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1 Should politicians like Peter Dutton suck up Twitter’s hot-gives and -takes or pursue vindication?
2 ‘Mistakes of the 1930s’: Peter Dutton ramps up China rhetoric as Keating calls him a ‘dangerous personality’
3 Australia says China's 'alarming' actions at odds with peaceful rhetoric
4 China sees Australia as 'tributary state', Peter Dutton says
5 Peter Dutton laughs off 'provocative' remarks by top Chinese diplomat Wang Xining
6 Dutton laughs off #libspill rumours
7 Judge orders New Zealand man who had visa revoked by Peter Dutton to be freed from detention
8 The PR campaign cranks up for Peter Dutton
9 Peter Dutton did not explain how deporting NZ man was in his children’s best interest, court told
10 Australian defence minister Peter Dutton urges French to focus on China instead of ‘hurt feelings’ over submarine contract
11 Is Peter Dutton picking a fight with China?
12 ‘Weak, weak leader’: Dutton delivers blistering attack on Albanese
13 Peter Dutton doubles down on calling for Covid vaccine mandates to be scrapped
14 Roundup: ABC's independent inquiry, Peter Dutton, Brooke Blurton
15 Peter Dutton's lingering leadership ambition
16 AUKUS, Australia: Peter Dutton signs deal for nuclear powered submarines
17 Will Taiwan be enough to ‘satisfy’ Beijing?: Dutton’s chilling question
18 Peter Dutton takes a swipe at Lisa Wilkinson and Malcolm Turnbull
19 ‘Jaw-dropping’: China unloads on Aus
20 Election in 'six months', says Peter Dutton
21 Peter Dutton dresses up as himself in terrifying Halloween prank
22 Paul Hanson's bizarre cartoon series mocking Australian politicians including ScoMo and Peter Dutton
23 Peter Dutton dubs Paul Keating the ‘Grand Appeaser’
24 Peter Dutton sprays former PM Malcolm Turnbull in brutally honest appraisal
25 Solomon Islands PM blames violent anti-government protests on foreign interference
26 How Britain could learn from Australia’s mistakes in dealing with migrant boats
27 Time running out for PM’s date with the people
28 Dutton tells France not to focus on hurt feelings unless they are his
29 Kings of defamation: Porter, Laming, Barilaro, Dutton et al
30 Judge to rule on Dutton's Twitter claim | Magnet | Eden, NSW
31 PM’s been lucky, but luck runs out
32 Coalition and Labor test new Speaker’s limits in question time – as it happened
33 Peter Dutton to seek aggravated damages in defamation claim against Shane Bazzi
34 Will Australia's New Defense Minister Play Bad Cop to China?
35 Peter Dutton tells defamation trial ‘rape apologist’ tweet by activist was ‘deeply offensive’
36 Peter Dutton flags more US troops on Australian soil citing potential China conflict
37 Peter Dutton to enter court-ordered mediation with Shane Bazzi in tweet defamation case
38 Peter Dutton starts issuing defamation threats to Twitter users
39 Refugee activist sued by Peter Dutton over tweet says politicians should be more tolerant of criticism
40 Peter Dutton ridiculed for ordering end to morning teas celebrating diversity
41 Labor rejects Peter Dutton’s bid for taxpayers to fund politicians’ defamation cases
42 Peter Dutton suggests some former Afghan guards and interpreters could pose security risk to Australia
43 Situation in Indo-Pacific 'deteriorating,' says Australian defense minister
44 Peter Dutton replaces Linda Reynolds as Defence Minister
45 Australia's Dutton Vows to Work With U.S., China to Ensure Peace
46 'Rigidly flexible': Peter Dutton's office directs department to answer media inquiries in three paragraphs
47 Peter Dutton shuts down idea of stopping all international arrivals
48 Beijing sends warning to Australian minister after Taiwan comments
49 Peter Dutton overrules decision to strip medals from SAS soldiers who served in Afghanistan
50 Peter Dutton charged taxpayers $465 for flight on day he was special guest at private event
51 As it happened: NZ border to reopen to fully vaccinated Australians in April 2022; search for William Tyrrell continues; Victoria records 1196 new local COVID-19 cases, three deaths
