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1 Derek Chauvin sentencing thrusts Minnesota Judge Peter Cahill back into spotlight
2 Who Is The Judge Presiding Over The Derek Chauvin Trial? : Live Updates: Trial Over George Floyd's Killing
3 Derek Chauvin's attorney files motion seeking probation or lesser sentence
4 What We Know About the Judge in the Derek Chauvin Trial
5 Combative witness nearly derails trial in 2019 kidnapping, murder of Minneapolis real estate agent
6 The judge presiding over the Derek Chauvin murder trial in George Floyd's death is an Oconomowoc High School graduate
7 The judge in the Derek Chauvin case is orchestrating one of the nation’s most widely watched murder trials. Meet Peter Cahill.
8 Appeals court says trial judge wrong to refuse to reinstate third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin
9 A Closer Look At Peter Cahill, The Judge Presiding Over Derek Chauvin’s Trial
10 Editorial Roundup: Transparency: Time to allow cameras in court
11 Who Is Judge Peter Cahill, Who Will Oversee Case Of Four Ex-MPD Officers Charged In George Floyd’s Death?
12 Who Is Peter A. Cahill? Former Sen. Klobuchar Assistant Is Judge in George Floyd Case
13 Judge to consider aggravating factors in sentencing of Derek Chauvin
14 Judge In Derek Chauvin's Trial Has A Reputation For Being Fair, Decisive
15 Meet Peter Cahill, the judge overseeing the Derek Chauvin trial
16 Chauvin judge admonishes lawmakers after Rep. Waters said protesters should get ‘confrontational’ if verdict is not guilty
17 Judge upholds ruling allowing cameras in courtroom for George Floyd trial despite state challenge
18 Prosecutors ask judge to reject Derek Chauvin retrial bid
19 Former prosecutors call judge's disqualification of county attorney 'highly unusual'
20 Who Is Peter Cahill? This Judge Will Oversee the Trial of George Floyd's Accused Killer | National Law Journal
21 EXPLAINER: Chauvin's lawyer asks to probe alleged jury bias
22 Derek Chauvin Trial: Technical Issues Bring First Day to a Close
23 Judge: Floyd trial will stay in Minneapolis, can be livestreamed
24 Prosecutors Oppose Chauvin Retrial Motion, Calling Arguments 'Scattershot'
25 Trial Of Derek Chauvin In The Death Of George Floyd Goes To The Jury
26 Derek Chauvin trial judge to question jurors Wednesday about George Floyd family settlement
27 Judge overseeing trial of officer charged in George Floyd's death has Oconomowoc roots
28 Judge yet to rule on Chauvin new trial motion; legal expert points to another anticipated decision
29 Derek Chauvin’s lawyer seeks to ‘impeach the verdict’ over alleged jury bias
30 Judge Drops Third-Degree Murder Charge Against Chauvin, Sustains Counts of Other Ex-Officers
31 Ruling paves way for longer sentence in George Floyd's death
32 Derek Chauvin’s Trial Judge Runs a Tight Ship — Here’s What We Know About Him
33 With striking of Black juror, George Floyd activists see racism
34 Spotlight Won't Faze Judge Helming Floyd Death Case, Lawyers Say
35 Derek Chauvin trial: Why role of TV cameras could come into focus
36 Judge rejects request to delay access to Floyd case filings
37 Judge to keep Derek Chauvin trial jury anonymous for at least 6 months
38 When Will Derek Chauvin Be Sentenced? Judge Says in 8 Weeks
39 Judge assigned to former MPD officer Derek Chauvin's case
40 Chauvin trial won’t include Floyd’s past scrapes with the law
41 Can Chauvin get his convictions tossed on appeal?
42 Derek Chauvin trial: Jury selection nears completion ahead of next week’s opening statements
43 'Do not argue with the court': Chauvin trial judge warns witness in tense exchange
44 Prosecutors Who Feared a Media ‘Carnival’ for Witnesses Now Say Derek Chauvin Was Convicted in Complete ‘Judicial Serenity and Calm’
