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1 The 10 most brilliant scientists in the US today
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16 Did food taste better 50 years ago?
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21 How climate change threatens right whale populations
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28 The first commercial video game turns 50 this week
29 Inside the California lab looking for the fountain of youth in young blood
30 A heavy-lift drone capable of carrying a torpedo
31 What is the mysterious blue glow seen from the ISS?
32 Epigenetics could reveal if you had a 'vanishing twin'
33 The Australian Army is trying out stealth e-bikes
34 Watch LEO the robot fly and skateboard
35 Will my popular science book bring any career benefits?
36 Lockdown made cities friendlier for some birds
37 How to chat with your guests on Google Calendar
38 Best Label Printers of 2021
39 Unsure about getting the COVID vaccine? Read this.
40 Check out the SpaceX Inspiration4 experiments
41 What molnupiravir, Merck's COVID pill, can actually do
42 Maple seed-like microchips could monitor the air
43 The new electric BMW i4 is a nimble driving machine—with a cinematic soundtrack
44 The FCC wants to crack down on SIM swapping, a common form of identity theft
45 Driving with coyote biologists on Continental TerrainContact A/T tires
46 Best LED grow lights of 2021
47 How to explore the IPCC interactive climate change atlas
48 How a personalized brain implant helped one woman's extreme depression
49 Mars's barren Jezero crater had a wet and dramatic past
50 Scary games to play this Halloween
51 A rare two-headed turtle is alive and thriving, surprising scientists
52 Chip shortages may limit the availability of new iPhones
53 Researchers are using gassy, explosive bacteria to destroy cancer cells
54 Spiciness isn't a taste, and more burning facts about the mysterious sensation
55 Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2021
56 How to avoid crowds in national parks
57 A gunsight that can let soldiers shoot around corners
58 The Clean Electricity Performance Program, explained
59 Teach your kids intuitive eating
60 Michigan and Indiana are investing in EV-charging roads
61 Best watering cans of 2021
62 How glass blowing works
63 Why umami flavor is so hard to explain
64 Apple Watch 7 Review: Is this smartwatch worth it?
65 Best Grow Lights of 2021
66 Frog foam could underpin next-generation of skincare
67 How to remove a follower on Twitter
68 Is it unethical to have children with climate change?
69 The one trick you need to speed up your Gmail
70 Hubble Telescope makes new Jupiter discovery
71 How to get a snake out of your house
72 Huntingon Beach still closed after oil spill
73 DARPA's recent hypersonic weapon test, explained
74 The Theranos trial exposes issues with FDA review
75 Why Southwest's flights are being canceled and delayed
76 Why dieting doesn't work for weight loss
77 Popular Literacy Materials Get 'Science of Reading' Overhaul. But Will Teaching Change?
78 Aspirin has long been prescribed to prevent heart attacks. Now experts say it shouldn't.
79 Driving with a firefly researcher on Continental CrossContact LX25 tires
80 NASA launches Landsat 9 to monitor climate change
81 The important footnotes to know about Pfizer's vaccine for kids
82 Grocers and restaurants embrace vending machines
83 Scientists discovered an extremely rare tardigrade fossil trapped in Dominican amber
84 Why is pumpkin spice so popular? Scent scientists explain the hype
85 NASA's Perseverance rover takes first rock samples
86 E. coli is the unsung hero of modern biological research
87 'Hell heron' dino fossils discovered in UK
88 Bacteria give vinegar its characteristic flavor
89 Best USB Microphones of 2021
90 This wild grassland in the Amazon isn't as untouched as it seems
91 Zero-click hacks, and zero-day exploits, explained
92 3 sustainable diet tips you can use right now
93 Bernstein Op/Ed on Climate Change Published
94 How to view and edit image metadata on an iPhone
95 Best Laptops for Music Production in 2021
96 Astronomers discover disappearing radio source in the Milky Way's center
97 How to start meal prepping ahead of a busy week
98 Retro-Cast: Casting Squid Game In The 1970s | ScreenRant
99 Best gaming routers of 2021
100 How to make an exosuit that helps with awkward lifts