52 China on agenda in Payne, Dutton talks with US counterparts
53 Dutton digs in: the new defence minister is making some people uncomfortable
54 NZ politicians attack Australian minister Peter Dutton for comparing deportees to 'trash'
55 Peter Dutton refuses to say if he was notified of Brittany Higgins rape allegation
56 Dutton’s awkward international gaffe
57 Peter Dutton compares China's rise to 1930s Nazi Germany
58 Australia considered buying nuclear submarines from France before ditching deal, Peter Dutton says
59 Peter Dutton to miss parliament as he quarantines at home amid Queensland outbreak
60 Peter Dutton reveals Covid-19 lockdown relationship advice
61 Defence emails reveal staff shame at Dutton’s ‘tone-deaf’ IDAHOBIT morning tea ban
62 Qld politics: Yvette D'Ath and Peter Dutton text, tweet wars
63 ‘Immature and frankly embarrassing’: Dutton lashes Chinese media in wake of AUKUS deal
64 Peter Dutton Just Casually Linked Grand Theft Auto To Toxic Behaviour Against Women
65 Alan Tudge tells court judge mistook him for Peter Dutton in 'criminal' conduct finding
66 Peter Dutton' s IDAHOBIT Morning Tea Ban Disappointed And Disturbed Defence Staff
67 86-year-old pedophile priest loses Australian court appeal
68 AUKUS is the most significant step of our time, says Dutton
69 Peter Dutton defends handling of information around Brittany Higgins rape allegation
70 Peter Dutton’s US missile memo: share your know-how
71 Crowdfunding For Gay Refugee Activist Sued By Peter Dutton Raises Over $118000
72 Peter Dutton is 'surprised' China has sent a second spy ship to monitor Australian operations
73 Mediation fails in Peter Dutton’s defamation suit over tweet
74 Kristina Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to meet Biloela family
75 Peter Dutton rejects 'absurd' criticism of his handling of multi-million-dollar grants program
76 Afghanistan bombing: Scott Morrison condemns 'evil' ISIS-K bombing | — Australia's leading news site
77 Coronavirus crisis: Defence Minister Peter Dutton says COVID will reach WA and has urged State to get jabbed
78 Peter Dutton defends decision to deport minor to New Zealand following backlash over 'trash' comments
79 ‘Nonsense’: Dutton slams Palaszczuk over Queensland’s border
80 Peter Dutton slams the Greens’ defence policy as part of ‘radical agenda’
81 Peter Dutton's push to use 'secret evidence' to revoke citizenship condemned
82 Dutton backs net zero target, says Nationals need time ‘to air their issues’
83 Peter Dutton's legacy — Australia's biggest labour trafficking scam
84 Peter Dutton accuses QLD Premier of putting NRL before COVID outbreak
85 Peter Dutton says dance at Navy event that sparked viral video 'not going to happen again'
86 ‘Dangerous’: Dutton’s surprising TV spray
87 Your Say: Spud Dutton as PM would be a 'potato blight'
88 Peter Dutton to be asked to fund lawyer for asylum seeker's medevac challenge
89 ‘It has worked’: Dutton defends Australia’s hotel quarantine system
90 Peter Dutton says refugees released from Melbourne hotel detention to save money
91 Man on a mission: Peter Dutton keeps Defence staff at arm’s length
92 Peter Dutton takes aim at Annastacia Palaszczuk for treating Queenslanders 'like mugs' | — Australia's leading news site
93 Peter Dutton Believes It's 'Bad' To Show Compassion To Biloela Family
94 Peter Dutton hits back at West Australian Premier Mark McGowan over hotel quarantine criticism
95 Peter Dutton left to sort out a sub-standard mess
96 Moment that outraged Australians
97 While Peter Dutton apologises to special forces, we ask where Australia stands as a nation
98 Peter Dutton blames LABOR for Australians not getting Covid vaccine and blasts Annastacia Palaszczuk
99 Coronavirus: Peter Dutton tests positive to Covid-19 after returning to Australia from US
100 Karl Stefanovic ROASTS Peter Dutton as Today host grills him on Australia's slow vaccine rollout