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1 Climate-Driven Changes in Clouds are Likely to Amplify Global Warming
2 Droughts, fires and floods: How climate change will impact Europe
3 What have we learned about climate change from the pandemic? | World Economic Forum
4 The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be
5 Climate change: Lockdown has 'negligible' effect on temperatures
6 I'm a climate scientist – here's three key things I have learned over a year of COVID
7 Rebound in global gas demand threatens international climate targets – IEA
8 Piers Forster: 1.5C is a brave new world
9 Professor Piers Forster joins Committee on Climate Change
10 I'm a climate scientist – here are 3 key things I have learned over a year of COVID-19
11 3 things Covid-19 has taught us about climate science
12 UK target to cut emissions 78% by 2035 is world-leading – but to hit it, action is needed now
13 For a carbon-neutral UK, the next five years are critical – here's what must happen
14 US election: Climate experts react to Joe Biden's victory
15 Frequent flier tax will be needed to hit climate targets, warns leading scientist
16 2020 ties record for the hottest year ever, NASA analysis shows
17 Covid-19 Cut Gases That Warm the Globe But a Drop in Other Pollution Boosted Regional Temperatures
18 'Every choice matters': can we cling to hope of avoiding 1.5C heating?
19 Dropped emissions during COVID-19 lockdown will do 'nothing' for climate change
20 Climate change summit: Cheap solar and wind power could supplant fossil fuels by 2050
21 New carbon budget framework provides a clearer view of our climate deadlines: Comprehensive method of calculating how much CO2 we can emit and still meet Paris Agreement targets
22 North Yorkshire woodland faces axe under bottled water plant expansion plans
23 Covid-19 lockdown will have 'negligible' impact on climate crisis, study finds
24 The Wonk Shop Behind the G-20's Most Ambitious Climate Goal
25 Direct Observations by NASA Confirm that Humans are Throwing Earth’s Energy Budget off Balance
26 Rotary Wood: Climate change scientist's report issued on eve of crucial planning vote at Harrogate Borough Council
27 The Pandemic Has Illuminated That We Can Change—And for the Sake of the Planet, We Must
28 TRENDING SCIENCE: COVID-19 lockdowns didn't impact climate change, says new study | News | CORDIS | European Commission
29 Soccer, cricket and golf handicapped by UK climate change: study
30 11 years remain to fight climate change – what progress have we made?
31 Carbon emissions climbing after covid-19 slowdown
32 Guest post: Calculating the true climate impact of aviation emissions
33 Analysis: When might the world exceed 1.5C and 2C of global warming?
34 Guest post: Why low-end 'climate sensitivity' can now be ruled out
35 Soot has greater climate impact than previously thought
36 The Climate Clock: Counting down to 1.5℃
37 COVID-19 lockdowns will have a negligible effect on climate change, study finds | News | CORDIS | European Commission
38 Dear British friends: spare us the gassy lectures on emissions
39 Guest post: A new approach for understanding the remaining carbon budget
40 Climate change CO2 investigation: The top 15 carbon polluters in the UK revealed
41 Even 50-year-old climate models correctly predicted global warming
42 Burning wood for energy ignites fierce academic row
43 COVID-19 to have negligible impact on climate crisis
44 Paris Agreement anniversary: What needs to happen in the next five years to tackle the climate crisis?
45 It Could Be Decades Before Emissions Cuts Slow Global Warming, Scientists Warn
46 Seven steps to save the planet: How to take on climate change and win
47 Likelihood of 40C temperatures in UK is ‘rapidly accelerating’
48 Coronavirus shows the enormous scale of the climate crisis
49 Coronavirus: plane-free skies spur research into warming impact of aviation
50 Shrinking ship bubbles ‘could counteract climate change’
51 Yes, Emissions Have Fallen. That Won’t Fix Climate Change
52 Trump dumps Paris climate deal: reaction
53 Not enough time for geoengineering to work?
54 Tiny minorities take most flights in countries with highest air travel emissions, report says
55 Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition asking for volunteers
56 Lower emissions during lockdown will have 'no effect' on climate change
57 Climate change: Warming signal links global floods and fires
58 Climate change is good for surfing. Other sports, not so much.
59 Council rejects bottled water plant expansion plans in major victory for environmentalists
60 New home for University's climate research | University of Leeds
61 Greening the Friendly Skies
62 World temperatures hit new high in 2016 for third year in a row
63 ‘Flights to nowhere’ are soaring in the pandemic, but at what environmental cost?
64 Can the rich do anything right? – Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA
65 Climate sensitivity study suggests narrower range of potential outcomes
66 Why methane matters so much in climate change planning
67 Global warming may be more severe than expected by 2100: study
68 The NHS has a plan to tackle its huge environmental impact
69 Climate change is reaching a tipping point
70 These Are the Biggest Climate Questions for the New Decade
71 Considering Climate Change After COVID-19
72 Kate Sambrook – The Conversation
73 Carbon Brief – About Us
74 Celebrating the 2019 Class of Fellows
75 Why low-end ‘climate sensitivity’ can now be ruled out
76 IPCC Special Report on 1.5 °C: the reaction – Physics World
77 June Was the Hottest Month on Record Globally. Here's Why That Matters | Time
78 This is 'decisive decade' to limit climate change impact, Biden warns
79 UK needs to ramp up sustainable farming to maintain food security, government advisers say
80 Reflecting sunlight into space has terrifying consequences, say scientists
81 It's time to say goodbye to our most ambitious climate target ever
82 Floods and erosion are ruining Britain’s most significant sites
83 Typhoon Hagibis offers a glimpse of sport’s stormy future
84 Geoengineering could prevent climate effects caused by giant volcanic eruptions
85 Climate Clock: The Countdown to 1.5 Degrees Celsius
86 Earth & Space Science News 2019 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
87 UK's 'failure to prepare for global warming is risking catastrophe'
88 Immediate fossil-fuel phase out could help limit global warming to 1.5°C
89 Geo-engineering: Climate fixes 'could harm billions'
90 Climate impact of aircraft contrails could treble by mid-century – Physics World
91 The Worst Climate Pollution Is Carbon Dioxide
92 Video: Scientists on priorities for IPCC's special report on 1.5C
93 The virus-free scientific breakthroughs of 2020, chosen by scientists
94 New geoengineering studies sceptical of success
95 US scientists: Global warming pause 'no longer valid'
96 Earth may be less sensitive to CO2 than our worst fears
97 Climate Change Committee maps out route to Net Zero by 2035
98 This alarming stat shows what the future could be like if the climate crisis continues
99 Managing expectations: Climate action not a quick fix
100 Piers Morgan to give interview on Easter Monday in first TV appearance since leaving Good Morning Britain