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25 Caffeine and Anxiety
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31 Prevention's 2021 Healthy Food Awards
32 A Fatty Heart Puts Your Health at Risk No Matter Your Weight, New Study Suggests
33 What Does a Poison Oak Rash Look Like?
34 Kirsten Storms Needed Brain Surgery Following ‘Severe’ Neck Pain and Migraines
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37 Kelly Osbourne Passionately Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors on Instagram
38 I'm a Black Woman and My Skin Cancer Was Misdiagnosed for Years
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41 Is My Bug Bite or Sting Infected?
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44 Remarks by President Biden and Attorney General Garland on Gun Crime Prevention Strategy
45 Gov. Gavin Newsom overstated fire prevention work in CA's 'most vulnerable' communities, report says
46 Former NRA president tricked into gun violence prevention video
47 Newsom misled public about progress of wildfire prevention efforts, report finds
48 What Is Parosmia? Experts Explain Why COVID-19 Distorts Senses of Smell and Taste
49 Environmental Health Experts Provide Guidance to Prevention Against Mold
50 Miami-Dade Mayor Meets With Biden to Discuss Gun Violence Prevention
51 Strengthening research on fracture prevention drugs | National Institute on Aging
52 Nappier takes helm as Greenwood County's litter prevention coordinator
53 Oakland leaders react to President Biden's violence prevention plan in wake of deadly Lake Merritt shooting
54 Summer is prime time for ticks. Here's how you can keep the critters at bay
55 How Long Will COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Last? Here’s What Doctors Know So Far
56 Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine? Doctors Set the Record Straight
57 A Beautiful and Rare White Bison Has Been Spotted in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains
58 The Risk of COVID-19 Transmission From a Surface Is Actually Pretty Low, the CDC Says
59 WATCH: Pres. Biden addresses Administration’s gun violence prevention efforts
60 What to Know About B.1.1.7, the Coronavirus Variant That Could Soon Dominate the U.S.
61 Metro's community safety coordinator encourages crime prevention groups to apply for grants
62 $17M of Oakland police budget may be shifted to department of violence prevention
63 Can Allergies Make You Tired?
64 Double Masking Offers More Protection Against COVID-19, According to the CDC
65 What Is Post-COVID Syndrome? Doctors Explain Why It Causes Extreme Symptoms in Long-Haulers
66 May 11, 2021 Why Women's Brains Are More Vulnerable to Disease, From Anxiety to Alzheimer's Changing
67 HOPE evictions prevention program in NC accepting applications for rent assistance, utilities help with Dominion
68 Cleveland National Forest Institutes Heightened Wildfire-Prevention Rules
69 Dec 17, 2020 We Partnered With Natural Native to Create CBD Products You Can Trust Shop
70 How Does AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Compare to Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s?
71 12 Best Serums for Acne-Prone Skin 2021, According to Dermatologists
72 3 Major Reasons Why the CDC Changed Its Mask Guidelines for Vaccinated People
73 Here’s Exactly What Martha Stewart Does to Look So Youthful at 79
74 13 Health Factors That Can Impact Your Dementia Risk, According to Research
75 Radiation therapy as a pound of prevention? A ray of hope for pancreatic cancer patients
76 Here’s What You Can Do After You’re Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19
77 Philly Mayor Kenney stands by his violence prevention plan as homicides show no sign of ebbing
78 How to Detox Your Home
79 New dashboard provides data on recent trends in drug overdoses, utilization of prevention and harm reduction services
80 Katie Couric Opens Up About Losing Her First Husband to Stage 4 Colon Cancer
81 Can Eating a Burnt Orange Bring Back Lost Senses of Taste and Smell After COVID-19?
82 Mayor Fischer discusses LMPD officer shortage, crime prevention
83 Prevention's Beauty Award Winners 2021
84 30 Healthy Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes for All-Day Energy
85 Gov. Abbott Vetoes 20 Bills, Including Dating Violence Prevention In Texas Schools
86 Orlando city leader works to prevent violence
87 Community leaders come together to discuss actionable strategies to prevent military and veteran suicide
88 Congressman Cohen Applauds the Biden-Harris Gun Violence Prevention Plan
89 Gottheimer, Mast Introduce Bipartisan Hamas International Financing Prevention Act
90 How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen?
91 Commit to Stretching Daily With Our Ultimate Stretching Program
92 Here’s Why Gum Disease Has Been Linked to Severe COVID-19, According to a Dentist
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95 Can You Spread COVID-19 After Getting the Vaccine? Experts Say the Answer Isn’t Simple
96 Why COVID-19 Can Sometimes Cause Back Pain, According to Doctors
97 Panel OKs Runestad's financial exploitation prevention bill
98 Aetna Launches Specialty Provider Network for Suicide Prevention
99 Can the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Severe Allergic Reactions? Doctors Explain
100 Morning Lookout: The GOATs of fire prevention, county-wide bike share program and more