Wants to Play Vision Forever
45 Gamora Makes Official MCU Return WITHOUT Zoe Saldana
46 Every Core Avenger in the MCU, Ranked by Intelligence
47 Paul Bettany Discusses Transitioning From MCU's Jarvis to Vision
48 Paul Bettany Explains the Frustration of Marvel Secrecy
49 For Actors From Paul Bettany to Jonathan Majors, Performing in Period Pieces Offers New Perspective on the Past
50 WandaVision: Paul Bettany Addresses Marvel Studios' "Frustrating" Secrecy
51 Paul Bettany Responds to Rumors of Vision's Return to the MCU
52 Paul Bettany Says Major ‘WandaVision’ Actor Hasn’t Been Leaked Yet: ‘Scenes Are Pretty Intense’
53 WandaVision's Paul Bettany Shares Rare Photos of His and Jennifer Connelly's Sons
54 Shang-Chi Secretly Solves A WandaVision Mystery
55 WandaVision star Paul Bettany admits to trolling fans with ongoing ‘surprise cameo’ tease
56 Remember When 9/11 Inspired Paul Bettany to Propose to Jennifer Connelly?
57 BBC Offers First Looks of ‘Conversations With Friends,’ ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ at Drama Showcase
58 ‘WandaVision’s’ Paul Bettany and ‘The Undoing’s’ Hugh Grant Weigh in on Building Trust in TV Marriages
59 WandaVision: 10 Ways Now Is The Perfect Time For A Rewatch | CBR
60 Paul Bettany on his pride that the MCU's “kooky cousin” 'WandaVision' ended up with 23 Emmy nominations
61 WandaVision’s Paul Bettany Shares BTS Image of 1970s Episode
62 WandaVision's Paul Bettany Once Flipped Out To Get Out of Vision Suit
63 WandaVision Star Paul Bettany Beautifully Breaks Down the Scarlet Witch's Motive to Create WestView
64 WandaVision Star Paul Bettany Shares Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Photo From His "Weird Job"
65 WandaVision Has an Epic Ending According to Paul Bettany
66 Paul Bettany Revealed Some of the Secrets Behind Vision, WandaVision, and Its Live Studio Audience
67 Ten Vampire Movies You Should Watch
68 WandaVision's Paul Bettany Shares a BTS Photo of His Classic Vision Costume
69 WandaVision: Paul Bettany Hoping For MCU Return After Disney+ Show
70 Marvel Actor Paul Bettany Just Landed His First TV Show Following WandaVision
71 Paul Bettany, Star of WandaVision, is a Vision in a Bubble Bath
72 WandaVision's Paul Bettany Calls His Favorite Scene a "Big Surprise"
73 Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly have PDA session through their masks
74 ‘WandaVision’s’ Paul Bettany has been a scene-stealer for years, and it’s time the Emmys recognize it
75 WandaVision BTS Image Shows Paul Bettany’s Vision Wearing Glasses
76 Paul Bettany's Net Worth in 2021 and His Most Successful Films
77 Paul Bettany On That Time Avengers: Age Of Ultron’s Joss Whedon Insisted On Giving Vision A Penis
78 Paul Bettany teases upcoming ‘WandaVision’ cameo: “I’ve longed to work with them”
79 MCU: The 10 Best Food-Related Scenes | ScreenRant
80 WandaVision's Paul Bettany Has Ideas for White Vision's Future
81 Paul Bettany Says Some WandaVision Fan Theories Were "Pretty Good Ideas"
82 23 Elizabeth Olsen And Paul Bettany Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Prove Platonic Soulmates Totally Exist
83 Mark Our Words: Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's Kids Will Be Superstars
84 Elizabeth Olsen Knows What Paul Bettany Would Have Been If He Wasn't an Actor
85 Paul Bettany, 50, learns a valuable sunscreen lesson in Es Vedrà... in the shape of a MANHOOD
86 Paul Bettany (‘Uncle Frank’ and ‘WandaVision’) on two incredible working experiences: ‘No ego, collaboration and joy!’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]
87 'WandaVision' Star Paul Bettany Talks Potential Return as Dryden Vos
88 17 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2021 Pop Culture
89 'Wandavision' Star Paul Bettany Says Lifting Thor's Hammer and 'Dying Twice' Were His Favorite Moments as Vision
90 Paul Bettany admits seeing his father struggle with his sexuality helped him become a better dad
91 Paul Bettany Shares Rare Photo Grown-Up Son, Stellan Bettany
92 Paul Bettany (‘WandaVision’) has a stronger chance than you think to win the Emmy, say these Experts
93 Paul Bettany Reveals Why He Thinks Wanda Created Westview
94 Elizabeth Olsen Is An Ax Murderer In Love & Death First Look Images
95 Paul Bettany expresses his desire to be in the MCU after 'WandaVision'
96 WandaVision: 10 Vision Mannerisms Paul Bettany Absolutely Nails
97 Disney+: Kathryn Hahn to reprise her witch character in WandaVision spinoff
98 Paul Bettany says dad going 'back into the closet' shaped him
99 Comic Construct: Reviews of 'Y: The Last Man,' 'What If…?' and the Final Season of 'The Walking Dead'
100 Paul Bettany reveals he no longer has a Marvel contract after WandaVision