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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Inflation is the top problem facing the country, Americans say Pew Research Center 7 days ago
2 More than half of Americans live within an hour of extended family Pew Research Center 1 day ago
3 More tech regulation seen less favorably in US than it was in 2021 Pew Research Center 6 days ago
4 10 facts about Americans and Twitter Pew Research Center 14 days ago
5 On abortion, Few Americans Take an Absolutist View Pew Research Center 13 days ago
6 Movement from middle class each year varies greatly across racial and ethnic groups, education levels Pew Research Center 9 days ago
7 Americans' Concerns About War in Ukraine: Wider Conflict, Possible U.S.-Russia Clash Pew Research Center 9 days ago
8 Masks should be required on planes, public transit, majority in US say Pew Research Center 8 days ago
9 As telework continues for many U.S. workers, no sign of widespread 'Zoom fatigue' Pew Research Center 15 days ago
10 How Asian Americans view the threat of violence against them Pew Research Center 10 days ago
11 A Majority of Americans Favor Expanding Natural Gas Production To Export to Europe Pew Research Center 7 days ago
12 U.S. public continues to view grades, test scores as top factors in college admissions Pew Research Center 23 days ago
13 Highly religious Americans more skeptical of human enhancements such as brain implants, gene editing Pew Research Center 15 days ago
14 Latinos face discrimination from both other Latinos and non-Latinos Pew Research Center 17 days ago
15 How parents' views of their kids' screen time, social media use changed during COVID-19 Pew Research Center 21 days ago
16 How the American middle class has changed in the past five decades Pew Research Center 29 days ago
17 Fewer Americans think Big Tech should have more regulations The Verge 22 hours ago
18 Inflation is the ‘top problem’ facing America, with no other issue coming close, survey shows CNBC 3 days ago
19 For Earth Day, key facts about Americans' views of climate change and renewable energy Pew Research Center 27 days ago
20 China's Partnership With Russia Seen as Serious Problem for the U.S. Pew Research Center 21 days ago
21 Diversity of Asian Americans shatters the "model minority myth" Axios 4 days ago
22 Understanding Americans' abortion views from poll results not always easy Angelus News 2 days ago
23 Renters 'feeling the strain' of housing affordability as inflation surges: Pew Research Fox Business 9 days ago
24 Women are still paid 83 cents for every dollar men earn. Here’s why CNBC 6 hours ago
25 'It's still the economy, stupid' – Baptist News Global Baptist News Global 1 day ago
26 America’s definition of ‘middle class’ hasn’t changed, even amid a very different economic reality Fortune 8 hours ago
27 3 Things The Gen Z Workforce Should Consider Before Accepting A Fully Remote Position Forbes 3 hours ago
28 NJ schools add Diwali, Eid, Juneteenth holidays but face backlash 10 hours ago
29 Why Elon Musk should read Facebook's latest transparency report The Verge 1 day ago
30 Kelly Schulz vows not to change Maryland abortion laws if elected governor. As a lawmaker, she tried. Baltimore Sun 21 hours ago
31 Why The GOP Might Not Turn Off Conservative Latino Voters FiveThirtyEight 1 day ago
32 Want to donate Bitcoin to your favorite candidate? California commission weighs crypto policy Sacramento Bee 6 hours ago
33 47% Of Americans Less Likely To Back Anti-Abortion Congressional Candidates, Poll Finds Forbes 22 hours ago
34 Citing religious freedom, hundreds of Jews rally at the US Capitol against Roe's overthrow The Washington Post 2 days ago
35 Analysis | Voters Aren't Worried About Covid. Politicians Should Be. The Washington Post 2 days ago
36 Housing prices reflect changes in work Elizabethtown Bladen Journal 1 day ago
37 Return to office 2022 brings back commute, more distractions than home USA TODAY 1 day ago
38 Analysis | Trump uses Pa. primary to continue effort to undermine electoral system The Washington Post 5 hours ago
39 FSU Libraries spotlights a year of 'Diverse Voices in STEM' Florida State News 2 days ago
40 Generational Labels: Why It's Time To Put Them To Rest Forbes 4 days ago
41 Claiming the middle ground: On abortion, we're non-binary | Worship 23 hours ago
42 Pew Urges Preventive Medicine Experts to Broaden Suicide Screening to All Young People The Pew Charitable Trusts 10 days ago
43 After Leaked Roe Ruling, GOP Weighs Stricter Abortion Bans The Pew Charitable Trusts 2 days ago
44 Woman Charged $303,709 for $1,337 Surgery Wins Court Battle Against Bill Newsweek 5 hours ago
45 SCOTUS abortion ruling draft Progressive lawyers must push back 7 hours ago
46 Pedestrian Fatalities Spike During Pandemic The Pew Charitable Trusts 4 hours ago
47 Budget Surpluses Push States' Financial Reserves to All-Time Highs The Pew Charitable Trusts 9 days ago
48 Our opinion: Being thoughtful on divisive issue | News, Sports, Jobs 1 day ago
