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1 A New Target for Intervention in Alzheimer Disease?
2 Ingested Aβ Trips Transformation in Microglia | ALZFORUM
3 Amorphization mechanism of SrIrO3 electrocatalyst: How oxygen redox initiates ionic diffusion and structural reorganization
4 Leverage electron properties to predict phonon properties via transfer learning for semiconductors
5 Soft anharmonic phonons and ultralow thermal conductivity in Mg3(Sb, Bi)2 thermoelectrics
6 Implementation of a pooled surveillance testing program for asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections in K-12 schools and universities
7 Single-cell damagenome profiling unveils vulnerable genes and functional pathways in human genome toward DNA damage
8 Single-Cell Expression Atlas Charts Changes in Alzheimer's Entorhinal Cortex | ALZFORUM
9 Structure motif–centric learning framework for inorganic crystalline systems
10 Anti-inflammatory effects of Ac-SDKP on lung macrophages | JIR
11 Selective inhibition of IL-6 trans-signaling by a miniaturized, optimized chimeric soluble gp130 inhibits TH17 cell expansion
12 Single-nucleus RNA Sequencing Misses Activation of Human Microglia | ALZFORUM
13 Does Astrocyte Tau Cause Dementia? | ALZFORUM
14 Big data approach to drug discovery leads to new epilepsy target
15 Enhanced Understanding of Molecular Interactions and Function Underlyi | AABC
16 Copy number variations play important roles in heredity of common diseases: a novel method to calculate heritability of a polymorphism | Scientific Reports
17 Reweighing Medical Civil Rights
18 Mixed Linear Model Approaches of Association Mapping for Complex Traits Based on Omics Variants | Scientific Reports
19 Tumor-suppressive function of SIRT4 in neuroblastoma through mitochond | CMAR
20 Why You Shouldn't Hate Your Body, Even If John Piper Tells You To
21 Predicting short-range order and correlated phenomena in disordered crystalline materials
22 Divergent targets of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation result in additive effects of metformin and starvation in colon and breast cancer | Scientific Reports
23 MicroRNA profiles in hippocampal granule cells and plasma of rats with pilocarpine-induced epilepsy – comparison with human epileptic samples | Scientific Reports
24 Study identifies druggable brain gene network implicated in epilepsy
25 The thermodynamic scale of inorganic crystalline metastability
26 Epithelial cell–specific loss of function of Miz1 causes a spontaneous COPD-like phenotype and up-regulates Ace2 expression in mice
27 Pristimerin Inhibits Osteoclast Differentiation and Bone Resorption in | DDDT
28 Structural delineation of stem-loop RNA binding by human TAF15 protein | Scientific Reports
29 Thermodynamic limit for synthesis of metastable inorganic materials
30 The modern perspective for long-acting injectables antipsychotics in t | NDT