45 Rian Farrell pleads guilty to manslaughter in Melbourne Docklands stabbing of Liam Cahill
46 Prosecutors: New trial not merited for Chauvin in Floyd death
47 Who is Judge Peter Cahill in the Derek Chauvin trial?...
48 Judge in Chauvin trial calls Waters' comments 'abhorrent'
49 Read the judge's ruling on aggravating factors in Derek Chauvin case
50 Derek Chauvin’s attorney files motion for a new trial, alleging misconduct by judge, prosecution and jurors
51 Chauvin to be tried separately in Floyd case
52 EXPLAINER: Chauvin's lawyer may look alone, but he isn't
53 Video: Judge Approves Third-Degree Murder Charge in Chauvin Trial
54 Local Lawyers Say Broadcasting Chauvin's Trial Likely Had No Impact on Courtroom Proceedings
55 How did the court work to find an impartial jury for the Derek Chauvin Trial?
56 A Closer Look At Judge Peter Cahill
57 Minnesota Judge Refuses to Boot Prosecutor From George Floyd Case
58 Chauvin Trial: Judge Denies Defense's Request to Sequester Jury
59 Minnesota Awaits Derek Chauvin’s Fate as Jury Begins Deliberations
60 Experts: Jury instructions as important as evidence in Chauvin trial
61 Men arrested for plotting to distribute heroin on island
62 Judge in Derek Chauvin trial is former prosecutor who built a reputation as a no-nonsense justice
63 Judge in Floyd case issues number of orders, including ruling on joint trial, change of venue
64 Judge allows Derek Chauvin to live outside of Minnesota as he awaits trial in death of George Floyd
65 Minnesota judge lifts gag order in George Floyd case
66 Judge sets hearing for motion to delay trial for 4 former officers in George Floyd case
67 Judge in George Floyd case hears motions to delay March trial
68 Chauvin Judge Freak Out About Maxine Waters Is Prime Judicial Branch Inferiority Complex
69 Derek Chauvin’s lawyer appears outnumbered at trial. But colleagues say Eric Nelson’s low-key style is easy to underestimate.
70 Kildare-Meath spitting probe unlikely to propose penalty
71 2 seated jurors dismissed in Chauvin trial
72 Judge warns media at ex-cop's trial of possible removal
73 What the Chauvin judge got so wrong about Maxine Waters
74 Expert: Lack of Oxygen Killed George Floyd, Not Drugs
75 Federal arraignment for former officers charged in George Floyd’s killing set for July
76 Appeals court says judge in Chauvin case ‘erred,’ must reconsider additional murder charge
77 Judge announces safety procedures for Chauvin trial; 1 person from Floyd family allowed per day
78 Potential jurors in George Floyd case are asked if they support defunding police, amid concerns about ‘fair and safe’ trial
79 Minnesota prosecutors ask to reinstate charge in Floyd death
80 Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of George Floyd’s Murder
81 Defense Set to Make Case in George Floyd Death
82 Out of sight but center stage, jurors weigh Chauvin's fate
83 What we're reading: Request to sequester denied in Chauvin trial, Michigan's COVID-19 cases rise
84 Prosecutors appeal ruling that split trials in Floyd's death
85 Off-duty firefighter tells Chauvin trial jurors of attempts to intervene: ‘There is a man being kill
86 What We Learned on Day 5 of the Derek Chauvin Trial
87 Derek Chauvin Trial Juror Speaks Out: 'I Could Feel Their Pain'
88 Policing is not really on trial in Minnesota. That’s too bad.
89 Man freed after his 20-year prison term ruled illegal
90 Court dismisses prosecution's appeal to delay Derek Chauvin trial, try all four ex-cops together
91 Judge warns of possible move of trial in Floyd killing
92 Former Minneapolis police officers in George Floyd killing seek trial delay
93 Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death to be tried separately, judge rules
94 Minnesota Judge Lifts Gag Order In George Floyd Criminal Case
95 Judge issues gag order in Floyd case against former Minneapolis police officers
96 Covid, Race Tensions Test Jury Picks for Floyd's Accused Killer
97 United Ireland 'is a political powderkeg', says Peter Taylor
98 Judge Cahill Makes Rulings In George Floyd Case
99 When does third-degree murder apply?
100 Could Rep. Maxine Waters' comments about the Chauvin trial actually form the basis for an appeal of the verdict?