49 What We're Reading: Top State Stories 5/19 The Pew Charitable Trusts 3 hours ago
50 Congress holds first hearing in decades to investigate UFOs The Southern Maryland Chronicle 1 day ago
51 SLO neighborhood faces ‘deep political divide’ this election season. Can corny jokes help? San Luis Obispo Tribune 3 days ago
52 Citizens' Climate Lobby: Now or never? Still hopeful 14 hours ago
53 Some States Already Are Targeting Birth Control The Pew Charitable Trusts 8 hours ago
54 Now is the time for bold investments in Asian Minnesotans MinnPost 2 days ago
55 US Soccer Reaches Historic Agreement Guaranteeing Equal Pay and Prize Money Global Citizen 21 hours ago
56 50 Years of Title IX: How One Law Changed Women’s Sports Forever Sports Illustrated 5 hours ago
57 What Schools Can Do to Tackle Climate Change (Hint: More Than You Think) EdWeek 22 hours ago
58 Abortion Access The Pew Charitable Trusts 2 days ago
59 The Impact of the Roe v. Wade Leak on the Midterm Elections Institute for Global Change 2 days ago
60 Billionaire space boy Elon Musk says he’s voting Republican next election Mic 1 day ago
61 The Student Mental Health Crisis The Wall Street Journal 2 days ago
62 EDITORIAL: What happens if we forgive student debt? Yahoo News 7 hours ago
63 A College Education Continues to Pay Major Dividends Horowitz 2 days ago
64 Education Department Addresses Forgiveness for Income-Driven Student Loan Payments, But Work Remains The Pew Charitable Trusts 23 hours ago
65 Older people using TikTok to defy ageist stereotypes, research finds The Guardian 18 hours ago
66 Crash on Route 9 east of Bloomington kills driver The Pantagraph 15 hours ago
67 US midterms and the strange demise of the political center FRANCE 24 English 16 hours ago
68 The importance of scientific journalism in combating disinformation | press Amico Hoops 2 days ago
69 The death of 'mandatory fun' in the office BBC 2 days ago
70 McKinsey lays out what makes ‘next level’ FP&A teams Fortune 2 days ago
71 Immokalee high schoolers credit Immokalee Foundation, families News-Press 8 hours ago
72 Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Most Impact Black Women. Here’s What Some Think About It Okayplayer 22 hours ago
73 Millennials are 10 years ahead of parents in retirement savings World Economic Forum 2 days ago
74 Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals Put Patients at Risk The Pew Charitable Trusts 1 day ago
75 Nothing Unites Different Marginalized Groups: Exposing the Intersectional Hoax | Opinion Newsweek 17 hours ago
76 Study: These 10 cities have the most expensive commutes NewsNation Now 4 days ago
77 How Future Employment Patterns Could Put Philadelphia's Operating Budget at Risk The Pew Charitable Trusts 23 hours ago
78 How do people in the US take Pew Research Center surveys, anyway? Pew Research Center 8 months ago
79 Thoughts on the 2022 election | Shannon | Calaveras Enterprise 22 hours ago
80 'They don't care if you live or die, but they want you to make them coffee' ⋆ Michigan Advance Michigan Advance 1 day ago
81 Here's how COVID-19 affected student mental health in the US World Economic Forum 21 days ago
82 Diversity “R” Us Tacoma Daily News 10 hours ago
83 Americans' Trust in Scientists, Other Groups Declines Pew Research Center 3 months ago
84 Q&A: How and why Pew Research Center studied Black Americans' views of science Pew Research Center 1 month ago
85 What Makes Life Meaningful? Views From 17 Advanced Economies Pew Research Center 6 months ago
86 The Great Resignation: Why workers say they quit jobs in 2021 Pew Research Center 2 months ago
87 Shares of Americans attending religious services unchanged since fall 2021 Pew Research Center 2 months ago
88 Public's Top Priority for 2022: Strengthening the Nation's Economy Pew Research Center 3 months ago
89 Why US Adults Live in Multigenerational Homes Pew Research Center 2 months ago
90 COVID-19 Pandemic Continues To Reshape Work in America Pew Research Center 3 months ago
91 Zelenskyy inspires widespread confidence from U.S. public as views of Putin hit new low Pew Research Center 2 months ago
92 5 facts about Twitter lurkers – users who rarely or never tweet Pew Research Center 2 months ago
93 Public Opinion on Abortion Pew Research Center 1 day ago
94 What People Around the World Like – and Dislike – About American Society and Politics Pew Research Center 7 months ago
95 The Behaviors and Attitudes of U.S. Adults on Twitter Pew Research Center 6 months ago
96 Most in the U.S. say young adults today face more challenges than their parents' generation in some key areas Pew Research Center 3 months ago
97 Learn about polling with our email course Pew Research Center 8 months ago
98 Partisan divides in media trust widen, driven by a decline among Republicans Pew Research Center 9 months ago
99 US Public Views of Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Biden's Response Pew Research Center 2 months ago
100 Most Americans don't feel strongly about redistricting Pew Research Center 3 months ago